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Mommy Great Music

Christmas brings us great music: Everything from Handel's 'Messiah' to 'White Christmas,' to 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.'

- Alan Colmes

Flight Apollo

During one of the Apollo missions, I saw Walter Cronkite showing off the flight plan. It just mesmerized me. All this detail! That's what I wanted.

- Alan Stern

Happy Sometimes

I was a happy man, never working. Sometimes I saw days with no money to eat. It was not so difficult.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Old Nine

From nine years old, I lived with fear. I saw our neighbours disappearing. I was scared that I would come home from school and my parents would not be there.

- Alek Wek

Through Every Man

I wanted to live the inner life of every man I saw, look at the world through his eyes.

- Aleksandr Kuprin

YouTube Achievements

I was able to turn to classical music many people, who saw my programs live and on YouTube, and this is one of the nicest achievements I can have.

- Aleksey Igudesman

Zimbabwe Southern

Being a white southern African who saw the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, the sense of being an outsider was absolutely instilled in my limbic system.

- Alexandra Fuller

Going Very

I was a child when I first saw 'Vertigo,' and it was very disturbing because I didn't really understand what was going on.

- Allen Coulter

Global Rough

When I saw the rough cuts of 'The Village of Peace,' I was immediately intrigued and wanted to share this story on the global stage.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Pharmaceutical Virtual

Where there's a lack of competition - as we saw with Mylan Pharmaceutical's virtual monopoly on EpiPen - price increases often follow.

- Amy Klobuchar

Fraud Take

I saw firsthand the toll that fraud can take on the victims and their families.

- Amy Klobuchar

Vet Performing

I wanted to be a veterinarian until I saw a video of a vet performing surgery on a dog. Then I decided I wanted to be a pianist.

- Amy Lee

New Need

I saw my mother in a different light. We all need to do that. You have to be displaced from what's comfortable and routine, and then you get to see things with fresh eyes, with new eyes.

- Amy Tan

Song Which

My writing often contains souvenirs of the day - a song I heard, a bird I saw - which I then put into the novel.

- Amy Tan

Myself Came

I saw a picture of myself when I came out of the hospital. I didn't recognize myself.

- Amy Winehouse

Living Had

I was living near the Twin Towers on 9/11, so I saw the attacks, and I had friends who were killed in the attacks.

- Anand Gopal

My Life Old

I was 11 years old when I saw the first season of 'The Real World.' Initially, I was drawn to the show because it was what I imagined the adult version of my life should be.

- Andrea Seigel

Aim Role

My parents saw their job of parenting as their most important role in life, and I aim to aspire to that.

- Andrew Lincoln

Birth I Remember

I remember giving birth in Bromley Hospital annexe. It was painful. Zowie was 8 lb. 8 oz. David was there the whole time. It was the first and only time I saw David cry.

- Angela Bowie

Thought Princesses

When I was little... I didn't relate to princesses. I saw Maleficent, and I just thought she was so - she was so elegant.

- Angelina Jolie

Interesting Give

Every time that I wanted to give up, if I saw an interesting textile, print what ever, suddenly I would see a collection.

- Anna Sui

Throat Terrified

I had a sore throat for a long time and it scared me. I saw a lump in my throat and I was terrified. I wouldn't go to a doctor.

- Anne Ramsey

Myself Made

I tried acting, liked it, and stuck with it. I saw it as the way I would keep that promise to myself of getting back at those who had made my school life a misery.

- Anthony Hopkins

War Iraq

In the lead up to the Iraq war and its later conduct, I saw at a minimum, true dereliction, negligence and irresponsibility, at worse, lying, incompetence and corruption.

- Anthony Zinni

Game Always

If you saw me as a footballer, when I played, I always showed a great passion. You saw Antonio Conte during the game showing passion.

- Antonio Conte

Best Horror

As one who participated in all the wars of the state of Israel, I saw the horror of wars. I saw the fear of wars. I saw my best friends being killed in battles. I was seriously injured twice.

- Ariel Sharon

Wasting Some

I saw that all beings are fated to happiness: action is not life, but a way of wasting some force, an enervation. Morality is the weakness of the brain.

- Arthur Rimbaud

Always Armstrong

I always respected Neil Armstrong highly. He was probably the coolest under pressure of anyone I ever had the privilege of flying with. I never saw him flustered.

- Charles Duke

Dream Loveliness

They saw a Dream of Loveliness descending from the train.

- Charles Godfrey Leland

Like Widow

Once upon a time there was a widow who had two daughters. The elder was so much like her, both in looks and character, that whoever saw the daughter saw the mother.

- Charles Perrault

Conquered Came

I came, I saw, God conquered.

- Charles V

London New

Mark Rylance is one of my heroes. I saw 'Jerusalem' four or five times, twice in New York, twice in London.

