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Always Very

I feel very competitive with Robert Morse off-set. We often duke it out. He always wins.

- Aaron Staton

Ammunition Billions

When you get billions in aid and your weapons resupplied and your ammunition stock resupplied, you don't learn the lesson that war is bad and nobody wins.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Over Works

The economy works best when better ideas win out over worse ideas, harder work wins out over less work, when it's a fair fight in the marketplace.

- Adam Davidson

Slow Race

Slow but steady wins the race.

- Aesop

Wisdom Plodding

Plodding wins the race.

- Aesop

Sure Would

I would do anything I could to try to make sure that Lena Headey wins an Emmy.

- Alex Graves

May Pretty

Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll; charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.

- Alexander Pope

Soul Strike

Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.

- Alexander Pope

Say Like

When people say to me, 'You're like the Anna Kournikova who wins,' I definitely take it as a compliment, because she's quite gorgeous.

- Amanda Beard

Believe Race

I've worked really hard to get to where I am. Slow and steady wins the race, and I believe in paying your dues.

- Amanda Bynes

Change Fly

You have to change on the fly. You have to adapt. It's what I do. It's what wins for me.

- Andre Ward

Over Other

Gravity wins over all other known forces.

- Andrea M. Ghez

Think Always

I think I've always had a decent perspective on wins and losses on the tennis court.

- Andy Roddick

Winner Never

When I was younger I was taught that a winner never quits, and a quitter never wins.

- Angie Stone

Real Estate Course

In real life, of course, it is the hare that wins. Every time. Look around you.

- Anita Brookner

Think Always

You are wrong if you think that you can in any way take the vision and tame it to the page. The page is jealous and tyrannical; the page is made of time and matter; the page always wins.

- Annie Dillard

Style Made

Comfort? If a choice has to be made between style and comfort, style wins every time.

- Anouska Hempel

Reason Players

All great players want to be the reason the team wins.

- Antonio Brown

Loss Remember

I remember virtually everything about every loss. And the wins are hardly memorable.

- Ara Parseghian

Side Which

Classical tragedy was the war between good and evil. We wanted evil to be defeated and good to be victorious. But the battle in modern tragedy is between good and good. And no matter which side wins, we'll still be heartbroken.

- Asghar Farhadi

Over Intricate

Nude nail polish wins hands down over intricate nail art.

- Ashley Madekwe

Chess Forethought

In life, as in chess, forethought wins.

- Charles Buxton

Rather Our

To know a man, observe how he wins his object, rather than how he loses it; for when we fail, our pride supports us - when we succeed, it betrays us.

- Charles Caleb Colton

Best China

We're all from China, and whoever wins, it's OK - I just try my best.

- Chen Long

Matters Which

All that matters is that China wins the finals, and not which one will be playing.

- Chen Long

Love New

The pros really like all the new people playing poker because they love the dead money; but when the money wins they don't like that very much at all.

- Chris Moneymaker

Song Always

I write a lot of my music, but not all of it. I have always subscribed to the 'best song wins' theory when making an album.

- Chris Young

Think Given

I don't think a manager should be judged by whether he wins the pennant, but by whether he gets the most out of the twenty-five men he's been given.

- Chuck Tanner

Politics Think

We may like to think politics is a battle of ideas and that the best idea wins out. But that's not true in most elections. Most elections are about the worst ideas losing, not the best ideas winning.

- Chuck Todd

Money Problem

The problem with the professional political class is they make money regardless of who wins.

- Corey Lewandowski

Think Certainly

Wins are the most important measure for goalies, I think. Certainly it's a great accomplishment.

- Curtis Joseph

Chance Give

Whether or not your person wins or loses, give him a chance.

- D. B. Sweeney

Aim Very

Realistically, we could aim for the top three in the constructors championship. Realistically, we could look at winning more races. Three race wins would be very satisfying.

- Damon Hill

Sports Other

Bobby Knight told me this: 'There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense.' In other words a good offense wins.

- Dan Quayle

Some Quick

You need some quick wins in order to stay pumped enough to get out of debt completely.

- Dave Ramsey

Other First One

We should just get somebody from the left and the right and they should all throw bumper stickers at each other and the first one to cover the other one wins.

- David Cross

Money Loud

The voters of Hawaii have said loud and clear that it's not money that wins elections.

