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Get Took

Because I came out as a singer, I took the time to get an acting coach.

- Aaliyah

Pretty Pretty Face

People saw me as just a singer - yeah, a pretty face who could sing - and not more than that.

- Aaron Tveit

Love Mum

I was already in a band, and the teachers called my mum in and said: 'Abbey's so clever, it's a total waste if she follows her dream'. But I never wanted to do a job I didn't love, and I'd always wanted to be a model or an actress or a singer.

- Abbey Clancy

Career Other

Originally, I wanted a pop career and formed a girl-band 'Genie Queen' managed by Andy McClusky from 'Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark', but it didn't work out. My brother John is the talented singer and song-writer with 'The Razz,' while my other brother Sean is a footballer for Telford United.

- Abbey Clancy

Rock And Roll Rock

I'm a rock and roll singer.

- Adam Ant

Opera Measured

But, in North Korea, it's just the opposite. There's one story. It's written by the Kim regime. And 23 million people are conscripted to be secondary characters. There, as a youth, your aptitude towards certain jobs is measured, and the rest of your life is dictated, whether you'll be a fisherman or a farmer or an opera singer.

- Adam Johnson

Leader Trying

I'm trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader.

- Adam Lambert

Private Wanted

I wanted the focus to be on my ability as a singer and as an entertainer - not on my private life.

- Adam Lambert

Pretty Like

I felt like people only knew me as a singer who dated pretty girls.

- Adam Levine

Having Whole

I wanted to be a singer forever. But it's not really my cup of tea. Having the whole world know who you are.

- Adele

Feel About

If I were a writer and not a singer in 10 years, I don't know how I'd feel about writing really personal songs and getting someone else to sing them.

- Adele

Harmony Go

I am a singer; my job is to create music and harmony. Wherever I see harmony, I would go towards there.

- Adnan Sami

Independent Films

Apart from being a playback singer for films, I'm also an independent musician.

- Adnan Sami

Full Time Became

When I was 15 I became a full-time singer in a band. At 18 I made my first record.

- Agnetha Faltskog

Down Back

These songs are old friends I have entertained myself with when I'm washing the dishes, driving to the store and walking down the aisles. The ones that you sing when you're driving in the car and as a singer you always go back to them.

- Al Jarreau

Singers Using

Every good gospel singer you can hear is a scat singer; they're just using different syllables. There are a lot of jazz singers out there, and more coming out of the churches.

- Al Jarreau

Beginning Career

Since the beginning of my recording career in 1975, I have had a little difficulty because the pop stations think I'm a jazzer who doesn't have a feeling for pop, so it's hard to get my records played. Similarly, black urban radio doesn't understand that with my R&B roots, I am more than a jazz singer. So I get pigeonholed.

- Al Jarreau

Jazz Some

I was really learning my craft as a jazz singer and working with some great players and all, really growing and feeling my wings.

- Al Jarreau

Pop Pop Singer

I'm an R&B and pop singer as well as a jazzer.

- Al Jarreau

Doing Entertaining

I was not able to understand how it could be right to pay an actor, or a singer, or an instrumentalist for entertaining the public and wrong to pay a ball player for doing exactly the same thing.

- Al Spalding

World DJ

I traveled the world as a DJ, as a singer, as a songwriter, as a producer.

- Al Walser

Television Cities

If you're a singer, you do concerts, and you get that interaction with fans and see what cities in what part of the world come out to see you. When you're on television, you're removed from that.

- Alaina Huffman

Ever Accuse

Nobody's ever gonna accuse me of being a singer, but I can sing.

- Alan Ruck

Needs Films

A singer can quit once he or she has made ten great songs; a director can finish once he or she has made five amazing films; a writer just needs to write three great books.

- Alber Elbaz

Other Movie

My mom was a professional. My dad and mom met each other in a movie called 'New Faces of 1937.' My mom went under the name Thelma Leeds, and she did a few movies, and she was really a great singer, and when she married my dad and started to have a family, she sang at parties.

