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I don't talk in ifs.

- Abdurrahman Wahid

Problem Lot

I just talk a lot, that's the problem.

- Adam Lambert

Supposed Besides

But we're not supposed to talk anything besides football.

- Al Michaels

Think Talk Radio

I don't think what you hear on talk radio is representative of America.

- Alan Colmes

Know How

I don't know how to talk to people I don't know.

- Alessia Cara

Too Much Too

I talk too much.

- Alex Meraz

Environment I Write

I grew up in an environment of jokes and sarcasm and puns. I talk that way, so I write that way.

- Allan Sloan

Bed Show

My talk show takes place in bed, in Italy.

- Amanda Lear

Know Like

I talk like I know what I'm saying, but I don't.

- Amanda Seyfried

Get Lot

I don't talk a lot when I interview. My job is to get out of the way.

- Anna Deavere Smith

Never About

I never have anything to talk about.

- April Winchell

Very Few

I have very few friends and don't talk much.

- Ashish Sharma

Boy Ordinary

I'm an ordinary Hackney boy, and I can talk to people.

- Asif Kapadia

Friendship Her

Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected.

- Charles Lamb

Me Come

If fans come up to me, I talk to them.

- Chester Bennington

Politics Boring

You can't just talk politics all the time - it's boring.

- Chris Cuomo

Car Myself

I talk to myself, especially in the car.

- Chris Pine

Possible Kid

As a kid, I was told to talk as much as possible.

- Christina Ricci

More Than

Listen more than you talk.

- Clara Shih

Yourself Form

You do what you have to do in life, when you form a philosophy that you can't talk yourself out of.

- Constantine Karamanlis

Small Small Talk

I'm not great at small talk.

- Courteney Cox

Art Artists

Artists talk in 'art speak.'

- Damian Loeb

Celebrity Even

Being a celebrity, I don't even have to talk.

- Damon Wayans

About Noun

We talk about cancer as a noun, as if it's a one time event: 'I've got cancer.'

- David Agus

Face Stage

I couldn't talk to people face to face, so I got on stage and started screaming and squealing and twitching.

- David Byrne

Guarded Much

I'm guarded; I don't talk much.

- David Byrne

Kind Fast

I'm kind of a chatterbox and I talk really fast.

- Jodie Foster

Best Everyone

My best quality is that I talk to everyone. My worst quality is that I talk to everyone.

- Joe Lhota

Daily God

I listen and talk to God daily.

- John Galliano

Arithmetic Refuses

He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense.

- John McCarthy

Metaphor Sense

When I can't talk sense, I talk metaphor.

- John Philpot Curran

I Can Sing

If I can talk, I can sing.

- John Raitt

Order Agree

Do we have to talk in order to agree or agree in order to talk?

- Jose Bergamin

Best Everyone

My best quality is that I talk to everyone. My worst quality is that I talk to everyone.

- Joseph J. Lhota

Want Show

I want to do an intelligent talk show where you have room to breathe.

- Joy Behar

World Free World

It is not empty rhetoric to talk of the Free World.

- Barbara Amiel

I Am Too

I am a PR disaster because I talk too much.

- Benedict Cumberbatch

Genius Mediocrity

Mediocrity can talk, but it is for genius to observe.

- Benjamin Disraeli

Will Your

If you talk to your body, it will listen.

- Bernie Siegel

Words Playing

I talk by playing, not by words.

- Bernie Worrell


Money doesn't talk, it swears.

- Bob Dylan

Enjoy Have Fun

I enjoy the crowds. It's not that hard to talk to them, to have fun with them.

- Boo Weekley

Always About

There's always something to talk about.

- Boomer Esiason

Salary About

I don't talk about my salary.

- Howard Stern

Listen You

I'll talk. You'll listen.

- Bruce Nauman

Dream About

Talk about a dream, try to make it real.

- Bruce Springsteen

Like About

Like every girl, we don't talk about our surgeries.

- Candis Cayne

Offensive General

I don't talk much to offensive linemen in general.

- Jack Youngblood

Love Have Fun

People love to talk, so let them have fun talking.

- Catherine Hardwicke

Better Found

In this job, I've found the less I talk, the better.

- James R. Clapper

Work About

When you talk about inspiration, I draw inspiration from life. The people that I work with.

- Jamie Brewer

Too Much Too

I talk too much.

