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Awesome Had

I had a weirdly awesome high-school experience.

- Abbi Jacobson

Half Kind

I have a doughnut every morning. The same kind, from a street cart. Vanilla frosted with sprinkles on one half, weirdly. How hard is it to sprinkle the whole thing?

- Allison Williams

Love Journey

I really love comedy and weirdly enough, I love how my journey has ended up. I get to laugh all day long.

- Anna Faris

Love Game

I'm into 'The Walking Dead,' 'Shaun of the Dead,' obviously, and I've seen all the Romero movies. I am a classic zombie queen. And I love the White Walkers on 'Game of Thrones.' Weirdly, it wasn't until pretty late in life that I found my entry point into horror films.

- Anna Kendrick

My Life Some

Weirdly enough, I live in London - was born there and have lived there all my life - but I hadn't made a film in London for a long time. I hadn't found the right subject. I liked going away, to some far flung place.

- Asif Kapadia

Big Everybody

I'm a big cat person. It's one of those things that's like, everybody that knows me thinks it's so weirdly apparent and obvious.

- Chelsea Leyland

Survive Screwed

It takes a lot of energy and creativity to make such screwed up lives carry on. And the kind of will people have to survive, year after year, dealing with that stuff, is weirdly impressive.

- Jon McGregor

Image Always

For a woman, body image is always a palpable thing. Weirdly, for me, the only time I don't care is when I'm in character.

- Juno Temple

Talent Glasses

A secret talent or hobby... Hmm... I weirdly collect shot glasses.

- Austin Mahone

Movie Very

Things get very distorted when you do a movie, weirdly so.

- James L. Brooks

Hollywood Spreads

I do live a weirdly divided life, because I'm not a Hollywood superstar, I don't live on Malibu Beach, I don't do massive 'OK!' spreads, I don't go to premieres and parties that much.

- James Purefoy

Doing Couple

I watched a couple of films I was in and thought, 'Those are pretty close to what we wanted them to be. I feel actually weirdly OK with it all. I can still see flaws in what I'm doing, but I think I delivered. I think I improved the film with my presence.'

- Domhnall Gleeson

College Newspaper

Courtney Vance and I are college classmates, weirdly enough. We're both Harvard class of 1982. Courtney, as a work-study job, was a typesetter at the Harvard 'Crimson,' the newspaper where I worked.

- Jeffrey Toobin

Love Ever

I love pink - pink's my favourite. I hardly ever - weirdly - wear it, but I love the colour pink.

- Ellie Goulding

Myself Posh

I already feel a bit annoyed at myself for writing screenplays. It's a bit, I don't know, model-singer-dancer-actress that went to a posh school. There's something too weirdly predictable about it.

- Emily Mortimer

Made Very

You live overseas, you see these exotic places and you want to know about them. But, weirdly, it also made me homesick for all these very prosaic places in America.

- Ken Jennings

Having Dismissed

History is weirdly dismissed as not having anything to do with the present moment.

- Gaby Hoffmann

Which Lot

I put a lot of weight on feelings and am weirdly in touch with them, which is not typical for an engineer.

- Luis von Ahn

Young Hollywood

I'm really aware of the conversations that surround young actresses in Hollywood. I always get myself into a hole with these conversations, and I get weirdly quoted, and I sound militant and like I'm not thankful at all, and I'm so thankful of everything that's happening. But I'm an active observer of the machinations of this world.

- Mackenzie Davis

I Think About

I think the amazing thing about 'Twin Peaks' was that it completely changed television from that point forward. It showed everyone that you can just sit really quiet with storylines and characters. It can be scary, it can be uncomfortable, it can be weirdly funny.

- Madchen Amick

Shades Romance

People will say, 'I really don't like romance,' or, 'I don't read it - at all!' So how do they know? Weirdly, I think that the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' phenomenon introduced women to romance who would never have read it. And that means that they then go on to read my books, and that would be great.

- Ruth Glick

Mouth Obsessed

People seem to get weirdly obsessed with my mouth.