- Albert Brooks

Judge Me Separate

Talent is talent, but fashion is separate, and it shouldn't be used to judge me as a singer.

- Alessia Cara

Focus About

I'm not a fitness model; I'm just a singer. If people focus on that, that's what I care about.

- Alessia Cara

Think Star

Maybe I'm not a typical pop star, but I don't think there's a mould for a pop star or singer. You can do whatever you want.

- Alessia Cara

Play Lucky

I'm a terrible singer. I feel lucky to play baseball. You can't be gifted in everything.

- Alex Rodriguez

Voice Became

My singing voice had rescued me from the scene I was in at school - I was an unpopular, bookish kid who had an indeterminate ethnic background. I became fascinated with women sopranos because they had a future that I didn't as a singer.

- Alexander Chee

Joe Learned

For years, my dad's friend Joe was just my dad's friend. And it was only when I was 12 or 13 I learned that he was the lead singer of a band called The Clash.

- Alfie Allen

Thought Concerned

When I saw Adele, I thought: 'I'll give it an hour before people say I was her,' just because I was fat. When you watch 'X Factor,' you can bet your bottom dollar, every single fat singer sounds like me as far as the judges are concerned. Can you imagine if they did that with every black artist?

- Alison Moyet

Strength Show

My strength as a singer is my versatility. I find it really frustrating when I'm only expected to show off. The music industry is awash with female acrobats. What happens to the song, and treating it for its sake and not as an ego example?

- Alison Moyet

Compare Garland

As a newcomer, you know, you don't come out the gate as a singer and try to compare with Judy Garland.

- Allison Tolman

Quantity Through

We are rich in the quantity of songs rather than in the quality. The singer has to go through hundreds of compositions before he finds one that really says something.

- Alma Gluck

Tell Opera

My mother was an opera singer and my grandmother a concert pianist, and they only liked classical music. If I put on a pop record, they would tell me to turn it off, so I only listen to classical.

- Amanda Eliasch

Pizza Dad

My dad is a singer. He used to sing in nightclubs, or pizza joints.

- Amy Adams

Woman Human Being

I know my own weaknesses as a human being, and as a musician, as a singer and as a woman.

- Amy Grant

Play Better

If you play an instrument, it makes you a better singer. The more you play, the better you sing, the more you sing, the better you play.

- Amy Winehouse

Crush Backing

I've got a crush on my backing singer.

- Amy Winehouse

Love Heat

As a singer, if I'm in a room that is too cold, I kind of freak out, so I actually like the humidity, and I love the heat.

- Andra Day

Effect Pull

I'm not a good enough singer to pull off the effect.

- Andre Braugher

Opera Before

An opera singer is like an athlete before a match. An athlete cannot overdo anything. In order to perform at the highest possible level, you need to refrain from activities so as to be able to express this power.

- Andrea Bocelli

Teach Been

My idol has been Franco Corelli. But every singer can teach you something.

- Andrea Bocelli

My Life Singing

When I began singing, it was the first time I was happy in my life. As a baby, I would stop crying when I heard a great singer.

- Andrea Bocelli

Through Pop

I started as a lyrical singer. But it was through the pop universe that I reached international fame.

- Andrea Bocelli

Violin Whoever

Whoever heard of an electric violin, electric cello or, for that matter, an electric singer?

- Andres Segovia

Break Nose

Being a singer, I can easily break facial extremities, but breaking my nose in Luxembourg was extremely painful.

- Andy Biersack

Always Fancy

One of the things that always disappointed me as a kid, growing up, was when you could tell the singer had a fancy for something different and turned the band into something else.

- Andy Biersack

Nothing Compare

There is nothing to compare with the instantaneous feedback a singer gets from the people sitting in front of him. That is where it all comes together - all the rehearsing and working to get everything just exactly right.

