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Difficult About

For me, most of the anxiety and difficulty of writing takes place in the act of not writing. It's the procrastination, the thinking about writing that's difficult.

- Adam Mansbach

Funny Curse

I have the curse of thinking funny!

- Adam West

Purely Equivalent

When I work, I'm thinking in terms of purely visual effects and relations, and any verbal equivalent is something that comes afterwards. But it's inconceivable to me that I could experience things and not have them enter into my painting.

- Adolph Gottlieb

Rules I Remember

I remember thinking during those times that I wanted to write in a way where there are no rules.

- Alanis Morissette

About Anymore

I'm not thinking about me that much anymore. Every time I look, I'm looking for my daughter, you know? If I'm in a store, I'm looking at baby clothes. It's so much cuter to find things for her than to find things for me.

- Alessandra Ambrosio

Art Independently

Democracy is the art of thinking independently together.

- Alexander Meiklejohn

Door Some

He was thinking alone, and seriously racking his brain to find a direction for this single force four times multiplied, with which he did not doubt, as with the lever for which Archimedes sought, they should succeed in moving the world, when some one tapped gently at his door.

- Alexandre Dumas

Got Out

I got told by pretty much everyone I knew that, if I'm going to be out in L.A., working, you need a car. So I was thinking, I'm going to try and not get a car, just because I'm a contrarian that way.

- Alfred Enoch

About Drumming

When I'm drumming, I'm not thinking about much.

- Alice Dellal

Behind Other

I'm entirely interested in people, and also other creatures and beings, but especially in people, and I tend to read them by emotional field more than anything. So I have a special interest in what they're thinking and who they are and who's hiding behind those eyes and how did he get there, and what's the story, really?

- Alice Walker

Shame Scientist

If you just, pretty much, take a random 15-month-old, just sit and watch them for 10 minutes and count out how many experiments, how much thinking you see going on, and it will put the most brilliant scientist to shame.

- Alison Gopnik

Everyone Like

Everyone is like, 'What were you thinking on the podium?' I'm like, I'm just like probably thinking, like, 'We're hungry,' to be honest.

- Aly Raisman

Love Falls

One falls in love without thinking!

- Anita Hassanandani Reddy

Filmmaking About

I like figuring out where I need to be mentally so that I'm not thinking about the camera and that it's second nature. I want to get to a place where I can exist within the confines of what you can do with filmmaking and not have to think about it.

- Anna Kendrick

Craft Celebrities

Because of reality television and all these celebrities thinking they can be designers, everyone imagines that they can just become a designer, photographer, or model, but that's not the way things work. People have to go to school, learn their craft, and build a brand - that's the right, healthy way to do things.

- Anna Wintour

Bicycle Had

This morning I lay in the bathtub thinking how wonderful it would be if I had a dog like Rin Tin Tin. I'd call him Rin Tin Tin too, and I'd take him to school with me, where he could stay in the janitor's room or by the bicycle racks when the weather was good.

- Anne Frank

Guilty Been

I have been guilty of wrong thinking.

- Anne Hutchinson

Eyes Line

What's subcultural now is literally just a line of thinking, which is trying to be eyes wide open, in my view. It's no longer attached to a specific demographic or specifically downtrodden groups of people; it's much more free-floating, and you don't know where you're going to find it.

- Anohni

Want Single Thing

This thinking that you can have every single thing you want in life is not the thinking of a feminist. It's the thinking of a toddler.

- Ariel Levy

Music Sound

I do get credit for having a California sound to my music, but I don't think people really know what that means - they think the Beach Boys. I'm thinking more like Sunset Strip in the 1960s and stuff like that.

- Ariel Pink

Hope Back

I knew I was a winner back in the late sixties. I knew I was destined for great things. People will say that kind of thinking is totally immodest. I agree. Modesty is not a word that applies to me in any way - I hope it never will.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fiction Other

Fiction is able to do one thing better than any other art form: it is able to convey a convincing sense of what is going on in someone else's head. To me, that is the great mystery of life: what is everyone else thinking?

