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Politics Then

I got interested in politics during the civil rights movement and then Vietnam.

- Al Franken

Generation Serve

I'm from the Vietnam generation. I didn't serve.

- Al Franken

Lose Quit

We didn't lose Vietnam. We quit Vietnam.

- Alexander Haig

Back Should

We should bomb Vietnam back into the stone age.

- Curtis LeMay

Say Which

When I went to Vietnam in 1971 with Bob Hope, we went to Da Nang, which was a Marine base. I just have to say it was one of the biggest thrills I have ever had.

- Jim Nabors

Democratic Party

I left the Democratic Party basically on issues of national security during the end of the Vietnam War.

- Jim Webb

First Time Tons

My first time overseas was taking 10,000 tons of beer to Vietnam.

- John F. Kelly

Against Pittsburgh

My parents demonstrated against the Vietnam war, they were into the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, they started the first vegetarian restaurant in Pittsburgh.

- Justin Sane

Will Nation

To win in Vietnam, we will have to exterminate a nation.

- Benjamin Spock

War Were

Two thousand people a day were being murdered in Vietnam in a terrorist war, an official terrorist war.

- Bill Ayers

Vietnam War Pinch

The Vietnam War was happening, but Lubbock was... They put a pinch on it.

- Bob Livingston

Staying Out

Majored in staying out of Vietnam.

- Butch Trucks

Book Rebellion

'Dare to Discipline' was published in 1970 in the midst of the Vietnam War and a culture of rebellion. The book was written in that context, but the principles of child rearing have not changed.

- James Dobson

More Decade

For a decade or more after the Vietnam war, the people who had guided the U.S. to disaster decently shrank from the public stage.

- James Fallows

Depend Other

Vietnam was the first time that Americans of different races had to depend on each other. In the Second World War, they were segregated; it was in Vietnam that American integration happened in the military - and it wasn't easy.

- Karl Marlantes

Mine Named

I have a band that I started with a buddy of mine, a Vietnam veteran pal named Kimo Williams from Chicago.

- Gary Sinise

Generation Most

My mind-set is Munich. Most of my generation's is Vietnam.

- Madeleine Albright

Understand Against

I got my head bashed in at a demonstration against the Vietnam War. Police were losing control because they were up against a world they really didn't understand.

- Terry Gilliam

War Against

The Philippines was with the U.S. in the Second World War, in the Korean War, in the Vietnam War, and now in the war against terrorism.

- Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

War Kennedy

It's Kennedy's war, Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson got all the flak, but it's Kennedy's war.

- Salman Rushdie

War Mr

When it came to the Vietnam War, Mr. McNamara was an early advocate of escalation but came to realize the flaws in the American approach earlier than many of his colleagues. Yet in public, he continued to defend the war.

- Samantha Power

Veterans Everybody

Everybody respects the Vietnam Veterans of America.

- R. Lee Ermey

Like Would

I would like to dive in Vietnam and Cambodia.

- Neil Morrissey

Wrote About

I wrote a novel about the combat experiences I didn't have in Vietnam.

- Tracy Kidder

War More

No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now.

- Richard M. Nixon

Prepare Had

When I visited Vietnam for Oxfam, the thing that really struck me was how the local farmers had to prepare to evacuate or climb to their mezzanines with their valuable family possessions.

- Martin Parr

Fact Dollars

I would not trade you a billion dollars for the kids I led to combat in Vietnam or in fact any of the Marines that I served with for a quarter of a century.

- Oliver North

Trust Lyndon

Every president has to live with the result of what Lyndon Johnson did with Vietnam, when he lost the trust of the American people in the presidency.

- Robert Caro

Service Began

John Kerry's service did not end in Vietnam. It began there.

- Max Cleland

Education Go

The Vietnam War was causing people to get drafted; I had received a deferment to finish my undergraduate education, and in order to continue to get a deferment, you had to go to graduate school.

- Robert Shapiro

Democrats About

It seems to me the American people never really forgave the Democrats for being right about Vietnam.

- Paul Begala

Lesson Unjust

So one important lesson of Vietnam is, the first casualty of an unwise and unjust war are the American troops called on to fight it. Their service should be honored.

- Paul Begala

Good Like

A lot of vets like 'Good Morning Vietnam' - I get great letters from guys.

- Robin Williams

War Different

War is war. Vietnam is no different from the Crusades.

- Michael Cimino

Happy Childhoods

Vietnam was what we had instead of happy childhoods.

- Michael Herr

More Marxism

Vietnam should have taught us that nationalism, with its engines of independence and self-determination, is a more powerful force by far than Marxism and must be understood and respected.

- Pete Hamill

Names Listed

The Vietnam memorial is a masterpiece. The names of the dead are listed there, chronologically. Just the names.

- William Westmoreland

Mind Fought

Vietnam was the first war ever fought without any censorship. Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind.

- William Westmoreland

Hitters Really

Vietnam helped me realize who the true heroes really are in this world. It's not the home-run hitters.

- Willie Stargell

Vietnam War Now

We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.

- Zbigniew Brzezinski