- Andy Gibb

Dad Literally

My dad is a children's singer. His name is Red Grammer. He's literally one of the happiest people on the planet.

- Andy Grammer

About Numerous

I made numerous attempts to find a way to do it all, to be a creative singer, songwriter, producer, and to be the mother, daughter, sister, lover, wife. And the thing about music is, with me, that she's a harsh mistress. She does not come to me in the midst of stress.

- Anita Baker

Kind Vocal

As soon as you get off stage, that's the most dangerous time for a singer to kiss people because your vocal chords are receptive to any kind of germ.

- Anita Baker

Woman Play

It was darn nigh impossible for women in rock in the '70s. There wasn't a mold if you were a woman and you were in the entertainment in the '70s. You were probably a disco diva or a folk singer, or simply ornamental. Radio would play only one woman per hour.

- Ann Wilson

Album Am

I am neither such a great songwriter or such a great singer that the world must hear my album. There's just no point to make.

- Anna Kendrick

Strong Voice

I am still working on developing my voice. I am, I know, better as a coloratura singer than I was. It's a matter of strong breath control and yet making it sound as though it is the easiest thing in the world.

- Anna Netrebko

Trio Very

I'm very fond of the Talent series, and also the Crystal Singer trio.

- Anne McCaffrey

Voice Other

If you are a singer and you lose your voice, you realize that you have other skill sets when that is taken out of the equation.

- Annie Golden

Love Been

If I hadn't been a singer, I might have been a photographer or an artist. But it's singing I love. I sing all the time, and I feel really good that I've expressed myself.

- Annie Lennox

Been Lately

I've been getting into Nick Drake lately, the folk singer. Sad, gorgeous stuff.

- Anthony Doerr

Song Trained

I'm not a trained musician or singer, but I can turn out a song.

- Anthony Newley

Doing Realised

My father was a classical singer of baroque music, and my older sister was in musical theatre, and I thought about doing the same thing but then realised straight acting was for me.

- Antonia Thomas

Means Younger

It really is an honor if I can be inspirational to a younger singer or person. It means I've done my job.

- Aretha Franklin

Sometimes Pick

It's easy for a singer to sometimes pick up on another singer's sound, but that's just copying.

- Aretha Franklin

Always Wanted

I have always wanted to become a musician and a singer.

- Arijit Singh

Mom Could

My grandma's into music. My mom is a singer. Even my sister is a much better singer than I am. So you could say music runs in the family.

- Arijit Singh

Income Shows

At the end of the day, a playback singer has to depend on live shows as their source of income.

- Armaan Malik

More Like

I'll be more interested in acting only when it has to do something with who I am in real life. More like playing a singer or musician on screen like in 'Aashiqui' or 'Rockstar.'

- Armaan Malik

Identity Own

When you have your own identity as a singer, you don't have competition.

- Armaan Malik

Been Favourites

Outside India, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Rihanna are my favourites. I also like Justin Bieber. I like Western jazz and pop. Been a classical singer, I have sung a song 'Auliya,' a fusion of Western and Indian classical.

- Armaan Malik

Nashville Here

I had no idea when I moved to Nashville people just were songwriters. I had no idea. So I guess I was selling myself as a singer when I first moved here. But then right after I first moved, I started writing a lot.

- Ashley Monroe

Woman Other

I count myself as not only just an artist, not only as a singer, but a business woman. I write my own songs; I write my own video treatments, manage other artists. I write for other artists; it's not just about getting on stage and singing a song.

- Charli XCX

Thought Never

I've never really thought of myself as a singer.

- Charlie Fink

Mom Dad

I wanted to do 'Oh Shenandoah' because that's the town I was born in - as a tribute to my mom and dad for giving me all this music. I don't really sing this as a singer, because I'm not a singer. But I wanted to do it for them.

- Charlie Haden

Love Country

If I wanted to be a pop singer, I would have done that 20 years ago. I love country music.