- Jamie Lee Curtis

Peace Want

If you want peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.

- Desmond Tutu

Playing Lets

Tennis lets you talk while you're playing.

- Jane Kaczmarek

Date About

We did talk about cheese on our first date.

- Jane Kaczmarek

Me Understood

My managers understood that when I sulk, they talk to me. It's a way for me to be heard.

- Dimitri Payet

Time Men

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.

- Dion Boucicault

About Honestly

Honestly, it is not all about attitude; it is all about heart. You can have the attitude, you can have the swagger, you can talk your way, but it is all about heart.

- Jason Pierre-Paul

Your Behaved

You can't talk your way out of something you behaved your way into.

- Douglas Conant

Courage Action

Courage is action, not talk.

- Jeff Rich

Like Photograph

I like to talk to people and, obviously, to photograph them.

- Douglas Kirkland

Your Keep

Don't talk - keep it in your heart.

- Duke Kahanamoku

Will Side

I will hear no talk that there are no intermediate-range weapons on the NATO side.

- E. P. Thompson

More Willing

People are both more willing and less willing to talk to you when you're a writer.

- Jesse Kellerman

You Shoot

When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

- Eli Wallach

Way Bizarre

The way I talk is bizarre.

- Karl Lagerfeld

Hands Literally

I literally can't talk without moving hands.

- Emily Berrington

Canada Cause

I talk funny 'cause I come from Canada.

- Katherine Ryan

Long Time Terribly

A President doesn't have a terribly long time to talk to people who are not really on the agenda.

- Erich Leinsdorf

Consciousness About

I don't talk about consciousness. I talk about interiority.

- Ken Wilber

Never Most

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.

- Ernest Hemingway

Strengths Communicate

One of my strengths is my ability to talk and communicate with people.

- Ertharin Cousin

Fool Calls

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

- Euripides

Go Often

I don't talk trash often, but when I do, I go for the jugular.

- Kobe Bryant

Tall About

When you're that tall, people talk about it all the time.

- Kristen Johnston

Back Behind

My ass contemplates those who talk behind my back.

- Francis Picabia

Back Behind

My arse contemplates those who talk behind my back.

- Francis Picabia

Know Going

Those who talk don't know what is going on and those who know what is going on won't talk.

- Larry Speakes

Substance Lot

A lot of people talk, but they don't say anything. And people listen, and they don't absorb anything of substance.

- Lauren Jauregui

Fade Hook

You can talk to a fade but a hook won't listen.

- Lee Trevino


Tombstones don't talk back.

- Leland Chapman

Act Lenny

I don't have an act. I just talk. I'm just Lenny Bruce.

- Lenny Bruce


Let's not talk punishment.

- George Steinbrenner

Love Will

If you love it enough, anything will talk with you.

- George Washington Carver

About Positive Thing

It's a positive thing to talk about terrible things and make people laugh about them.

- Louis C. K.

Understand Could

If a lion could talk, we could not understand him.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein


I talk bilingual.

- Luis Fonsi

Inspiration About

All this talk about inspiration and moment is nonsense.

- M. F. Husain

Scream Out

On my set, people have to respect the actor's process. I totally respect what actors do. I give them whatever time they need, and I never scream out directions from the camera. I take the time to walk up to them and talk to them personally.

- Gina Prince-Bythewood

Easy Hard

Quality is easy to talk but hard to make.

- Terry Gou

You Leading

When you're leading, don't talk.

- Thomas Dewey

Paint Why

Why talk when you can paint?

- Milton Avery

Important About

It is so important to talk about your cancer and the feelings you have about it.

- Mindy Sterling

Animosity Undeserved

I can't talk to a man who bears an undeserved animosity towards ferrets.

- Graham Chapman

Rather Up

I'd rather you didn't talk, but it's up to you.

- Graham Kennedy

Gas About

Let's talk about the Gas Company because this is my favorite job.

- Minoru Yamasaki

Yourself About

It's hard to talk about yourself onstage and be sincere about it.

- Mitzi Gaynor

About Simplistic

When we talk about the brain, it is anything but unidimensional or simplistic or reductionistic.

- Thomas R. Insel

Few Subjects

Do not talk a little on many subjects, but much on a few.

- Pythagoras

Talks Praying

If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.

- Thomas Szasz