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Records Figure

I don't rely on my figure to sell records.

- Adele

Rules Stick

I do not stick to rules when cooking. I rely on my imagination.

- Akshay Kumar

How Particularly

I'm particularly interested in how you can't rely on your own perception.

- Alison Jackson

Always Proved

You can't rely on your own perception when it comes to anything. You can always be proved wrong.

- Alison Jackson

Theatre Implied

Television theatre, as is implied in its name, should rely on adaptations of scripts written for the theatre.

- Andrzej Wajda

Strong Prepare

I got a strong spirit that I rely on and go into. It allows me to prepare and drive forward.

- Antonio Brown

Going Go

As far as the fouls go, we are not going to rely on anyone else to make the calls for us.

- Dan Quinn

Someone Pleasurable

It just makes everything more pleasurable when you've got someone that emotionally is there to rely on.

- Daniel Johns

Hands Cartoonists

Alternative cartoonists have to rely on comic book stores to get their stuff in the hands of readers.

- Jim Woodring

Happy Money

I can't rely on my money to be happy.

- Jimmy Lai

Person Never

We never really know what people are capable of until the only person they can rely on is themselves.

- Johnny Iuzzini

Never Market

Our seniors' retirement should never rely on the bull of political promises or the bear of the market.

- Barbara Mikulski

Creativity Know

People put limitations on their creativity, believing they have to rely on what they know and what they have done.

- Bertrand Piccard

Past Been

You're only as good as what you've been. You can't rely on the past.

- Billy Butler

Possibility Monogamy

Monogamy is a possibility - and a necessity. Kids have got to have something they can rely on. You have got to have something you rely on.

- Bob Hoskins

Thoughts Been

My thoughts have been the thing I can rely on.

- Hilary Mantel

Spirit Own

The point of a philosophical spirit is to rely primarily upon one's own thinking.

- Brendan Myers

Drunk Kind

I rely on the promise, 'God is kind to women, fools, and drunk people.'

- Jane Welsh Carlyle

Like Instinct

I sometimes like the situation that forces you to rely on your instinct and impulses.

- Donna Murphy

Me Scoring

For me, shooting, editing, and scoring rely on rhythm.

- Donnie Yen

Help We Cannot

But we cannot rely on foreign help indefinitely.

- Eduard Shevardnadze

Dirty Most

Most men I know rely on women to do all the literal dirty work.

- Elizabeth Banks

Face Having

I do rely on having a full face on.

- Kim Kardashian

Developing Definitely

There's definitely an obstacle in developing a brand for yourself that people can rely on when you're so eclectic.

- Fred Durst

Renewal Israel

Just as we rely on Israel as a continual source of inspiration and renewal, Israel relies on us.

- Lynn Schusterman

Kid Imaginations

When I was a kid, we had to rely on our imaginations for entertainment.

- Terry Brooks

Production Too

I used to rely too much on arrangements and production, things like dancers and explosions.

- Thalia

Tell Available

We rely on our purveyors to tell us what's available and what's good.

- Thomas Keller

Color Learned

I used to rely on black-and-white, and while I was working on 'Smile,' I learned to adapt to color on my end.

- Raina Telgemeier

Society Nuclear Power

It is possible for Japan to become the model of a society that does not rely on nuclear power.

- Naoto Kan

Feel Bigger

If you have to rely on yourself, you try harder, and when you try harder, you feel bigger.

- Margo MacDonald

Harmony Architect

You have to accept as an architect to be exposed to criticism. Architecture should not rely on full harmony.

- Renzo Piano

Suppliers GM

GM is a highly collaborative organization; we rely on a whole tier of suppliers for everything that we do.

- Tony Scott

Cats Could

My kitty cats could rely on my poker winnings.

- Nicole Sullivan

Design Magic

A good designer must rely on experience, on precise, logic thinking; and on pedantic exactness. No magic will do.

- Niklaus Wirth

Best Ask

Just ask the local people for the best food. Don't rely on a guidebook.

- Masaharu Morimoto

Process Very

To be able to rely completely on the actors was a very simple process for me.

- Stephen Hopkins

Director Actor

I'm really a director's actor. I rely heavily on a director.

- Patricia Clarkson

Honest Readers

I rely heavily on my beta readers' honest critiques.

- Wendy Higgins

Determine Budgets

American advertisers rely on 'essentially illogical' approaches to determine their advertising budgets.

- Michael Schudson