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Before Mixed

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.

- A. A. Milne

Social About

My work is not directly about the social or political.

- A. Balasubramaniam

Understand Knew

There are a lot of people who know me who can't understand for the life of them why I would got to work on something as unserious as baseball. If they only knew.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Built Owner

The best are the ones built without controversy, when the owner, the architect, and the builder work together.

- A. James Clark

Own Your

It's nice to work with your own alma mater.

- A. James Clark

Home Office

I don't do office work at home.

- A. K. Antony

Done Never

A busybody's work is never done.

- A. N. Wilson

Work Hard Aim

Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place - that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Aim Having

If four things are followed - having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance - then anything can be achieved.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Leader Importantly

Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Achieve Hollow

Those who cannot work with their hearts achieve but a hollow, half-hearted success that breeds bitterness all around.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Nation Sri

An economically peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka is the dream of youth of the nation. My message for the youth is to collectively work for an inclusively developed Sri Lanka.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Rural Appropriate

All the scientists and technologists should work in appropriate region, specifically the rural technologies, to transform Indian rural sector.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

World Favor

There's something to be said in favor of working in isolation in the real world.

- A. R. Ammons

Culture Shows

If you respect a language and culture, it shows in your work.

- A. R. Rahman

Through Phone Calls

For me, there is no day or night for music. I often work through the night - without phone calls disturbing me.

- A. R. Rahman

Always Very

I don't understand why, in my work, writing is always so dangerous. It's very destructive. People who write books are destroyers.

- A. S. Byatt

Doing Think

If a novelist tells you something she knows or thinks, and you believe her, that is not because either of you think she is God, but because she is doing her work - as a novelist.

- A. S. Byatt

New Show

With a popular show, you know that there's expectations there, so that's a little nerve-wracking when you're new and you're just trying to find your legs on something, but it's exciting, too, because that's what we work so hard for.

- Aaron Ashmore

Read Vocal

There's not a day that I don't work on vocals, have vocal coaches, go to acting classes, read books.

- Aaron Carter

X-Ray Made

This work made me more and more interested in biological matter, and I decided that I really wanted to work on the X-ray analysis of biological molecules.

- Aaron Klug

Work Hard Get

I didn't just get to 75 years by tiptoeing. I had to work hard sometimes.

- Aaron Neville

Tone Been

I feel as if I've been fairly successful with maintaining a cohesive tone between the work I make as a photographer and as a director.

- Aaron Ruell

Love Give

I was a little, uh, incorrigible as a kid, so the kitchen was a good place to give me structure and balance. It taught me hard work, but then I grew to love it.

- Aaron Sanchez

Education Will

Hard work and a good education will take you further than any government program.

- Aaron Schock

Maybe Wearing

All my heroes wore coats and ties to work. What happened to men wearing hats? Maybe I should bring back hats.

- Aaron Sorkin

Part Set

My way of getting the best from people on a set is to notice their work, to make every prop master, every seamstress, part of 'The Newsroom' or 'The West Wing' or 'Steve Jobs.'

- Aaron Sorkin

Going Show

You can't predict a show, that is the damndest thing, you can't predict if a show is going to work or not until it's on the air.

- Aaron Spelling

Count Many

Even among those who I would not count as 'friends,' I have met many people online who have simply commented on my work or are interested by what I do.

- Aaron Swartz

Artist Over

The artist never really has any control over the impact of his work. If he starts thinking about the impact of his work, then he becomes a lesser artist.

- Aasif Mandvi

More Everyone

I would be too selfish if I said everyone should see my movies more than once. To say that would mean I'm just marketing my work!

- Abbas Kiarostami

Think I Think

I think I really produce my best work in Iran.

- Abbas Kiarostami

Unity Will

I have reaffirmed my political will to work towards national unity.

- Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Love I Love

The actors that I love to work with, they're hard on me. They're pushing me.

- Abel Ferrara

Get Gotten

It's because of 'ER' that I've gotten the opportunity to get the work.

- Abraham Benrubi

World Trying

O man you are busy working for the world, and the world is busy trying to turn you out.

- Abu Bakr

Sometimes Albums

I've recorded 25 or 30 albums. I know that sometimes when you work with producers who are kinda dictators, it doesn't help you make a better record.

