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Marriage Finally

Twitter is the marriage of full-tilt narcissism and full-tilt voyeurism that has finally collided in 140 words.

- Adam Goldberg

Through Videos

I breeze through Twitter - I look at the mentions, the pictures, the videos.

- Adam Lambert

Never Sign

I have a Twitter handle, but I never sign on.

- Adepero Oduye

Great Spectacular

The potential for Twitter is spectacular and great.

- Al-Waleed bin Talal


I'm not a fan of Twitter.

- Alan Cumming

Devil Playground

Twitter is the Devil's playground.

- Albert Brooks

Funeral Realized

I went to Jimmy Gandolfini's funeral, and when I was there, I realized Jimmy Gandolfini didn't have Twitter.

- Alec Baldwin

Critics Filing

When you have critics filing on Twitter, it leaves no time for thought and perspective.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu


No one has debates on Twitter.

- Alexandra Petri

Thanks Facebook

Thanks to my fans for support on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

- Alexandre Pato

About Out

Twitter is the first information that I ingest in the morning. When there are important things happening, friends of mine who follow news feeds will report on it, so I find out about most major news on Twitter.

- Alison Brie

May Freak

I may be a gadget freak, but let me tell you clearly, I'm not on Twitter.

- Allu Arjun

Some Actually

I got roped into Twitter. I actually quite enjoy it! But I don't go on as often as some.

- Amanda Tapping

Away Definitely

I definitely stayed away from Twitter. I didn't want to be geotagged or anything.

- Andy Hurley

Facebook Fantastic

I have a Twitter account; I have a fantastic Facebook page.

- Angus King


I don't have a Twitter account.

- Anna Chlumsky

Going Rant

I'm not going to go on Twitter and rant about something.

- Ansel Elgort

Reach Use

The younger generation has embraced Twitter and Facebook massively, and they spend most of their time on there. So if I want to reach new fans or keep in touch with my current, I try to use Twitter and Facebook as much as possible.

- Armin van Buuren

Stop Like

Stop threatening to kill people on Twitter because you don't like what they are saying!

- Ashleigh Banfield

Same Same Time

Twitter is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

- Ashley Wagner

Cool Always

I'm always inspired by people who have really cool Twitter profiles.

- Charlie Puth

Think I Think

I think Twitter is great.

- Chris Hughes

Everyone Facebook

With Facebook and Twitter, everyone wants to publicize their innermost truths.

- Chris Pine

Like Blogs

When I first came out there was no such thing as Twitter or Facebook. And the blogs! Like, what is that?

- Christina Aguilera

Beauty Someone

When someone says something in an interview, the beauty of Twitter is that it's a platform for instantaneous response.

- Damon Lindelof

Here Larger

We absolutely look at larger trends and reactions on Twitter here at the White House.

- Dan Pfeiffer

Communicate Use

I do use texting as a great way to communicate quickly, but I don't Twitter or anything.

- Dave Gahan

Me Usefulness

Twitter's popularity and usefulness are mysteries to me.

- David Harsanyi

Rock Like

In summation, like your beloved pet rock, Twitter is useful only in your imagination.

- David Harsanyi

Committee Like

Twitter! It's like being stalked by committee!

- David Tennant

Always Level

On the personal level, the people that follow you on Twitter are always nice to hear from.

- Jim Rash

Keeping Battling

I'm battling with keeping my narcissism at bay as it is, so Twitter was not a good thing for that.

- Joel Kinnaman

Loved Teenage

Teenage readers also have a different relationship with the authors whose work they value than adult readers do. I loved Toni Morrison, but I don't have any desire to follow her on Twitter. I just want to read her books.

- John Green


Twitter is almost novelistic.

- John Niven

Business Tech

People on Twitter can follow tech if they're interested in tech, or business if they're interested in business, or they can follow celebrities that they're fans of.

- Jonah Peretti

Want Reason

The reason it's hard for me to tweet is I don't want to pronounce anything, and Twitter is for pronouncing.

