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When you don't know what the band looks like, it puts the emphasis on thinking and taking the music and message more seriously.

- Adam Jones

Jazz Country

I'm done with industrial. Seriously, my iPod collection at home has no industrial music on it; it's strictly jazz, blues and country.

- Al Jourgensen

Note Subject

At 'The School of Life', we take seriously anything that has to do with human fulfilment - and take note wherever insight on this subject can be found.

- Alain de Botton

Instance Suspect

We seriously suspect the agents of the Americans and Israelis in conducting such horrendous terrorist acts and cannot believe the people who kidnap Philippines nationals, for instance, or behead U.S. nationals are Muslims.

- Ali Khamenei

Over Trivia

People are treating the Stewart case as seriously as Enron when it's really over trivia.

- Allan Sloan

Black Fourteen

When I was fourteen, I was one of those kids who wore all black because it matched everything. Seriously.

- Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Want Album

If you want to be taken seriously and gain credibility, you really do have to try and write yourself. I don't want to do an album of covers and stuff.

- Amy Nuttall

Mars Take

I don't take Mars One seriously at all.

- Andy Weir

Will Come

Seriously, I will probably out-talk you if you come up to me because I'm a chatterbox.

- Angela Kinsey

Like Yeah

Yeah, I do like scary movies, especially the ones that don't take themselves too seriously.

- Anna Faris

Woman Look

The notion that a contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be taken seriously as a seeker of power is frankly dismaying. This is America, not Saudi Arabia.

- Anna Wintour

Actor Stopped

I'm linked with every actor I've worked with so far. I've stopped taking such rumours seriously.

- Anushka Shetty

Love Nerdy

I love nerdy, cute, quirky boys who don't take themselves too seriously.

- Ariana Grande

Important Job

It's an important job to be the public face of something that gives people hope, and I take that seriously.

- Chesley Sullenberger

Hang Them

When I meet somebody, I hang out with them, and it's all good, but I don't take it too seriously.

- Christina Milian

New Test

Working gives you this new perspective. You don't take everything too seriously, and you realise that if you don't do too well on a history test, it's not the end of the world.

- Claire Danes

Take Person

I can't take a well-tanned person seriously.

- Cleveland Amory

Take Things

People take things so seriously.

- Dana Ashbrook

Work Take

I take my work seriously.

- Daniel Craig

Sometimes WWE

Sometimes it's hard to get people to take me seriously as an actor when they just see me as this WWE muscle head.

- David Bautista

Work Going

Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don't take anything too seriously, it'll all work out in the end.

- David Niven

Question Jews

We Jews who willingly and happily confirm our covenantal status and its attendant rights and duties must take the question of mission seriously: either to accept it or reject it knowingly and with conviction.

- David Novak

Take Really

I really take acting seriously.

- John Corbett

Example Show

I dare you to show me one example where I haven't discharged my responsibility seriously, professionally and appropriately.

- John Key

Very Took

Journalists can get very pompous, especially in the formalized days of 'Meet the Press,' when they took themselves so damned seriously.

- John McLaughlin

Want Taken

I want to be taken seriously as a musician.

- Jonah Marais

Which Makes

In a weird way, fashion, which is frivolous to the core, shouldn't be taken seriously, but thank God people do: it makes for great people-watching.

- Justin Theroux

Obstacles Way

Don't take yourself too seriously. Know when to laugh at yourself, and find a way to laugh at obstacles that inevitably present themselves.

- Halle Berry

Court Very

Deciding whether to confirm a president's nominee for the highest court in the land is a responsibility I take very seriously.

- Bill Nelson

People Dislike

No, seriously, I really don't have much ill-will toward anyone these days; I just ignore the people that I dislike.

- Boyd Rice

Like Oh My God

And I'm looking at him like, 'Oh my God. This is Michael Jackson'. I fainted, blacked out - like seriously blacked out.

- Brandy Norwood

Enough Take

So you don't have to take us too seriously; I mean, we're already intimidating enough on stage.

- Ice T

Think Right

Seriously, I don't think there's any right way to do anything apart from if you're just being you; then it's a sincere situation.

- Imogen Poots

Work Every Day

Every day, I work at not taking this fame thing seriously. Fortunately, I have a great group of friends who help me do this.

- Bruce Willis

Myself Like

Really, contrary to popular belief, I like to have a good time and not take myself too seriously.

- Jake Gyllenhaal

Work Doing

You have to have a work ethic, and you have to be educated in what you're doing. You have to take it seriously. It doesn't mean that everything you do has to be serious. But you've got to have the tools.

