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Living Get

If I'm not living from my heart, I get sick.

- A. J. Langer

Social Security Why

Social Security got passed because John D. Rockefeller was sick of having to take money out of his profits to pay for his workers' pension funds. Why do that, when you can just let the government take money from the workers?

- Aaron Swartz

Always Bacteria

I don't get sick much because in the U.S. I always eat with my fingers, you know, to get used to the bacteria.

- Abbey Lee Kershaw

Love I Think

I honestly really, really love Topshop. I've bought a lot of booties from there. I think they have a great selection of really funky booties at Topshop. My splurge would be a pair of leather Christian Louboutin over-the-knee boots. They're sick! I would do a really stretchy skinny jean under a black turtleneck and call it a day!

- Adrienne Bailon

Black Pair

My splurge would be a pair of leather Christian Louboutin over-the-knee boots. They're sick! I would do a really stretchy skinny jean under a black turtleneck and call it a day!

- Adrienne Bailon

Own Bacteria

Left to their own devices, epidemic diseases tend to follow the same basic process: A virus or bacteria infects a host, who typically becomes sick and in many cases dies. Along the way, the host infects others.

- Alan Huffman

Designers Heavier

If I'm two pounds heavier, I'm fat. If I'm skinnier, I'm sick. It's ridiculous. And that's not coming from agents or designers.

- Alessandra Ambrosio

Cure Bit

The difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics is a bit like the difference between biology and medicine. Knowing that certain genes increase the risk of cancer is relatively easy. Figuring out exactly which people will get sick, or how to cure them, is a lot more complicated.

- Alex Berenson

Love Feel

I'm in love with lots of different things. I do love love, though. I don't think love should make you feel uneasy. When you feel sick, I don't think that's love - that's infatuation. Someone who makes you feel like that is exciting - it's the one that you imagine when you think of an amazing affair - but that's not actually a stable love.

- Alexa Chung


Snakes are sick.

- Alexis Knapp

Thought Young

There was a point when I was so sick of this physical perfection thing that I thought it would be good for all young girls to eat burgers and sweets as a rebellion but I don't think that anymore because it's not healthy.

- Alicia Silverstone

Feel Bought

I find shopping too stressful. I get hot and flustered and irritated and feel sick after I've bought something.

- Alison Goldfrapp

Serve Fellow Man

I am sick and tired of hearing that it is our moral duty to serve the state, because conservatives believe that it is our moral duty to serve our fellow man regardless of race, sex, affiliation or creed, and when we serve, we believe that it is the state's duty to get out of the way.

- Allen West

Tired Only

Only when we are sick and tired of being sick and tired do any of us do something different.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Famous Desirable

I got sick of being famous. It is not a desirable 'job.'

- Amanda de Cadenet


I'm sick of the treadmill.

- Andrea Martin

Want I See

When a friend is sick, I see the situation for what it is, not what it isn't, and I offer to help as much as she wants, not as much as I want.

- Andrew J. Bernstein

Depend Maintain

You can't afford to get sick, and you can't depend on the present health care system to keep you well. It's up to you to protect and maintain your body's innate capacity for health and healing by making the right choices in how you live.

- Andrew Weil

Always Somewhere Else

I have never worried if my daughter has fallen sick, and I am somewhere else, because there is always somebody to take care of her.

- Arundhati Bhattacharya

Old Still

In India, women are still the primary caregivers. Whether it be for children, whether it be for old people or sick people, you are the primary caregiver. No matter what position you are in.

- Arundhati Bhattacharya

Cells Because

We are sick because our cells are sick.

- Christian de Duve

Tired American Movies

I was sick and tired of being an English actor who did a lot of American movies because I was cheap and good.

- Daniel Craig

Angry Empower

When we are angry with someone, we empower the person we hate the most in that moment to make us stressed out or even sick. That's not smart.

- Dean Ornish

Fantasy Cover

It's my sick fantasy to be a Cosmo cover.

- Deana Carter

Young Dropped

Young people in my generation were sort of in lockstep, and it wasn't just the '40s, either. In the '30s and in the '50s it was the same. No one ever dropped out unless he got sick or got kicked out.

- John Knowles

Ugly Quarrelsome

It is true that we are weak and sick and ugly and quarrelsome but if that is all we ever were, we would millenniums ago have disappeared from the face of the earth.

