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Country Very

I'm just very wary that once you start military operations in any country, it's very difficult to predict what the outcome is.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Politics Expressing

Actors in the film industry are usually wary of expressing their opinions on the issues of the day, politics especially.

- Anupam Kher

Love Broken

Being cynical isn't necessarily being negative or bitter. It's a person who is wary of mistaking love for something that it's not and getting their heart broken.

- Charlyne Yi

Books Self-Help

I'm really wary of self-help books.

- Darin Strauss

Kind Considers

Let me begin by saying that I am one of those naturally wary people who considers the verb 'return' a kind of insidious threat.

- John Burnham Schwartz

More Very

Gossip is a very dangerous tool. We should be more wary of the gossiper, and not the gossip they're trying to relay to you.

- John Lydon

Make Good Way

I make a joke that I'm the Internet curmudgeon, but 'wary' is a good way to put it.

- Bill Keller

Like Go

I don't like spontaneity; there you go. I'm wary of it.

- Jacques Audiard

Kid Angeles

I'm wary of the whole Los Angeles scene. I'm a California kid, but there's a difference between California and Los Angeles. L.A. is urban. California is restorative.

- Jason Lewis

Complex Solutions

I'd be wary of simple solutions to complex problems.

- Jeb Bush

Which Profess

We should be wary of politicians who profess to follow history while only noticing those signposts of history that point in the direction which they themselves already favour.

- Douglas Hurd

Big Half

To me 'The Big Easy' is shorthand for owning big stocks that are easy for wary investors to buy into. These stocks tend to outperform during the back half of bull markets.

- Kenneth Fisher

Someone Exciting

If you say someone is thrilled, it implies talk of an exciting project. I'm wary of such talk.

- Frank Dobson

Manuscript Cutting

Be wary of cutting and pasting research nuggets directly into your manuscript.

- Gayle Lynds

Play Read

Playwrights are naturally wary and protective - God, who's more protective than a playwright? You read a play, the playwright wants to hear from you immediately.

- Gene Saks

British Psyche

I'm wary of the word 'inventing,' because in the British psyche the word 'inventor' is immediately linked with 'mad'. For me, inventing is problem-solving.

- Thomas Heatherwick

Aesthetic Note

As writers and readers, as sinners and citizens, our realism and our aesthetic sense make us wary of crediting the positive note.

- Seamus Heaney

Here Plays

I'm wary of artistic directors who say, 'Here is my vision', because it's empirical. Basically it's about who you work with and what plays you put on; the vision comes out of that.

- Richard Eyre

Success Try

I try to be somewhat wary of fame, but I'm not wary of success.

- Troy Garity

News Very

I'm very wary of news on television.

- Val Kilmer

Strong Collectors

Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors... and miss.

- Robert A. Heinlein

Social Forbidding

Any society that starts forbidding certain words or expressions is a society you should be wary about, whether it's the KGB or social consensus that enforces it.

- Stellan Skarsgard

Nose Necessary

I believe the military should be wary of diplomacy until war is declared; then the State Department should keep its nose out and let the military do whatever is necessary to win.

- Stuart Symington

Very Ideological

Advertisers are very wary of ideological media.

- Paul Weyrich

Invest Having

We actually tried to invest in Twitter in April 2007, right when it launched. At the time, the company was wary of having a classic, tier-one traditional venture firm involved.

- Peter Fenton