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Been Otherwise

I was an undergraduate at Princeton, and I was pressed by the math department to go on to graduate school. Actually they gave me fellowships that paid my way, otherwise I would not have been able to continue.

- Alonzo Church

Audience Other

If I had to speak in front of a Korean audience, I would be hard pressed to sound other than a little girl.

- An Na

Rome Poem

Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.

- Anatole Broyard

Against Horror

I completely remember the horror I felt when my pits started getting hairy. I would walk with my arms pressed against my sides.

- Lisi Harrison

Like Large

Nothing impresses the ladies like a clean, pressed pair of khakis and a large pattern shirt featuring either classic cars, mojitos or men playing golf.

- Tim Heidecker

Love Perfectly

If pressed, I would say I feel British. It's where I grew up and where I choose to live, the culture that I love, but I feel perfectly at home in America, I don't feel like a tourist or anything.

- Rebecca Hall

Makeup Use

For a clean makeup finish, I use Cle de Peau translucent pressed powder.

- Rena Sofer

Shape Means

Pressed into service means pressed out of shape.

- Robert Frost

Survival Question

I'm interested in how we react when we're heavily pressed. When we're vulnerable and our survival is in question, how do we behave?

- Paolo Bacigalupi

Always Added

Style advice? Always wear clothes... that are... clean, for starters. An added bonus if it is pressed as well. Unless you are wearing clothes that are supposed to look rumpled.

- Steve Carell

Degree Hang

There is an extraordinary degree of amity among Washington poets. They hang together. You would be hard pressed to find that in Manhattan.

- Maxine Kumin

Tar Chilled

Pressed caviar has the consistency of chilled tar.

- William E. Geist

Think I Think

I think anybody would be hard pressed not to relate to at least one of the characters, because there's so many different multifaceted people populating this crazy world.

- Michael C. Hall

Salt Mills

Pressed by the Obama administration and consumers, Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi, Campbell and General Mills, among others, have begun to trim the loads of salt, sugar and fat in many products.

- Michael Moss