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Better Will

You will be better advised to watch what we do instead of what we say.

- A. A. Milne

Growing Up Growing

When I was a kid growing up, I used to watch 'DuckTales.'

- Aaron Paul

Always Lot

I watch a lot of television. I always have.

- Aaron Tveit

Selfish Takers

If you want to be a generous giver, you have to watch out for selfish takers.

- Adam Grant

Grow Excited

I'm just excited to watch my kids grow up.

- Adam Scott

Performers Shows

Being performers, that's what we do: We put on shows and want people to watch.

- Adrian Grenier

Never Either

I don't leave the house without a book, and I never watch television without one, either.

- Adriana Trigiani

Childhood Eighties

If you watch any John Hughes film of the eighties, that was my childhood experience.

- Aimee Mullins

Film Horrible

It's a nightmare to sit and watch a film that I'm in. There's a horrible inescapability to it.

- Alan Rickman

Too Cartoons

I didn't watch cartoons, I was too busy playing football.

- Alan Shearer

Will Old

'Political junkies' and liberals will watch MSNBC, and angry, old right-wingers will watch Fox.

- Alex Pareene

Like Movie

When you watch a movie, you don't want to feel like a machine made it. You want to feel a soul.

- Alexander Payne

Big Big Screen

Watch for me on the big screen.

- Algee Smith

Knew Could

I used to watch 'Fresh Prince' all the time. I knew that I could do that.

- Algee Smith

TV Lot

My DVR says that I watch a lot of TV my husband likes.

- Alison Sweeney

College Basketball

I don't watch college basketball.

- Allen Iverson

Public Allowed

I was only allowed only to watch public television until I was 12 years old.

- Allison Williams

Walking Whole

I did watch the whole run of 'The Walking Dead.'

- Alycia Debnam-Carey

Will Critics

When you dare me to do something, I will say, 'Watch me'. That is what I say to critics. 'Watch me'.

- Amaury Nolasco

Romantic TV

I can sit in front of the TV and watch an old romantic film and be transfixed.

- Amber Heard

Eat Drink

I watch what I eat and drink.

- Amber Heard

Pizza TV

I just want to be in my sweats, walk my dog, watch TV and eat pizza.

- America Ferrera

New Movie

'2.0' is an entirely new thing in Indian cinema, a movie to watch out for.

- Amy Jackson

TV Embarrassed

I'm not embarrassed to watch anything on TV.

- Anders Holm

Need Agitation

I don't want to be agitated so much on television. I don't need to watch any more agitation.

- Andie MacDowell

News Only

I only watch MSNBC for the news.

- Andre Leon Talley

Age Grow

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.

- Andrew Carnegie

Movies Always

I always want to go to the movies and watch something and be moved by something or feel things.

- Andrew Lincoln

Melt Unnerving

It's frightening and unnerving to watch a stone melt.

- Andy Goldsworthy

Same Same Time

It's hard to watch something go on and be talking at the same time.

- Annie Leibovitz

Nothing About

I ain't got nothing. I've got this watch, and these shoes, and that's about it.

- Anthony Anderson

TV Nonstop

I'm an American TV show buff. I can watch them nonstop for days.

- Anushka Sharma

Audience Emotional

You got to have an emotional connect with the audience who watch you.

- Arjun Kapoor

Thousands Of People

Stick a camera up in an Indian village, and thousands of people come to watch.

- Art Malik

Work Affects

Watch every detail that affects the accuracy of your work.

- Arthur C. Nielsen

Yourself Cannot

You cannot watch yourself dispassionately.

- Charlotte Rampling

Like Critical

I don't like to watch myself. I can't get into the story; I'm too critical.

- Cheyenne Jackson

Even TV

I don't want to do television. A TV show sitcom? I don't even watch TV.

- China Chow

Actor High

It is often difficult to watch yourself onscreen, especially 60-feet high. As an actor, it is an uncomfortable experience.

- Chris Hemsworth

Mostly Shows

Mostly, what I watch are reality shows and documentaries.

- Chris Lilley

Tape Even

I don't even watch my own show: I tape it, I'm out.

- Christina Aguilera

Films I Write

Directing has completely changed the way I write and watch films.

- Christopher McQuarrie

Want Compelling

You can watch any episode you want and have a compelling story being told.

- Christopher Meloni

Sad Changes

It's hard to watch your life unfold, and sad. Life changes.

- Cilla Black

Will Very

Very rarely will you listen to the radio in a judgmental way, the way you'll watch telly.

- Clare Balding

Father How

My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

- Clarence Budington Kelland

College Definitely

I definitely watch college football on Saturdays.

- Clay Matthews III

Basketball Lot

I watch a lot of NBA basketball, especially with the playoffs.

- Coby Bell

Romantic Films

My idea of a romantic night is to watch action films.

