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Monarchy Over

The monarchy that I hand over to my son is not going to be the same one that I have inherited.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Deal His

We have defeated Jim Crow, but now we have to deal with his son, James Crow Jr., esquire.

- Al Sharpton

Never Stories

My son says I never tell stories about anyone who's living.

- Alan King

Chance His

Not every father gets a chance to start his son off in his own footsteps.

- Alan Ladd

Christ Jesus

If your last name is Christ, don't name your son Jesus.

- Albert Brooks

White Would

I guess I would use my son's word: cool. It was cool to work in the White House.

- Alberto Gonzales

Halloween 365 Days

My house is basically like Halloween, 365 days a year, with my son.

- Alex Kurtzman

Some Practical

I have a wife, a son, and I've had some practical life experience.

- Alex Meraz

Marriage Badly

My marriage started to go badly wrong after I had my second son.

- Amanda Eliasch

Dream Gay

My dream is to have a gay son.

- Amanda Holden

Leave Would

I would as soon leave my son a curse as the almighty dollar.

- Andrew Carnegie

Trendy Very

My son is very trendy and with-it, and he was the one who showed me 'Gummo.'

- Anita Pallenberg

Father Fact

The fact my relationship with my son is so good makes me forgiving of my father and also appreciative.

- Anthony Kiedis

Great Man Ever

I don't know of any great man who ever had a great son.

- Anthony Mann

Love Madly

I have a son in Barcelona whom I am madly in love with.

- Anthony Quinn

Here Notre Dame

My kids grew up here. My son and daughter both went to Notre Dame.

- Ara Parseghian

Performance Last

In 1988, Christmas, that was my last performance because I moved to Hawaii to raise my son.

- Charo

Uncle I Care

Being a son, brother, uncle and brother-in-law is all I care about.

- Chris Burke

Fact Magazine

In fact my son subscribes to Pro Bull Rider magazine.

- Chris LeDoux

I Am I Am Happy

If my son is happy, then I am happy.

- Chris Paul

Guns Ever

Jimmy Fallon is one of the funniest son of a guns I've ever seen.

- Christian Kane

Grow Will

I will not have my son grow up in a tension-filled home.

- Christina Aguilera

Healthy Matters

My son is healthy and happy, so that's all that matters to me.

- Christina Aguilera

Voice Lego

My son is the voice of 'The Lego Movie''s Duplo alien.

- Christopher Miller

World Terror

I was told my son was killed in the war on terror. He was killed by George Bush's war of terror on the world.

- Cindy Sheehan

I Think The Only Thing

I think, you know, it was something that I really wanted. I wanted so much to have a son or daughter. We adopted a son. And it was just the most wonderful thing. I think the only thing that was difficult for both Maury and myself were the sleepless nights.

- Connie Chung

Father Wanted

As the youngest, I wanted to be my father's son and perpetuate the family name.

- Connie Chung

See Dad

As a dad, it's kind of exciting to see that your son follows what you believe in so strongly.

- Connie Mack IV

Almost Ben

My daughter, Anna, is almost 15, and my son, Ben, is almost 10.

- Cornelia Funke

Routine Period

My son is my routine and priority, period!

- Cory Hardrict

Wrote District

My youngest son is a writer. He wrote for 'The District' and 'CSI: NY.'

- Craig T. Nelson

Lot Worked

I worked so much when my first son was born that I missed a lot.

- Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Legacy Father's Day

I would want my legacy to be that I was a great son, father and friend.

- Dante Hall

Mother Mom

I am truly my mother's son.

- David Geffen

Daughter Everyone

Everyone is a son or daughter of god.

- David Icke

Gary Travels

My oldest son, Gary, is a seasoned minister and travels with me for ministers' conferences.

- David Wilkerson

Wonderful Been

My son, Todd Fisher- he has been such a wonderful son and brother.

- Debbie Reynolds

Guilty Pleasure

'Project Runway' was my guilty pleasure while my son was napping or nursing.

- Debra Messing

Bells Taylor

I played with Eddie Taylor's son, Tim Taylor and Carey Bells son Lurie Bell.

- Jimmy Smith

I Am Ashamed

I am not ashamed to say that I am the son of a washerwoman.

- John Burns

Original Exaggeration

Is it possible that the portrait of the divine Son of God is an exaggeration, at best, or a complete fabrication, at worst, of the original Jesus?

- John Clayton

Treat Sooner

The sooner you treat your son as a man, the sooner he will be one.

- John Dryden

Ground Slapped

I was slapped down to the ground when my son Wade died in 1996, in April of 1996.

- John Edwards

Had Right Kind

I guess, over time, I had convinced myself that I could imagine what it would be like to lose a son or daughter. You try to imagine it so that you can write the right kind of letters or form the right words to try to comfort. But you can't even come close. It is unimaginable.

- John F. Kelly

Proud Most

What I want most is for my son to be proud of me.

- John Hickenlooper

Price Against

What is the price of a thousand horses against a son where there is one son only?

- John Millington Synge

Need Tells

My wife tells me I need to learn to be more patient with my son.

- John Slattery

Conservative Born

I don't know why my son was born conservative.

- Jose Manuel Barroso

Wounds Consequence

My lifestyle is a consequence of my wounds. I'm the son of my history.

- Jose Mujica

Like Some

We know our son. We know he's not a pedophile like some of these newscasters are saying. That is not true.

