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Desire Zionism

One of the dreams of Zionism was to be a bridge. Instead, we are creating exclusion between the East and the West instead of creating bridges; we are contributing to the conflict between East and West by our stupid desire to have more.

- A. B. Yehoshua

Politics Damage

I am a profound pessimist both about life and about human relations and about politics and ecology. Humans are inadequate and stupid creatures who sooner or later make a mess, and those who are trying to do good do a lot more damage than those who are muddling along.

- A. S. Byatt

FBI Could

I got as much information as I could, so I wouldn't look stupid, but this is a post 9/11 world and there's only so much you can do with the FBI in terms of research.

- Aaron Eckhart


I'm young but I'm not stupid.

- Abby Elliott

Bad Your

The hardest thing in the world, I now know, is to hold in your head that it is okay to think that you are right, but not to think so necessarily because everyone who disagrees with you is wrong or stupid or duped or bad.

- Abigail Disney

Decision Very

All I can do is put out the good stuff, and people will make the decision on whether they like it. My fans are very intelligent people. They're not stupid. They know what's good.

- Action Bronson

Doing Been

I really would have been stupid not to have done it. It was also a film that was actually happening, I mean, Miramax was doing it, and it had a kind of legitimacy to it. And once I read the script, I was there.

- Adam Arkin

Dumb Lot

People are stupid. There's a lot of dumb stuff that's successful.

- Adam Carolla

Other Hang

There's not one thing that inspires me the most. Me and my friends joke around with each other and hang out so much that whatever makes us laugh really hard makes it into 'Workaholics.' But the characters that I think are funny are guys that are confidently stupid.

- Adam DeVine

Other Very

I think making friends is not being afraid to look stupid, because everyone wants a friend who is willing to be stupid and fun. If you try and be too cool, it only works in high school. After that, being uncool is a very cool thing to do. So just have fun, and don't worry what other people think of you and people will want to be your friends.

- Adam DeVine

Like Glaciers

I do stupid stuff like that: I'll call my wife from the road, send her pictures of glaciers.

- Adam Ferrara

Wife Which

My wife likes me to point out that she puts our daughter down to sleep more often than I do, which gives me time to write stupid books about it.

- Adam Mansbach

Show Hammered

'The Real World' is the most predictable arc ever. They get on the show, they're all excited, we're gonna be best friends, then people start drinking and get hammered, and say stupid stuff, and that's pretty much it.

- Adam McKay

Big Rooms

'Friends' started because Rachel left her husband at the altar. This likability factor is just so stupid to me. It's the same thing as 'wish-fulfillment,' which is a big word you hear in a lot of Hollywood rooms. It basically means that people want to see other people living a life they can't lead, and I don't buy that. I think that's not true.

- Adam Pally

Feel About

Am I about to feel really, really stupid?

- Adam Savage

Love Bad Behavior

I love hearing about bad behavior. It's just so funny to me. Especially, grown ups acting like weird, inconsolable babies over really stupid things, to me, is really funny.

- Adam Scott

Love Would

People love Batman, and I would be stupid, I would be a fool if I didn't love Batman.

- Adam West

Diet Been

It's never been an issue for me - I don't want to go on a diet, I don't want to eat a Caesar salad with no dressing, why would I do that? I ain't got time for this, just be happy and don't be stupid. If I've got a boyfriend and he loves my body then I'm not worried.

- Adele

Thought Fancy

When I was young, I was stupid, and I thought maybe I would write the fancy stuff.

- Adriana Trigiani

Trust Think

Trust me: not everyone is on the Adriane Lenox bandwagon. I'm not stupid enough to think that.

- Adriane Lenox

Different Names

When I started producing, I was just making music under all different names. 'Black Afro.' 'Super Grandmaster.' 'Mister Bull.' Like, the most stupid, idiotic names. 'Afrojack' was one of those idiotic names.

- Afrojack

Reasons Album

One of the reasons why my album is called 'Forget the World' is because when you listen to the world, you make stupid mistakes.

- Afrojack

Me Bother

It doesn't bother me that people are stupid. I'm not stupid.

- Ahmed Best

Been In The Past

I mean, I've been stupid in the past, and I've learned from that.