- John Steinbeck

About Our

At the final day, the Savior will not ask about the nature of our callings. He will not inquire about our material possessions or fame. He will ask if we ministered to the sick, gave food and drink to the hungry, visited those in prison, or gave succor to the weak.

- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Line Pioneer

Every pioneer and musician who could carry a musket went into the ranks. Even the sick and foot-sore, who could not keep up in the march, came up as soon as they could find their regiments, and took their places in line of battle, while it was battle, indeed.

- Joshua Chamberlain

About Plane

My site is about women who want to look good and stay active: women who don't want to suddenly become 'just mums.' But it's not true that it is only about the glamorous side. Last time I was on a plane with Romy, she was sick all over me, and I wrote a tip about travelling with a change of outfit.

- Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Comics Anything Else

I quit comics because I got completely sick of it. I was drawing comics all the time and didn't have the time or energy to do anything else. That got to me in the end.

- Julie Doucet

More Wanting

You retire when you are sick and when you can't do it any more or when the public retires you. That's the most painful, because that's the one that leaves you wanting to accomplish more.

- Julio Iglesias

Own I Think

I can't imagine something worse than scripts being written into a tunnel, thinking, 'I don't know when this ends. I don't know.' It usually ends when people get sick of it, but I think it's great when it gets to end on its own terms.

- Justin Theroux

Used Guy

I have the softest beard in the world. As far as growing it, it doesn't itch, and it's so non-intrusive. But, I am so sick of hair on my face and on my head. Because I'm not a really hairy guy, I'm not really used to it.

- Ato Essandoh

Wondering While

My biggest nightmare is I'm driving home and get sick and go to hospital. I say: 'Please help me.' And the people say: 'Hey, you look like...' And I'm dying while they're wondering whether I'm Barbra Streisand.

- Barbra Streisand

Weekend Instance

For a while, I didn't want to leave the house. Eventually, I just got sick of being indoors. Now I take steps not to be noticed when I don't want to be. For instance, I live near Westfield shopping centre, so I won't go there at the weekend.

- Ben Hardy

Like Performing

I like performing, but I usually get really sick when I'm on tour, and it's just hard.

- Grimes

Thoughts Own

If you be sick, your own thoughts make you sick.

- Ben Jonson

Elderly Other

My view of democratic socialism builds on the success of many other countries around the world that have done a far better job than we have in protecting the needs of their working families, their elderly citizens, the children, the sick and the poor.

- Bernie Sanders

Sentiments Robertson

There was an exhibition in Munich in 1937, 'Degenerate Art,' which included work by Klee, Kandinsky, Beckmann and many others. The work was called 'sick' and put in the trash heap. The sentiments expressed toward contemporary art by Jesse Helms, Pat Robertson and Mayor Giuliani recall the language used by the Nazis.

- Hans Haacke

Conversations Use

I always get sick of these conversations where people are so obsessed with pixels, with high definition, and even with technology in general. I find it just dull and heartless. And so I wanted to use only the worst machines.

- Harmony Korine

Own Too

Kids are soft these days, period, end of the story in every respect. People coddle them too much. I'm sick of that; it's irresponsible parenting. Taking care of them is one thing, but turning little boys into little girls because you're coddling them so much, kids need to have experiences on their own.

- Bill Goldberg

Think Like

I don't like LA. The majority just seem to be so artificial. Look at how they worship everything they think is fashionable. Isn't it sick?

- Billie Joe Armstrong

Myself Honestly

Honestly, I'm so sick of myself.

- Blake Lively

Led Sick Man

The Giraffe took the horse's head and led him along on the most level parts of the road towards the railway station, and two or three chaps went along to help get the sick man into the train.

- Henry Lawson

Political Tired

Americans are sick and tired of political gamesmanship.

- Henry Waxman

Scale Constantly

I take my dog to the vet a lot because he's old and sick, and I always step on the scale when I'm there. Let's just say shirts that were once button-able are no longer. I'm constantly being roasted by my wife.

- Ike Barinholtz

Back About

I was sick. I guess I was about to crack up thinking about all my good buddies. They were better men than me and they're not coming back. Much less back to the White House, like me.

- Ira Hayes

Cocktails Millions

You have cocktails for 250,000 people when millions upon millions are sick.

- Bruce Davison

Love Just

You're not sick you're just in love.

- Irving Berlin

Having Absolute

I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

- J. D. Salinger

Cigarette No Wonder

Probably millions of Americans got up this morning with a cup of coffee, a cigarette and a donut. No wonder they are sick and fouled up.

