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Show Old

It's definitely time to stop. We're getting too old. We both realised that the show wasn't as engaging as it used to be. We were starting to look a bit ridiculous.

- Adrian Edmondson

Charge Fees

Earlier, I used to charge territories instead of my fees as an actor, but I realised it was better to keep the two apart. Now, I take my fees in cash, for acting, and keep the distribution thing separate.

- Ajay Devgan

Always Been

I always wanted to be a golfer, only I realised that if I'd played golf I would have been skint.

- Alan Hansen

Woman Designers

I thought, 'It doesn't matter what that woman is wearing,' but then I realised actually it's our job as designers to make women smile; to bring them the chocolate without the calories.

- Alber Elbaz

Learn Perfect

Everything doesn't have to be perfect, I've realised. You can learn as you go.

- Alexa Chung

Grow Normal

Once I started to grow up, I realised that my parents are normal people and they can make mistakes.

- Alfie Allen

Work Which

I probably revisit in my work the moment at which I realised that dreams couldn't be reality.

- Alice Lowe

Politics Emotion

I went into politics on an emotional level and soon realised that emotion has nothing to do with politics.

- Amitabh Bachchan

Always However

My parents always used to ask me to settle down, and I could never understand that term. However, after marriage, I have finally realised the importance of having a companion.

- Amruta Khanvilkar

Thought Pretty

Once I moved to L.A., there was a dark moment of trying to keep up with the girls I thought were pretty. Until I realised that's the stupidest thing you can do because people are so pretty in L.A.!

- Amy Adams

Mountain Top

I've realised that at the top of the mountain, there's another mountain.

- Andrew Garfield

Ring Either

I realised that I could either fight and get into trouble on the street or I could fight and get paid in the ring. I chose the ring.

- Anthony Joshua

Doing Singer

My father was a classical singer of baroque music, and my older sister was in musical theatre, and I thought about doing the same thing but then realised straight acting was for me.

- Antonia Thomas

Need Individual

When I started to write, I realised that you need a bit of both: the overall context as well as the individual's experience.

- Antony Beevor

Beginning Always

In the beginning, I got different kind of roles, and then I realised it's great to be that way. And that thought is always there before signing a film.

- Arjun Kapoor

College Been

I have been a good theatre artiste since my school and college days, but when I participated in 'Cine Stars Ki Khoj,' I realised that I could touch people's hearts when I performed.

- Ashish Sharma

Production Very

I never realised 'The Return' would take so long to make - it was a very tough 'political experience,' and the post production in L.A. seemed to go on forever.

- Asif Kapadia

My Life Everyone

When I realised I was transgender I was so afraid of what my transition would do to everyone else in my life and how they would react to it and would I be rejected?

- Chaz Bono

Like Going

When I was about 13 I realised girls weren't going to kiss me because I was a gigantic, weird looking creature from the depths. I was like 6 ft. aged 11.

- Chris O'Dowd

Myself Go

Eventually, I realised that I wanted to try to create something myself, and that's what writing novels is. Not because I wanted to put myself in front of the world, but because I wanted to create something that would go out into the world.

- Chris Pavone

Myself Beating

After many years of self-flagellation, I've realised that beating myself up doesn't get me anywhere.

- Chris Pine

Becoming Like

I like this idea of becoming fully realised.

- Chris Pine

Think Been

I wouldn't have been able to go to drama school when I was 19. I don't think I was even conscious of life... I was like a zombie. But when I finished uni' I just realised... just go and do it, stop being a knob.

- Claire Foy

Doing About

I never wanted to be an actor until about three years ago when I realised it was what I liked doing.

- Craig Roberts

Doing Discovered

I discovered at the age of five that I could sing, and I realised people liked it. The sound that came out made people happy, so I kept doing it.

- Cynthia Erivo

Mumbai Grew

I grew up in Delhi, where there are no Parsis. But once I came to Mumbai, I realised how quirky Parsis are.

- Cyrus Broacha

Television Show

I realised that a television show on political lampoon was one genre that was missing.

- Cyrus Broacha

Play Sure

I was being groomed to be a tennis player for sure. My grandparents and parents realised I had a natural athletic ability and if I was forced to do it, I could probably do well. But all I wanted was to play pretend.

- Dakota Fanning

Living Bother

My epiphany came in that police cell: I realised I was about to lose everything and it didn't bother me, not in the slightest. I'd come to hate cycling because I blamed it for the lie I was living.

- David Millar

Myself Want

I realised how rich I had become and I asked myself, 'Do I really want to be the richest person in the cemetery?'

- David Rubenstein

Maybe Could

I realised I could run after finding out that my dad used to run and it gave me the morale that if he did it then maybe I could also run.

- David Rudisha

Very Subjects

I realised that today we are very much interested in reading about subjects that would have also interested people in the 1500s: ghosts, demons and things that go bump in the night.

- Deborah Harkness

New Films

When I left Ohio when I was 17 and ended up in New York and realised that not all films had the giant crab monsters in them, it really opened up a lot of things for me.

