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Which Grown-Up

Is 'The Wind in the Willows' a children's book? Is 'Alice in Wonderland?' Is 'Treasure Island?' These are masterpieces which we read with pleasure as children, but with how much more pleasure when we are grown-up.

- A. A. Milne

Newspaper Form

I read the newspaper avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction.

- A. C. Benson

Fiction Old

I first read science fiction in the old British Chum annual when I was about 12 years old.

- A. E. van Vogt

Move Very

I was very good at sitting. But I just read so much research about how horrible sitting is for you. It's like, it's really bad. It's like Paula-Deen-glazed-bacon-doughnut bad. So I now move around as much as possible.

- A. J. Jacobs

News Confuse

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.

- A. J. Liebling

Death Terrorism

In India we only read about death, sickness, terrorism, crime.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Reason Which

I know that part of the reason I read Tolkien when I'm ill is that there is an almost total absence of sexuality in his world, which is restful.

- A. S. Byatt

Been Purely

I have never been able to read Agatha Christie - the pleasure is purely in the puzzle, and the reader is toyed with by someone who didn't decide herself who the killer was until the end of the writing.

- A. S. Byatt

Wilson Woodrow Wilson

I read my first book on Woodrow Wilson at age 15, and I was hooked.

- A. Scott Berg

Kind Goose

Sometimes when it comes to the iconic kind of moments, when I read the script for the first time, you get little goose bumps or something because it really is kind of exciting.

- Aaron Ashmore

Play Comic Books

Personally, I really enjoy sci-fi. I watch it, I read comic books, and I play video games.

- Aaron Ashmore

Work Vocal

There's not a day that I don't work on vocals, have vocal coaches, go to acting classes, read books.

- Aaron Carter

Go Reviews

I don't go online, I don't read reviews, I try not to look at anything on the Internet.

- Aaron Johnson

Small I Write

Normally, I just sit in my quiet little room and do the small things that bring me pleasures. I read my books, I answer email, I write a little bit.

- Aaron Swartz

Play Role

Whenever I read a script, I start recasting the role that I might play. I'm like, 'God, this should be played by Domhnall Gleeson, not me.'

- Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Love I Love

I love to read, and I love Martina Cole.

- Abbey Clancy

Younger Age Group

All I can say is, I don't encourage younger kids to read my books, and actually, the biggest age group on my Facebook page is 25- to 35-year-old women.

- Abbi Glines

Think Bible

Where I come from you're not raised to think on your own. It's not that you're pushed to read the Bible. The Bible is read to you.

- Abel Ferrara

Film House

The trade magazine and all was banned in my house. The first time I read a film magazine was when I was 18.

- Abhishek Bachchan

Education Want

The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read.

- Abraham Lincoln

Love I Love

I love to read poetry but I haven't written anything that I'm willing to show anybody.

- Abraham Verghese

Notes How

I can't even read notes. But I can teach someone how to make a guitar smoke.

- Ace Frehley

Other Reader

No, I had not read any other comedian's book. Not that I don't enjoy other comedians; I'm just not a reader.

- Adam Carolla

Interest Holy

Deeply consider that it is your duty and interest to read the Holy Scriptures.

- Adam Clarke

More Like

Liberal judges tend to be expansive about things like equal protection, while conservatives read more into ones like 'the right to bear arms.'

- Adam Cohen

Perfect Audition

When I auditioned for 'Pitch Perfect,' I didn't know it was a singing movie. I didn't read the script. I go to the audition, and I'm like, 'Oh, it's a baseball movie.' But then I'm reading the lines, and I'm like, 'This doesn't seem like a baseball movie.'

- Adam DeVine

Handsome Like

When I read for 'Girls,' I was like, 'The script says 'Handsome Carpenter,' so someone else is going to get the part. They'll have someone handsome, not me.'

- Adam Driver

Always Making

You always read stories of people going out to California and making it as an actor with, like, two dollars, so I figured I'd try it.

- Adam Driver

New Streets

There's a lot of demand to hear the new Kanye West album before it hits the streets. There's much less demand to read the new Phillip Roth novel.

- Adam Mansbach

Fiction Part

Personally, I read fiction, in part, because I get to spend time with people who aren't my people.

- Adam Ross

Reading Kid

I read to my kid, but I can't stand reading.

- Adam Sandler

Generation Devoted

I'm definitely of the 'Harry Potter'-transfigured-me-into-a-reader-and-writer generation. And that's really all I read throughout my teen years, because I really devoted all my time to writing and reading friends' fan-fiction.

- Adam Silvera

Blogs Tabloids

I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to. But it was just filling up my day with hatred.