- Arthur Phillips

Been Almost

Richard Lewis has this incredible ability to look like he's just... you know it's an act that's been honed. What you have to do in standup is create spontaneity, somehow; even though you've done this act a million times, you gotta look like you're almost just thinking of it now, to make it entertainer.

- Artie Lange

I See Certain Way

I have a certain way of thinking where I see something, and I know that I want it and I make up my mind - and that's pretty much all there is to it. It was like, This is what I want to do, and I'm going, and everything's going to work out. I'm going to be an actress. There was no way around it.

- Ashley Greene

Mental Some

All causes are essentially mental, and whosoever comes into daily contact with a high order of thinking must take on some of it.

- Charles Fillmore

Bring Elated

I find my greatest happiness in thinking of those days in Homestead when I labored to bring a thing to perfection entirely by myself. In the evenings, I would go into the hills and look down on my work, and I knew that it was good, and my heart was elated.

- Charles M. Schwab

Feel Just Kind

I'm inspired by artists like Robyn, just because she writes amazing pop songs, and they're not throwaway. When I listen to a Robyn pop song, I don't feel like she's just kind of saying something and not thinking; I feel like it's really emotional.

- Charli XCX

Performance Your

Let your performance do the thinking.

- Charlotte Bronte

Outer Manner

Militarism is basically a way of thinking, a certain interpretation of the function of the state; this manner of thinking is, moreover, revealed by its outer forms: by armaments and state organization.

- Christian Lous Lange

Last Been

I've been buying guitars since 1964, and you fool yourself into thinking it's the last one.

- Christopher Guest

I Think About

I'll see a photograph of a character and try to copy them on to my face. I think I'm really observant, and thinking how a person is put together, seeing them on the street and noticing subtle things about them that make them who they are.

- Cindy Sherman

Years Got

They've got this crazy actor who's 82 years old up there in a suit. I was a mayor, and they're probably thinking I know how to give a speech, but even when I was mayor I never gave speeches. I gave talks.

- Clint Eastwood

Around Part

You can't just take an aspirin and sit around and have 12 donuts and think, 'I took my aspirin so I'm not going to have a heart attack.' It's really important each person take personal responsibility for their health. You can't keep thinking that someone else is going to take care of it. You have to be part of the solution.

- Corbin Bernsen

Thought Girl

I thought, I hate the thought of a 12, 13 or 14 year-old girl seeing a picture of me and thinking she'll do what I did.

- Courtney Thorne-Smith

Your About

I started to be much happier in my relationships when I realized that I can only control myself. That way, you don't worry about people and don't waste your time thinking, 'What if he cheats on me?' You can't control that.

- Crystal Reed

Obstacles About

In Silicon Valley, if you spend a lot of time thinking about the obstacles, you'll talk yourself out of everything, because the more you look at it, the less logical something sounds, since no one has done it yet.

- Dan Rosensweig

Against Him

I like to think of the world's greatest athlete coming up to bat against me - Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, I don't care who it is - and I'm looking at him thinking, you have no chance.

- David Cone

Think Had

We had an EP out and all of a sudden we find record companies are interested in us, and we're thinking, 'Oh, that's really nice, but we don't think we're ready for it.'

- Debbi Peterson

Art Like

Clothing is viral, impermanent in a way that public art cannot be. So I like thinking of how corporate-created clothing can be seen as a form of public art.

- Jim Drain

Say Jobs

It's time you stop thinking that because you did something, it's... amazing. All you've got to do is say, 'OK. If I'm great, what do they call Steve Jobs?'

- Jimmy Iovine

Could Walker

I could remember thinking when I met him, 'Wow, that's Andy Sanders from Houston. He's really good.' And he tells me he said, 'Wow, that's Jimmy Walker. He hits it really far.'

- Jimmy Walker

Death Genius

Thinking you're a genius is death.

