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Person Physically

Yoga carves you into a different person - and that is satisfying physically.

- Adam Levine

See Marked

At any Maroon 5 concert, you'll see a room backstage marked 'yoga.'

- Adam Levine

Week Once

I try to do yoga once a week.

- Alessandra Ambrosio

Love Feel

I love yoga. There's a lot of stretching involved, which helps with my flexibility and injury prevention. Vinyasa is my favorite as a recovery tool and for me to continue having my legs feel good.

- Alex Morgan

Love I Love

I love yoga.

- Alexandra Daddario

Sexy Makes

Yoga makes me feel really sexy.

- Alicia Silverstone

Exercise Some

If I'm at home, I get up around 7:30. If I have time, I like to do some exercise. My current favourite is 'hot' yoga. If I'm filming, I will go to the office or set, and then take meetings.

- Alison Owen

Love Strong

Yoga is my luxury workout. If I'm on vacation or I have a day off, I love a 90-minute yoga class. It's a really strong workout, but it takes a little bit longer.

- Alison Sweeney

Perfect Half

I meditate in the morning, and my daughter will do it with me, looking like the most perfect little Buddha. I'll do ten minutes of yoga, then two to ten minutes of meditation. She'll sit there quietly half the time.

- Alysia Reiner

Recently Joined

I just don't do the treadmill; I hate that. I do Pilates and yoga. I've recently joined aerial Pilates; you're in the air and with straps. It's crazy fun.

- Amy Jackson

Healthy Pilates

I do Pilates and yoga and try to eat healthy.

- Amy Smart

Think Always

I always think I look better after a yoga class. It's the same as a massage. We look so amazing after a massage because we're relaxed.

- Andie MacDowell

Other Integrating

Millions of Americans today are taking dietary supplements, practicing yoga and integrating other natural therapies into their lives. These are all preventive measures that will keep them out of the doctor's office and drive down the costs of treating serious problems like heart disease and diabetes.

- Andrew Weil

Heels Involves

My job involves a lot of sitting on aeroplanes and a lot of walking in high heels! I find yoga helps with both.

- Anja Rubik

Love Really

I really love yoga.

- Anne Hathaway

Fruit Practice

The highest Hindu intellectual training was based on the practice of yoga, and produced, as its fruit, those marvellous philosophical systems, the six Darshanas and the Brahma Sutras, which are still the delight of scholars and the inspiration of occultists and mystics.

- Annie Besant

Clear Bits

I enjoy horse riding, tennis, yoga and running - it helps to clear my head, and I can do bits of yoga in between filming.

- Anthony Howell

Addicted Use

I wouldn't say I'm addicted, but I never, ever skip yoga. I use it to calm down and slow down.

- April Gornik

Study About

I like a lot of things about yoga - its an intro to good music; with each good teacher you study with, you learn a lot about them personally; it's not just about specific technique or poses. I also like Shavasana - not too many exercise routines let you nap at the end of them. You don't see nap pods in CrossFit gyms.

- Charles Michael Davis

Feel Rather

Yoga's hard for me, but I know you can really feel the difference when you do it consistently. I'd rather be playing basketball.

- Chris Noth

Love Some

I'm dying to go to India... because the culture seems so vastly different from what I'm used to in the States. I would love to do some yoga there. And be amongst people who are so different than myself. There's so much you can learn from people who grew up in a different environment.

- Christa B. Allen

Calm Calm Down

Yoga gave me the ability to calm down.

- Christy Turlington

Work Go

I first went to India because of my interest in yoga, hoping to go to the Iyengar Centre in Pune for a while. That didn't work out, but I ended up on a beach in Goa, writing.

- Damon Galgut

I Can Lose

Yoga helps me be a stronger runner. I can lose track of my form, and yoga reminds me how important it is.

- Danny Pudi

Relax Part

To relax, I do yoga and meditate and do little math problems, and it's fun to check that part of your brain off and turn on a different part.

- David Alpay

Myself Drinking

Obviously, I'm not working out the way I was when I was playing. I do yoga. I swim a lot. I'm drinking a lot of good, healthy mixes. I got myself a Vitamix.

- David Robinson

Week Classes

If I don't do high-intensity interval training classes for an hour every morning and yoga a few days a week, I get depressed.