- Jack LaLanne

Over Mum

When my mum first told me she got sick, I didn't cry. I probably cried over my mum's illness twice.

- Jack Osbourne

Bring Eventually

My grandma was really sick when I was working on 'Sin Nombre' and eventually died that summer when we were finishing the film. But I was able to bring an unfinished version of the film for her to watch.

- Cary Fukunaga

Play Anybody

Growing up, when I was at live shows, I was always hoping someone would come out on stage and say, 'The guitarist is sick and couldn't make it... does anybody know how to play all the songs?' That was always my little dream. It was a massively inspiring thing to be in a space with live shows.

- James Bay

Career Like

In my entire career? I am so sick of being asked, What's it like to kiss Mel Gibson?

- Catherine McCormack

Back Go

There are pastors who won't go to people's sick beds. How can people of God turn their back on the sick, poor and hungry?

- James Harvey Robinson

Less Bernard

If a farmer calls me to a sick animal, he couldn't care less if I were George Bernard Shaw.

- James Herriot

Benefits Food Stamps

When thousands of men and women work full time but need food stamps to put food on their tables, when they can't get health benefits, when they can't get paid sick days, then we must do whatever we can to stand up for them.

- Charles B. Rangel

Believing Used

My mother used to ask me to stay home from school and keep her company. I'd fake I was sick, and she'd fake believing me.

- Dinah Manoff

Young Used

People say: 'Models are so young, they're so skinny.' But Mr. Balenciaga used models at 16, and that will never change. People say they are skinny, but there is a difference between skinny and sick. If someone is sick, they're sick. It's not because of fashion. If I have flu, I have flu; it's not because I work in fashion.

- Domenico Dolce

My Life Going

A lot of people in my life are getting sick or potentially going to get sick from tobacco.

- Jeremy London

Stomach Communicate

Every time I was playing basketball, I felt sick to my stomach. I didn't realize that feeling was having to leave my family - having to leave my sister, who can't even communicate with me when I'm gone.

- Elena Delle Donne

Book Other

I was sick and tired of reading other people's epigraphs. They all seemed to be in ancient Greek, middle French or, when they were translated, they never seemed to relate to the book at hand. Basically, they seemed to be there just to baffle you and to impress you with how smart the writer is.

- Jim Crace

Things Else

There's a large opportunity for Bon Iver to be a special thing, even from a business standpoint - just trying to do cooler things. Every band sells t-shirts and plays certain auditoriums, but I'm sick of being like everyone else, because I'm not.

- Justin Vernon

Skin Your

I take these vitamins that make my hair grow like crazy. They're called Herpanacine, and I get them on Amazon - they've got echinacea and vitamins A and E. They're really good for your immune system, too. You don't get sick, and they really help your skin, hair, and nails.

- Kacy Hill

Cut Entertainers

People never think of entertainers as being human. When you walk out on stage, the audience think, 'Nothing can go wrong with them.' We get sick and we have headaches just like they do. When we are cut, we bleed.

- Karen Carpenter

Why Here

Here's a bunch of people practising a new set of behavioural norms. Apparently it didn't work because a lot of them got sick. That's the conclusion. You don't necessarily know why it happened. But you start there.

- Kary Mullis

Die Out

'What do you really think happens after you die?' That's the question that everyone, everyone, everyone asks. And I'm so sick of it. But my true answer is, I don't know. And there's no way I'm going to find out 'til it happens.

- Ellen Muth

Girl Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, I was a little girl sick in the hospital, and my mother gave me a copy of 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' to comfort me.

- Kate Forsyth

Needed Cell

When I got really sick and needed a stem cell transplant, I was fortunate to have a twin sister as the donor.

- Kathy Giusti

Death Want

All I want is a gentleman. I'm sick to bloody death of bastards.

- Katie Price

Here Which

I'm not saying that people should not divorce, but at the rate at which it happens here is sick. The kids, they suffer. I don't care what anyone says.

- Eric Braeden

Old Desolate

And I was desolate and sick of an old passion.

- Ernest Dowson

Pretty Sculpture

Mushy novels, pretty pictures, pretty sculpture, decorations on the wall, nice parallel lines - make me sick.

- Eva Hesse

Favourite Old

When I was 14 years old, I was a huge fan of the Velvets, the Stooges and the Modern Lovers. They are my three favourite bands. I never get sick of 'em.

