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Which Involves

If I could stomach the awful part of being a veterinarian, which involves sticking your hand up animals' behinds, I would be a vet.

- Allison Janney

Performing Saw

I wanted to be a veterinarian until I saw a video of a vet performing surgery on a dog. Then I decided I wanted to be a pianist.

- Amy Lee

Comedy Before

I wanted to be a vet before I got into comedy, but then once I found out how much gore goes into that job, I wanted nothing to do with it.

- Brian Posehn

Some Keeping

Publishers vet books, and they do a good job keeping out the low quality. But they also miss some good quality.

- J. A. Konrath

Love Like

If I wasn't acting, I'd try and be a footballer. I wouldn't be a musician because I can't write my own music. Realistically, I'd probably do something with dogs, like a vet or something. I love animals.

- Jamie Blackley

Couple Summers

In my early teen years, I wanted to become a vet. That was my plan. I worked as a veterinarian's assistant for a couple of summers.

- Dennis Quaid

Questions Show

I travel, a lot, to research the locales for the books. I have professional contacts that I can ask questions of or show them scenes to vet.

- Jeff Abbott

Career Dawned

I wanted to be a vet when I was little, so it never really dawned on me that acting was my career, it sort of chose me more than I chose it.

- Jenna Ushkowitz

Brought Mum

I was born and brought up in Liverpool with my clever little sister Jemma, who is 14 and wants to be a vet. My mum Jane is an administrator and my dad Peter is a taxi driver.

- Jennifer Ellison

Games Were

In my day, there were no vet video games.

- Karl Lagerfeld

Thought Wanted

I wanted to be a vet. I really thought that's what I wanted to do.

- Kelsea Ballerini

Younger No Sense

When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet or a tightrope walker. But I have no sense of balance, and I can't bear animals dying, so I abandoned both ideas.

- Georgia May Jagger

Want Sometimes

It's easier to get people to talk to you if you're a vet and you want to interview a vet about war. Sometimes they open up a little bit easier.

- Phil Klay

Back Tell

When I was a child I wanted to be a vet. I'd come home with "lost" kittens and dogs. My mother would tell me to put them back.

- Philippa Gregory

Go Decadent

Once you've reached the point where you can pay rent, you can go to the vet and you can go to the grocery store, after that point it's all the same. I don't have the appetite for a decadent lifestyle.

- Renee Zellweger

Incoming Carefully

In general, any incoming administration must carefully examine ('vet') its nominees for high public office.

- Richard V. Allen

Cleaning Agency

I started at an agency called Intertalent. You copy scripts, you pick up people's dry cleaning, you take their dogs to the vet, you deliver packages, you do whatever they want you to do.

- Patrick Whitesell

Everyone Very

Not everyone can come and post on Forbes; it's a very distinguishing factor for us. We vet the folks who come on board.

- Michael Perlis

Against Accordingly

If you've got information about an opponent running against you, wouldn't you want that information - to vet it, to see if it's real information, and to use it accordingly?

- Ted Yoho