- David Ige

Everyone Never

Everyone I vote for never wins. Welcome to America.

- David Rakoff

Always Broadcast

If speech always wins, even if it's an atomic secret that's going to be broadcast to our enemies, it's easy to make a decision. Speech always wins. But it doesn't... Liberty doesn't always trump equality or equality always trump liberty.

- David Souter

Digital Always

All I know is that when I mix to digital and when I mix to tape I compare them and the tape always wins out.

- Jim Diamond

Pitching Hitting

It's pitching, hitting and defense that wins. Any two can win. All three make you unbeatable.

- Joe Garagiola

Exhilarating Obama

Barack Obama's inspirational whoosh to the presidency in 2008 was unusual. Most campaigns are less exhilarating; indeed, they are downright disappointing - until someone wins.

- Joe Klein

Game Whoever

Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.

- Johan Cruyff

Some Hoping

We're not done. We're just going to continue playing and hoping to put some wins together again.

- Johan Santana

Team Start

The team that gets off to a good start wins pennants.

- John McGraw

Outstanding Which

No club that wins a pennant once is an outstanding club. One which bunches two pennants is a good club. But a team which can win three in a row really achieves greatness.

- John McGraw

Side Other

Is victory sweet because your side wins - or is it really because the other side loses?

- John Podhoretz

Always Through

With but few exceptions, it is always the underdog who wins through sheer willpower.

- Johnny Weissmuller

Okay Trading

You have to be okay with wins and losses. You can't just be looking for the wins and, when the losses happen, you can't buy more and more because you're sure it's going to bounce. We call that revenge trading.

- Josh Brolin

Lives Which

And just because God attains and wins and finds this uniqueness, all our lives win in our union with him the individuality which is essential to their true meaning.

- Josiah Royce

Jesus Phrase

If we have to sum up the Book of Revelation in one phrase, it would be, 'Jesus wins.'

- Jud Wilhite

Wish Were

Who you are vs. who you wish you were: Who wins?

- Julian Casablancas

Doing Race

Slow and steady wins the race. I feel like I know in my bones if we're doing a good job and continue to do a good job, the ratings will come.

- Julie Chen

Protects Lawful

Network neutrality protects the ability of users to access the lawful content, applications, and services of their choice. In other words, it lets users determine who wins and loses in the marketplace, and that's the way it should be.

- Julius Genachowski

New Some

In 2014, we have some new activities and new order wins in the non-automotive space.

- Baba Kalyani

Upset Allow

If we try to engineer outcomes, if we overturn tradition to make everyone the same, we ruin society. If we upset tradition to allow for an equal shot at the starting gate, everyone wins, except for the charlatans and would be dictators.

- Ben Stein

Intern Idea

SpaceX is a flat organization. Anyone gets to talk to anyone, and the best idea wins - even if it comes from an intern.

- Gwynne Shotwell

Two Types

In a democracy there are only two types of power: there's organized people and organized money, and organized money only wins when people aren't organized.

- Benjamin Todd Jealous

Storm Reason

Reason cannot calm the storm of emotion, and emotion usually wins, until it settles down and allows reason to rise again and apologize on behalf of it.

- Hamza Yusuf

World Move

Wins and losses just blur into one as you move around the world playing matches.

- Heather Watson

Going Once

Once you have come-from-behind wins, you have confidence as a team that you're going to do it.

- Billy Butler

Pride Away

What I miss when I'm away is the pride in baseball. Especially the pride of being on a team that wins.

- Billy Martin

Stupid Last

War's stupid. Nobody wins. You might as well talk first; you have to talk last anyway.

- Henry Allingham

Always Sure

I don't have to come up with the best idea. It is my job to make sure that it is always the best idea that wins.

- Bjarke Ingels

Army Conventional

The conventional army loses if it does not win. The guerrilla wins if he does not lose.

- Henry Kissinger

Over Always

If Trump wins, I think the whole thing is going to blow up, and we're going to start over, and that's always a good thing to do.

- Bob Weir

Best Players

He who gets the best players usually wins.

- Bobby Bowden

Wife Bad

For a man wins nothing better than a good wife, and then again nothing deadlier than a bad one.

- Hesiod

Tragedy Almost

The tragedy of life is not that man loses but that he almost wins.