- Ace Frehley

Work Hard Explain

You have to be talented. You have to work hard; you have to get the right pieces flowin' for you at the right time. And that's just what happened to me. I can't explain what happened.

- Action Bronson

Effort Very

I am much pleased to find how very well I stand work & how my powers of attention & continued effort increase.

- Ada Lovelace

Achievement Ambition

Achievement results from work realizing ambition.

- Adam Ant

Change Album

When you work as hard as you can and as much as you can to make your first album, and you don't make any money, then you change things.

- Adam Ant

Lot Touring

The touring was crazy, it was a lot of work. But I enjoyed it.

- Adam Ant

Heroes Hours

My heroes are the camera crew and the electricians. They work such long hours.

- Adam Baldwin

Think I Think

I think work begets work.

- Adam Baldwin

Go Chief

When I was growing up, my white friends would call me: 'Hey, Chief!' Even when I go to work now, people call me 'Chief.'

- Adam Beach

Think I Think

I want to work with intelligent people and look for scripts that I think are intelligent and surprising.

- Adam Brody

Want Talented People

I just want to be in good things that I want to see, and I want to work with talented people who are smarter than myself.

- Adam Brody

Insurance Think

I don't think healthcare's a right. The only right you have is the ability to go out on an even playing field and work, and then purchase health insurance, or whatever it is.

- Adam Carolla

Money Want

I want to work for myself, and I do work for myself. I make plenty of money working for myself.

- Adam Carolla

Test Down

I don't really write jokes down. I tend to have a premise that I work out and test on stage.

- Adam DeVine

Pay Rather

Energy and bitcoin work really well together because you can pay out in micro-transaction units. As the energy gets used, they pay out, and it's by the kilowatt rather than by the month.

- Adam Draper

Like Make Up

I do like to keep mementos from my work, whether they be photos, the backs of make-up chairs or even props and clothes.

- Adam Garcia

About Competent

Bragging about yourself violates norms of modesty and politeness - and if you were really competent, your work would speak for itself.

- Adam Grant

Show Save

God seeks to influence humanity. This is at the heart of the Christmas story. It is the story of light coming into the darkness, of a Savior to show us the way, of light overcoming the darkness, of God's work to save the world.

- Adam Hamilton

Love Need

Jesus' own witness of sacrificial love and forgiveness, and his work to heal the sick and care for those in need, represent God's ways and vision for us.

- Adam Hamilton

Time Distractions

Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.

- Adam Hochschild

Going Could

The biggest risk I've ever taken is going on American Idol and trying to be myself. I wasn't going to try too hard to conform, and I knew that it could possibly not work out.

- Adam Lambert

Kind Level

There's a certain level of pageantry with 'Idol,' and in order to work the show, you kind of have to feed into it.

- Adam Lambert

New Some

As a new Googler, Porat spent some time learning the words that describe the Googley people who work in those buildings.

- Adam Lashinsky

Week Handful

Porat is among a handful of top people who work for both Alphabet and Google. As such, there's a regular cadence to her week.

- Adam Lashinsky

Why Planes

I hate flying. Know why? Because no one really understands how planes actually work.

- Adam Levine

Late Means

My job means I work late.

- Adam Levine

Why Planes

I hate flying. Know why? Because no one really understands how planes actually work.

- Adam Levine

Communist Mostly

The main difference between the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution was that the former was mostly the work of Communist party members and others who wanted to bring about 'socialism with a human face.'

- Adam Michnik

Boss Kind

I can't be a hypocrite as a coach because as a player that's what I wanted. I wanted feedback, I wanted communication from the boss. I showed up for work, you can yell at me if you want, but I want input. So that's the kind of coach I want to be.

- Adam Oates

Doing Been

For 100 m., you have to go out fast but also bring it back, so we've been doing a lot of work on the back-end speed.

- Adam Peaty

Always Other

My work is always more emotional than I am. My characters say things to each other that I get accused of not being able to say to my girlfriend.

- Adam Rapp

Some Works

Some of the greatest works of theater, from Chekov's work to modern playwrights', consist of just a few people in a room with no one leaving.

- Adam Rapp

Project Movie

I don't know if there's a particular project, but one movie that I was really disappointed I didn't get to work on was Judd Apatow's 'Walk Hard.'

- Adam Schlesinger

Line Any

The truth is that I don't work any harder than anyone else in the world. I don't work 18-hour days. I don't stay up until 4 in the morning trying to finish a line.