- Jim Jarmusch

Play Riff

'Back In The Saddle' - I never realised what a good riff that was, or at least how much it satisfied me. And when we play it live, it comes across much better than I ever expected it to.

- Joe Perry

Art Having

When I went to art school, I was just having fun. I realised that was the last chance I had, and then I would have to get a job.

- John Baldessari

Thought Very

I was 12. Our, teacher made us write an autobiography and I realised that I wasn't very interesting. I began to make things up, and that's when I thought maybe I was a writer, or at least a fiction writer.

- John Burnham Schwartz

Would Wanted

I realised that if I did what I wanted to do, it would work.

- John Dyer


This truth of the gathering together of God's children is in Scripture seen realised in various localities, and in each central locality the Christians resident therein composed but one body: Scripture is perfectly clear on that head.

- John Nelson Darby

Positive Turned

So there was a fire inside me. And that fire inside you, it can be turned into a negative form or a positive form. And I gradually realised that I had this fire and that it had to be used in a positive way.

- John Newcombe

Challenges Makes

I've realised that when fashion is really good and really challenges and takes a risk, it is incredibly artistically powerful. It makes people dream.

- Jonathan Anderson

Play Vegas

I used to go to Vegas and play the horses, and then I realised how ridiculous that was. There is no winning in gambling, but there is on the stock market.

- Josh Brolin

Always Genuinely

My parents never really wanted me to be a musician at all, because in Peru you don't earn any money that way. But when they realised it was genuinely what I wanted to do, they supported me always.

- Juan Diego Florez

Want Given

At first I was a bit indignant about it, and then I realised, 'No, that's what people want, so that's what is given.' But it's not in your control. It's just what happens to you, and that's what's frightening.

- Julia Ormond


While I was writing Wild Swans I thought the famine was the result of economic mismanagement but during the research I realised that it was something more sinister.

- Jung Chang

Coffee Treated

Coffee must be treated gently and smoothed out. I hadn't realised it was so temperamental.

- Justin Cartwright

Driving Longer

And suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension.

- Ayrton Senna

Late Been

I've been quite a late developer on the clothes front, but I've suddenly realised it is one of life's joys.

- Benedict Cumberbatch

Right Place

I've realised now that the reality of children is you have to be in the right place with the right person.

- Benedict Cumberbatch

Career Slightly

I realised quite early on that, although I wasn't trying to make a career speciality of it, I was playing slightly asexual, sociopathic intellectuals.

- Benedict Cumberbatch

Born Been

When I was 14, I told my mother I intended to be in the House of Commons in the morning, in court in the afternoon and on stage in the evening. She realised then a fantasist had been born.

- Helen McCrory


I realised one day that men are emotional cripples. We can't express ourselves emotionally, we can only do it with anger and humour. Emotional stability and expression comes from women.

- Bob Hoskins

Some Certain Way

When I'm winning, winning, winning with a certain way why would I mess with that? When I realised there was lot to be gained from failing in some people's eyes, it made it all the more interesting!

- Bob Mould

Always Pilot

I wanted to be a pilot, but I was always drawing bodies. When I realised I wanted to pursue something creative, my parents pushed me towards architecture.

- Hussein Chalayan

Business Still

I realised I had to work in something creative, but with a business and global element. And that I had to do it while I was still young and had an appetite for risk.

- Imran Amed

Rome Some

Back in Rome I did some acting lessons and I realised I loved it more than anything else I had ever done before.

- Caterina Murino

Bus Finished

It was only when I finished the course and left my graduation diploma on the bus that I realised I'd become an actor.

- James D'arcy

Anxious Gnawing

I've realised I need a gnawing, nagging, anxious doubt when I wake at 4 A.M.

- Catherine Tate

Stubborn See

You need a stubborn belief in an idea in order to see it realised.

- James Dyson

Going Very

I was either told or I realised on my own terms that if you're going to be star-struck with the people you're working with, you're not going to work very well.

- James Frecheville

Doing Like

I don't like doing things by halves, and I realised you can't do stand-up comedy part-time.

- Deirdre O'Kane

Move Very

I sort of got into Westerns... It was a sort of desperation move, really. I had several pictures that didn't go very well, and I just realised that I would have to try something else.

- James Stewart

Career Still

I worked in a record store, but I realised I didn't want that. I still wanted to pursue a career - or a life - that my songs provided for me.

- Jamie Lawson

Star Movie

Without a great man writing and directing for me, I realised I was a mediocre movie star at best.

- Diane Keaton

Been Firm

My father realised that for me to become a publisher in his firm would have been the end of the firm!

- Dick Bruna

Never Lot

Miffy has changed quite a lot since the early books, although I never realised it at the time.

- Dick Bruna

Thought Made

When I was about 10 or 11, I realised that people made movies; until then, I had thought they just happened.

- Jasper Fforde

Own Within

I realised that people respond to banal things. They don't accept their own history, not participating in acceptance within their own being.