- Jakob Dylan

Think About

I don't have any theories about acting, and I don't think about how to do it, except that an actor shouldn't take himself too seriously, and shouldn't try to make acting something it isn't.

- James Garner

Work Want

I seriously don't take praise to my heart or to my head. I only want to work harder and never get complacent.

- Katrina Kaif

Think I Think

I think it's just really important for youth today to have a passion and pursue something seriously.

- Kerri Strug

Silly Guy

A lot of people don't know that I'm really a silly guy. I don't take anything seriously. It takes a lot of energy for me to take something seriously.

- Evan Peters

Yourself Take

You don't have to take yourself so seriously all the time.

- Evan Rachel Wood

Other Like

I like a girl who does not take me seriously, you know? It's important to be able to laugh at each other.

- Kit Harington

Humor Take

We do not take humor seriously enough.

- Konrad Lorenz

Want Ourselves

Neither my fiance nor I take ourselves too seriously, and we want our wedding to reflect our lightheartedness.

- Leah Pipes

Want I Wish

You're playing serious music, and you want to be taken seriously. When they get my age wrong on the program, I wish they'd make me older.

- Leila Josefowicz


I seriously consider television to be the people's medium.

- Lena Dunham

Real Need

I contend, most seriously, that there is a real need for a good, thick, complete-as-possible dictionary of 'What People Used to Call Things.'

- Gary Jennings

Take Our

We take our endorsements seriously.

- Lincoln Diaz-Balart

Like Uptight

I like someone who doesn't take life too seriously. I hate people who are a bit uptight.

- Louis Tomlinson

Think I Think

I guess I don't take my stardom too seriously. I think I am one of the guys.

- Salman Khan

Will Title

I take the definition and title of my job - Representative - seriously. That's what I will be above and beyond everything else.

- Grace Meng

Take Anything

I can't take anything seriously.

- Rachel Brosnahan

Difficult Very

It is very difficult to be taken seriously when you're introduced at a party to somebody as the fourth Mrs. Rex Harrison.

- Rachel Roberts

Show Your

You can't take yourself too seriously; it's important to poke fun at yourself. Once in a while, it is great to show your inadequacies, too.

- Ram Kapoor

Award Take

You mustn't take any award so seriously.

- Tony Randall

Work Your

Take events in your life seriously, take work seriously, but don't take yourself seriously, or you'll become affected, pompous and boring.

- Shelley Duvall

Unbelievable Put

My iPod's unbelievable. Seriously. The kids have put most of the music on it, but there's a complete mix of '80s rubbish and current day stuff.

- Mark Lawrenson

Over Likely

I take laser tag incredibly seriously. I am an extremely competitive person - most likely a little over the top at times, but that's just who I am.

- Richard Harmon

Always Himself

Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not.

- Vaclav Havel

Always Old

A person is always startled when he hears himself seriously called an old man for the first time.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Level Ourselves

You shouldn't listen to us at all if you're looking for information. We don't take ourselves seriously on any level; we're just comedians.

- Stephen Colbert

Want County

I do not want to be sheriff of Hillsborough County, seriously.

- Pam Bondi

Health Cost

When it comes to health care policy, we keep failing to take seriously the value of human relationships. The cost of this oversight is staggering.

- Robert J. Waldinger

Strong Brilliant

I keep things moving along with a seriously loving, caring, and brilliant man, a fierce group of friends - and really strong coffee.

- Wangechi Mutu

Comedy More

When you take a character seriously, there's more room for comedy because you're not aware of how absurd you are.

- Robin McLeavy


Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.

- Will Rogers

Imagine Maybe

Can anyone seriously imagine a society without stable families? Maybe we should raise all the kids in state orphanages.

- Rodney Stark

Trust Critical

Trust me: our critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attack, to potential terrorist attack, and we are not taking this threat seriously enough.

- Ron Johnson

Bigger Part

Life is bigger than cinema. Cinema is just a part of life, so I never take success or failure seriously.

- Pawan Kalyan

Role Entire

I take every role seriously. Personally, I never look at any role as Michael White. I've done that my entire life.

- Michael Jai White

Years Began

When I began to write seriously, 40 years ago now, my chosen form was the novel.

- William Nicholson

Say Kept

And, you know, I liked writing humor. Well, I should say, I wanted to write seriously, but it kept turning funny.

- Roseanne Barr

Life Taken

Life is not to be taken seriously.

- RuPaul

Best Follows

Let us take our children seriously! Everything else follows from this... only the best is good enough for a child.

- Zoltan Kodaly