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Total Quotes : 1890
Will Which

I am sure of this: that no one can write a book which children will like unless he write it for himself first.

- A. A. Milne

Rome Correct

Ben Rome was a perfectionist. He checked every letter that went out to make sure the English was correct.

- A. James Clark

System Some

I am sure that the party system is right and necessary. There must be some scum.

- A. P. Herbert

May Antithesis

Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness I wouldn't know. But I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.

- Aaron Copland

Government Power

Without the ability to talk about government power, there's no way for citizens to make sure this power isn't being misused.

- Aaron Swartz

Always Tone

I use loads of moisturising products and make sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise every day. It's just so important to always keep your skin moisturised.

- Abbey Clancy

Soccer Going

I'm not sure if I'm going to get into coaching. I'm sure I'll stay in soccer somehow.

- Abby Wambach

Important Always

But I have always said that it's important we must make sure that justice is at all time be maintained.

- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Country Bodies

I personally believe that any country that has a nuclear program should conform to international regulations and should have international regulatory bodies that check to make sure that any nuclear program moves in the right direction.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Needs Louder

My whole drive is to make sure that music is a common space where we search for beauty and share it. It needs to be louder than any conversation. That's where we have to go as a human race.

- Abigail Washburn

Always Some

His faith perhaps in some nice tenets might be wrong; his life, I'm sure, was always in the right.

- Abraham Cowley

Why Side

I have feelings that are to the right, and I have feelings that land on the left side of the aisle. The thing is if you have 10 views that land you on the left side of the aisle and two views that land you on the right side of the aisle, then people just put you on the right side of the aisle. I'm not sure why.

- Adam Carolla

Learn Rest

In the military, you learn the essence of people. You see so many examples of self-sacrifice and moral courage. In the rest of life, you don't get that many opportunities to be sure of your friends.

- Adam Driver

Doors Known

I'm not sure if being known opened or closed doors for me.

- Adam Goldberg

Will Like

My M.O. is just do what you do and don't feel like you have to make apologies for it. I'm sure there will come a point when I have to apologize for something, but not yet.

- Adam Lambert

Like Carefully

As China's retailing champion, Alibaba makes Amazon look like a company that carefully picks its spots. Sure, Amazon does e-tailing. So does Alibaba.

- Adam Lashinsky

Lose Religious

Religious traditions are easy to lose sight of in today's marketing frenzy. Make sure you take time to gently usher your little ones into the rituals that have special meaning for you.

- Adam Mansbach

Rome Burning

I'm sure when they partied when Rome was burning, that was a really great party.

- Adam McKay

May Which

I have one. I may get another during the off-season, I might get my son's name but I'm not sure yet. The one I have is my Hebrew name, which I share with my grandfather, and it's not the best tattoo.

- Adam Pally

Enough Made

I've made sure I am working hard enough to get that lead and keep it there.

- Adam Peaty

Big Assets

You have to make sure that your assets and your back is protected before you make any big decisions.

- Adam Rich

Deal Record Deal

You don't want the biggest record deal as far as money goes, you just want to make sure that the people at the label really support your band and the music and stuff.

- Adam Rich

Just One Songs

We really try to make sure that the band writes the songs, not just one person.

- Adam Rich

Genius Jamie

I wouldn't say jamie is an evil genius. I'm not sure he's evil and I'm not sure he's a genius.

- Adam Savage

Doing Horrified

I would be horrified to watch whatever I was doing on 'Party Of Five.' I'm sure I'm bad on it.

- Adam Scott

Ahead Need

We need to make sure we are constantly staying ahead, thinking about what is coming.

- Adena Friedman

Over Been

I want people to get over my weight and the loss of it. It's been years, and I am sure people can find better things to talk about.

- Adnan Sami

Love Surely

Love to Jesus is a sure title to the greatest possible happiness; for Jesus is omnipotent and has determined to make his friends happy, and surely will not forget a single one in whose heart is enkindled one spark of love.

- Adoniram Judson

Teach About

Make sure that your kids or the kids in your life have an opportunity to share their ideas, and to teach you something about what we know.

- Adora Svitak

Sucks Opinionated

There's one thing I know for sure: When I'm most opinionated, my writing sucks.

- Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Beauty Strong

Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.

- Adriana Lima

Art Works

I do want to make powerful works of art with people, but I also just want to have fun. I've never done a romantic comedy - I'm sure it would be a blast.

- Ahna O'Reilly

Childhood Low-Level

I'm sure I had low-level scurvy all of my childhood.

- Aisha Tyler

Pretty Private

I'm sure you can imagine it's pretty frustrating to have people talking about your private life who don't know anything about it.

- Aisha Tyler

Mistake Twice

Don't be afraid to make a mistake. But make sure you don't make the same mistake twice.

