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Twin Peaks

Total Quotes : 12
Fan Massive

I'm a massive fan of David Lynch and 'Twin Peaks.'

- Amanda Palmer

Like Bark

'Twin Peaks' without David Lynch is like a dog without a bark.

- Dana Ashbrook

Peaks Hardcore

'Twin Peaks' fans, it's a hardcore group of people.

- Dana Ashbrook

Now Nice Guy

And now comes Pete Martell in Twin Peaks and he's just a nice guy.

- Jack Nance

Actor Ever

'Twin Peaks' was the best job I ever had as an actor.

- Richard Beymer

Myself David

'Twin Peaks' is a continuing story; that comes from David Lynch and myself.

- Mark Frost

Seven Before

I have traveled down this path before - 'List of Seven' and 'Twin Peaks' both have thematic similarities - but 'Paladin' took me much deeper into the intuitive underground. Always bearing in mind Joseph Campbell's Rule No. 1: When entering a labyrinth, don't forget your ball of twine.

- Mark Frost

Theatre Big

I really loved Twin Peaks. When I saw the two-hour pilot, they screened it in the big theatre. I said, I don't know what is going to happen. I'm in this and I don't understand it. This is never going to sell. Who's going to watch this thing?

- Sherilyn Fenn

Back Got

I grew up in Colorado - went back there, tried to heal myself and grow and learn, then got a call that David Lynch wanted me to fly back to Seattle so he could meet me for Twin Peaks.

- Sheryl Lee

Like David

Twin Peaks' without David Lynch is like a girl without a secret.

- Sheryl Lee

Away Year

In a sense, 'Twin Peaks' never really went away. They've got a 'Twin Peaks' convention up in Washington every year, and I'm pretty much recognized on a fairly regular basis from 'Twin Peaks,' so I feel like it never really got too far away.

- Michael J. Anderson

Magic About

I feel the same magic about 'Angel Falls' that I did with 'Twin Peaks' and 'Mod Squad.'

- Peggy Lipton