- Joseph Jackson

Children Book

My first children's book, 'Tickle Monster,' was inspired by tickling my son one evening.

- Josie Bissett

My Life Always

The powerful men in my life have always believed in me: my husband, my son.

- Judy Collins

Religion Became

The Son of God became man so that we might become God.

- Athanasius

Bad Been

My son, George, has been a bad, bad boy! Right, George?

- Barbara Bush

His Hussein

Kim Jong-un's style is more suggestive of Saddam Hussein or his murderous son, Uday Hussein.

- Barbara Demick

Subject His

A filial son to his father can be a traitorous subject to his ruler.

- Han Fei

Other Ike

I was a sort of son to Ike, and it was the other way round with Kennedy.

- Harold MacMillan

Named Brought

In the fall of 1943 we brought home our second son, whom we named Alexander.

- Harpo Marx

Father Want

As a father, you want the best for your son, quite obviously. You want to create the best memories for your son.

- Bill Goldberg

See Movie

In the Woodstock movie, you see Justin, my son, who is now a filmmaker, being carried off by my wife at the time to the helicopter. He's just this little bundle of joy in her arms. And it's 1969.

- Bill Kreutzmann

Bear Constitutional

I'm for the constitutional right to bear arms. I'm a hunter, and so is my son.

- Bill Nelson

Woman Great Man

It's awfully hard to be the son of a great man and also of a half-crazy woman.

- Henry Steele Commager

Racing Porsche

My son is racing his first 24-hour this year with Porsche.

- Bobby Rahal

Mom Sidelines

I have a 16 year-old son, so I'm now a soccer mom. I stand on the sidelines and I hear the things parents are saying, so I want them to understand what it is their kids are feeling in any sports environment.

- Brandi Chastain

Want Remembered

I don't want to be remembered as 'the son of Bruce Lee'.

- Brandon Lee

Father Dad

I hope I can be as good of a father to my son as my dad was to me.

- Calvin Johnson

Want Better

My son makes me want to be better so that I can be there for him.

- Calvin Johnson

Old Straight

The first film I was in was called 'Straight Time.' I was five-years old, and I was playing my father's son.

- Jake Busey

See Minister

You see, I was the son of a baptist minister.

- DeForest Kelley

Four Like

Like father, like son, four years and this president is done.

- Dick Gephardt

Believe Something

I wouldn't believe there was something 'wrong' with my son.

- Didi Conn

Like Would

Son, what kind of pitch would you like to miss.

- Dizzy Dean

Sure Major

Any son of a dictator, I'm sure, has major issues with their relationship with their father.

- Dominic Cooper

Sail Sailors

I like to sail. My son Caden and I are avid sailors.

- Doug Davidson

Father Been

I've been a biker, I've been a convict, I've been a husband, father, and son.

- Duane Chapman

Growing Up Growing

There was nothing exceptional about growing up as the son of a congressman.

- Duncan D. Hunter

Never Allow

The French never allow a distinguished son of France to lack a statue.

- E. V. Lucas

World Scientific

I grew up in a scientific world, the son of a neurosurgeon.

- Eben Alexander

Well Marxist

Well you can be the son of a Marxist and not necessarily be a Marxist in all your views.

- Ed Miliband

Bass Plays

My son, Wolfgang, plays drums, guitars and bass.

- Eddie Van Halen

Kid Like

Eazy was a true visionary. He really was like flesh and blood. Like a son. He was a good kid. He was the best.

- Jerry Heller

Sings Plays

My son writes songs and plays. He sings like an angel.

- Edie Brickell

Working Billionaire

I'm the son of a former billionaire, but I'm just a working man.

- Edwin Soeryadjaya

Way Every

My son is a blessing in every way.

- Elizabeth Emken

Government Speaks

My son has autism, and I founded the government relations department at Autism Speaks.

- Elizabeth Emken

Extra Else

I have me. I have God. I have my son. Everything else is extra.

- Karrine Steffans

Cat Would

If I had Instagram, it would be pictures of my son, who is a cat.

- Kate McKinnon

Amazing Wonderful

My son is wonderful. He is amazing.

- Evangeline Lilly

Happiest Perhaps

Perhaps host and guest is really the happiest relation for father and son.

- Evelyn Waugh

Involved Does

My son does a little photography, but he's not involved the way I was.

- Kim Weston

Mother Slave

There shall be no slave in your home, male or female: Least of all the mother of your son.

- Franz Grillparzer

Have Fun Like

I like to have fun, but I also try to make time for my son.

- Gaines Adams

Success Me

My son gave me the permission to accept my success.

- Gary Burghoff

Person Ever

Without a doubt, Ozzy is the craziest person I've ever met. Son of Sam is a close second.

- Geezer Butler

Babysitter I Write

I have a six-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter, so I write when they are at school and pre-school, or when I have a babysitter.

- Liane Moriarty

Than Read

It's much worse to read criticism about your son than yourself.

- George H. W. Bush

Having Lots

When I'm not working, I'm having fun with my son. We do lots of kids' stuff.

- Little Louie Vega

Reason Took

The reason why the Son of God took upon him our nature, was, the fall of our first parents.

- George Whitefield

Lost Fact

The fact that I lost my son permeates my being.

- Lois Lowry

Mother His

Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchallenged.

- Louisa May Alcott