- Davinia Taylor

Used Took

I used to get nervous so I took up Yoga to help me calm down.

- Jim Sullivan

Sober How

Yoga is how I got sober.

- Johnny Colt

Happy Mostly

Musically, what happened was this: I retired twice. I retired after The Black Crowes, and I retired after Brand New Immortals. Then, we started buying real estate, which really took up my time. I was busy. I was still teaching yoga, but I was mostly busy running business, and I was fine. I was happy.

- Johnny Colt

Actually Too

I'm actually banned from the Himalayas, because I'm too good at yoga.

- Judah Friedlander

Myself Discovered

I've never loved spending time on the machines at the gym. But I have discovered an exercise regimen I can dedicate myself to: yoga. It's changed my body.

- Judy Reyes

Love Doing

I find the world pretty overwhelming, so I'm getting into meditation and doing lots of yoga. And I love my garden, and I love nature, and I feel like that grounds me and keeps my mind clear.

- Bat for Lashes

Book Big

In the right circumstances, I'm a big fan of eating alone. Often, on a Sunday evening, I go to a yoga class whose charm is largely that it gives me an alibi to avoid cooking family supper for once. I return to have boiled eggs and soldiers in silence with a book. Bliss.

- Bee Wilson

Like How

You know how every model is like, 'I do yoga.' Well, I find horses have the same effect.

- Bella Hadid

Love Very

If people love 'Gremlins' so much and 'Clueless,' 'Yoga Hosers' is not that weird. It is very weird, but compared to that stuff, it's not that different.

- Harley Quinn Smith

Doing About

I am intrigued by different religions and respect them all, but to be honest, I feel the most spiritual when I am doing yoga or looking at an ocean. Being spiritual is feeling a connection with a higher power and knowing that life is about more than just achieving goals. It is about feeling good in the moment.

- Heather Graham

Love Feels

I tend to do something for two years then move on to something new. Yoga, then biking, then weight lifting, then back to biking. The moment it feels like a rut, I switch and search for a new love. It's like having a midlife crisis, but without the new wife or cheesy BMW.

- Brad Meltzer

Mom Before

My mom is really skinny, too. I got it from her. I've never done yoga before.

- Bregje Heinen

Fertility Allowed

Yoga reduced my stress and bodily tension. It allowed me to bring my body back into balance, to emerge from my fertility struggle with my sense of self esteem and self worth intact, and to forge a stronger bond with my husband.

- Brenda Strong

Some Activity

I need something to do when I'm not working, or I crawl up the walls. So I've just taken up kung fu. I was looking for some kind of calming, relaxing activity. I tried yoga, but it wasn't really me.

- Ian Hart

Play Idea

I enjoy going on hikes, and I enjoy the occasional yoga. The one thing I'm good at athletically - and I don't know if I'm good at it anymore because I haven't done this in a while - I can throw a pretty good spiral in football, but I have no idea how to play.

- Bridgit Mendler

Union Means

Yoga means union, in all its significances and dimensions.

- Indra Devi

Yoga is a life-saver.

- Ione Skye

Including Functional

My favorite outdoor activities are running, yoga, and functional training. My favorite indoor workouts are Pilates, kickboxing, functional training, and a lot of different exercises at the gym with and without weights - including TRX.

- Izabel Goulart

Doing Started

I started doing yoga.

- Carnie Wilson

Love Constant

Yoga disciplines both the mind and the souls and not just your body. It helps me in having a constant positive outlook in life. I would love my family to adopt this form of fitness as well.

- Jacqueline Fernandez

Go Recently

I'm getting into all sorts of L.A. things. I go to bikram yoga, I went to an astrologer recently... I'm accepting L.A. for who she is. She's a dark temptress.

- Casey Wilson

Love Big

I'm a big foodie, I do a lot of yoga - I love yoga - I love running... I just enjoy being really active, and traveling.

- Jane Chen

Sometimes Turned

I turned up my nose at yoga for years. I was a rugby player growing up. But now I know. When I'm on those long international flights, like 22 hours from L.A. to Sydney, I'll get up sometimes and do yoga in the aisle just to stretch out a little bit.

- Jason O'Mara

Never Kung

I have never planned anything. 'Kung Fu Yoga' was also never planned or anything.