- Aidan Quinn

Reasons Before

I've said this before, and I'm sure there are people who disagree, but I feel like one of the reasons there aren't a lot more women in stand-up - and there are many more now; it's not parity, but it's getting there - is that women are not socialized to look stupid or silly. They're socialized to be pretty and precious.

- Aisha Tyler

Think Before

Teach success before teaching responsibility. Teach them to believe in themselves. Teach them to think, 'I'm not stupid'. No child wants to fail. Everyone wants to succeed.

- Al Green

Pumped Epitome

I was stupid when I started: the epitome of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It was like, 'I get to live in L.A. and drive around in limos? Really?' I didn't realize I was owned. The more money gets pumped into you, the more you become a marionette. It made me a true redneck in attitude: I never wanted to wake up ever again feeling owned.

- Al Jourgensen

Own Away

It's such a stupid thing to sign a band and then demand a hit right away to instantly recoup the money. The point is, you have to do it by building your own following, and that is not necessarily done by writing instant hits.

- Al Jourgensen

Think I Think

I think maybe the English don't want to try something and look stupid, because they are a bit reserved.

- Alain Prost

Love Some

I love insane, stupid comedy, but I can only make it work if it's a character I can give some history to and make real. Like the guy I played in 'Little Miss Sunshine.' He's a maniac, but to me he was absolutely believable.

- Alan Arkin

Aesthetic Mostly

Actors aren't stupid, mostly, and if there's a sensibility and an aesthetic that a director's going for, if you're aware of that too, you can do things to help that.

- Alan Cumming

Love Big

I love to get to the underbelly of why people are up in arms about anything. Really, what I see is a big shadow in the West, in America especially, and everyone's afraid of looking stupid. But the truth is, I'm a genius and I'm stupid at the same time.

- Alanis Morissette

Science Over

I prioritise story over science, but not at the expense of being really stupid about it.

- Alastair Reynolds

Living Made

Stupid people do make me lose my temper and most people are stupid, fortunately for me. It's made it easier for me to make a living.

- Albert Gubay

I Think Some

Some movies, I think, present ideas of the world that just don't help people with their lives. They just present things that are fleeting or stupid. So that's what I'm careful about - making sure I'm part of something that is saying something that I think is valuable in the world of people, not necessarily in the world of art.

- Alden Ehrenreich

Past Like

I never seem to get past - I feel like a stupid guy from the Midwest.

- Alex Graves

Most Vain

Most politicians are vain. Many of them are stupid.

- Alex Pareene

Very Other

CNN's problem goes to its very core and to the identity it's sought ever since the rise of Fox News, on its right: CNN is the channel for people who don't want to watch the other channels! That's a stupid strategy.

- Alex Pareene

Got Lot

I don't mean you have to be overbearing, but you have to stay on top of things - read the trades, know what's going on in the town. I call it 'dare to be stupid.' The worst thing they can say is, 'We got nothing for you.' So I've hustled a lot.

- Alex Rocco

Selfish Get

You get to a point where you get tired of being stupid and selfish and not being honest with yourself.

- Alex Rodriguez


I'm kind of stupid.

- Alexander Siddig

Education How

How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it.

- Alexandre Dumas

Speaking Preventing

The questioning is a stupid formality aimed exclusively at preventing us from speaking at the demonstration.

- Alexei Navalny

Say Different Ways

Americans have different ways of saying things. They say 'elevator', we say 'lift'... they say 'President', we say 'stupid psychopathic git.

- Alexei Sayle

Like Brothers

Dire Straits is a great band. Someone tells you they like 'Brothers in Arms' and immediately you know they're a stupid annoying git.

- Alexei Sayle

By The Time Using

As long as people are using the Internet, people are going to do stupid stuff, and people are going to do bad stuff. And by the time that robots are sentient, they're going to enslave us anyway, so it won't matter.

- Alexis Ohanian

Will Protects

Until we actually get legislation that protects our rights online, we will continue to fight against stupid, lobbyist-bought legislation. We want bills that protect us, not ones that destroy us.

- Alexis Ohanian

See Itself

Sin is too stupid to see beyond itself.

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Father Half

My father was a waiter basically, and when I got my first professional job as an actor, I left a job that he found me for half the amount of money. So anyone would think that they're stupid, that that would be a stupid move.

