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Always Telling

I don't miss directing at all, and I don't miss screenwriting either because somebody's always telling you to do something different.

- Alan Alda

If I Could Could

If I could have grown up to be Robin Thicke, I would have. But I'm glad somebody in the family did.

- Alan Thicke

Love Confidence

And I love kick boxing. It's a lot of fun. It gives you a lot of confidence when you can kick somebody in the head.

- Alicia Keys

City Will

The most that somebody in Mexico City will get paid for a job in construction is 100 pesos a day.

- Alma Guillermoprieto

Doing Look

For me, I'm OK doing embarrassing things, when it's with somebody else. I'm not the only person to look at.

- Amy Smart

Music Know

I know when somebody's heard my music. I can hear it in their music.

- Ariel Pink

Type Fits

Somebody once asked me what my theory of life was, and I said, 'Don't try.' That fits the writing, too. I don't try; I just type.

- Charles Bukowski

Like Kashmir

I totally hate when somebody takes a classic and desecrates it. I like Jimmy Page and P. Diddy, but what they did to 'Kashmir' was a debacle.

- Chuck D

Like Liars

I don't tolerate liars. When somebody lies to me, that's really, like, just unbearable.

- John Lydon

Child Angel

I ain't good-lookin', but I'm somebody's angel child.

- Bessie Smith

Change Go

I change during the course of a day. I wake and I'm one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I'm somebody else.

- Bob Dylan

Work Nice

I find that it's nice to work with somebody and spin off on someone else's feelings. You get a little jaded by yourself.

- Herb Alpert

Good Treat

If somebody mistreats you, treat 'em good. That kills 'em.

- Bobby Bowden

Heart Bit

Every bit of joy in my heart, you know, every smile on my face is yours. It's awesome to be able to share that with somebody.

- Brantley Gilbert


I don't try to be somebody I'm not.

- Brantley Gilbert

Everyone Out

There's somebody out there for everyone.

- Brody Jenner

Go Like

I don't much like things to go by somebody's name, like the 'Bob Jones Group Jam Band.'

- Isaac Brock

Singing Notes

When I'm in the car and somebody comes on the radio singing the high notes, I try to sing along.

- Burton Cummings

Listening More

Listening is more important than anything else because that's what music is. Somebody is playing something and you're receiving it. It is sending and receiving.

- Carla Bley

Single Time

Every single time you make a merger, somebody is losing his identity. And saying something different is just rubbish.

- Carlos Ghosn

Will How

If somebody gives you his money, definitely he will be interested in knowing how you spend the money.

- Jakaya Kikwete

Value Comedy

I value comedy. I value somebody who can be funny.

- James L. Brooks

Going Could

Somebody asked what I wanted on my gravestone. I'm just going to put: 'Glad I Could Help.'

- Dick Van Dyke

Cure Put

Somebody told me I should put a pebble in my mouth to cure my stuttering. Well, I tried it, and during a scene I swallowed the pebble. That was the end of that.

- Jean Rostand

Trust Delight

It's a delight to trust somebody so completely.

- Jeff Goldblum

Need Am

I don't even know who I am. All I know is that I am the sibling, daughter, sister, the friend of somebody, and I need to know who I am outside of that.

- Erin Foster

I Can Means

That's the greatest compliment I can get: when somebody from Key West says, 'Hey, Bubba.' That means I'm in!

- Frank Deford

Work Out

So if I was dating somebody now and the relationship didn't work out, I'd take that as failing.

- Gavin DeGraw

Which Spell

There's a special gut-check moment the first time you write a scene in which somebody casts a spell.

- Lev Grossman

Got Responsible

We've got to be responsible, somebody's got to be responsible for it.

- George Downing

Over Had

I'm not somebody who runs from the press. I'm not coy. I appreciate the press I've had over the years.

- George Hamilton

Speak Sing

I went from somebody who didn't sing to somebody who didn't speak.

- Gerard Butler

Back Like

If you hate somebody, it's like a boomerang that misses its target and comes back and hits you in the head. The one who hates is the one who hurts.

- Louis Zamperini

Start Am

I am somebody who never came close to a physical altercation, because I was too scared of even getting near one - I'd probably just start crying.

- Lucas Hedges

Last Must

To be somebody you must last.

- Ruth Gordon

Never Like

I would never be like, 'Hey, I'm fat!' or, like, be psyched if somebody calls me fat in a review.

- Sarah Baker

Still Loves

You have to first be a writer and somebody who loves to write. If I couldn't travel, I would still write.

- Tim Cahill

Everybody Anybody

Everybody has to be somebody to somebody to be anybody.

- Malcolm Forbes

Parking Note

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.' So that was nice.

- Tim Vine

Want Else

I don't want to be somebody else.

- Tina Fey

Listen Why

Listen, when somebody says, 'I take the fifth,' well, you know, they did something, OK? Why else would they take the fifth?

- Nancy Grace

Real Same Time

It's sad and upsetting when you see somebody crying hysterically, but at the same time it's real funny.

- Seth Green

Parking Note

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.'

- Tommy Cooper

Message Very

An evangelical is somebody who, first of all, has a very high view of Scripture, believes it's an infallible message from God.

- Tony Campolo

Doing Lose

Sport has taught me never to be jealous of someone or insecure if somebody is doing well. It's taught me teamwork and the value of patience. Even If I lose, I know that I've actually not lost.

- Ritika Singh

Woman Small

I went to Bali, and I was in a small village, and somebody who was with me showed a woman a little figurine of Bart and asked: 'Do you know who this is?' And she said: 'Mickey Mouse.'

- Matt Groening

Language Idea

Language should find itself in the physical world, and not end up locked in an idea in somebody's head.

- Robert Smithson

Always Allowed

In Turkey, you're not allowed to be left alone in the hospital. The nurse teaches the family how to do things, and somebody is always there with the patient.

- Mehmet Oz

Down Naked

If you see somebody running down the street naked every single day, you stop looking up.

- Stevie Nicks

Good People

You know when you meet somebody and they're just good people? That's Andy Samberg.

- Melissa Fumero

People Mental

Of course, I've known people who have mental difficulties, so I know how fragile people's psyches are and how little it can take to overbalance somebody.

- Roger Lloyd-Pack

War Almighty

When you hear somebody justifying a war by citing the Almighty, I get a little worried, frankly.

- Ron Reagan

Career Indicative

It's probably indicative that I was destined for an academic career that I'm 6-5 and I lost the slam-dunk championship to somebody 5-8. I was a lot better at math.

- Peter Blair Henry


Everyone romanticizes somebody.

- Zooey Deschanel