- John Jeremiah Sullivan

Cold Humankind

So I ask the nuclear powers to abandon the out-of-date thinking of the Cold War period and take a fresh look. Above all, I appeal to them to bear in mind the long-term threat that nuclear weapons pose to humankind and to begin action towards their elimination.

- Joseph Rotblat

Innovation Gender

We're supposed to be bringing out-of-the-box thinking and innovation, and you cannot do that unless you've got diversity... It's everything from gender to ethnicity to geographic diversity.

- Julie Sweet

Grew Lucy

I grew up thinking Margaret Cho and Lucy Liu were my idols because that's it.

- Awkwafina

Filmmaking About

I've always looked at filmmaking as a lifestyle. There is no decision of when you go to work. It's a way of life: you're thinking about scripts; you see things and think, 'That could be interesting'... I don't think about my work as, 'Today I'll work on this, this and that.' It just comes to me.

- Baltasar Kormakur

Work Hours

I work eight hours a day, but I'm not writing all that time. I'm thinking, editing, looking something up. Thinking is what I do a lot of.

- Barbara Taylor Bradford

Memories Every

Every time I am looking into the depths of somebody's brain, I'm thinking, 'This is what makes a person who they are. That structure contains memories. Everything that they've ever experienced is right in there.'

- Ben Carson

Future About

I was so engrossed in my sport, I wasn't thinking about the future from God's standpoint. I was thinking about just my sporting future.

- Ben Zobrist

Times Ourselves

There is something to be said for people who have to work hard, be creative, produce what they have with little - or no - means. Those of us from poor homes have the advantage of thinking for ourselves and of knowing that when times get hard, things could always be worse.

- Beth Ditto

Play Fears

The symptoms of fascist thinking are colored by environment and adapted to immediate circumstances. But always and everywhere they can be identified by their appeal to prejudice and by the desire to play upon the fears and vanities of different groups in order to gain power.

- Henry A. Wallace

Writing Lot

A lot of writing is thinking.

- Horton Foote

I Remember

The first time I went to Sturgis, I remember thinking, 'This motorcycle thing, this is me.'

- Brantley Gilbert

Him About

Are you as much of a criminal if you don't act when there's a crime taking place in front of you as you are one of the participants? That was something that I was thinking about a lot because there are many moments in 'Less Than Zero' where horrific things happen and Clay could do something about them, but his passivity stops him.

- Bret Easton Ellis

Myself Sort

When I was thinking of people for the Space Twins, I wanted people who were sort of space cadets in the first place. I consider myself to be one.

- Brian Bell

Studio Torment

Once I actually get in the studio and I start working, I'm fine, but it's just getting there and these hours of torment with myself and self doubt, thinking 'I'm useless' and 'Who am I, conning myself into thinking I can do it again.'

- Imogen Heap

Back Renaissance

I really wanted to give people that tool, that thing, that answer, 'Well, what are you going to do after Katrina? How does New Orleans come back?' And I'm thinking to myself, New Orleans is back. We're the definition of 'back.' We're the definition of 'rebirth,' of 'renaissance.'

- Irvin Mayfield

Studio Activity

In the studio, I don't do a lot of work that requires repetitive activity. I spend a lot of time looking and thinking and then try to find the most efficient way to get what I want, whether it's making a drawing or a sculpture, or casting plaster or whatever.

- Bruce Nauman

Going Thousands

My thinking is that if we're going to take from a culture, let's take from a culture that has exemplified success for thousands of years.

- Busta Rhymes

Like Your

What you have, what you are - your looks, your personality, your way of thinking - is unique. No one in the world is like you. So capitalize on it.

- Jack Lord

Believe Sometimes

Americans seem sometimes to believe that if you are a thinker you must be a frowning bore, because thinking is so damn serious.

- Jacques Maritain

Love Plots

I love all of it, thinking up the plots, getting to know the kids in the story, their parents, backyards, pizza toppings.