- Adam Schlesinger

Chance Been

If I would have had the same opportunities when I was 22, there's a good chance I would have squandered them. I know my work wouldn't have been any good.

- Adam Scott

Doing Years And Years

For years and years, I was doing extra work and guest spots and anything I could cobble together.

- Adam Scott

Side Some

For me, the comedies that truly work are the ones that are grounded in some way. If it's all heightened, it's really hard. It's a little slippery. It's hard to get purchase on the side of the wall.

- Adam Scott

Lovely Amy

Amy Adams was great to work with, fun and lovely.

- Adam Scott

Wonderful Some

The wonderful thing with some of the things I've done - most of them, really - is to be trusted. To be able to do your thing, to work on it, hone it into my gem of creativity!

- Adam West

Which Figure

Figure skating is not a hobby. It's my work, which I want to do, and do well.

- Adelina Sotnikova

Art Conservative

The house has to serve comfort. The work of art is revolutionary; the house is conservative.

- Adolf Loos

Right Year

If you have the right horses and the right team, that's the way to succeed. But you have to work, and you have to improve. Every year, you must get better.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Believe Game

I believe in enjoying the game. If you make it too much work, that's not good.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Play Every Day

In polo, you jump on a horse and you play. To play tennis, you have to train every day. It's your legs that do all the work. In polo, it's the horses' legs.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Every Day Couple

I have to look after myself. I go to the gym every day; I have physio every day, I have a couple of guys that work with my body a lot.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Almost Advanced

For many years, the work advanced but slowly. One denomination after another embarked in the undertaking; and now, American missionaries are seen in almost every land and every clime.

- Adoniram Judson

Interesting Employ

A person employed in direct missionary work among the natives, especially if his employ is somewhat itinerant, can easily make long and interesting journals.

- Adoniram Judson

Precious Establishing

Blessed be God, that we live in these latter times - the latter times of the reign of darkness and imposture. Great is our privilege, precious our opportunity, to cooperate with the Saviour in the blessed work of enlarging and establishing his kingdom throughout the world.

- Adoniram Judson

Find Missionaries

Missionaries must not calculate on the least comfort but what they find in one another and their work.

- Adoniram Judson

Happen Big

The point of my work is to make it clear that all youth can make 'big miracles' happen.

- Adora Svitak

Myself Solo

My favorite puzzle is trying to work out the parts myself, after all it is a solo effort.

- Adrian Belew

Everyone Prefer

I prefer a quartet, it makes everyone work harder.

- Adrian Belew

Business Humble

It's really important to find a humble approach to your own creative work, your own business work. To recognize that you can't do everything yourself.

- Adrian Grenier

Alone Need

You can't scale if you do it alone, you really need to work with others.

- Adrian Grenier

Fantasy Became

Building on the work of George Macdonald, William Morris and Edward Plunkett, what became known as high fantasy was more or less invented by J. R. R. Tolkien.

- Adrian McKinty

Book Makes

When a locked-room mystery doesn't work, the solution makes you groan, and the book gets hurled across the room.

- Adrian McKinty

Lucky Burn

Thankfully, I'm lucky enough to be able to eat ice cream. I've got to have my cookies and cream! But I work out a lot, so I burn a lot of calories.

- Adrian Peterson

Book Always

I've always liked the tradition of publishing work serially in the comic-book 'pamphlet' format and then collecting that work in book form, so I've just stuck with it.

- Adrian Tomine

Book Always

I've always published a range of responses to my work in the letters section of my comic book.

- Adrian Tomine

Focus Started

When I started creating my work for publication, I just assumed that the focus would be on the work itself and that there wouldn't be a lot of interest in who was creating the work.

- Adrian Tomine

Myself Some

A lot of the qualities in 'Killing and Dying' is sort of a response to work I'd done previously. I wanted to push myself in some different directions.

- Adrian Tomine

My Own Critical

Fortunately, I've never had to be too critical of my own work, because the world is critical enough.

- Adrian Tomine

Rather Lot

A lot of my fears come out in my work rather than life.

- Adrian Tomine

Always Films

In Mexico, there are good filmmakers, but they didn't always have the opportunity to show their work. But since 'Amores Perros,' many of these filmmakers had the opportunity to show their films, and they have a newfound energy for cinema.

- Adriana Barraza