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News Proprietary

Proprietary programming like news can be a great weapon.

- Alan Gerry

Sword Dagger

The weapon of the advocate is the sword of the soldier, not the dagger of the assassin.

- Alexander Cockburn

Truth Even

The truth is often a terrible weapon of aggression. It is possible to lie, and even to murder, with the truth.

- Alfred Adler

Imagination Better

The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas.

- Alfred Whitney Griswold

Contempt Despised

Contempt is the weapon of the weak and a defense against one's own despised and unwanted feelings.

- Alice Miller

Right Any

Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.

- Ani DiFranco

Spirit Kind

In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.

- Anne Frank

His Folly

His foe was folly and his weapon wit.

- Anthony Hope

Against Other

Politicians are often tempted to deploy history as a weapon against each other.

- Antony Beevor

Power Ultimate

Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.

- Charles de Gaulle

Want Get

The nuclear weapon is obsolete. I want to get rid of them all.

- Charles Horner

Absence Judicious

Judicious absence is a weapon.

- Charles Reade

Give Which

The world is not ideal, and the only weapon we can give our children is information. Information which is not pretty, but honest.

- Cristina Saralegui

Reason Assault

There is no reason for anybody to have an assault weapon.

- Joe Lhota

Think I Think

Carrying a concealed weapon is a sign of self-defense, self-protection, and I think it lowers crime.

- John Barrasso

Coward Poison

The coward's weapon, poison.

- John Fletcher

Take Just One

The risk of just one terrorist with just one nuclear weapon is a risk we simply cannot afford to take.

- John O. Brennan

See Once

Once you see dance as a weapon - and everyone has a different weapon - it makes dance really interesting.

- Jon M. Chu

Question Only

My only weapon is the question.

- Jorge Ramos

Means Using

Poetry seems to be the only weapon able to beat language, using language's own means.

- Joseph Brodsky

Reason Assault

There is no reason for anybody to have an assault weapon.

- Joseph J. Lhota

Education Effects

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

- Joseph Stalin

Strongest Print

Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.

- Joseph Stalin

Non-Violence Always

I always say that non-violence is not the weapon of the weak. It is the weapon of the strong.

- Betty Williams

Action Political

There is a weapon we can fight with. That is the weapon of political action.

- Harry Bridges


The atom bomb was no 'great decision.' It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness.

- Harry S Truman


Patriotism is an indispensable weapon in the defense of civilization against barbarism.

- Bill Kristol

Always Been

Ignorance has always been the weapon of tyrants; enlightenment the salvation of the free.

- Bill Richardson

Engine Tank

The engine of the tank is a weapon just as the main-gun.

- Heinz Guderian

Woman Masculine

Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman's weapon is her tongue.

- Hermione Gingold

Behind Shield

The guitar was my weapon, my shield to hide behind.

- Brian May

Humor Effective

Humor can be an incredible, lacerating and effective weapon.

- Carl Hiaasen

Face Borders

Terrorism has become the systematic weapon of a war that knows no borders or seldom has a face.

- Jacques Chirac

Hold Temper

Temper is a weapon that we hold by the blade.

- James M. Barrie

Friend Secret

A secret is a weapon and a friend.

- James Stephens

Here Address

We have weapons of mass destruction we have to address here at home. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Homelessness is a weapon of mass destruction. Unemployment is a weapon of mass destruction.

- Dennis Kucinich

Natural Sexuality

I've used my femininity and my sexuality as a weapon and a tool... but that's just natural.

- Dolly Parton

Need Use

Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it.

- Donatella Versace

Comedy Attack

Comedy is a great weapon of attack. It's not a great weapon of support.

- Eddie Izzard

Comedy Attack

Well, comedy is a great weapon of attack. It's not a great weapon of support.

- Eddie Izzard

Bad Depends

A weapon isn't good or bad, depends on the person who uses it.

- Jet Li

Normal Major

Hope is a necessity for normal life and the major weapon against the suicide impulse.

- Karl A. Menninger

Laugh Terrible

A laugh is a terrible weapon.

- Kate O'Brien

Most Powerful Most

An alliance of civilisations can be our most powerful weapon in the fight against terror.

- Federica Mogherini

Love Most

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

- Ferdinand Foch

Choice Fervor

Fervor is the weapon of choice of the impotent.

- Frantz Fanon

Against Prosper

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

- Fred Hammond

War Against

The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Humor Ever

Probably it is impossible for humor to be ever a revolutionary weapon. Candide can do little more than generate irony.

- Lionel Trilling


Persistence is a secret weapon for everyone.

- Liu Wen

Never Will

Iran can never get a nuclear weapon, and it never will as long as I have anything to say about it.

- Maggie Hassan

Armed Intend

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.

- Terry Goodkind

Jews Secret Weapon

We Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs; we have no place to go.

- Golda Meir

Powerful Powerless

Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.

- Molly Ivins

Cruel Quite

Satire is a weapon, and it can be quite cruel.

- Molly Ivins

Newspaper Take

I can take a newspaper and make it a lethal weapon.

- Sarah Shahi

Most Potent

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

- Saul Alinsky

Openness Secrecy

The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.

- Niels Bohr

Chief Ideological

The press is our chief ideological weapon.

- Nikita Khrushchev

Humor Oppressed

Humour is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them.

- Simon Wiesenthal

Strong Fortress

Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a goodly Christian weapon.

- Martin Luther

Most Deadly

The camera can be the most deadly weapon since the assassin's bullet. Or it can be the lotion of the heart.

- Norman Parkinson

Greatest Weapon

Information is a negotiator's greatest weapon.

- Victor Kiam

Intangible Ever

Leadership is intangible, and therefore no weapon ever designed can replace it.

- Omar N. Bradley

Truth Soldier

My soldier weapon is the weapon of truth.

- Oriana Fallaci

Which Bat

The bat is not a toy, it's a weapon. It gives me everything in life, which helps me to do everything on the field.

- Virat Kohli

Mind Most

The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

- Steven Biko

Although Later

My anger with the US was not at first, that they had used that weapon - although that anger came later.

- Wilfred Burchett


Handshaking means, 'I don't have a weapon.'

- Paul Mooney

Most Powerful Most

The most powerful weapon in the world, as far as I'm concerned, is the camera.

- Paul Watson

Great Over

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

- William James

Modern Commander

The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern commander.

- T. E. Lawrence

Mind World

The mind is the greatest weapon in the world.

- Roy Conli

Slayer Finer

There is no finer sonic-producing weapon for a guitar slayer than a hand crafter Gibson masterpiece.

- Ted Nugent