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Feel Good Feel

It's sort of my job to feel good.

- A. J. Jacobs

Thought Musical

I sort of wrongfully judged 'Mamma Mia!' for so long. I thought of it as a jukebox musical that I wasn't interested in. I was so wrong.

- Aaron Lazar

Instrument Needless

Needless, heedless, wanton and deliberate injury of the sort inflicted by Life's picture story is not an essential instrument of responsible journalism.

- Abe Fortas

Used Eventually

You eventually get used to looking at girls picking their leotards out of their bums and that sort of stuff.

- Adam Garcia

Going Auditioning

Whenever you hear somebody else is auditioning for something, you sort of assume they're going to get it. You should try to just ignore it.

- Alden Ehrenreich

Only Politician

I'm only sort of a politician.

- Alexei Navalny

Clearly Many Levels

With any sort of minority, issues of ostracization or misrepresentation are clearly rampant. It's just so deeply rooted in our culture, and there are so many levels that it trickles down from.

- Alycia Debnam-Carey

Believe Some

I've never seen any ghost, but I definitely believe that there's some sort of something spiritual out there. I mean, there has to be.

- Amanda Crew

Thought Then

I'm of the school of thought where if you can't sort something out for yourself then no one can help you.

- Amy Winehouse

Film Plays

When I was in school, and even after, I did a lot of classic plays, and I guess it sort of extended into film.

- Andre Holland

Party Conservative

I'm sort of the Antichrist to the Conservative Party.

- Andrew Cuomo

Kind Any

I find any sort of acting that doesn't have any humor in it is mind-numbingly boring. 'Serious acting' is the kind of acting that I don't ever respond to.

- Andrew Scott

People Always

I've always tried to be nice to people, so that sort of translates into popularity, I guess.

- Andy Richter

Like Come

Acting is a sort of pressure cooker that allows the fizz to come out the top. God knows what I'd be like if I didn't have that.

- Andy Serkis

Bird Strange

I'm sort of a strange bird.

- Ann Bancroft

Family Politics

Politics was sort of a way of life in our family.

- Ann McLane Kuster

Singer Led

The Butcherettes are led by a female singer, and they're sort of wild.

- Chino Moreno

Turn Idea

My ears sort of turn off when someone tells me that what my heart is saying isn't a good idea.

- Chrisette Michele

Drama Some

Drama usually has some sort of intense conflict.

- Clint Eastwood

People Glamour

People's interest in glamour and clothes and nylon stockings and all those things were, when I was a little boy, the sort of world that I listened to.

- Colm Toibin

Positive Outlook

I sort of have to have a positive outlook.

- Corey Hawkins

I Am Idiot

I am not an idiot, and I'm not a Pollyanna sort of kumbaya type.

- Dan Savage

Over Days

The days of the misogynistic Bond are sort of over.

- Daniel Craig

Music Sometimes

Music has to be sort of ignorable sometimes.

- David Byrne

Learning Horse

Learning to domesticate the horse was a sort of energy revolution.

- David Christian

Kind Guy

I'm sort of a foot-on-the-gas kind of guy.

- David Duffield

Kind Particular

Well, it seems to me Lincoln, I suppose, is kind of a model of a particular sort of presidency, a presidency that first of all is elected by a minority of the votes.

- David Herbert Donald

Anymore Highbrow

The beautiful thing is I have sort of grown up. I don't care if I'm highbrow or not anymore.

- David Lagercrantz

Guy Some

I hope people know that when I'm sitting there, it's not some guy on a desk on a platform with sort of this voice-of-God approach.

- David Muir

Some Jewish

Although most Christian churches advocate some sort of mission to non-Christians, no Jewish group advocates a mission to non-Jews. Proselytization seems to be foreign to Judaism.

- David Novak

Court Sufficiently

I find the workload of what I do sufficiently great that when the term of court starts, I undergo a sort of annual intellectual lobotomy.

- David Souter

Myself Challenge

I'm an Aries and sort of a challenge to myself.

- Debbie Reynolds

Kid Could

Swinging a gold club is sort of a throwing action, and even as a kid, I could throw things far and fast.

- Jimmy Walker

Person Depends

What sort of philosophy one chooses depends on what sort of person one is.

- Johann Gottlieb Fichte

Doing Sometimes

Sometimes it was tough doing take after take upside down! I did a lot of that sort of thing.

- John Astin

Prose Allen

My early prose style - this is so embarrassing - was sort of a suburban, Presbyterian knockoff of Woody Allen.

