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Some Works

When I grew up, there were locked cabinets in public libraries. You needed parental permission if you were under eighteen. I was let down by the overblown reputations of some hardcore fictional works.

- Allan Gurganus

Think I Think

I think marriage and family keeps being written about because that's where we keep our reputations with ourselves - I mean, we can't quite slip the truths we reveal about ourselves at home.

- Amity Gaige

Think Reason

I think a reason why actors get reputations for being crazy and neurotic is because your life task is constantly in flux.

- Ari Graynor

Money Take

But money, wife, is the true Fuller's Earth for reputations, there is not a spot or a stain but what it can take out.

- John Gay

Social Built

Reputations can be built, attacked, and destroyed on social media. It's a huge game-changer - instantaneously emboldening adversaries and shortening the ride for any corporate or personal brand.

- Judy Smith

Hollywood Line

A lot of people in Hollywood, and everywhere pretty much, operate on fear. No one wants to get fired, so everyone's scared to take a chance. There's money involved, and there are careers and reputations on the line.

- Billy Eichner

Ball Anywhere

Upsetting the dope is a favorite pastime in baseball. Past performances count for but little in the national pastime. Reputations don't get you anywhere. A club is judged solely on results, and to get results, you must win ball games.

- Billy Evans

Art Constant

There is a constant ebb and flow in art historical reputations. The reputation of even the greatest figures like Picasso are in flux.

- Jeffrey Deitch


Even without mandatory sentences, judges are still capable of levying tough penalties for serious offenses - and just as in states like Texas that have 'tough on crime' reputations, this can be done without jeopardizing public safety.

- Ken Cuccinelli

My Life Joe

I gathered that those two Big-shot Boys, Joe + Fletcher, just was afraid to let me sing, thinking maybe I'd sort of ruin their reputations with their musical public. They not knowing that I had been singing all of my life. In churches, etc. I had one of the finest All Boys Quartets that ever walked the streets of New Orleans.

- Louis Armstrong

Like Ferocious

Secrets of the past! Who does not wish to keep the past locked in a cage like a ferocious beast? The rich are sleepless for fear of thieves. The respectable have to guard their reputations in the same way.

- Munshi Premchand

Trio Henry

A trio of reputations lie at the heart of Henry James's 'The Portrait of a Lady.'

- Tina Brown

Shield Other

The Shield was only around for what? Two years? And we did a lot in two years. I think the fact that people even take those two years and put them up against the reputations of those other groups really says a lot about what we were able to accomplish in that short period of time.

- Seth Rollins

Two I Think

I think when two people get together, their past is their past. Their reputations are reputations. You can only take someone the way you find them... on face value. I think that was how we were both, the way we were.

- Shane Warne

People Within

People - running from unhappiness, hiding in power - are locked within their reputations, ambitions, beliefs.

- Richard Avedon

Think I Think

So far as I am concerned, I think more of reasons than of reputations, more of principles than of persons, more of nature than of names, more of facts than of faiths.

- Robert Green Ingersoll

Week Like

They come together like the Coroner's Inquest, to sit upon the murdered reputations of the week.

- William Congreve

Fall Regularly

Reputations rise and fall almost as regularly as the tides.

- Peter Benchley

Honor Your

Your women of honor, as you call em, are only chary of their reputations, not their persons; and 'Tis scandal that they would avoid, not men.

- William Wycherley