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Work Lovely

I get to work with great photographers, wear lovely clothes, be part of the creative process.

- Alexa Chung


Photographers must learn not to be ashamed to have their photographs look like photographs.

- Alfred Stieglitz

Around Least

The photographers are always around. Wherever I go, they start clicking incessantly. I am always like, 'At least give me a heads-up, as, many times, I look so disheveled. What will people think?'

- Alia Bhatt

Image Some

Some photographers work on the same image for hours and hours and then use the first picture that they took.

- Alice Dellal

How Most

It's not easy for most girls to stand in next-to-nothing and listen to photographers and stylists commenting on how they look.

- Alyssa Sutherland

I Am Digital

I am one of the last photographers to convert to digital.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Like Most

Like most photographers, I try to capture a moment in my work.

- Julian Lennon

London Had

When I was 13, I had a weekend job at the Photographers Gallery Bookshop in London.

- Beeban Kidron

Alone Most

Most photographers work best alone, myself included.

- Elliott Erwitt


Instagram was initially launched as a community for artists and photographers.

- Eva Chen

Think Fit

I think all photographers fit their vision to their personality.

- Kim Weston


These days, most nature photographers are deeply committed to the environmental message.

- Galen Rowell

Most Models

Most of my friends are in the industry - photographers, models, stylists, and social media kids.

- Lucky Blue Smith


People, photographers, people in the press can sometimes be inappropriate.

- Tobey Maguire

Artist Same

Any artist picks and chooses what they want to paint or write about or say. Photographers are the same.

- Richard Avedon

Always Been

Photographers have always been each other's biggest fans.

- Rick Smolan

Paid Get

Photographers have to make the clothes look fantastic; that's why we get paid.

- Patrick Demarchelier

Wanted Lot

A lot of paparazzi wanted to be real photographers but they failed, and they did that instead, and it's not right; it's stalking.

- Peaches Geldof

New Painters

Fashion photographers are the new painters.

- Peter Lindbergh