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Like Mall

I was singing in a mall, and I picked a girl to come up onstage with me. As I was grabbing her hand, I fell off the stage. It felt like I was in the air forever, flying like Superman.

- Aaron Carter

Song Dancing

The buzz you get when you're playing a song and everyone is screaming and dancing and what have you and singing along is incredible.

- Aaron Johnson

Dots Notes

When I'm singing, I connect the dots with notes.

- Aaron Neville

Doing Here

I'm here now because of my faith. That's what got me singing and what has kept me singing. That is what I have: what has kept me doing right and has provided me with the chances and the attitude and the skills to do this.

- Aaron Neville

The Only Thing

Singing is my entire life. I nearly lost that. I am so blessed to be able to do this. It's the only thing I've ever wanted to do.

- Aaron Neville

Reed Charles

I grew up singing Ray Charles and Jimmy Reed.

- Aaron Neville

Prayer Me

Singing is a prayer to me.

- Aaron Neville

Bar Karaoke

You feel like you're really a part of a movement when you're singing Journey at a karaoke bar.

- Aaron Paul

Dancing Vulnerable

I don't know what else you could do that is more vulnerable - maybe dancing - than singing.

- Adam Driver

Rejecting Proper

I started rejecting the proper way to sing and I started singing.

- Adam Lambert

Big Loud

Nowadays in pop, there's not a lot of men that are singing big and loud and high - it's not as common as it once was.

- Adam Lambert

Song Always

I always have to be thinking about who's going to be singing this song, what the context is. I don't sit around just writing in a vacuum, ever.

- Adam Schlesinger

Feet Very

My body doesn't have any rhythm, you know. I've got quite good rhythm when I'm singing but my feet are very much two left feet.

- Adele

Mother Think

People think that I popped out of my mother's womb singing 'Chasing Pavements'.

- Adele

Some Still

I doubt I'll be singing forever, because at some point people aren't going to want to hear my music, and I hope that I'll still get the opportunity to write songs.

- Adele

Commercial Likely

With the supermarket as our temple and the singing commercial as our litany, are we likely to fire the world with an irresistible vision of America's exalted purpose and inspiring way of life?

- Adlai Stevenson

Very Inseparable

The piano and the singing are two equal things to me - maybe not inseparable but very connected. You can say they are like two equal voices.

- Agnes Obel

Next Piece

The more you're out there singing, learning, and adding roles to your repertoire, it reforms the next piece.

- Ailyn Perez

Father Like

My father was a painter. There was a lot of singing. We hung around with a lot of folk musicians. My family knew a lot of great folk musicians of the time, like Woody Guthrie, Paul Robeson, Leadbelly. They were all people we knew.

- Alan Arkin

Half Some

Probably some of the songs I never even really listened to the lyrics. Half of them I'd hear off the radio and was probably singing the wrong words and didn't even know it.

- Alan Jackson

Always Something

Singing was something I always did. I really don't remember a time when I wasn't singing, even as a little child.

- Alessia Cara

Doing Making

All I'm really good at is making music and singing and doing this. I'm not good at fashion, so I don't see a point in trying to be good at that.

- Alessia Cara

Always Even

I was always singing around the house, even when I was two years old.

- Alessia Cara

Voice Away

Singing is my passion, regardless of anything else that I've ever done. That's the one thing that no one can ever take away from me is my voice, and that is what I really want to do.

- Alex Newell

Music About

I started taking music lessons and singing when I was about ten.

- Alex Winston

Famous Badly

If you want to be famous because you do something well or badly, be it singing while fat or hitting balls of various shapes and hues, you have to be prepared to divulge. We live in the age of the chronic overshare.

- Alexandra Petri

Love Soundtrack

I used to dance around the house and taught myself the 'Annie' soundtrack. I got into singing and fell in love with it.

- Alexis Dziena

Admitting Form

Singing is a form of admitting that I'm alive.

- Alfredo Kraus

Will Must

I don't have the will for singing but I must do it.

- Alfredo Kraus

Play Through

Singing instrumental music is most important because, while you play an instrument, you are singing through the instrument... actually, you are singing inside.

- Ali Akbar Khan

Could Footage

How could 30 years be the blink-of-the-eye it felt? It was the difference between black-and-white footage of the Second World War and David Bowie on 'Top of the Pops' singing 'Life on Mars.'