- Caroline B. Cooney

Regrets Deliver

Chris Cooper once told me to never have any regrets. After Chris said that to me, I walk into every scene thinking, 'exhaust every possibility.' Once you get to a certain place, it's like you just deliver everything you've got. Don't have any regrets. It pops up in my mind over and over and over again.

- Jake Gyllenhaal

Seen Everybody

One of my problems with a lot of things I watch is that everybody's too pretty, and it takes me out of the film because I'm thinking that all these people look like I've seen them in a cafe in Los Angeles.

- Cary Fukunaga

Trump Reflected

Behavioral scientists distinguish between fast thinking and slow thinking. Fast thinking is represented in the mind's System 1: it is automatic, intuitive, and often emotional. Slow thinking, reflected in System 2, is deliberative and reflective; it likes statistics. It's hard to think of a purer System 1 candidate than Trump.

- Cass Sunstein

Good Decade

Forties are good! I'm thinking with my brain now, which is a lot more clear, and women seem to appreciate that. It's a wonderful decade where you're in control of yourself but the women are still interested.

- James Marsters

Choose Show

If I'm writing strictly for others, how does that show what I'm experiencing or thinking? I just got to a point where I realized I could be as personal as I wanted to be and people could relate to those situations if they so choose.

- Chantal Kreviazuk

Born Logical

Kids don't have ruts yet that adults have carved into their minds. They're born logical. Crooked thinking has to be taught.

- James P. Hogan

Inside About

About the 50th hour, I was going to start thinking about the edge of the universe. Is there an edge? Is this an envelope we're living inside of, or no, does it go onto infinity in both time and space? And there's nothing like swimming for 50 hours in the ocean that gets you thinking about things like this.

- Diana Nyad

About Trusting

I'm just opening the doors. And a lot of this is new to me - thinking about it, and letting go again and again and again, trusting that if I'm meant to continue working as a musician, it'll happen. If I'm not, then pull out the life support.

- Jane Siberry

Cry About

What the advertisers are trying to do by eliminating residuals is the most appalling form of greed that I cry thinking about it.

- Diane Ladd

Your Reader

Your protagonist is your reader's portal into the story. The more observant he or she can be, the more vivid will be the world you're creating. They don't have to be super-educated, they just have to be mentally active. Keep them looking, thinking, wondering, remembering.

- Janet Fitch

Why Works

Which is why, in my lieder concerts, I always strove, when possible, to sing only the works of a single composer, so that the audience could be gradually drawn into a particular creative genius' way of thinking, and could follow him.

- Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Prize Gamblers

With gamblers, it's never enough. You keep thinking on a conscious level that the prize is whatever the pot is. In poker, you may have a certain goal for the day. But the truth is, as soon as you win, more often than not the first thing that comes to mind is: If I'd bet more, I would have won more.

- Jason Gedrick

Guy Anything

Whereas Jeremy is just the opposite: always moving because he's never really thinking of anything and the kind of guy you'd worry inviting to a dinner party because he says what he thinks. He can be insulting at times but doesn't mean to be.

- Jason Schwartzman

Book Fiction

When I'm writing fiction I'm thinking, God, this is so hard - I have to make all this stuff up! I wish I were writing a nonfiction book where all the facts are laid out and I don't have to be so much at sea.

- Douglas Preston

Why Recommend

I don't know if this is why everything has worked so well and I'm not sure I'd recommend this kind of thinking to anyone else, but I've always known I'd be successful in acting. I have certainly worked for it.

- Jennifer Lawrence

Feel Private

Go on thinking that you don't need to be read and you'll find that it may become quite true: no one will feel the need tom read it because it is written for yourself alone; and the public won't feel any impulse to gate crash such a private party.

- Dylan Thomas

Alone Biggest

One of my biggest fears is thinking that there are people in my house when I'm home alone.

- Jessica Parker Kennedy

Memory Back

I don't know if I have a memory of not thinking I was a writer - it goes that far back. I went to law school because I didn't know how to earn a living otherwise. I tried to ignore the pull, but it wouldn't let me.