- John Hughes

Dreams Following

I've sort of become the poster boy for quitting your job and following your dreams.

- John Tesh

Which Draw

I spend a lot of my time trying to draw the attention of actors to the minute and subtle details of human behavior, which was the sort of thing I was looking at when I was a neurologist.

- Jonathan Miller

Been Obsessed

There's never been a culture that wasn't obsessed with food. The sort of sad thing is that our obsession is no longer with food, but with the price of food.

- Jonathan Safran Foer

Serious Snobby

I was a sort of serious little dude - snobby.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I Write Composer

I write arrangements. I'm sort of a wannabe composer.

- Joshua Bell


I sort of have to self-censor sometimes.

- Judah Friedlander

Work Going

My view is that you have to take risks. Not everything is going to work out, but it's sort of the fun of fashion, right?

- Julie Macklowe

Set Diversified

It is sort of boring to stay in the same spot. You know, I didn't set out to become the first to do this, the first to do that. It was just that my interests were so diversified.

- Barbra Streisand

Display Twinkle

In sitcoms, the women are so beautiful, understanding and well-bred. They have humor, but sort of display it with a twinkle of the eye and not a guffaw. But there's no juice in that for me.

- Bea Arthur

Sum Had

You're basically the sum of all the experiences you've ever had, and they're sort of shaken up in you and reproduced in the things you create, and that includes seeing movies.

- Ben Affleck

Some Practically

Practically everything from hairstyles to lifestyles is endorsed as some sort of drug to be taken Now for Instant Relief.

- Benjamin Hoff

Belong Worlds

I am attracted to these outsider characters who just don't belong anywhere, and who are operating in worlds they sort of don't fit, coupled with huge ambitions.

- Bennett Miller

American Been

I've sort of been an anthropologist of modern America, in a non-academic way. Whether it's Marines or Tupperware salesladies, high end audiophiles or bike couriers, I'm fascinated by the hallmarks of the American tribe.

- Hampton Sides

Meanest Sadistic

I have this weird sort of Gemini thing where I can really be empathetic and a loving person. But if you piss me off, I can be one of the meanest, most sadistic people.

- Bill Burr

Like I Write

Whenever I write a novel, music just sort of naturally slips in (much like cats do, I suppose).

- Haruki Murakami

Rather Sequels

A lot of times in movies, especially in sequels, the characters become caricatures and just sort of improv machines and joke machines, rather than people you can actually connect to.

- Hayden Schlossberg

Rules Incorrect

If any sort of error is inexcusable, it's an incorrect phone number. One of the cardinal rules of copy editing is that every phone number published must be checked.

- Bill Walsh

Being Became

Being the 8th out of 10 kids, and being the one that stayed in trouble, I sort of became a momma's boy.

- Bo Jackson

Country Other

It is not really our country so much is the problem, it's sort of the parasitic relationship that Canada, and France, and other countries have towards us.

- Bob Corker

Life Feel

Stop-motion is sort of twitchy; you can feel the life in it. If we were to remove that completely, there'd be no point in it.

- Henry Selick

Find Hidden

I stay hidden. I'm sort of hard to find.

- Bob Ross

Doing Song

U2 is sort of song writing by accident really. We don't really know what we're doing and when we do, it doesn't seem to help.

- Bono

Living Apathy

Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.

- Horace Greeley

Myself Thinking

When I was thinking of people for the Space Twins, I wanted people who were sort of space cadets in the first place. I consider myself to be one.

- Brian Bell

Very Based

I've got a very peculiar sort of fame, based on being on the telly. It doesn't mean you have the lifestyle people expect.

- Ian Hislop

About Also

And also, it's sort of my job to make you believe things about him that aren't true about me.

- Ian McDiarmid

Became Could

There was a time when meanings were focused and reality could be fixed; when that sort of belief disappeared, things became uncertain and open to interpretation.

- Bridget Riley

Idea Had

George Clooney is actually a huge prankster. That's sort of his jam. I had no idea.

- Britt Robertson

Reading Fought

All the people who fought for freedom were my heroes. I mean, that was the sort of story I liked reading... freedom struggles and so on.

- Indira Gandhi

Best Though

I normally fly under the radar, and I'm normally not the best in my family, even though I'm sort of second or third best in the world.

- Bronte Campbell

Sometimes Inspiration

I don't expect to find inspiration. It just sort of comes. Sometimes you step on a bug and you get inspired.

- Iris Apfel

The Most Important

It's sort of the most important thing for acting, is to listen to the person you're dealing with.