- Disha Patani

Wake Up Big

For me, training is my meditation, my yoga, hiking, biking all rolled into one. Wake up early in the morning, generally around 4 o'clock, and I'll do my cardio on an empty stomach. Stretch, have a big breakfast, and then I'll go train.

- Dwayne Johnson

Better Person Better

Yoga probably makes me a better person.

- Jennifer Morrison

Try Too

I meditate and do yoga. I sit cross-legged and try not to levitate too much.

- Jeremy Brett

Doing Very

It's very good for you, riding. You know how every model is like, 'I do yoga.' Well, I find horses to have the same effect, in that you have to put your ego aside and concentrate on making the horse do the things you want it to do, and move in the way you want it to move - particularly if you're doing dressage.

- Edie Campbell

Love Circuit

I love yoga, and I love circuit training where you can do five exercises, 15-20 reps of each exercise, and I do it five times in a row - it only takes twenty minutes, and you can do it anywhere. You feel instantly better.

- Jessica Lowndes

Mat Lay

I can't take a traditional yoga class or anything. I'll just lay down and take a nap on the mat.

- Jessica St. Clair

Different Styles Many

There are so many different styles of yoga.

- Jessy Schram

Too Running

Running - and yoga, too - is my sanity and my saviour. It's just finding the time to do it!

- Jill Hennessy

May Breathing

Yoga may look peaceful and calming, but even Arnold Schwarzenegger would have trouble breathing after twenty 'surya namaskars' in a row.

- Kareena Kapoor Khan

Night Equally

I'm not at yoga all the time, but equally, I'm not being sick after a night out.

- Ella Woodward

Career Projects

I don't know where my career is going, but I know that when I'm not active, it really drives me crazy. So it wouldn't have to be a film with dance in it, but hopefully I'll be able to be somewhat active with the projects that I do or, if not, I'll have time on the side to do my yoga.

- Kathryn McCormick

Stress Big

I'm a big fan of spinning and yoga. To strengthen my core, kick-boxing is really effective. The resistance tones everything, and it's a great stress reliever.

- Katrina Bowden

Walk Lot

I do prenatal yoga and walk a lot.

- Kelli Williams

Doing Kid

When I started 'Third Watch,' I knew I was going to be with the firefighters and lifting, so I was doing yoga, running, and swimming - all at the same time. I didn't have a kid then. Now I don't have time for that. I want to spend time with my son and my husband, so it's mainly just yoga now.

- Kim Raver

Country Truck

I believe the biggest challenge is just getting the courage to try something different or new. Try to forget the stereotype in your mind. Yoga is for everyone - children, athletes, moms, dads, accountants, truck drivers, even country stars.

- Kristian Bush

Excellent Internal

Not only is yoga excellent for flexibility, but it is also a great tool for longevity and injury prevention, as it allows for internal body awareness.

- Kyle Shewfelt

Exercise Feel Good

I'm an exercise and yoga junkie and I feel good.

- Lainie Kazan

I Am Am

I am a little into yoga.

- Lily-Rose Depp

Nails Smoke

I don't do yoga. I bite the hella outta my nails. I smoke, I eat all the wrong food, I don't exercise.

- Lisa Marie Presley

Exercise Make Up

With a lot of hair and make-up then I'm possibly, remotely attractive. But it's rare, I don't think I'm ugly but I'm nothing particularly special. I'm not a yoga and health girl. I don't exercise that much and I eat crap and smoke and bite my nails.

- Lisa Marie Presley

Activity Emily

Emily Osment has 'osteo-old-woman-itis.' She can't lift weights or do physical activity but ride her bike and do yoga.

- Lucas Till

Gods Named

You have, in America, you have gang signs. Well, 5,000 years ago, there was thing called a mudra, which is your sitting position when you do yoga or you're meditating or you're praying or whatever. And there's not a lot of them that are named after gods and goddesses, but the middle-finger is specifically named the Matangi mudra.

- M.I.A.

Lot Also

I also do a lot of Kundalini yoga.

- Russell Brand

Time Vegetarian

I'm into yoga, I meditate all the time, I'm vegetarian.

- Russell Brand

Head Workout

Every morning I stand on my head and do a yoga workout.

- Mick Rock

Love Every Day

I'd love to do yoga every day. I don't usually have time, but a few sun salutations go a long way.

