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American Flag

Standing as I do, with my hand upon this staff, and under the folds of the American flag, I ask you to stand by me so long as I stand by it.

- Abraham Lincoln

Break Becoming

My first break was becoming a staff writer on the rebooted '90210.' And then I got stuck writing in the teen genre for a while.

- Allison Schroeder

Sure Motivating

Sure, I'm hyperactive. I make my staff a bit hyper, too, but motivating someone else is what gives me a buzz.

- Anouska Hempel

Love Another

In dread fear of sentimentality, another thing true is not said-that for its staff the paper is a source of pride and, I do believe, an object of affection and-yes, love.

- Arthur Ochs Sulzberger

Handle Them

I have a staff of 12 people, so it's easy for them to handle all the management and the day to day at the company while I'm directing.

- Chris Stokes

Coaching Huge

First impressions are huge, especially with the coaching staff.

- Jordan Rodgers

Men Type

All of the men on my staff can type.

- Bella Abzug

Own Am

I am a tumbleweed. I don't have a company. I don't have a staff. I don't own anything - I've never owned a car or an apartment.

- Bennett Miller

Eliminate Cutting

When cutting staff at the Pentagon, don't eliminate the thin layer that assures civilian control.

- Donald Rumsfeld

Stage Behaved

The staff, stage managers, ushers all behaved as if they respected the actors.

- Estelle Parsons

Small Larger

Most of the services staff is for the larger corporations, not so much for small and medium businesses because they cannot afford an extensive services army.

- Kevin Rollins

Bad Tell

When the reviews are bad I tell my staff that they can join me as I cry all the way to the bank.

- Liberace

Big Level

At the minor-league and major-league level, you know how important your coaching staff is, but in a big market it becomes absolutely huge.

- Mike Quade

Myself Training

I am being taken care of by a higher being than myself or my coaches or my training staff.

- Rebecca Lobo

Congressional Does

Anything my staff does in my office is pursuant to congressional rules.

- Sheila Jackson Lee

Always Going

I've got a great staff and great support system, and I'm going to stick my neck out and do what I always do.

- Pat Summitt

Will Stores

Apple has hundreds of stores around the world that are beautiful, and they have a distribution system and a staff of 40 or 50 people that will help you.

- Robert Scoble

University Thrifty

The skills I acquired in Southeastern Louisiana University, Thrifty Drugs, Pacific Mutual, along with knowing the history, behavior and local staff, helped make Golden Eagle a success story.

- Roger Wang