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Social Performer

A tremendous social responsibility comes with being a successful public performer.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Help Wikileaks

Wikileaks didn't help confidence with American administrations because of conversations made public so easily.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Like Needs

I'm like John Q. Public. I represent what every guy wants and needs.

- Adam Carolla

Music Worst

My worst fear is my music won't connect with the public.

- Adele

Mind Corrupt

Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.

- Adlai E. Stevenson

Never Wrong

The public is never wrong.

- Adolph Zukor

Rather Here

Rather than lose the public because television is here, wouldn't it be smart to adopt television as our instrument?

- Adolph Zukor

Politics Hang

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

- Aesop

Pretty Yes

Yes, I do get recognized in public. It's pretty nice.

- Aisha Tyler

Piano Like

The public is like a piano. You just have to know what keys to poke.

- Al Capp

Other Fed

There's no other job in public life that is like chairman of the Fed.

- Alan Greenspan

Like Meet

I genuinely like the people I meet at signings or the bits of public talking that I do.

- Alan Moore

Trials Fascination

Personal trials are the great equalizer that continues to draw public fascination.

- Alana Stewart

Public Opinion Made

Useless knowledge can be made directly contributory to a force of sound and disinterested public opinion.

- Albert J. Nock

Bush Manure

Everything that Bush touches turns to manure in public policy.

- Alec Baldwin

Desire Run

I have no desire to run for public office.

- Alec Baldwin

Want Tell

The public don't know what they want; it's my job to tell them.

- Alec Issigonis

Resume Servant

As a public servant, William H. Webster has an impeccable resume.

- Alex Berenson

Think Act

I like to think of film-making not just as an act of personal self-aggrandisement but rather as an act of public service.

- Alexander Payne

Money Republic

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.

- Alexis de Tocqueville

I Am Provide

I am to provide the public with beneficial shocks.

- Alfred Hitchcock

Take Lower

We can only take it so far, because man can only take it so far, lower self can only take it so far, and you have to realize that the public is only at a certain place.

- Alice Cooper

Security Provide

NARA must provide security at our facilities to protect our public patrons, our staff, and our holdings.

- Allen Weinstein

Years Allowed

I was only allowed only to watch public television until I was 12 years old. I would come home from friends's houses with a list of demands. 'OK, We have all the wrong cereals. You guys are asleep on the job.'

- Allison Williams

Watch Allowed

I was only allowed only to watch public television until I was 12 years old.

- Allison Williams

Never Private

Private passions tire and exhaust themselves, public ones never.

- Alphonse de Lamartine

Taught Schools

I grew up in the public schools, my mom taught in them, and then my daughter is in them.

- Amy Klobuchar

Work Like

I like working with the public, and I like that it's really hard work.

- Amy Sedaris

Going Imagine

I can't imagine going to an all-girls school. I went to a public school.

- Amy Sedaris

Like Making

I like working with the public, I like working with food, and I like making cash.

- Amy Sedaris

Music Very

I respect very much my public and also the music I perform.

- Andrea Bocelli

Thought Never

I mean, that was a throwaway thought, because my focus was - my intent and my focus was to never go public.

- Andrea Mackris

Like Getting

I don't like to cry in public, unless I'm getting paid for it.

- Andrea Martin

Race Petrified

Much of America is petrified to bring up race, especially in public forums - the media, in particular.

- Andrew Breitbart

Going Raise

I'm not going to raise taxes; I'm not going to have a wage increase for public employees.

- Andrew Cuomo

Tension Like

I didn't like the nervous tension of being a public person.

- Andrew Denton

General Most

Unlike the general public, I rather like most politicians.

- Andrew Marr

Like Poems

The best public poems aren't necessarily those that go at the subject like a bull at a gate.

- Andrew Motion

Defend Attacks

While we do not ask for accolades, we must defend ourselves from repeated public attacks.

- Andrew Thomas

Honest How

Being honest with the public is how they respect you.

- Angel Haze

Doing Public Good

If I can't do something for the public good, what the hell am I doing?

- Anita Roddick

Men Public Health

The greatest public health threat for many American women is the men they live with.

- Anna Quindlen

Public Health FDA

The FDA serves a real purpose: To protect public health.

- Anne Wojcicki

Growing Up Growing

Growing up in public is especially hard sometimes.

- Annette Funicello

Future Speaking

Fear paralyses you - fear of flying, fear of the future, fear of leaving a rubbish marriage, fear of public speaking, or whatever it is.

- Annie Lennox

Will General

There cannot be any impediment to science that will ultimately be good to the general public.

- Anthony Fauci

Know Disclosure

I know that there was a public disclosure mechanism in my financial forms.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Why State

Why can't the state accede to the public's wishes?

- Antonin Scalia

Public Office

I'm not one of the people who have to be in public office.

- Antonio Villaraigosa

Art Through

Public money should be spent on art but through individuals not committees.

- Antony Gormley

Take Still

I still don't have a car. I still travel by public transport. I take autos to travel to and fro for recordings.