- Jonathan Ames

Trusted Sources

The people you're friends with on Facebook or the people you follow on Twitter are trusted sources of information.

- Jonathan Klein

Late New

I'm kind of new to Twitter. I'm about one year in, so I'm a little late to the party.

- Josh Charles

Fingers Tells

The honest-to-goodness answer is that Twitter tells me everything, and I have calluses on my fingers from all the mouse-clicking.

- Josh Groban


I don't read Twitter.

- Josh Trank

World Use

The use of the Internet, the use of Twitter, the way protest movements developed... This is a different world.

- Gus O'Donnell

Horse Mouth

One thing I like about Twitter is that you can hear it from the horse's mouth.

- Big Boi

Truth Career

I would not have a career without Facebook and Twitter. That's the truth.

- Billy Eichner

Easy Follow

With Twitter, it's as easy to unfollow as it is to follow.

- Biz Stone

Love Plane

When I'm on a set, and I'm in between a scene or on a plane waiting, I read Twitter and I love it.

- Henry Winkler

Love Think

Don't you love it that Prince doesn't use Twitter? Don't you think he's somewhere on a unicorn?

- Bruno Mars

Like Very

Twitter's more fast-paced. Instagram, it's more, like, lifestyle and posting very specific, cool pictures.

- Cameron Dallas

Think Square

I think Twitter is the future of communications and Square will be the payment network.

- Jack Dorsey

Loved Universally

As we began working toward the finale of 'Lost,' I knew there was no possible ending that was going to be universally loved, and I accepted that. We ended the story the way we wanted it to end, and we stand by it. On my Twitter feed, I still get ten to fifteen positive comments for every negative one.

- Carlton Cuse

Love Give

I love when people on Twitter give advice.

- Jake Johnson

Cool Kind

Whatever one thinks of Twitter, the Friday Reads hashtag is kind of a cool tradition.

- James Bernard Frost

Trying Ton

Facebook and Twitter have a ton of information they're trying to make sense of.

- Chad Hurley

Facebook Account

I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account.

- Dev Patel

Think Important

If you're on Twitter, what you're saying is, 'I'm important enough for you to care what I think.'

- Donald Glover

Effect Does

Twitter does have an effect on everything - things you put out there, they are out there for good.

- Donald Glover

Pretty Over

I have a Twitter and have followers from all over the world. It's pretty overwhelming.

- Dot Jones

Phone Notion

I went from rotary phone to Twitter. And was appalled at the notion.

- Jeff Perry

Get Pretty

If I was on Twitter, I'd probably get in trouble pretty quickly.

- Jeff Zucker

Time Is Money Now

The faux now of Twitter updates and things pinging at you - all the pulses from digitality that we try to keep up with because we sense that there's something going on that we need to tap into - are artifacts, or symptoms of living in this atemporal reality. And it's not any worse than living in the 'time is money' reality that we're leaving.

- Douglas Rushkoff

Color Process

Twitter is a real addiction, like the color of it, the process of it.

- Earl Sweatshirt

Own Facebook

With Facebook and Twitter, we're all our own little publicists in a way.

- Jess Walter

British Accessible

Things have changed so much, with Facebook and Twitter. Everyone is so much more accessible these days: no British athlete has ever experienced what we are experiencing now. It's such a unique situation with the home Olympics.

- Jessica Ennis

Myspace Read

I don't read blogs, I don't have MySpace, I don't have Facebook or Twitter - none of that.

- Jessica Szohr

Keep All Day

I don't keep up with Twitter all day long.

- Jill Abramson

Upset Will

In the future, things will truncate! No, in the age of Twitter, we can't be upset when words become shorter.

- Eric McCormack

I Think How

I think fans going to concerts expect more today in terms of meeting and things. It's cool - I get it because of how the Internet has made things much more personal for fans to follow with Facebook, Twitter and everything - but I also think it's kind of hindering because it takes from the music in a way.

- Kellin Quinn

Actually Total

Twitter was actually the holdout in what has turned out to be my total purge of social media.

