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Go Yell

The guitar can go at a scream. It can yell at you.

- Angus Young

Got About

We didn't know anything about Judy Murray until we met her, but once we got to know her, we found she was an absolute scream.

- Anton du Beke

Come Really

When fans come up to me and Vanessa, they're really sweet and ask for autographs - but once they see the guys, the girls tend to scream.

- Ashley Tisdale

About Anymore

There's nothing wrong with the screaming style of singing, and I'll be the first to admit that it conveys an emotion. But I'm getting older, and I can't scream and shout about the same things anymore. The songs I'm writing with Stone Sour call for a lighter, different approach.

- Corey Taylor

Sure Squeeze

When cars honk and hoot and drunks squeeze out of car windows and scream, you can be sure that football is in the air.

- Craig Brown

Gift Very

Being able to scream at the top of my lungs in front of people is very therapeutic. It is a great gift for me to be able to do that.

- Dave Matthews

Least Would

I would say it's not as hard as writing, because when you're a writer, you walk right into the pit all by yourself, but when you're a director, there are at least 80 people who scream, 'Don't do that!' when you make a mistake.

- David Seltzer

Die I Think

So I think it was a good thing It was a little surreal watching Leo scream 'I'm not going to die today!' with our music playing - that was the last thing on my mind when I wrote the song.

- Jon Crosby

Me Luckily

Luckily for me, people don't scream at me that much in my everyday life.

- Aurora

Mouth Must

I have no mouth, and I must scream.

- Harlan Ellison

Hold Everybody

I hold a lot of things in. I'm always making sure everybody is okay. I usually don't rage; I usually don't curse. So for me, it's a great thing to be able to scream and say whatever I want.

- Beyonce Knowles

Over Sure

A doctor once told me that with crying you aren't sure what its derivation is. If someone comes at you with a knife, you don't cry: you scream, you try to run. When it's over and you're OK, that's when you cry.

- Bill Viola

Only Deserved

I only scream if screaming is deserved.

- Billy Eichner

Run Also

Also there is a twist to the story as I'm being haunted and driven crazy, attacked and so on. All I seem to do is run and scream and cry in every scene.

- Bo Derek

I Think Use

Without my specs on, I think I look really great; then I put them on, and I scream. But at 62, I still think less is better. I use Clarins foundation, but I don't put it everywhere - I hate that covered look - so just on the sides of my nose where the veins have gone bang.

- Jane Birkin

Want Been

If you've never been to one of my concerts. I want you to know that it is OK to scream and yell.

- Donna Summer

Streets Type

If I were to describe myself as any particular type of owner, it would be a fans' owner because you really get great satisfaction when you can go out on the streets and scream you're No. 1 and you're world champions.

- Jeffrey Lurie

Been Emily

In school I was always being cast as the clown. And then I did 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose,' and once people hear you scream, they can't un-hear it. But I don't mean to say that I've been typecast, either.

- Jennifer Carpenter

More Prima

The prima ballerinas who taught me were far more scary than Gordon Ramsay. They'd scream at me and pull my legs and arms, so after them Gordon was a piece of cake.

- Jennifer Ellison

Real Timid

I can be bolder on the page, as a character. I can gnash my teeth, I can scream and yell, in a way that I'm perhaps too timid to do in real life.

- Jenny Offill

Show Mic

I normally work like a vampire. Around 8 to 9 P.M., what I call 'the spirits' actually show up, and then I just go in the booth and scream on top of a track. I only sing on the mic. I don't sit down and write anything.

- Ester Dean

Loud Perform

Korean audiences are amazing. The fans scream so loud, and that really surprises skaters when they first perform in my shows.

- Kim Yuna

Love Rooftops

I came out because I fell in love. It wasn't a terrible, horrible, damn thing. I was in love with somebody, and I wanted to scream it from the rooftops.

- Gilbert Baker

Kind Been

I've never been the kind of person who would get up and wave my arms and scream and shout and say, 'Hey, listen to this, listen to this.'

- Gillian Welch

Talk Out

On my set, people have to respect the actor's process. I totally respect what actors do. I give them whatever time they need, and I never scream out directions from the camera. I take the time to walk up to them and talk to them personally.

- Gina Prince-Bythewood

Play Want

It's easier when you play. You get your emotion out. You scream. You yell. You do whatever you want. You play. But it's tough to sit.

- Goran Ivanisevic

Products Use

The products in my bathroom are pretty minimal. Issey Miyake makes great cologne, and I use everything from Zirh, especially their shave scream. I really like Mario Badesco aftershave, too. It's amazing.

- Sam Bradford

Story Everybody

Everybody has a story... and a scream.

- Rachel Roberts

Been Your

There's definitely ways to get your anger out and not have to yell and kick and scream and fight people. That's not my jam. That's never how I've been.

- Sasheer Zamata

Very Would

When I was 30, I was very popular. Kids would scream, and women would scream.

- Timothy Busfield

Very Very Early Age

From a very early age, my wife and I told our son that there are times and places for everything. I told him, look, when you're in class, you have to be quiet and listen to your teacher, but when you go out to the playground, you can scream and be silly.

- Mark Hoppus

Haters Always

The haters always scream the loudest.

- Tucker Max

Gain Jobs

Today, unless women gain jobs and athletic scholarships commensurate with their percentage of the population, feminists scream discrimination.

- Marvin Olasky

Thoughtful Very

Dontel Benjamin on 'Eastbound' is a loud-mouth, braggadocios, crazy man, while Roy on 'Rake' is a very deliberate, thoughtful man, and he doesn't scream a lot.

- Omar Dorsey

Back Down

It's like all guys want to do is make a dunk, grab their shirt and yell out and scream - they could be down 30 points but that's what they do. Okay, so you made a dunk. Get back down the floor on defense!

- Oscar Robertson

Show I Think

I don't want to be the flavor, the passing thing that the girls scream at. I think that it's more important for me, honestly, that the guy who gets dragged to the show, you know, looks at his wife and says, thank you, that was great and tells his buddies.

- Michael Buble

Horror Set

I'm not the biggest horror fan. I get scared so easily. If I'm just walking on set, and someone taps me on the shoulder, I scream and jump and freak out.

- Taissa Farmiga

Point Of View About

It is the people who scream the loudest about America and Freedom who see to be the most intolerant for a differing point of view.

- Rosanne Cash

Fancy Wearing

That's my takeaway from 'Scream' - I know I can fit in dog doors. You have to jimmy your body in a certain position and really hope you're not wearing something super fancy.

- Rose McGowan