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Faith Beginning

From the beginning, the sensation of the marvelous presupposes faith.

- Alejo Carpentier

Always Among

Things they don't understand always cause a sensation among the English.

- Alfred de Musset


Happiness: an agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another.

- Ambrose Bierce

Writing Grace

At its best, the sensation of writing is that of any unmerited grace. It is handed to you, but only if you look for it.

- Annie Dillard

Emotional Total

Acting is a total physical, emotional sensation.

- Armand Assante

Surprise Special

Football is about dreams, about feeling a special sensation, giving a surprise, and inspiring joy.

- Claudio Ranieri

Nerves External

Sensation is not the conduction of a quality or state of external bodies to consciousness, but the conduction of a quality or state of our nerves to consciousness, excited by an external cause.

- Johannes P. Muller


To know anything well involves a profound sensation of ignorance.

- John Ruskin

Love Perhaps

Love is an indescribable sensation - perhaps a conviction, a sense of certitude.

- Joyce Carol Oates

New Dangers

The danger sensation is exciting. The challenge is to find new dangers.

- Ayrton Senna

Build Tension

I used to build up to sensation, accumulating tension until it released a perceptual experience.

- Bridget Riley

Art Enhanced

Art distills sensation and embodies it with enhanced meaning in a memorable form - or else it is not art.

- Jacques Barzun

Fly Be Real

I just want that sensation you have in dreams when you fly to be real.

- Janet Montgomery

Sweet Dying

The sensation of dying is sweet, sensuous, placid.

- Eddie Rickenbacker

Always Going

It's always struck me as unfair that writing has so little sensation when it's going well.

- Francis Spufford

Small Big

I miss that sensation of a small achievement feeling like a really big deal.

- Gavin DeGraw

Art Exist

The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.

- Lord Byron

Love I Love

That fat speed that I love, that sensation, that's what I want.

- Picabo Street

Act Which

The mental act of sensation which issues in reflex movement is so simple as to defy analysis.

- Samuel Alexander

Pain Felt

For a sensation to be felt as pain is for it to be pain.

- Saul Kripke

Like Overnight

Everyone's like, 'overnight sensation.' It's not overnight. It's years of hard work.

- Margot Robbie


I'm not a success, I'm a sensation.

- Van Cliburn

Game New

In L.A., we had a game room with a new sensation called Pac-Man.

- Mary Lou Retton


The method of magnitude estimation provided a direct measure of sensation.

- Stanley Smith Stevens

Hungry Too

The appeal all too often is to the gallery, hungry for sensation.

- Otto Hermann Kahn

Tenderness Most

Tenderness is the name for a lover's most exquisite sensation; protection is implied in his most generous and heart-thrilling impulse.

- William Godwin