- Alfred Molina

Like Part

Actors are dumb when they get insecure of their co-stars. A lot of actors do. When there is a good actor, they're like, 'Oh, he's eating up the part.' That's stupid.

- Ali Fazal

Take Good Girl

I had a romantic, 'Aren't I a good girl?' take on divorce, but the truth is that was stupid.

- Ali MacGraw

Career Sure

When one stops working at the height of one's career, it's just stupid not to say, 'I want to make sure I have a house.'

- Ali MacGraw

I Think Some

Why should I crowd the world with my opinions? Live and let live. That's it. Let people have their own opinions, and you just keep yours to yourself. There are too many opinions - some unnecessary, some great, some ridiculously stupid - so I think I rather not say anything and keep my opinions to myself.

- Alia Bhatt

Think Caught

I only think about the choices I want to make and act responsibly - not say or do stupid things, like break the law or get caught doing stupid things.

- Alia Bhatt

Soviet Union Bombs

When I was 18, I went to the Soviet Union. I kept hearing that America was planning to bomb them - lots of bombs were going to come down on these people. I went there not knowing anything, except that I thought the whole thing was stupid and that I wanted to see who these people were that we were going to bomb.

- Alice Walker

Think Big

I think that a big part of comedy is being made fun of, and it is looking silly or looking stupid.

- Alison Brie

Love Placed

It's funny, I often think about how, if we were all placed in an apocalyptic situation, you'd realize quickly how stupid, petty things just don't matter anymore. Who you love is who you love, and it doesn't matter.

- Alycia Debnam-Carey

Country Stories

What a stupid attitude we have in this country to personal stories.

- Amanda Burton

Always Read

Every article I've read about myself always winds up concluding that I am not, in fact, completely stupid.

- Amber Heard

Country Fiction

I will never be one of the happy stupid that were born somewhere. This way of life is excellent for the imagination. It develops your paranoia. You feel paranoid when you don't understand a country, and being paranoiac is excellent for fiction.

- Amelie Nothomb

Thought Wanting

I guess I was the most unbohemian of all bohemians. My bohemianism consisted of not wanting to get involved with the stupid stuff that I thought people wanted you to get involved with - ... namely America... Dwight Eisenhower, McCarthyism and all those great things.

- Amiri Baraka

Thought Wanting

My bohemianism consisted of not wanting to get involved with the stupid stuff that I thought people wanted you to get involved with... namely America... Dwight Eisenhower, McCarthyism and all those great things.

- Amiri Baraka

Positive Think

I think a lot of times we don't pay enough attention to people with a positive attitude because we assume they are naive or stupid or unschooled.

- Amy Adams

Always Which

I failed first grade, which is my biggest problem. You always feel like a failure, like you're stupid.

- Amy Sedaris

Like Pretending

I wouldn't say I'm a feminist, but I don't like girls pretending to be stupid because it's easier.

- Amy Winehouse

Some Read

The directors thought, They understand nothing in the real economy, in real life. They read some stupid books, and they came from the moon to the earth, and maybe in one month they will disappear.

- Anatoly Chubais

College I Remember

Back in college, I remember shooting stupid videos with my friends. It would be us going around town in capes pretending we were superheroes.

- Anders Holm

About Insensitive

Most of the time I feel stupid, insensitive, mediocre, talentless and vulnerable - like I'm about to cry any second - and wrong. I've found that when that happens, it usually means I'm writing pretty well, pretty deeply, pretty rawly.

- Andre Dubus III

Like Means

I don't like being called 'macho.' Macho basically means stupid and a real Italian man is not macho, he's smart. That's smart in both senses: elegant and clever.

- Andrea Bocelli

Soccer Very

I like very much to ride horses. I like soccer, I have had a passion for boxing since I was a child, although it would be stupid for me to box.

- Andrea Bocelli

Love Escaping

I love escaping into character. It's a chance to try on people that you wouldn't be brave or stupid enough to be in real life.

- Andrea Corr

Them Inexperienced

Men know everything - all of them - all the time - no matter how stupid or inexperienced or arrogant or ignorant they are.

- Andrea Dworkin

Going Put

I'm not super-athletic.

- Andrew Bogut

Going Put

I'm not going to put my energy into dunking every time I get the ball. That's stupid.