- Heywood Broun

Talent Doubt

If you've got talent, stick with it... because talent wins out, without a doubt.

- Bobby Sherman

Next Inform

It's those difficult times that inform the next wonderful time, and it's a series of trade-offs, of events, of wins and losses.

- Brad Pitt

Need Logically

I look at it logically. We need four wins. We're one step closer.

- Brady Anderson

Balancing Turned

You keep on balancing and balancing and balancing until the picture wins, because then the subject's turned into the picture.

- Howard Hodgkin

Some Works

Action-adventure, that genre, only works for me if you can care about the characters. If the hero's not taking some kind of a journey, then there are no stakes - and no stakes, then you don't care if he lives or dies, wins or loses.

- Brandon Lee

Leader About

The hardest thing about being a leader is demonstrating or showing vulnerability... When the leader demonstrates vulnerability and sensibility and brings people together, the team wins.

- Howard Schultz

Trust Priceless

Trust is that rare and priceless treasure that wins us the affection of our heavenly Father.

- Brennan Manning

Love I Love

I hate the iPhone. I love the BlackBerry - BlackBerry wins in my opinion. The iPhone is a toy.

- Brett Ratner

Think Feels

Wanting more majors, wanting more wins, almost feels like I think I'm being too greedy.

- Inbee Park

Which Benefits

Happy indeed is the scientist who not only has the pleasures which I have enumerated, but who also wins the recognition of fellow scientists and of the mankind which ultimately benefits from his endeavors.

- Irving Langmuir

Always Give

You can never guarantee the wins but you can guarantee that you give it 100%. That way you can always look back and feel comfortable, as a player or a coach.

- Ivan Lendl

Best Players

The team with the best players wins.

- Jack Welch

Will Other

Whatever precautions you take so the photograph will look like this or that, there comes a moment when the photograph surprises you. It is the other's gaze that wins out and decides.

- Jacques Derrida

Been Record

My unbeaten record and the 10 British Open wins have not been equalled.

- Jahangir Khan

Game Think

I think that the team that wins game five will win the series. Unless we lose game five.

- Charles Barkley

Play Very

We have a demon, we have an angel inside, within our souls, and you just play with it, and sometimes the evil part of you wins the battle, in a very important decision, or in a bedtime, with your lover. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

- Demian Bichir

Will Ever

Who ever wins today will win the championship no matter who wins.

- Denis Law

Learn Grow

Age wins and one must learn to grow old.

- Diana Cooper

Give Very

The line between winning and losing is very thin, and wins give you prestige, stability, and continuity.

- Diego Godin

Through Vibe

I feel like people can relate to me because we all go through wins and roadblocks and passion and pain, and it's a vibe.

- DJ Khaled

Thought Always

Preparation is a mentality... With wrestling being my background, I've always learned to overwork, overwork. Work, work, work, work. It's not always the talented that wins, but it's the one who puts in the most preparation and thought into things.

- Dominick Cruz

Think Here

Here's something to think about: How come you never see a headline like 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?

- Jay Leno

Think Been

It's what you've been a part of for so long. I don't think I can watch a game without an interest in who wins.

- Don Baylor

Business Half

Tony La Russa is considered among the best in his business. Yet nearly half the time he led his organizations into competition, they were defeated - 2,728 wins, 2,365 losses.

- Don Yaeger

Manager His

A manager wins games in the winter when he picks his team.

- Earl Weaver

Think I Think

I don't know if it's ever OK for someone to be selfish. Perhaps there's a time and place to be self-centered, but I think selfish never wins the race.

- Jessica Capshaw

Alive Made

'Wipeout' is a giant obstacle course for adults of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Whoever wins takes home $50,000 and gets to brag to all of their coworkers that they made it out alive!

- Jill Wagner

Underdog Idea

I was a complete, total nerd... I loved the idea that the underdog wins more often than not. And I don't know if that happens in life. But I want it to.

- Elizabeth Mitchell

Been Handful

You see that a handful of times every year where a person that hasn't been playing that well pops up and wins.

- Karrie Webb

Love Through

I've been reading 'The Sisterhood,' and I love the author Bobbie Houston and what she's about. It's the whole idea of women celebrating each other's wins and journeying through life together.

- Eloise Wellings

Always Which

When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.

- Emile Coue