- Kelly Evans

Thought Before

On Twitter, if you want to quote someone else, you say, 'RT, re-tweet, that person's name, and then what they said before.' And it's a way of essentially saying, 'I'm not saying this, but my friend said this and I thought this was interesting.'

- Ethan Zuckerman

Information Social

Twitter isn't a social network, it's an information network.

- Evan Williams

Easy Way Very

Twitter is a very easy way to keep in touch.

- Evan Williams

Always Been

'What is Twitter?' has always been a tough question to answer.

- Evan Williams

Work Traditional

Blogging and traditional media work together. Twitter complements traditional media.

- Evan Williams

Better Reason

The only reason Twitter itself would be a fad is if someone comes along and does it better.

- Evan Williams

Sense Makes

I have a Twitter, but I'm not a tweeter... if that really makes sense.

- Kiernan Shipka

Want More

I don't do Twitter because I don't want to talk about myself more than I already have to.

- Kit Harington

Mother Should

Twitter should ban my mother.

- Frances Bean Cobain

View Cocktail

I don't view Twitter as a promotional tool but as a really, really, really cool cocktail party.

- Kurt Busiek

Lazy Given

The lazy blogosphere has given up on journalism and now trolls Twitter for their on-the-record in-depth articles.

- Kurt Sutter

Love Still

I still love a well-crafted joke. Twitter's been great for that.

- Kyle Kinane

Woman She

If I had my way, the woman I marry, she wouldn't be a part of Twitter and she wouldn't be on Facebook.

- Lance Gross

Purpose Honestly

I freakin' hate Twitter, man. I honestly don't understand the purpose of it.

- Landon Liboiron

Advantage Getting

Twitter has a several-hour advantage in getting information.

- Frank Quattrone

Planned Just

Twitter wasn't planned. It just happened.

- Fred Wilson

Amazing Assistant

Twitter is amazing. I advertised for the position of research assistant on Twitter, and both of my researchers came from there.

- Lauren Beukes

Time Always

Every time I look at Twitter, there's always somebody showing support.

- French Montana

Bad Very

Twitter can be great and very bad.

- LeAnn Rimes


I met the CEO of Twitter.

- Leslie Jones

You See

You won't see Moonves on Twitter.

- Leslie Moonves

Been Would

If Hamilton were on Twitter, he would have been a worse oversharer than me.

- Lin-Manuel Miranda

Handle Definitely

Twitter is definitely not the place to handle business per se.

- Miguel

House One Day

A famous actor told me once - I don't want to name names, I hate that sort of thing - but I was at his house and he said, 'Are you on Twitter?' I said, 'Yes, I am.' And he said, 'There'll be one day when you'll have, like, five friends. And in the same day it'll go to five thousand.'

- Sam Claflin

Same Snapchat

I started hearing Snapchat in the same context as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That got me curious.

- Mitch Lasky

Own Never

I have a Twitter account. I own my name, but I've never tweeted.

- Thomas Sadoski

Amazing Public

Twitter is an amazing public tool with an incredible capacity for public good.

- Rachel Sklar

Explain Around

Even though I knew my way around Facebook, Twitter terrified me. RT? OH? Hootsuite? Huh? My Twitter-savvy friends attempted to explain what a hashtag was, but, still mystified, I signed up for an online Twitter 101 class. Yes. I'm geeky like that.

- Sarah Mlynowski

Now Absurdity

That's the absurdity of Twitter. You can react without thinking now.

- Raoul Peck

Proud Want

People are so sick of these Twitter tirades. They want leaders they can be proud of.

- Tom Perez

Artist Mediocrity

If you're an artist and you're on Twitter, you are doomed to mediocrity.

- Maria Semple

Like Over

Twitter makes me feel like I have friends all over.

- Retta

Some Out

If someone does something illegal on Twitter - like incite hatred, or make racist remarks, or threaten to rip someone's intestines out if they insult Justin Bieber - then there has to be some way of censuring them.

- Tony Parsons