- Chely Wright

Music Deep

My wife, Gayle, is a wonderful musician and singer. We share music, so it's a deep bond.

- Chick Corea

Sort Led

The Butcherettes are led by a female singer, and they're sort of wild.

- Chino Moreno

Pink Romance

I'm really into a blush on the eyelid and on the high of the cheek. The singer of 'Cocteau Twins' used to do that - really pink eyelids. It added a little romance to the hard kind of street-edge clothes.

- Chloe Sevigny

Love End Of The Day

My personal life is the same. At the end of the day, this is just a job. I love what I do, and it's a great job. But it's like my alter ego. There's Chris Brown the singer. And there's Christopher Brown, the down-home Tappahannock boy that plays video games and basketball and hangs out.

- Chris Brown


Ed Kowalczyk is my favorite singer.

- Chris Daughtry

Chameleon Only

I can only be me. I have a hard time being a chameleon as a singer.

- Chris Stapleton

Role Because

I got my first acting role because I was a singer.

- Christian Kane

Movie Goes

It's OK if Tim McGraw goes and does a movie, and it's OK if Justin Timberlake does a movie, but it's not OK for an actor to become a singer. I never understood that.

- Christian Kane

Think Musical

I mean, I sing. But I don't think I'm a good enough singer to do any kind of musical.

- Christina Ricci

Alive Brothers

Even when she was alive, Esther Kreitman's novels, short stories and translations received far less attention than the work of her famous brothers, I. J. and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

- Clive Sinclair

Born Poland

Hinde Esther Singer was born in Poland on March 31, 1881, the daughter of Bathsheva and Pinchos Mendel Singer. Bathsheva was an intellectual, but both Bathsheva's father and her husband disapproved of erudite women.

- Clive Sinclair

Everybody Trombone

Every time I talk about this, I say: when the singer is singing, he must be respected, you must be able to hear what he's saying. You can't put a trombone and a drum up there, and a microphone on the drum, microphones on everybody. You can't hear what he's saying.

- Compay Segundo

I Think

Aretha Franklin, she's just the most amazing singer ever. But I think there are so many singers that I just loved and sang along to on the radio. I guess I just enjoy trying out different styles along the way.

- Corin Tucker

I Am Ever

All I ever want to do is what I am: a singer.

- Crystal Gayle

Better Through

Barry is an incredible singer. He's even gotten better through the years.

- Cynthia Weil


I'm an OK singer.

- Dakin Matthews

Song Last

I'm definitely a guitar player, but it's the last thing I listen to in a song, after the singer and the drums.

- Dan Auerbach

Great Guitarist

I'm not a great guitarist, and I'm not a great singer.

- Daniel Levitin

Opera Wanted

To be a famously successful opera singer. I wanted that since I was eight.

- Danielle de Niese

Blind Career

Like all soul singers, I grew up singing in church but sometimes I would leave early and sit in the car listening to gospel band, The Blind Boys of Alabama. Hearing their lead singer Clarence made me connect the idea of church and show business and see how I could make a career singing music that stirred the soul.

- Daryl Hall

More Rap

You don't have to be a good singer any more if you can rap well.

- Daryl Hall

Song Going

As a singer, I float around. I'm kind of scatty, bouncing around a lot. I try to adapt to what's going on around me in the song and the arrangement.

- Daryl Hall

Thought Been

I've always been a spontaneous singer. And all the stuff that you hear on the end of the songs, what they call the ad libs - that just comes out of my head. That's not thought out at all. I have the verses and the choruses, and then after that it's total improvisation.

- Daryl Hall

System Violin

I know the lead singer of System of a Down, and I record violin tracks with him.

- David Alpay

Singing Dig

The stuff that I dig, it's usually got a soulful component to it. A singer that I really like. I might not understand the language that they're singing in, but I'm really communing with this person.

- David Johansen