- Thandie Newton

Doing Earthquake

I was in L.A. during an earthquake in 1994, an experience that really stressed me out. I started doing yoga to calm my nerves.

- Gloria Reuben

Like Felt

I have had moments where I've had mental-health issues and I've felt like yoga and meditating and reading these Buddhist self-help books actually really help.

- Mike White

Love Doing

I really love yoga. I love the mindfulness of it, where not only are you exercising your body, but you're also building that mind/body connection as far as being aware of every movement - what your body's doing, how your body's feeling.

- Miranda Rae Mayo

Big Go

I'm really big into yoga, so I go On Demand and look up workouts. I'm all about it.

- Mitchel Musso

Tea Like

I like tea and yoga, but I don't do yoga.

- Moby

Good Every Day

For an hour every day, I did something. I was on the elliptical or the treadmill, and if someone asked me to go to a class - whether it was spinning, boxing, yoga, you name it - I went. By the end of the month, I felt so good, I just kept going. I didn't want to lose my momentum.

- Molly Sims

Want Pilates

I've done yoga, and I want to start Pilates soon.

- Monica Keena

Like Things

Well, I don't like yoga. I've got a thousand things to do.

- Monica Potter

Say Like

I do Yoga. I'd like to say I do it every morning, but I don't, I just don't have the time.

- Radha Mitchell

Doing Through

I go through phases as far as working out goes. I'll do yoga for a few months or then work out at the gym, and then if I'm not doing either, there are things that I usually try and do something active, whether it's trying to jump in the ocean with the surfboard or go hiking.

- Sarah Roemer

Control Lot

Seriously, I do a lot of yoga, so I'm in control of my body.

- Randee Heller

Project Had

'The New Black Yoga' originally was born from a film that I had made prior called 'Black Yoga.' And I was living in Berlin at the time, dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress around the project that I was working on, which is not an abnormal thing for me.

- Rashid Johnson

Medical Whole

For many people, managing pain involves using prescription medicine in combination with complementary techniques like physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga and massage. I appreciate this because I truly believe medical care should address the person as a whole - their mind, body, and spirit.

- Naomi Judd

Practice Learned

I've learned that a regular yoga practice is essential.

- Sean Gunn

Changes Exercise

A lot of exercise is mindless; you can have music or the radio on and not be aware. But if you're aware in anything you do - and it doesn't have to be yoga - it changes you. Being present changes you.

- Mariel Hemingway

Experience My Life

I wanted to share the experience of how yoga and meditation have transformed my life, how they have enabled me to observe who I am, first in my body, and then emotionally, and on to a kind of spiritual path.

- Mariel Hemingway

Every Day Bit

I find that when you do yoga, you don't crave unhealthy food. But I try to always let myself eat whatever I want. I have dessert or chocolate every day, but I'll only have a few bites. I try to have a little bit of cereal in the morning, and then I always try to have protein for dinner, too. But I eat pasta and stuff like that.

- Rena Sofer

Doing Bed

I need to figure out how to sleep better. Most of my binge watching is after midnight. Most of my baking is after ten. I'm really working on trying to sleep more. No devices in my bed, get into a routine. I've started doing yoga every night.

- Shari Redstone

About Very

I try to keep at a non-obsessive level of fitness. It's not about looking great, it's about just feeling good. So I do a lot of yoga. Bikram just blows my mind. It's mental as well as physical; if I don't train, I get very depressed.

- Richard C. Armitage

Doing Studio

The person earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 isn't going out to eat at restaurants. They're not taking piano lessons. They're not going to the gym or the yoga studio. They're not sending mom flowers on Mother's day. What good is this person in the economy? If you raise it to $15 an hour, they're doing all of those things.

- Nick Hanauer

Heat Your

I find that the hot yoga is sort of a false thing, so your body temperature goes up and you can stretch and you can injure yourself a little bit easier than if you work yourself into... if you heat yourself up.

- Tricia Helfer

Strength Stamina

The standing yoga routines work all the main muscles of the body and improve stamina while increasing your metabolic rate, and there is a specific Yoga Abs workout to build all-important core strength to improve posture and trim the waistline.

- Trudie Styler

Myself Mind

Yoga is the best holistic workout and body toner there is. It sorts out a chaotic mind and calms the body - it is how I de-stress - or stop myself getting stressed in the first place.

- Trudie Styler