- Charlie Cox

Other Took

The Busted thing happened when I was 16. I saw an opportunity, took it and it was better than being at school. It was a fun job but I'd never claim Busted was anything other than a pop band.

- Charlie Simpson

Ticket Started

When I started my hotel company, Joie de Vivre, at the age of 26, I saw this venture as my ticket to freedom.

- Chip Conley

Exercise I Wish

My parents didn't exercise, so it was not something I saw was good for you or fun. I wish I had grown up knowing to do that.

- Christina Hendricks

Father Which

The first time my father saw me in the flesh was on the stage, which is a bit weird. We went out to dinner, and he was charming and sweet, but I did all the talking.

- Christopher Plummer

Smiling Hands

I watched a little girl cover her face up and leave her hands in front of her mouth. I saw that girl after surgery, and she was smiling... that's a great source of satisfaction.

- Chuck Feeney

Migraine Ever

After I saw the first thing I ever did, I got a migraine.

- Claire Forlani

Over Been

I had been around Bruce Willis for two straight movies, so I saw the way the paparazzi follows him and the way the public is with him. He's a mega-star over in Europe.

- Cole Hauser

Art Therapy

With the art therapy, as soon as they saw the paper and crayons coming, we couldn't get it out fast enough. And we told them to draw about the tsunami.

- Connie Sellecca

Very Very Long Time

Being an American is something I wanted to be for a very long time, probably since I saw the moon landing when I was a child.

- Craig Ferguson

Use Another

I just saw metal as another tool for me to use.

- Daisy Berkowitz

Making Make-Believe

I never get scared making these kinds of movies because it's all make-believe, but I did cry when I saw the finished version of Man On Fire because it is so sad.

- Dakota Fanning

Myself Over

I saw myself as a teacher's pet but with a little of Ed Haskell mixed in. I was the teacher's pet, but that didn't mean that I was trying to pull one over.

- Damon Lindelof

Concert Ever

The first concert I ever saw was Roy Orbison.

- Daniel A. D'Aniello

Ring Guy

People look at me, and they have a certain perception, and they slap a label on me. The guy you saw in a wrestling ring is not who I am.

- Dave Bautista

My Life Movie

I saw one movie in theatres in the first 18 years of my life.

- David A. R. White

Ring Guy

People look at me, and they have a certain perception, and they slap a label on me. The guy you saw in a wrestling ring is not who I am.

- David Bautista

Work Dad

Growing up, I saw my dad do charity work for children with health issues. That had a profound effect on me.

- David Boreanaz

Senses Some

Some of the best rock shows I ever saw were those appealing to all your senses.

- David Cook

Thought Want

When I was 12, I saw the Apollo moon landings, and I thought that was really fantastic and exciting and thought, 'That's what I want to do.'

- David Mackay

Treat Why

I wanted to be respected by filmmakers, and why should they respect me if they saw that my superiors did not treat me with respect.

- Dawn Steel

Mother Daughters

I was one of those daughters who saw my mother as my enemy when I was a teen.

- Deborah Tannen

Unconscious Before

I've never seen a truly great fighter get knocked onto the ropes unconscious... knocked out cold before... and I saw Roy Jones get knocked out twice in a row.

- Jim Lampley

Over Incredible

I'm not a pioneer of hip-hop; I just saw it and said, 'This thing is incredible, and these people are incredible. They should be exposed all over the world.'

- Jimmy Iovine

Brother And Sister

I left my family, and I left my brother and sister, and I went and lived my dream. I saw everybody, but is it ever enough?

- Joan Jett

Movies Been

I've been so good in so many movies that nobody saw.

- Joe Pantoliano

Go Dad

When I was coming home from school as a youngster, and I saw my dad's car in the driveway, I would go to a friend's house. I connected my dad being there with fear.

- Joe Torre

Alone Never

I never saw 'Home Alone.'

- John Cho

Awesome Show

I wasn't hip to 'Samurai Jack' until I saw it, but then I was all, 'This show is awesome!'

- John DiMaggio

Patriotism Learned

I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.

- John F. Kerry

Waiting Like

When growing up, I saw segregation. I saw racial discrimination. I saw those signs that said white men, colored men. White women, colored women. White waiting. And I didn't like it.

- John Lewis

Some John Kerry

I saw some war heroes... John Kerry is not a war hero. He couldn't tie the shoes of some of the people in Coastal Division 11.

- John O'Neill

Big Away

On my visits back home, if they saw that I was getting a big head, they'd let me know right away.

- John Ratzenberger

Percent Seats

I came from a hospitality background and saw that 80 percent of seats in cars weren't occupied most of the time.

- John Zimmer

Never Cowboy

I'm a cowboy who never saw a cow.