- Akio Morita

Business Always

It's always the music first for me. But if the music isn't selling, there isn't gonna be no business. So you gotta make sure music is always the first priority.

- Akon

Thought Devoted

I'm sure I've devoted enough thought to Rush Limbaugh for one lifetime.

- Al Franken

Doing Country

I believe in not attacking a country pre-emptively unless you're sure of what you're doing and you're working with allies.

- Al Franken

Will Teams

Nobody wants to see teams out of contention showcased in December and January. I'm sure this is something that will be discussed again this off-season.

- Al Michaels

Kind Trauma

There's a certain kind of insular, old-fashioned, upper-class Britishness that gives me the spooks. I am sure that comes from a boarding-school trauma.

- Alain de Botton

Test Below

When I test I never go right to the limit. Only because when you are below the limit you can go at the same speed all day, and that's the only way you can be absolutely sure about what you are testing.

- Alain Prost

Jury Generally

The defendant wants to hide the truth because he's generally guilty. The defense attorney's job is to make sure the jury does not arrive at that truth.

- Alan Dershowitz

Process Which

The prosecution wants to make sure the process by which the evidence was obtained is not truthfully presented, because, as often as not, that process will raise questions.

- Alan Dershowitz

Doing Career

I've hardly had an avant-garde career... If you're going to make a film, you have to try to make sure it comes out of a childlike passion, as if you're doing it for the first time.

- Alan J. Pakula

Love Feels

I might be too emotional to be a manager. You love your players, don't you? And I'm not sure I could leave them out. I know how it feels.

- Alan Smith

Decision Think

You've got to make sure every decision you make is right for you as a person. If you think you can go to a better club than the one you're at, then, regardless of what anyone says, you should go.

- Alan Smith

Wide Almost

The solar system is completely wide open. Almost anywhere we go, I'm sure we would learn a lot.

- Alan Stern

Pretty Appointments

Judges pretty much act independently once they get on the bench so I'm not really sure why Harper's concerned that the court is currently being stacked with a lot of Liberal appointments.

- Alan Young

Love Alive

Make sure you love what you do or it will eat you alive.

- Alannah Myles

Thought Read

Failure, it is thought, is what sells, and what people want to hear and read about. I am not so sure.

- Alastair Campbell

Science Stupidity

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

- Albert Einstein

Doing Certainly

You just feel comfortable with him, and he certainly makes sure that you're comfortable. He makes sure that you feel good and that you're happy with what you're doing.

- Albert Finney

Bible Going

If something happens to me tomorrow, I'm going to go to Heaven, and that's for sure because God's promised to us in the Bible.

- Albert Pujols

Over Careers

We want to make sure our athletes have a future once their athletics careers are over.

- Alberto Juantorena

Education Outstanding

Instead of unfairly demonizing teachers, we should be working with them to find solutions to the problems in our schools and make sure every child gets an outstanding public education.

- Albio Sires

Thought Having

Have I thought about having more kids? Oh sure, that would be great; that would be heaven. That would be fantastic.

- Alec Baldwin

She Mum

My father made sure of discipline, but my mum, she was serious business.

- Alek Wek

Fired Idea

My idea for Gucci was crazy, but that's the only idea I had. I was sure I'd be fired after the first show.

- Alessandro Michele

Sometimes Guess

Sometimes you're not sure about a player. Sometimes you doubt. Sometimes you have to guess. Sometimes... you just know.

- Alex Ferguson

Wins Would

I would do anything I could to try to make sure that Lena Headey wins an Emmy.

- Alex Graves

Like Bags

It's essential to make sure you have proper kitchen tools for food storage - like cling wrap, bags, and containers - because they help keep food fresher longer.

- Alex Guarnaschelli

Deal Either

Either you deal with what is the reality, or you can be sure that the reality is going to deal with you.

- Alex Haley

Okay Going

I'm sure every film it's going to be like, 'Okay, this is the scene where your shirt gets ripped off.' I'll never be able to keep my shirt on.

- Alex Meraz

Times Lot

I have experienced sexism multiple times, and I'm sure I will a lot more.

- Alex Morgan

Goal Beholden

The goal isn't, and shouldn't be, to block Hillary Clinton. The goal is to make sure a potential President Clinton is beholden to a better Congress and a better Democratic Party.

- Alex Pareene

Back About

I'm not even sure where home is. Probably Terminal 5. There is a strange sense of calm about arriving back at Heathrow.

- Alex Turner

Dispute Accurate

Your credit report should be 100% accurate, so make sure everything is entirely correct. If something doesn't look right, dispute it.