- Ali Smith

Organically Came

I came to singing organically.

- Alice Smith

Doing Perfect

For me, doing a show, the excitement of singing live, and the possibility that you're not gonna be perfect - that's the thrill of it.

- Alicia Keys

Love I Love

I love hard singing.

- Alison Krauss

Think Embarrassed

When you find yourself on stage singing and you are embarrassed about what you are singing in front of your peers, then you have to think about your priorities.

- Alison Moyet

Feel Too

I feel that too much singing annoys people.

- Allison Williams

Soul Emotions

Singing is a way of releasing an emotion that you sometimes can't portray when you're acting. And music moves your soul, so music is the source of the most intense emotions you can feel.

- Amanda Seyfried

Obsessed Became

When I was a preteen, I got into singing, and became really obsessed with it. But then, of course, that didn't work out.

- Amanda Seyfried

Big Finally

I started my teenage years singing in churches across America, and finally wound up on a big stage.

- Amy Grant

Been Chanting

I am a Christian, and since the age of five I have been singing... chanting hymns containing the word 'Hosanna.'

- Amy Jackson

Imagine Like

I can't imagine actually singing on this show like I did on 'Felicity', but it would be kind of funny.

- Amy Jo Johnson

Love Like

Right now I'm singing along to books on tape. I typically pop in something like Stephen King's 'The Stand,' and I love singing along to that kind of stuff.

- Amy Poehler

Someone Would

If I heard someone else singing like me, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

- Amy Winehouse

Feel Sense

Singing provides a true sense of lightheartedness. If I sing when I am alone, I feel wonderful. It's freedom.

- Andrea Bocelli

More Sure

Now I'm more sure and I feel myself more comfortable singing.

- Andrea Bocelli

Voice Shower

Listen to what others tell you about your voice. If you're only singing to please yourself, you might as well just sing under the shower. But if you're singing for others, you are reliant on them to ask you to sing.

- Andrea Bocelli

My Life Singer

When I began singing, it was the first time I was happy in my life. As a baby, I would stop crying when I heard a great singer.

- Andrea Bocelli

Love Really

I really love singing.

- Andrea Corr

Level Resonates

Anytime I hear songs that are so honest, whether they make the person who's singing it look good or not, there's a level of honesty that resonates with people.

- Andy Grammer

Song Trains

There's little kids on trains coming up to me, singing my theme song, and they can barely walk.

- Andy Milonakis

Read European

Singing together is something human beings just do, and there are hundreds of years worth of just European vocal music available to read and hear.

- Ann Leckie

Gift Career

I enjoyed singing and playing guitar but didn't have the stamina to make music-making a career. In reality, writing was my real gift, and as soon as I figured that out I never looked back.

- Ann Powers

New Musical

I went to School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, and we had a bunch of singing classes. My first job in New York was an Off-Broadway musical.

- Anna Camp

Marathon Last

The music for 'The Last Five Years' is like running a 26-mile marathon, and singing Sondheim is like ballroom-dancing up Everest.

- Anna Kendrick

Need Before

When you're singing before 15,000 people at a summer concert outside, you need to look beautiful, because that's what people want.

- Anna Netrebko

About Just

Life is not just about singing.

- Anna Netrebko

Teacher Mind

My heart is singing for joy this morning! A miracle has happened! The light of understanding has shone upon my little pupil's mind, and behold, all things are changed!

- Anne Sullivan

Voice Competitions

I sang a lot as a little girl and entered competitions. I loved singing in choirs, but it was as I got older that I really found my voice.

- Annie Lennox

Love Very

I love music, singing, and playing piano (though I'm not very good). And I adore musical theater.

- Aprilynne Pike

Queen Social

Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing. It has much to do with your service to people. And your social contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well.

- Aretha Franklin

Still Skirts

I saw the Supremes when they were still singing in little black skirts and white blouses.

- Aretha Franklin

Records I Remember

I remember singing around the house to records that were playing. All kinds of music. And the great James Cleveland was often in our house, and I grew up with his sound as well.

- Aretha Franklin

Dancing Performing

All I have to say is basically if performing, singing, acting, and dancing is what you want to do, then you just have to do it - no matter where it is.

