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Own Recordings

The whole time I was with 'The Temptations', I was accumulating my own solo recordings.

- Ali-Ollie Woodson

Stronger Hill

The higher the hill, the stronger the wind: so the loftier the life, the stronger the enemy's temptations.

- John Wycliffe

Music Always

I always loved Little Anthony and the Imperials. They were like the precursors of the Temptations. I loved their music.

- Bobby Keys

Fickle Getting

As the world's getting filled with temptations, we're getting a bit frivolous and a bit fickle.

- Freida Pinto

General Rule

Temptations come, as a general rule, when they are sought.

- Margaret Oliphant

Know You

You know what, life is full of temptations.

- Smokey Robinson


In spite of all temptations of belonging to many nations, I've remained an Indian.

- Vikram Seth

Always Give

Temptations, unlike opportunities, will always give you many second chances.

- Orlando Aloysius Battista

Spite Still

The Temptations still stand today, not in spite of those who left us, but because of them.

- Otis Williams

Spring Corrupt

The temptations to wrong are many; they spring out of a corrupt nature.

- Matthew Simpson

Strength Grant

God grant you the strength to fight off the temptations of surrender.

- Walter Annenberg

Good Without

It is good to be without vices, but it is not good to be without temptations.

- Walter Bagehot