- Jeff Koons

Like Read

I first read 'Tom Sawyer' when I was in 8th grade, 13 years old. I realised since that Mark Twain just bottled what it felt like to be a child.

- Jeff Nichols

Like Again

It's really weird to be playing chords again. Haven't played chords for a long time. I realised I haven't played chord changes since OK Computer and stuff like that.

- Ed O'Brien

Artist Could

I'm quite arty. I didn't know whether to become an artist or musician but I realised I could paint with music. All my songs have colours.

- Ed Sheeran

Give Astonishment

I realised a little bit to my astonishment that I can give a lecture for a thousand people, and there will be this tumultuous applause, so, you know, I have the feeling well, it can't be all that bad.

- Edmund Hillary

Doing Living

When I was doing 'Neighbours,' I was aiming to go to university, then go to med school, but I realised I could make a better living from acting.

- Jesse Spencer

More Which

I don't have a story about an epiphany in which I suddenly realised I wanted to be an actor. It was much more a case of the idea dawning on me gradually.

- Elizabeth Debicki

Need Tone

I have realised I need to tone down and be easy at times. It is good to be competitive and have a fighting spirit, but one should not go to extremes.

- Karishma Tanna

My Own Began

'The Secret River' began because, at the age of 50, I suddenly realised I knew nothing about how my own family had got its foothold in Australia.

- Kate Grenville

Woman Occurred

My mother was a businesswoman; my grandmother was a businesswoman - it never occurred to me that life might be harder because you're a woman. It wasn't until later and I had a bigger sense of the world that I realised that.

- Katherine Ryan

Forgiveness New

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.

- Emo Philips

Small Town

I grew up in a small town in Ireland and didn't know any actors. I never thought it was a viable job. It wasn't until I was on 'The Tudors' that I realised it was a possibility.

- Katie McGrath

Will Through

I realised that you can go through times of extreme happiness, but if that happiness is not coming from a deeply rooted place, you will also be going through extreme lows of sadness.

- Katrina Kaif

Blind Been

At that moment of realization I knew that I had been blind because I had wished not to see; it was only then that I realised, at last, that all these dead men, French and Germans, were brothers, and I was the brother of them all.

- Ernst Toller

Law Wanted

My intent was to go to law school... And then what I realised quickly is what I wanted was to be on L.A. Law.

- Kevin Rahm

Thought Brilliant

I realised when I sang at family parties and Christmases I'd suddenly get everyone's attention, and, being the youngest of three, I thought what a brilliant attention-seeking ploy it was.

- Kiki Dee

Knew How Far

When I was 12 or 13, I realised I was good, but I never knew how far I'd get.

- Facundo Pieres

New Saw

The minute I saw the front page of the 'Daily Telegraph' - me with my arm around the latest 'X-Factor' contestant - I realised I'd gone into a new realm.

- Flume

Practical However

In 1955, I got my degree in electrical-mechanical engineering. I realised, however, that my interest was less in practical applications than in the understanding of the underlying theoretical structure, and I decided to learn physics.

- Francois Englert

Say Festival

When people say 'stadium songs,' it's really negative. All the festival headliners, I've realised, are usually the worst bands.

- Laurent Brancowitz

Everyone Compare

One thing I realised was that everyone is different. You can't compare two human beings.

- Gautam Gambhir

Every Day Bonus

Since I had cancer I've realised that every day is a bonus.

- Geoffrey Boycott

Stress My Life

Once I got cancer of the tongue and throat, I realised that stress is a killer and I had to try and get stress out of my life.

- Geoffrey Boycott

Explore Side

I realised success as an actor alone wouldn't make me happy. I needed to explore my spiritual side in more depth.

- Linus Roache

May Other

I have realised more and more that great companies, founded for a long-term purpose, such as Google or Facebook or SpaceX, may do more good in the world than any other vehicle that we have.

- Luke Nosek

Data Everyone

People realised this is real pollution; it is not fog. Now everyone has to face the data and come out of their comfort zone.

- Ma Jun

Business Process

I've now returned to the business again because I finally realised that I really enjoy the creative process.

- Gil Gerard

School Abnormal

It wasn't until school that we realised that we were abnormal.

- Gilbert Hernandez

Always Length

Movies tie things up in an arbitrary length of time, but I have always liked things that aren't fully realised.

- Peter Weir

My Life Asking

The moment that changed me for ever was when I had my first seminar with my history professor at the University of Sussex. I realised that history would answer all the questions I had spent my life asking. It was an extraordinary moment.

- Philippa Gregory

Pilot Licence

I thought I'd join the RAF and become a wing commander. I realised this wasn't possible, although I do have a pilot's licence.

- Mike Oldfield

Efficiency Which

Wind developers have realised the importance of transparent method of price discovery, which was demonstrated in the solar sector. They realise that bidding brings in efficiency, and tariff is right-sized.

- Piyush Goyal

Important How

I've realised how important having family is.

- Miyavi

Winning Like

After I won Miss India, I realised I do not like failing. I just like being the best. I hate being a loser. So I just have to keep winning.

- Priyanka Chopra