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Me Define

What happened to me in Somalia doesn't define me.

- Amanda Lindhout

World Important

Somalia is an important story in the world, and it needed to be told.

- Amanda Lindhout

Face Oppression

Women in Somalia face almost unimaginable oppression.

- Amanda Lindhout

Better Very

Somalia is very dangerous, and no one knows that better than I.

- Amanda Lindhout

Left Witnessed

I left Somalia when I was seven years old, but I witnessed a whole year in a war.

- Barkhad Abdi

Lost Name

I don't recognize my people anymore. I feel Somalia is lost. There is no Somalia. It is just a name.

- Hawa Abdi

Solution Promote

The long-term solution in preventing another famine in Somalia is to promote self-reliance.

- Hawa Abdi

Trying Leaders

We women in Somalia are trying to be leaders in our community.

- Hawa Abdi

Concrete Big

I have big hope for the Canadian government to help Somalia with something concrete and tangible. I haven't seen that.

- Hawa Abdi

Voice Most

The people of Somalia just do not have a voice. They are to me the most forgotten people in the world.

- K'naan

Police Some

Along the borders to Ethiopia and Somalia, anarchy reigns, the police and military have retreated quite some distance.

- Richard Leakey

Hollywood Movie

The criteria, for me, is movie star. It's Hollywood. Not Somalia.

- Steven Cojocaru

Problem Sentiment

An oversupply of national sentiment is not the problem in Somalia. The problem is a lack of it. The problem is an oversupply of sub-sub-clannish attitude.

- Meles Zenawi

Security Lot

For the security of the UK, it matters a lot for Somalia to become a more stable place.

- William Hague