- Johnny Mercer

King Glass

I saw B.B. King in concert one time where he had this guy that would bring him out a glass of water and towel to wipe his forehead with.

- Johnny Van Zant

Work Capitol Hill

I worked on Capitol Hill for five years, and I saw how things work and how they do not. I saw the partisanship, the gridlock, the pettiness, and the corruption.

- Jon Ossoff

Nature Satirical

I eventually saw the satirical nature of caricaturing individuals.

- Jonathan Shapiro

Broken How

I did not realize how broken I was until I saw how broken Mama was.

- Jose Antonio Vargas

Science Harmony

I saw science as being in harmony with humanity.

- Joseph Rotblat

Go Estate

In 2008, when the real estate market blew up, it principally hurt older people who saw the value of their houses go down, along with their pension plans.

- Juan Williams

Think Sure

If you're offered something, you're not really sure exactly what is that they saw in you that they think is the character so it's a little scary, I feel.

- Julie Benz

Picture Cover

Early on, I found the attention completely embarrassing. I'd cringe if I saw my picture on the cover of a magazine.

- Julie Christie

Like Set

'Wonka' was an unforgettable experience. When I first saw the set, it was like walking into a theme park, and most of it was edible.

- Julie Dawn Cole

History Came

I came, I saw, I conquered.

- Julius Caesar

Commit Your

You know that murder is wicked. If you saw your master kill a man, do you suppose this would be any excuse for you, if you should commit the same crime?

- Jupiter Hammon

Being Could

As a legislator, I saw how effective I could be by being transparent, posting and explaining all of my votes.

- Justin Amash

Worth Telling

I'd said no to directing 'Snowtown' a few times and was quite scared of it, but I saw a story there that was worth telling.

- Justin Kurzel

Art Exhilarating

When I saw 'Hamilton,' there was so much information so fast, I had to keep up with it. I find that quality in art exhilarating.

- Justin Peck

Back Turned

And they just saw me on that and - from the time I was 11 until I was 12, I guess. And then when I had just turned 13, they asked me if I wanted to tour with Johnny Cash back East.

- Barbara Mandrell

Ideological Felt

Our struggle was political, ideological and economic, and we felt we couldn't make something of ourselves unless we bettered society. We saw the two together.

- Bella Abzug

Play Want

It's really hard to be on stage and packing your gear when people who just saw you play are in the room, because they all just want to talk to you.

- Grimes

Love Bottom

The worst time was 1983. Love and life and everything went wrong. I reached absolute rock bottom. I saw the Minotaur at the bottom of the abyss. I learnt of the harshness of the world and its impartiality to human failure.

- Ben Okri

Sex Were

I saw the Sex Pistols, and they were terrible.

- Bernard Sumner

Wanted La

I wanted already to be a filmmaker after I saw 'La Dolce Vita.'

- Bernardo Bertolucci

Very Great Achievement

I saw 'Avatar' and liked it very much. It was a great achievement.

- Bernardo Bertolucci

One Day Like

One day I was in the grocery store, and I saw raspberries, and I was like, 'Oh, I can make a lip stain out of that.'

- Bethany Mota

Best Ever

Patrice O'Neal is the best comic I ever saw.

- Bill Burr

Though Almost

Conflict of interest and lack of transparency, though they are global features as we saw post-Iraq, almost define Indian cricket.

- Harsha Bhogle

Cop Been

I've been watching cop procedurals my entire life, so when I saw an opportunity to make fun of one, I jumped at it.

- Hayes MacArthur

Which Shop

The whole thing of clothes is insane. You can spend a dollar on a jacket in a thrift store. And you can spend a thousand dollars on a jacket in a shop. And if you saw those two jackets walking down the street, you probably wouldn't know which was which.

- Helen Mirren

Navy Effects

I was in the Navy and saw, first-hand, the effects of front-line combat.

- Billy Casper

Moonlight Excellent

People saw 'Moonlight' because it was excellent.

- Billy Eichner

Past Certainly

In Plains, I saw Jimmy Carter as he really is - a nice, decent man... in terms of compassionate contribution to society, he certainly has proven to be our best past president.

- Helen Thomas

Seize Been

I saw the prospect of serving as labor secretary as a wonderful opportunity to further the policies that I have been fighting for my whole life, and I had to seize it.

- Hilda Solis

Black Real

When donors visited the Black Panther Party, they came and saw our real programs, a real clinic, with real doctors and medics, giving service to people.

- Bobby Seale

Cool Black

I never saw music in terms of men and women or black and white. There was just cool and uncool.

- Bonnie Raitt

Game Dad

People come up to me all the time who saw Dad in 'Oklahoma!' or 'Pajama Game,' and they say they'll never forget it.

- Bonnie Raitt

Always Full Time

I always saw being in a band a full time job.

- Holly Johnson