- Adele

Confident Very

I'm very confident. Even when I read people saying horrible stuff about my weight.

- Adele

Longer Tabloids

I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to.

- Adele

Against Handwriting

Man is a strange animal. He generally cannot read the handwriting on the wall until his back is up against it.

- Adlai E. Stevenson

Thought Loved

I was thrilled to be able to read at three. I just thought everyone loved reading as much as I did.

- Adora Svitak

Love Other

The idea there were kids out there who didn't love to read and write just as much as I did struck me. So I went around schools and tried to make other kids love to read and write.

- Adora Svitak

New Pretty

If you haven't read 'In The Morning I'll Be Gone', I reckon it's a pretty good place to start if you're new to me and my books.

- Adrian McKinty

See Provocative

Written poetry is different. Best thing is to see it in performance first, then read it. Performance is more provocative.

- Adrian Mitchell

Comics Swung

The most impactful comics that I've read are the ones where the artists swung for the bleachers and tried to immerse you in their world.

- Adrian Tomine

Going Life-Long

'Peanuts' is a life-long influence, going back to before I could even read.

- Adrian Tomine

Movies Like

I like to go to the movies or read.

- Adriana Lima

News Friendly

Sometimes we read or hear too much news that makes us fearful or suspicious of others. We can forget that most of the people that we know, or at least encounter regularly, are decent and friendly.

- Adrienne Clarkson

Desire Russia

Much that we read of Russia is imagination and desire only.

- Agnes Smedley

Books Cover

I picked books by their covers - the worse the cover, the more I wanted to read it.

- Ahmet Zappa

Reports Praised

When we had to do book reports, I would pick a book that no one read and just make it up and turn that in. I got praised for my imagination.

- Ahmet Zappa

Too Until

I didn't read at all until I was 12. I just couldn't. It was too frustrating.

- Ahmet Zappa

Want Other

I can read people, and if the other person doesn't want to say anything, I'm fine with that. People say things when it's time to say them.

- Aidan Gillen

Art Game

There's no way the writing staff of 'Game of Thrones' haven't read 'The Art of War.' There's definitely an influence on 'Game of Thrones' from this book in both a general way and on the character of Lord Baelish and his strategies.

- Aidan Gillen

Know Graphic Novels

You know, I read graphic novels but not encyclopedically.

- Aisha Tyler

Need Going

My only window into the Internet is Twitter because I am afraid of the Internet. I need my mom to hold my hand if I'm going to read anything about me.

- AJ Lee

Going Other

Back when people couldn't read, other people would take newspapers and turn them into theater so that people would know what was going on in the world. That is a powerful thing.

- Aja Naomi King

Through Tone

When you read Chekhov, everything has an even gray tone. When you read 'Family Life', everything has an even white tone. It is almost like when you paint on paper, and you can see the paper through the paint.

- Akhil Sharma

Next Almost

My work is being destroyed almost as soon as it is printed. One day it is being read; the next day someone's wrapping fish in it.

- Al Capp

Living TV

I've never seen the Osbournes, I've never seen Paris Hilton. I'd rather read than watch reality TV. I'd rather live life than watch somebody else living it.

- Al Jourgensen

Never Comic Books

I never read comic books as a kid.

- Al Jourgensen

More About

Understood what the struggle was about. My mother. Couldn't read or write, but she had more sense than many a graduate from Harvard.

- Al Lewis

Very Which

I was a very un-literary child, which might reassure parents with kids who don't read.

- Alain de Botton

Right Like

I read science, because to me, that's extremely exciting. It's like a great detective story, and it's happening right in front of us.

- Alan Alda

Fiction Still

I used to read science fiction a lot, and I still like science fiction when it is a model of how we really are and to see ourselves from another perspective.

- Alan Alda

Why About

I'm aware of 'Twilight,' but I've never seen the movies or read any of the books. Frankly, the story leaves me cold - why do a vampire story about abstinence?

- Alan Ball

Last Go Home

When I go home, the last thing I want to do is read about the popular lore of vampires.

- Alan Ball

Classic Everyone

Definition of a classic: a book everyone is assumed to have read and often thinks they have.

- Alan Bennett

Hands Been

I was an early reader, and my grandmother, who as a child had been forbidden to read by a father who believed books to be frivolous time-wasters, delighted in putting her favorite volumes into her grandchildren's hands.

- Alan Bradley

Play Ever

Macbeth was the first play I ever read.

- Alan Cumming

Year Hundred

I'm not a great shopper but I do buy a lot of books. I'm the publishers' friend - I buy a hundred books a year and read four.

- Alan Davies

Bad New

I have a bad tendency to get rapidly bored with my own material, so rewriting is hard for me. I mean, I already know the story and would rather read something new.