- Gina Gershon

Other Part

Weirdly enough, if I'm having trouble with a guitar part - not the playing of it but the writing - I'll mess around with echo and other effects, just turn everything up and make it as crazy as can be, and it winds up taking me somewhere. I've found so many guitar parts from echo. It's limitless.

- The Edge

Need Material

Material blessings, when they pay beyond the category of need, are weirdly fruitful of headache.

- Philip Wylie

Entertainment TV

I rely on my iPad for on-the-go entertainment. I stock it with TV shows, like 'Parks and Recreation' and the British version of 'The Office.' I'm reading a Charles Manson biography on it too, since I'm weirdly into true crime.

- Phoebe Tonkin

College Shy

It's hard for me to believe that a shy, bespectacled college graduate like Brad Meltzer who's a novelist and a father is a really setting out to be weirdly misogynistic.

- Grant Morrison

Getting Started

The late Seventies was the death of the manufacturing age in the United States. It was also a time when the Pictures Generation artists were getting started. They co-opted the language of advertising. The factory disappeared, and weirdly, so did the art object - it was the age of making gestures, not objects.

- Rachel Kushner

Big Curl

My eyes are so big that, weirdly, I feel like an alien if my eyelashes don't match their intensity. I like to curl my lashes to the point where they're sticking straight up and then put on a ton of mascara!

- Sarah Hyland

Honest Should

Not to be weirdly glib, but as a reporter, you should be honest all the time.

- Sarah Koenig

More I Write

Weirdly, often the more I write, the more ideas I have.

- Mallory Ortberg

Very Could

I have very weirdly realistic dreams where it could be real life, except it's not.

- Nat Wolff

Feet Been

New York is still the most glamorous city I've ever been to, but it's starting to feel older. The sirens still wail; the paths in Central Park still pulsate with joggers. The Manhattan schist still trembles beneath your feet. But weirdly, it's starting to feel, dare I say it, a bit quaint.

- Tom Hollander

Reality Shows Some

I used to watch some of the reality shows about models, and then, weirdly, now I try to incorporate into my fashion shoots the skills I learnt from watching those shows. It's like, thanks Tyra, 'cause you've given me, like, all the cool tips. Like how to smile with your eyes.

- Rebel Wilson

Rather However

Digital books are still painfully ugly and weirdly irritating to interact with. They look like copies of paper, but they can't be designed or typeset in the same way as paper, and however splendid the cover images may look on a hi-res screen, they're still images rather than physical things.

- Nick Harkaway

Love Ferdinand

If you think about Shakespeare, you remember Richard III and Macbeth before you remember Ferdinand, whose role is just to fall in love and be a bit of a wimp. I love the baddies. More important, though, is making the baddies somehow, weirdly, understood.

- Mark Strong

Love Very

When I started to mention to people who know about such things, 'I'm doing this game, 'Portal 2', they got very excited, suddenly. More excited than anything I've ever done before, weirdly. Gamers are incredibly enthusiastic about the stuff they love.

- Stephen Merchant

Dave Allen

There's an assumption that my audience is all these bearded twats from Dalston. But actually, quite a lot of older people go. For them, it's like pre-alternative comedy, when there was Dave Allen or Jackie Mason or someone. Also, weirdly, because I don't really swear, they're not scared off.

- Stewart Lee

Think I Think

I think it's great when stories are dark and strange and weirdly personal.

- Robin Williams

Selfish Most

I find that the crazy narcissists, the selfish loons are often the most fun to be around, weirdly.

- Paul Giamatti

Flexible Like

I'm weirdly flexible, so when I dance, I dance like a 17-year-old girl.

- Michael Angarano

Put Each

I didn't even have pierced ears. They put four holes in each ear, and, weirdly, that hurt the most.

- Rooney Mara

Think Bad

I am not a person who can really sit around and think about regrets because with every bad experience that you have, there is weirdly something good that comes from it.

- Winona Ryder

Love Mine

Wood is weirdly a big passion of mine. I really love it, all the way from trees to a finished table. The fact that it was alive and that each piece is different.

- Rupert Friend