- Evan Dando

I Am Tired

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

- Fannie Lou Hamer

Swimming Body

There's a great metaphor that one of my doctors uses: If a fish is swimming in a dirty tank and it gets sick, do you take it to the vet and amputate the fin? No, you clean the water. So, I cleaned up my system. By eating organic raw greens, nuts and healthy fats, I am flooding my body with enzymes, vitamins and oxygen.

- Kris Carr

Reason Been

It's interesting when you read the life of Christ how much of his time he spent healing the sick. There must have been a reason for that - he was modelling for us what it is we are intended to do by following his path.

- Francis Collins

Movies Film

Film lovers are sick people.

- Francois Truffaut

Baker Favourite

Don't ask me who my favourite monster was because I'm sick of saying Tom Baker.

- Lalla Ward

Becoming About

In terms of writing about horses, I fell backwards into that. I was intent on getting a Ph.D., becoming a professor, and writing on history but I got sick 14 years ago when I was 19. Getting sick derailed that plan completely.

- Laura Hillenbrand

Get Never

I'll never get sick of zombies. I just get sick of producers.

- George A. Romero

Love Almost

The birth of the baby Jesus stands as the most significant event in all history, because it has meant the pouring into a sick world the healing medicine of love which has transformed all manner of hearts for almost two thousand years.

- George Matthew Adams

I Think Through

I think it's really important that I'm not the only model in the world that goes through personal problems. People forget that we're human. We don't get to call in sick. You have to go and put on a smile. Every single day is a first impression, so you can't have a bummed-out day.

- Gigi Hadid

Body Feel

I just try to be in tune with my body. If I start to feel sick, I will try to catch it at the root. I don't really let myself get to the point where it becomes a problem. That's so important when you're travelling because if you land in Paris and you have to go from the airport straight to set, you don't have time to go to the doctor.

- Gigi Hadid

Some Witnessed

Some of the most disturbing, sick relationships I've witnessed are between long-time friends, and especially mothers and daughters.

- Gillian Flynn

Betrayal Capital

Universities are no longer educational in any sense of the word that Rousseau would have recognised. Instead, they have become unabashed instruments of capital. Confronted with this squalid betrayal, one imagines he would have felt sick and oppressed.

- Terry Eagleton

Medical Place

A hospital is no place to be sick.

- Samuel Goldwyn

Believe Helping

I believe that everyone, regardless of who they are, should do something that is greater than themselves. Whether it's adoption, or helping people who are sick or poor, or whatever. That's what God put us on this earth to do.

- Tim Tebow

Tiger Predator

You don't see sick animals in the wild. You don't see lame animals in the wild, and its all because of the predator: the lion, the tiger, the leopard, all the cats.

- Tippi Hedren

Strong Anthrax

Anthrax, it's something that gets you sick, it's horrible, strong. It's a heavy-metal band name if there ever was one.

- Scott Ian

You Period

When you are sick, you are sick. Period.

- Nargis Fakhri

I Think TV

I think people are sick of trends changing every six months - not because we're tired of them, but just for the sake of change. There is so much junk in the world: junk TV, junk movies, all those junk magazines with the same people on the cover.

- Tom Ford

Think Definitely

I do think people are definitely sick of the Kardashians.

- Natasha Leggero

Pure Pure Joy

I know theater can improve the quality of people's lives, and I know theater can heal. I've worked as a doctor clown in a hospital for two years. I have seen sick kids and sad parents and doctors be lifted and transported in moments of pure joy. I know theater unites us.

- Natasha Tsakos

Feel Your

If you're making too many excuses for someone, agonising over them in a way which takes up all your waking thoughts and feel so nervous around them you could be sick, then they are probably the wrong person.

- Marina and the Diamonds

Ideas Twisted

Whenever people ask where I get my sick and twisted ideas from, I reply, 'Just open your eyes.'

- Mark Billingham

Feel Fewer

If you have the feeling of choice, if you feel free, you will be better off. And when I say better off I mean that if people feel they have control over their lives, they call in for fewer sick days from work. They have a lesser probability of having a heart attack or stroke. They live longer. They're happier.

- Sheena Iyengar

Need Sat

I have sat in with the Burbank Philharmonic and the Topanga Orchestra when they need someone if someone gets sick or something.

- Torrey DeVitto

Boston Peru

Paul Farmer has helped to build amazing health care system in one of the poorest areas of Haiti. He founded Partners in Health, which serves the destitute and the sick in many parts of the world from Haiti to Boston and from Russia to Peru.

- Tracy Kidder