- Elizabeth Strout

I Think Romantics

I don't want any romantics to go into the military. I'm not a pacifist. I think we need a military, and the better one we have, the better off we are. I don't want kids going in there thinking that it's John Wayne on Iwo Jima. That's not healthy.

- Karl Marlantes

Worth It Makes

Just thinking of all the things I'd done getting there and everything I've sacrificed to do so. But what's happening now makes it worth it.

- Emeli Sande

Worth About

Even things like supermarket self-checkouts, they do mean people's jobs go. It's always worth thinking about the implications of things. Just because something's easier, it doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do.

- Emily Berrington

Movie Part

I like to look like a person. It drives me crazy when you see women in movies playing teachers, and they have biceps. It totally takes me out of the movie. I start thinking, Wow, that actress playing this part really looks great!

- Emma Stone

Bit Here

At first, when you go to premieres and award shows, you're thinking, 'How the hell am I here? All these people I've never met are here, and it's so cool!' And then, as time goes on, it's a little bit like, 'Ah... it's more like work.'

- Emma Stone

Sometimes Talking

Most of the time, when I'm writing, I'm writing for myself. I'm thinking, 'What will my character say at this time? What will come out of her mouth?' I create individuals so real to me, I sometimes start talking to them. Then I let them loose on the page.

- Katori Hall

I Remember

I'm a real geek and fan when it comes to 'Transformers.' I remember being at my first rehearsal for this film, and I looked over and saw the tractor trailer. I was thinking to myself, 'Oh, my. That's Optimus Prime.'

- Kelsey Grammer

Why Every Day

You cannot have an asset that goes up in price 1% every month or 1% every six months or every day without people starting to start thinking it'll do the same tomorrow, so that's why these bubbles form.

- Erik Voorhees


I'm constantly thinking.

- Kendrick Lamar

Doctor Getting

I don't have a pen name, so I'm thinking of getting a doctor's name. What would you call that, a stethoscope name?

- Ethan Canin

Good Injustice

We can't do every good thing there is to do in the world. Too many Christians live under the terror of total obligation, thinking every act of injustice, every opportunity of ministry, and every urgent appeal are our responsibilities.

- Kevin DeYoung

Steal Out

Business is war. I go out there, I want to kill the competitors. I want to make their lives miserable. I want to steal their market share. I want them to fear me and I want everyone on my team thinking we're going to win.

- Kevin O'Leary

I See Your

Because the mask is your face, the face is a mask, so I'm thinking of the face as a mask because of the way I see faces is coming from an African vision of the mask which is the thing that we carry around with us, it is our presentation, it's our front, it's our face.

- Faith Ringgold

Been Dollars

Every now and then, I get a free ticket from someone, and I look at the price, and it says $800, and I'm thinking, 'A thousand dollars to see,' I said, 'There's no ballgame in the world worth that kind of money,' and yet the attendance for sports is more than it ever has been.

- Frank Deford

Body Got

It's funny because when I got 'Jarhead' and 'Avatar' and all those movies, 'Leprechaun' still to this day airs on BET. I was thinking, 'Will they just let it go? I finally have a body of work that can speak much better to what I can do than just Leprechaun.'

- Laz Alonso

Play About

I was never too much into school. I liked lunchtimes and breaks, but nah, I hated sitting at a desk. I was always looking out of the window, looking at my watch, thinking about when I could play football.

- Gareth Bale

Daily Life About

The inspiration for my Vines comes from thinking about funny and relatable experiences from my daily life.

- Lele Pons

Big Him

I'm a big fan of Edouard Vuillard, so I'd like anything by him - particularly a painting called 'Madame Hessel on the Sofa.' His work is realistic without being literal: I can really imagine what Madame Hessel is thinking.

- Lesley Manville

Where Wishful

Where there is life there is wishful thinking.

- Gerald F. Lieberman

Feel Good Movies

When I'm depressed and I feel low thinking that good movies are not made any more, then I put on his movies and I watch them. I laugh and I cry and I have great pleasure.

- Geraldine Chaplin