- Alan Dean Foster

Always About

A visit to Israel is always an experience in cognitive dissonance. The Israel you personally see and hear is so completely different from the Israel you read and hear about in the media.

- Alan Dershowitz

Contemporary Very

I read very little contemporary anything.

- Alan Furst

Been Socialist

If you read the history of the national Socialist party, they're all people who felt like life should have been better to them. They're disappointed, vengeful, angry.

- Alan Furst

Think I Think

My theory is that sometimes writers write books because they want to read them, and they aren't there to be read. And I think that was true of me.

- Alan Furst

Music Me

For me, Anthony Powell is a religion. I read 'A Dance to the Music of Time' every few years.

- Alan Furst

Know Accuracy

People know accuracy when they read it; they can feel it.

- Alan Furst

Book More

For something that's supposed to be secret, there is a lot of intelligence history. Every time I read one book, two more are published.

- Alan Furst

True Story Stories

I look for the dark story, where something secret was done. I read and read and pick up the trail of a true story. I use nothing but true stories. They are so much better than phony ones.

- Alan Furst

Learn Country

The way I work: I pick a country. I learn the political history - I mean I really learn it; I read until it sinks in. Once I read the political history, I can project and find the clandestine history. And then I people it with the characters.

- Alan Furst

My Life Always

I spend my life writing fiction, so reading fiction isn't much of an escape. That's not always true, but I don't read much contemporary fiction.

- Alan Furst

New Through

When I went to prep school in New York City, I had to ride the subway and learned how to do homework on the train. I can work and read through anything.

- Alan Furst

Rhymes Whatsoever

My mother read nursery rhymes to me, and my grandmother told me folk stories, but as a child I had no interest in writing whatsoever.

- Alan Garner

Think Anybody

My attitude is that if anybody of any age wants to read a book, let them, but I do think that no child would want to read 'Boneland.'

- Alan Garner

War Some

If truth is the first victim of war, then read on - I've got some great lies for you this month.

- Alan Gorrie

Need Having

Having an intelligent secretary does not get rid of the need to read, write, and draw, etc. In a well functioning world, tools and agents are complementary.

- Alan Kay

Love Marriage

If you want to read about love and marriage, you've got to buy two separate books.

- Alan King

Thought Wrote

When I read Dickens for the first time, I thought he was Jewish, because he wrote about oppression and bigotry, all the things that my father talked about.

- Alan King

Play Through

Every so often you read a play and a character just speaks to you - almost seems to speak through you, in fact.

- Alan Rickman

Thought Sure

Failure, it is thought, is what sells, and what people want to hear and read about. I am not so sure.

- Alastair Campbell

Through Needs

All we did in Alabama was have a read through with the script, but there was, 'No, well, it needs more. You've got to do this, Albert. You've got to do that, Jessica.' It didn't feel like that at all.

- Albert Finney

Big Been

I can't read, I don't know how to write, my whole life has been one big fight.

- Albert King

Fact Spoke

And Marx spoke of the fact that socialism will be the kingdom of freedom, where man realizes himself in a way that humankind has never seen before. This was an inspiring body of literature to read.

- Albert Maltz

New By The Time

By the time I came down from Yale, I was already more radicalized and had begun to read New Masses.

- Albert Maltz

Love Which

I got a call on a Sunday. 'Do you want to do 'The Godfather?' I thought they were kidding me, right? I said, 'Yes, of course, I love that book' - which I had never read.

- Albert S. Ruddy

Beauty Evenings

It was one of those evenings when men feel that truth, goodness and beauty are one. In the morning, when they commit their discovery to paper, when others read it written there, it looks wholly ridiculous.

- Aldous Huxley

Interesting Which

Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting.

- Aldous Huxley

See Some

You read some columnists in the newspapers; you have to wonder who they are really working for. You can see they have an agenda.

- Alec Baldwin

Mind Newspaper

To read a newspaper is to refrain from reading something worth while. The first discipline of education must therefore be to refuse resolutely to feed the mind with canned chatter.

- Aleister Crowley

Like Learned

I was like a mutant when I was a boy. I learned to read when I was four years old; it was like a miracle.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Thought Means

When I found myself in the U.S., and the war was at full swing in Bosnia, I read for survival - it was a means of thought resuscitation.

- Aleksandar Hemon

Dress Want

The way you dress is really the way you feel, the way you live, what you read, your choices. That's what I want to put into Gucci.

- Alessandro Michele

Audience Fiction

Also, most people read fiction as an escape - and I wonder whether my books aren't a bit too grounded in reality to reach the widest possible audience.

- Alex Berenson