- Alexa Von Tobel

Bad Been

The Marine Aquarium Council really wants us to keep the coral and the fish safe. They are not saying it is bad to have an aquarium in your house, just that you should make sure when you buy fish for your aquarium... they have been Marine Aquarium Council-certified.

- Alexander Gould

Rome Films

In a sense, 'Schmidt' is the most Omaha of my films. But have I gotten it right? I'm not sure. Did Fellini get Rome right? Did Ozu get Tokyo right?

- Alexander Payne

Love Possession

Whatever possession we gain by our sword cannot be sure or lasting, but the love gained by kindness and moderation is certain and durable.

- Alexander the Great

Cook Prepared

Did I get to go to my friends' houses and eat junk food? Sure. And I'm a great cook. And, guess what? There's no prepared food in my house.

- Alexis Stewart

Bad Always

In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas.

- Alfred Whitney Griswold

Stupid Career

When one stops working at the height of one's career, it's just stupid not to say, 'I want to make sure I have a house.'

- Ali MacGraw

Like Go Home

They pick all of us out, and then they decide, they computerize, decide if they like it or don't like it, and then they go home, and then they come back again because they're not sure what they saw.

- Alice Cooper

In The Past Cities

People are more aware now of cities and of different ways of life. I suppose the writing I do is a bit in the past, and I'm not sure it's the kind of writing I would do if I were starting now.

- Alice Munro

Childhood Lives

'Lives' is one of those books I should really have written when I was younger. It is the classic childhood, adolescence, breakthrough-into-maturity book. Every beginning writer has that material - and after that, you're not sure what you can do.

- Alice Munro

Power American

I'm sure we, the American people, are the butt of jokes by those in power.

- Alice Walker

Which European

My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex.

- Alicia Silverstone

Integrity Would

We Bosniaks would for sure fight for integrity of Bosnia.

- Alija Izetbegovic

Always Hire

I always make sure I hire people smarter than me.

- Aliko Dangote

Again Could

It is not about writing those hits again. I am sure I could write them, but it is about the sensibilities.

- Alison Moyet

Mirror Doing

It's not weird to look at yourself in the mirror at the gym - that's why they're there! You have to make sure that you're doing things right.

- Alison Sweeney

Insurance Turned

If people want to keep their kid on their insurance at 26, fine. We've got to make sure no American gets turned back for pre-existing conditions, that's fine.

- Allen West

Young Like

There are a few directors as a young person where I was kind of like, 'Well, these are a sure bet.' The Coens, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson.

- Allison Tolman

Through Been

I saw 'Fargo,' not when it came out, but probably a few years later, and went through multiple viewings - I'm sure my tape has been worn out.

- Allison Tolman

Chance Help

I'm working with the March of Dimes to help make sure more babies have the chance of tomorrow.

- Ally Brooke

Other Before

Before every show, we pray together, and after, we talk and have fun and laugh. We make sure to keep each other sane and happy.

- Ally Brooke

Race Reason

My mom is great and I make sure that we pray together before every race. She helps me put everything in perspective and remind me of the real reason I run.

- Allyson Felix

Weight Keeping

I've got to make sure I'm keeping weight on.

- Allyson Felix

Want Need

We know we want to support our troops. We want to make sure that they have all the equipment they need.

- Allyson Schwartz

Go Raising

We got babies raising babies, and its important for us as responsible adults to go out and do what we can to make sure that our kids are steered in the right direction.

- Alonzo Mourning

Making Functions

So, I have the responsibility of making sure that HUD functions and runs well.

- Alphonso Jackson

I Wish Away

I wish I could get all the discourteous drivers on a ship and sail them away and make sure it's a really horrible, wavy journey and when they get to where they're going, keep them there.

- Alvin Martin

Always Okay

I've always wanted to make sure people are okay, ever since I was a little girl.

- Amanda Abbington

Pretty Reasons

I'm pretty sure I would never do a full frontal in a movie - for personal reasons, I wouldn't really want to show that.

- Amanda Seyfried

Through TV

You have a schedule that you really have to stick to with TV and make sure that you are producing enough film for the network to edit through and air quickly.

- Amber Stevens

Little Things Which

Not in our make-up, to be sure - not in the pose which is preceded by the tantaras of a trumpet - do the essential traits in our character first reveal themselves. But truly in the little things the real self is exteriorised.

- Ameen Rihani

Affect Lives

My job as a physician is to make sure I have provided my patients with the best options to make the decisions that affect their lives.

- Ami Bera

Chance Congress

I ran for Congress because I want to make sure others have the same chance at the dream that I had for generations to come.

- Ami Bera

Still Lots And Lots

I'd like to believe that tomorrow is another challenge for me. I'm sure there is lots more for me to do, because there is lots and lots of stuff still to be explored.

- Amitabh Bachchan