- Arijit Singh

Politicians Toward

There's a great public disinclination toward politicians.

- Arlen Specter

Government High

People in government and public life are being kicked around at a high rate of speed.

- Arlen Specter

Someone Interest

It's a rarity when someone takes a political risk in Washington today in the public interest.

- Arlen Specter

Government Highest

Government's first duty and highest obligation is public safety.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Take Which

We tell the public which way the cat is jumping. The public will take care of the cat.

- Arthur Hays Sulzberger

Take Which

We journalists tell the public which way the cat is jumping. The public will take care of the cat.

- Arthur Hays Sulzberger

Negative Rates

The linkage between tax rates and public services is, if not non-existent, negative.

- Arthur Laffer

Strong Commandments

Public opinion is stronger than the legislature, and nearly as strong as the ten commandments.

- Charles Dudley Warner

Westminster Does

Public perception of the Westminster arena, with all its posturings, does little to engender a sense of voter belief.

- Charles Kennedy

Same Even

Even Stravinsky does not evoke the same public affection as Verdi.

- Charles Rosen

Chances Like

If you hear something you like, and you're halfway like the public, chances are they'll like it too.

- Chet Atkins

Will Embraced

SK Group will work to be reborn as a group embraced by the public.

- Chey Tae-won

Want Presented

I do not want my name to be presented to the public as an Indian, but as a pitcher.

- Chief Bender

Doing Studio

I got into the studio when I was thirteen. At the age of twelve I was doing public performances.

- Chingy

Needs Each One

There is no public out there who needs to change. It's each one of us.

- Chris Jordan

Reason Some

You know, it's possible for two humans to be in a relationship without there needing to be some public reason for that relationship.

- Chris Martin

Never Would

I grew up assuming that I would be in public service. I never planned to be in business.

- Chris Whittle

Speaking Acoustics

With real estate, it's location, location, location. In public speaking, it's acoustics, acoustics, acoustics.

- Christopher Buckley

Needs Give

I don't care what the public wants, I'm going to give it what it needs!

- Christopher Dodd

Area Marking

The lines marking a penalty area are a disgrace to the playing fields of a public school.

- Christopher Fry

Debate Encourage

The job of the press is to encourage debate, not to supply the public with information.

- Christopher Lasch

Success Business

In America, we have equated personal business success with public virtue.

- Chrystia Freeland

Fingers Our

What the public hates the most is when they think the politicians aren't listening to them. They understand that we can't solve all their problems with a snap of our fingers, but they sure want us to try because we are public servants.

- Chuck Schumer

Be Careful Never

I'm never in one place. I also have to be careful at public events.

- Curtis Sliwa

Better Than

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

- Cyril Connolly

Public Officials

When public officials turn to financial gain for official acts, we have no choice but to prosecute.

- Dana Boente

Business Want

Well, anything you want to make public is your public business.

- Danny Bonaduce

Money Sack

The safest course for public officials is simply to throw all of the money in a sack.

- Dave Freudenthal

Advantage Lot

There's not a whole lot of advantage for a company to be public.

- Dave Goldberg

School Wanted

When I was sent to public school, I was relieved that I could wear what I wanted to wear.

- Davey Havok

Going Last

Going public is one step in the life cycle of a company; it's not the last step.

- David Cohen

Art Important

The educator and the public need to have an opportunity to discuss why certain art is important.

- David Elliott

Sunlight Which

Obama has already rejected the bright sunlight of public knowledge, which is democracy's great disinfectant and cure.

- David K. Shipler

Noble Great Example

A sovereign's great example forms a people; the public breast is noble or vile as he inspires it.

- David Mallet

Meet Most

'Meet the Press' is the oldest and most treasured public affairs show on television.

- David Shuster

Lot Sets

On film sets, people get put down in public a lot.

- David Warner

Think Market

We don't think much about the up and down of the public market.

- Jim Goetz

Delay His

This is a matter of public health. The public was sick and tired of DeLay and his corruption.

- Jim Hightower

Itself Certitude

Public decision-making does not lend itself to certitude.

- Jim Leach

News Discern

When fake news is repeated, it becomes difficult for the public to discern what's real.

- Jimmy Gomez

Fortune Made

I've made my share of mistakes, but had the good fortune to have them not be so public.

- Joanna Garcia

Want Would

No, I don't want to talk about River. I have nothing to say about it that I would want to be public.

- Joaquin Phoenix

Want Public Life

I'm in the wrong racket if I didn't want a public life.

- Joe Mantegna

Politics Twice

The public seldom forgive twice.

- Johann Kaspar Lavater

Mind Figures

I'm not psychic. I cannot know what is in the mind of particular public figures.

- John Bercow

Care Particularly

The public doesn't particularly care for advertisements.

- John C. Malone

Public Officials

In my experience, endorsements by public officials, they don't count for anything.

- John Cornyn

New Expand

And there should not be a limit on the creation of new public schools. We ought to expand choices for parents.

- John Engler

Work Servant

I'm a public servant. And I work for the American people.

- John Fleming