- Ivan Reitman

Think Critical

Consumerism is so weird. It's a sort of conspiracy we collude in. You'd think shoppers spending their hard-earned cash would be highly critical. You know that the manufacturers are trying to have you on.

- J. G. Ballard

People Garlic

The food in such places is so tasteless because the members associate spices and garlic with just the sort of people they're trying to keep out.

- Calvin Trillin

Behind Helping

With the acting, it's somebody else's brainchild, and I'm just sort of helping flesh it out. There's a special satisfaction to being the brains behind the operation.

- Jack Black

Bad About

I'm not running about playing romantic leads. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, but it's the way it's sort of working out.

- Jack Lowden

Doing Project

I generally make a sort of playlist for my iPod for whatever project I'm doing.

- Carla Gugino

Music Thing

Music was sort of my thing at first.

- Jacob Batalon

Feeling Allowance

Grief is sort of the allowance of feeling.

- Carrie Brownstein

Away Belittle

In 2007, people tried to belittle me a little bit and sort of take the credit away from me and my team and what we achieved.

- Casey Stoner

New Short Story

You know, it's sort of common wisdom among New York publishers that short story collections don't make money.

- Chad Harbach

Woman Need

It's a sort of bloom on a woman. If you have it, you don't need to have anything else; and if you don't have it, it doesn't much matter what else you have.

- James M. Barrie

Sense Commercial

One of the obvious things that went wrong with Multics as a commercial success was just that it was sort of over-engineered in a sense. There was just too much in it.

- Dennis Ritchie

Right Been

I came into acting with that sort of dull, meet-with-triumph-and-disaster-the-same philosophy and it's been the right one for me.

- Jamie Sives

Band Prototype

Thenewno2 is sort of my little prototype band, really.

- Dhani Harrison

Great Which

The great thing and the hard thing is to stick to thing when you have outlived the first interest and not yet the second which comes with a sort of mastery.

- Janet Erskine Stuart

Which Got

The hard thing is to stick to things when you have outlived the first interest, and not yet got the second which comes with a sort of mastery.

- Janet Erskine Stuart

Schedule Whenever

Whenever you have a tight schedule, you sort of have to film whatever you can that day.

- Jason London

Anybody While

Has anybody seen 'The Notebook' and not cried? I don't know, I don't know if that's the case. It sort of hangs around for a while.

- Domhnall Gleeson

Needed Had

Once I had a better beat, I needed to have an even better one. And somewhere in that climbing, I lost sight of, sort of, my moral and ethical underpinnings.

- Jayson Blair

Fart Role

At my age, you sort of fart your way into a role.

- Donald Sutherland

About How Many Times

I don't know if it's how I speak or what it is about me that presents that sort of label, but I don't know how many times I have to be out in public with a girlfriend to stop that from being said.

- Jeff Garcia

Like Raised

If you're raised Methodist, Catholicism is a bit of a workout. It's sort of like you're up, you're down, you're up, you're down. It's a continual hokey-pokey.

- Douglas Carter Beane

Actress Been

I've been many people. I've been the skinny girl. I've been the fat girl. Because I've become a character actress, I sort of fell victim to 'Well, I don't have to look good anymore.'

- Jennifer Coolidge

Always Borders

In high school, I was sort of friends with the geeks and friends with the socials and everything else and not solidly in one camp. I've always lived on the borders.

- Jennifer Pahlka

Touch Objects

The sort of poetry I seek resides in objects man can't touch.

- E. M. Forster

Always Had

I've always just had sort of a dark take on life, I suppose, and hopefully, the music transcends that in a way.

- Jenny Lewis

Humor Like

I like humor: the sort of gentle humor that points out human foibles.

- Ed Greenwood

Hollywood Films

In Hollywood films everything is tidied up at the end with clean lines and clean character definitions. It's sort of unsatisfying.

- Jim Broadbent

Feel Almost

I tend to sort of over-accessorize, but to feel empowered, I strip it all down and become minimal so that it's almost counterintuitive.

- Karen Elson

Straight Shooter

I'm sort of a straight shooter.

- Elizabeth Rodriguez

Interesting Away

It's sort of interesting how, when you get older, things that were once so important sort of fall away.

- Kate Bosworth

Sense Scale

I have a sort of inner sense for scale.

- Ellsworth Kelly

Unexpected Like

I like when life is sort of spontaneous. I like the unexpected. I'm comfortable in that!

- Kate Hudson