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Total Quotes : 40
Get Lot

A lot of equipment can get in the way of the connection with food, with touching and feeling.

- Alice Waters

Still Movie

I figured out 'The Sixth Sense' in the first 10 minutes. I still found the movie touching.

- Allen Coulter

Disease Some

Often people expect I have some touching personal story about kidney disease, but it's actually the mathematics that led me to it.

- Alvin E. Roth

Emotional Wanted

After 'Chen Zhen,' I wanted to make an emotional, touching story.

- Andrew Lau

Think Advanced

I don't care how advanced technology gets. I don't think that there's anything that can replace looking someone in the eyes, touching their hand, you know?

- Angela Ahrendts

Mind Other

I'm a huge fan of animation, and just the arts in general - anything that emanates from someone's mind and soul and is capable of touching other people's minds and souls.

- Charles Fleischer

Cares TV

A lot of times, as an actor, especially a TV or film actor, you don't get a lot of interaction, or you don't get the feeling you are actually touching someone, or someone actually cares about what you do.

- Christopher Judge

Love Romance

I love the romance in Kimberly Derting's 'The Body Finder.' 'Cold Kiss' by Amy Garvey is unbelievably touching - and about so much more than just romantic love.

- Claudia Gray

Go Lives

The Internet has transformed many parts of our daily lives, touching everything from how we find information to how we go shopping, get directions, and even stay in touch with friends and family.

- Dean Ornish

Music Public

Anybody can write music of a sort. But touching the public heart is quite another thing.

- John Philip Sousa

Love Socially

Directing is a whole series of things that would be awkward socially. But I love that. I love actors. Talking with them, touching, laughing, crying.

- Justin Kurzel

Flight Race

It is the mark of a great man that he puts to flight all ordinary calculations. He is at once sublime and touching, childlike and of the race of giants.

- Honore de Balzac

Move His

For touching an adversary's man, when it cannot be captured, the offender must move his King.

- Howard Staunton

Like Other

All our relationships are person-to-person. They involve people seeing, hearing, touching, and speaking to each other; they involve sharing goods; and they involve moral values like generosity and compassion.

- Brendan Myers

Happen Some

Creativity is all around us, and some of the funniest, most beautiful, and touching moments happen when you least expect it.

- Bryce Dallas Howard

Still Part

The best part of touring, still, is touching people's hearts and igniting my band and igniting the people into what you call a spiritual revelation is sound and emotion.

- Carlos Santana

Voice Like

When you are accompanied by the instrument - on an instrument like the lute-the lute and voice - you have this sound, and you feel how the music can be so touching and yet so simple.

- Cecilia Bartoli

Rewarding Very

Touching people is very rewarding to me.

- Della Reese

Loved Audience

I loved the idea of touching base with an audience.

- Jerry Stiller

Other Very

If someone is willing to help you understand your own worth when you're vulnerable, that's a very touching thing. It makes you want to help other people.

- Jewel

Going Level

Soul music is about longevity and reaching and touching people on a human level - and that's never going to get lost.

- Jill Scott

Face Putting

Well, there's nothing more touching than putting a smile on a kid's face when you can.

- Emma Roberts

Think Still

We changed every lead in our whole system, and to this day we still don't really know why it did it. We think wires were touching and faulting. That was it really, but it didn't make it any easier.

- Kelly Jones

Passage Very

Just touching that old tree was truly moving to me because when you touch these trees, you have such a sense of the passage of time, of history. It's like you're touching the essence, the very substance of life.

- Kim Novak

Reflection Glass

The reflection of the flame in the glass seems to be touching the hand. And you feel the helpless fear of these dismembered parts. This sort of thing can hardly be visualized at the script stage.

- Terence Fisher

Hug Get

Laughing together is as close as you can get to a hug without touching.

- Gina Barreca

Question Very

My father passed me the concept that vicuna was something very special, very expensive. So it was a question of pride. I didn't want anybody else in the world to be touching vicuna before us.

- Pier Luigi Loro Piana

Man Even

You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him.

- Rae Dawn Chong

More Bigger

The more uncompromisingly specific you are the more you end up touching the bigger universal truths.

- Tom Hooper

Romantic Smiling

The real lover is the man who can thrill you just by touching your head or smiling into your eyes - or just by staring into space.

- Marilyn Monroe

Hours Drop

I'm not a heavy drinker, I can sometimes go for hours without touching a drop.

- Noel Coward

Politics Going

I call it people-to-people politics and that's what politics should be about, reaching out and helping one another and touching one another about what we're going to do.

- Sonny Perdue

Face Like

I don't like people touching my face.

- Robbie Amell

Characters Just

I'm just looking for touching characters.

- Matthias Schoenaerts

Life While

In the age of networked everything, life moves sideways and covers lots of ground while barely touching the earth.

- Walter Kirn

Very Shows

I find these shows very touching sometimes.

- Robert Stack

Biology Brought

I can actually trace the moment I decided I couldn't be a doctor. It was in biology, they brought in these African crickets and we were supposed to dissect them - but there's no way I was touching those bugs.

- Meg Rosoff

Think Involved

It's exciting to think that something I'm involved in is touching so many people in so many cultures.

- Paul Guilfoyle

Through Which

This sort of encouragement is vital for any writer. And lastly the publication of Touching the Flame, which was on hold for two years and went through a few publishers before finding a stable home.

- Paul Kane

Love Fate

When you're 15, you're not really talking about the vicissitudes of fate and failed love and poetry and swordfighting - not a lot is necessarily touching on your own personal experience.

- Rory Kinnear