- Ariana Grande

Badminton Movie

When I'm not singing, I'm a lot of persons: I'm a producer. I'm a badminton player. I'm a writer. I'm a movie freak. I'm a documentary maker.

- Arijit Singh

Benefits Biggest

Singing for a documentary that benefits the underprivileged remains one of my biggest dreams.

- Arijit Singh

Always Like

I've always tried to avoid electronic music in India because whatever songs I got in the genre I didn't really enjoy singing them - I didn't like the arrangements.

- Arijit Singh

Like Other

It's tougher to work with Amaal, as the brother equation comes in between. We fight like any other siblings and have creative differences. I work harder when I am singing for him, as he is a taskmaster.

- Armaan Malik

Award Won

I won my first singing award with 'Auliya.'

- Armaan Malik

Been Forte

I can sing in various genres, but my heart truly lies in singing romantic songs. This has been my forte ever since I was 8 or 9.

- Armaan Malik

Rain Happy

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again.

- Arthur Freed

Love Going

I love music so much. I've got something going all the time. I've gotta be singing. I've gotta be creating music, or I'm not happy.

- Ashley Monroe

Never Songwriting

We influence singing but never really songwriting.

- Charles King

Given Full Time

Singing as a full-time job was not something I had given a lot of thought to and I had no clear notion of the money to be made in it.

- Charley Pride

Song Always

Whether I'm writing for myself or someone else, I'll always write a song that I would feel comfortable singing.

- Charli XCX

Memory Very

My roots have never left me... because the very first memory I have is my mom singing and me singing with her.

- Charlie Haden

Crowd Like

I don't start my show at 200%. I like to go in slow, warm up the crowd, and bring them along with me. To hear everyone singing along is so great.

- Chet Faker

Always Like

There was always music playing in the house. I started singing at three, like my sisters did. When I was around four, we decided to put together a group and had so much fun with it.

- China Anne McClain

Started About

I started when I was about 11, singing.

- Chris Brown

Voice Better

I do better singing female songs because my voice is so high-pitched.

- Chris Colfer

Always Studio

Singing is something that I'm always happy to do it and going in the studio I never felt any pressure. I just feel like I get to sing, you know. It's fun.

- Chris Isaak

New Always

You can sometimes get your own feelings across more strongly if you pretend that you're singing it from someone else's angle. But it's always from me. It's just a new way of framing it.

- Chris Martin

Job Day Job

Put it this way: singing is not my day job.

- Chris O'Dowd

Always Played

I always enjoyed singing; I played guitar.

- Chris Pine

Always About

Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality.

- Chris Robinson

Always Big

I was singing before I started acting. As a kid, I would always perform at the big family parties.

- Chrissie Fit

Doing Sure

I know a lot of a cappella groups, but none of them are doing backflips while singing, for sure.

- Chrissie Fit

Love No Time

My first love was singing and I had no time for boys.

- Christina Aguilera

Songwriting Been

From singing to acting to songwriting to mom to fashion designer! It's been quite an evolution.

- Christina Milian

Practice Loud

Even if I don't have the money to take vocal lessons, I'll practice in the house by myself singing out loud.

- Christina Milian

Broke Period

I'm an entertainer, period. But I'd probably have to say my passion is in singing. I'm willing to go broke singing.

- Christina Milian

Romantic Like

My heart is like a singing bird.

- Christina Rossetti

Opera Very

For a while, I couldn't decide whether or not I should pursue singing in the opera or acting. And I'm glad that I chose the latter because I wasn't a very good singer.

- Christoph Waltz

Passionate Crap

I'm a guy who's passionate about singing, but I can't sing for crap.

- Christopher Mintz-Plasse

War American

58% of the American public are with us. We're preaching to the choir, but the choir's not singing, if all of the 58% started singing, this war would end.

- Cindy Sheehan

Opera Always

In opera, there is always too much singing.

- Claude Debussy

Education Career

If my career detour from special education to singing has done one thing, it has afforded me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

- Clay Aiken

Play Been

Well, I started writing songs about three years ago when I learned to play the guitar, but I've been singing since I was eleven.

- Colbie Caillat

Other Turned

When I turned 19 I kinda realized that I needed to write my own songs instead of singing songs written by other people.

- Colbie Caillat

Touch People Songs

I'm just glad to be singing songs that touch people.

- Cole Swindell

Voice Problem

My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem.

- Colin Firth