- Corey Hart

Lot Would

Because I grew up in McAllen, we would watch Televisa a lot.

- Cristela Alonzo

Better Things

It is better to watch things then to do them.

- Dan Castellaneta

Me Economist

The left-brainer and the economist in me says watch what people do, not what they say.

- Dan Pink

Know Comment

I don't watch it, but I know enough to comment on it.

- Dan Quayle

Think Actually

Economists think about what people ought to do. Psychologists watch what they actually do.

- Daniel Kahneman

Does Hilarious

I'll watch Ricky Gervais in anything he does. The guy's hilarious.

- Danny DeVito

Movies Like

If you don't like my movies, don't watch them.

- Dario Argento

Cool TV

I don't watch reality TV. I'm cool.

- Dave Attell

Reality TV

I don't watch reality TV.

- Dave Attell

Act See

I don't watch my playbacks because I hate to see myself act.

- Dave Bautista

See Act

I don't watch my playbacks because I hate to see myself act.

- David Bautista

Golf Like

I don't like to watch golf on television because I can't stand people who whisper.

- David Brenner

Black History Going

If people perceive 'Roots' to be a black history show, nobody is going to watch it.

- David L. Wolper

Expert Polo

Polo really is a European sport. It's not really that popular in America. I'm not an expert on the sport, but it's fun to watch.

- David Lauren

DVD No Time

I have a DVD player and I have DVDs, and I have no time to watch any of them.

- David Morse

Always Calculator

I'm always crunching numbers, so my calculator watch is a must.

- David Neeleman

People Given

If people are given quality stuff to watch, they'll watch it.

- David Warner

Own My Own

Normally, when my stuff's on the telly, I don't watch my own bits.

- Dean-Charles Chapman

Too TV

I watch too much TV.

- Jim Rash

Nothing About

There is nothing you can do about it but sit back and watch.

- Jimmy Haynes

Think I Think

I think I scare people. I really have to watch myself.

- Joanna Cassidy

Characters Wanting

I believe what makes great television is wanting to watch particular characters.

- Joanna Garcia

Still Times

People still watch 'Full House' all the time. It's on three times a day!

- Jodie Sweetin

Movies Critical

I don't watch my movies. I just get too critical of myself.

- John Candy

Play Bad

Usually bad guys are much more fun to play and much more interesting to watch.

- John Gilpin

Late-Night Movie

I do not have to watch late-night television, watch a movie, to find out what combat is like.

- John Glenn

Someone Kissing

Why watch someone kissing when people really close their eyes when they kiss?

- John Hughes

Mouth Hide

Watch the mouth, it reveals what the eyes try to hide.

- John Thaw

Alone Going

When you sit down and watch something alone, you're going to watch it for what it is.

- John Turturro

Movies Honest

To be honest, I don't have much time to watch any movies.

- John Woo

Same Movie

Driverless pods could have people who want to watch the same movie. Or there could be Tinder pods.

- John Zimmer

Car Races

People go to car races to watch the crashes.

- Johnny Knoxville

News Like

If you watch the news and don't like it, then this is your counter program to the news.

- Jon Stewart

Take Observer

You've got to be an observer. And you've got to take time to listen to people, talk, to watch what they do.

- Jonathan Winters

Me Movie

Normally, it's difficult for me to watch a movie that I'm in.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hotels TV

I only watch TV when I go to hotels.

- Joss Stone

Gossip Negative

Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude.

- Joyce Meyer

Need Fancy

A fancy watch, it's completely unnecessary. I just need a watch to tell the right time.

- Judd Nelson

Like Wrecks

I don't like to watch train wrecks.

- Judy Sheindlin

Movies TV

I don't really watch movies. I don't own a TV.

- Julia Butterfly Hill

News Fits

I have fits of melancholia when I watch the news, but we all do, don't we?

- Julian Fellowes

World Give

Listen and watch the world around you. Don't be satisfied with answers others give you.

- Avi

Truth TV

The truth is I don't watch TV at all. It bores me.

- Avi

Like Lot

It makes it harder to write if I watch a lot of television, because television is not like a written story.

- Avi

Watched Comedies

There's not many good comedies to watch - you know, comedies that make you glad you watched them.

- B. J. Novak

Next Next Step

I want to make 'Smackdown' the brand to watch, but beyond that main-eventing, 'WrestleMania' is the next step.

- Becky Lynch

Every Day Notorious

'Notorious' is a masterwork. I can watch it every day.

- Bellamy Young

See Movie

When I watch a movie, I don't want to see the extra bits.

- Ben Lewin

Like Movie

I don't watch trailers, I like to go into every movie fresh.

- Benh Zeitlin

Want Creator

As a creator, I want my content to be where people can watch it.

- Benny Fine

Joy Fan

I'm not a Man U fan at all, but I can't get enough of Rooney. What a joy to watch!

- Hampton Sides