- Andrew Bogut

Focus Archives

When you are playing somebody who did exist, and there is good source material on them, whether it is a biography or archives or experts, you would be stupid not to delve into them. But there is a point in the process where you leave the books alone, and instead, you focus on the script and creating your version.

- Andrew Gower

Door Think

I think I was probably that kid in the neighborhood who you could expect once or twice a year to be knocking on your door trying to sell you something stupid.

- Andrew Mason

Rock Stopped

It's sort of what jazz would be if it stopped being snobby and what rock would be if it stopped being stupid.

- Andy Partridge

Own Everybody

There's no doubt in my mind that people on the West Coast - L.A. particularly - and the East Coast have no clue at all about what's happening outside their own little bailiwick. And they think everybody is stupid because they are not sophisticated.

- Andy Williams

Doing Frustrated

Negative feelings are typical of learning, and you shouldn't feel like you're stupid when you're frustrated doing something. You might say to yourself, 'I can't do this,' but you should say, 'That's great.' That means you really have the potential to learn something there.

- Angela Duckworth

Trump Donald

What was interesting about Trump, I mean, people always say they want a non-politician. Well, you got it with Donald Trump. And there's good to that, and there's bad to that. The bad is that he can be distracted by talking about these stupid things that - I promise you, no one cares about his taxes.

- Ann Coulter

Always Been

I've been acting for years. I always act surprised when Marco Rubio says something stupid.

- Ann Coulter

Think May

You have to be willing to accept the idea that people may think you're stupid.

- Anna Faris

Me Looks

If I have a stupid day, everything looks wrong to me.

- Anna Freud

Here Standing Up

Everyone here says in a surprised manner that I have grown... they are so stupid and do not notice that I am standing up straighter!

- Anna Freud

World Believes

The world believes all blondes are stupid and brunettes are smarter. Well, I disagree.

- Anna Kournikova

Which Should

You should not starve yourself with stupid diets, which I don't believe in anyway.

- Anna Netrebko

People Just

People are just so stupid.

- Anna Nicole Smith

Never Ever

I never thought to ever ask for money. I was so stupid.

- Anna Nicole Smith

Trust Think

Ideas are only lethal if you suppress and don't discuss them. Ignorance is not bliss, it's stupid. Banning books shows you don't trust your kids to think and you don't trust yourself to be able to talk to them.

- Anna Quindlen

Another Futile

Our material eye cannot see that a stupid chauvinism is driving us from one noisy, destructive, futile agitation to another.

- Anne Sullivan

Mistake Been

I like debating policy. I never once attacked personally Secretary Clinton. I have found that when I have attacked people personally, that's been a stupid mistake on my part. And so whoever I have attacked personally, I apologize for.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Doing Trading

Twenty-nine years on Wall Street, and an Italian last name, not one trading violation... they can't find anything. Because I would never dishonor my dad by hurting my last name by doing something stupid for money or for power.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Mistake Been

I have found that when I have attacked people personally, that's been a stupid mistake on my part. And so whoever I have attacked personally I apologize for.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Law Yes

And what I would say now is, yes, if a state enacted a law permitting flogging, it is immensely stupid, but it is not unconstitutional. A lot of stuff that's stupid is not unconstitutional.

- Antonin Scalia

Bed Symbol

I wake up every morning, look in the mirror and ask, 'Am I a sex symbol?' Then I go back to bed again. It's stupid to think that way.

- Antonio Banderas

Going Certainly

Again, if I was going to call Romney and the Republicans stupid, I'm certainly not going to call the Democrats and President Obama stupid.

- Antonio Villaraigosa

Mitt Romney Romney

I don't want to describe either Governor Mitt Romney or the Republicans as stupid, but I will say this - if you look at their platform, the 2012 platform, it looks like it's from another century and maybe even two. It looks like the platform of 1812.

- Antonio Villaraigosa

Beginning Very

The British bombing of Caen beginning on D-Day in particular was stupid, counter-productive and above all very close to a war crime.

- Antony Beevor

Meant Took

To understand a word, we need to learn where it was born, what paths it took to reach where it is today, and how it has changed along the way. The word 'nice' is a positive word today, but hundreds of years ago, it meant 'stupid.'

- Anu Garg

Foolishly Saddam

We foolishly did not realize Saddam was stupid.

- April Glaspie