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Say Like

I was quite pleased that Prince Philip didn't say anything like, I hate queers! He was quite well behaved.

- Allan Carr

Admire Robertson

There are two trilogies I admire: Robertson Davies's 'The Deptford Trilogy' and Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials.'

- Amy Bloom

Pop Use

I'm trying to use people like Meredith Monk and Philip Glass and Terry Riley as the backing tracks for new pop songs. It's really hard trying to use the format and write a pop song on top of avant-garde music, so we'll see. It could be cool, or it could totally flop.

- Autre Ne Veut

Human Life Turkey

Wild Turkey whiskey and Philip Morris cigarettes are essential to the maintenance of human life!

- Herb Kelleher

Roth Edward

Most of my favorite writers are over forty, and so I suppose I'll only name a few of the writers whose work I find myself constantly returning to: Edward P. Jones, Marilynne Robinson, Kazuo Ishiguro, V. S. Naipaul, Toni Morrison, and Philip Roth.

- Dinaw Mengestu

Been Other

I've long been an admirer of Philip French's way of writing as well as his knowledge of films. He was one of the few critics to be aware, and make audiences aware, of the work of people on a film set other than the director.

- Douglas Slocombe

Against Old

I, Philip Kearny, an old soldier, enter my solemn protest against this order for retreat.

- Philip Kearny

Father Line

My father Philip was an actor and appeared in everything from 'The Onedin Line' to 'Hedda Gabler' with Dame Diana Rigg.

- Samantha Bond

Feel About

I sense a kind of fear of writing black or Asian characters from non-ethnic writers, who perhaps feel that they don't know the culture and therefore can't write about it. By and large, if there's an Asian character, I might get a call. But if the character is called 'Philip,' the chances are I won't.

- Sanjeev Bhaskar

Been Serve

Philip Pullman and Jacqueline Wilson have both been writing for a long time. In 30 years, will writers of that quality have been able to serve the same sort of apprenticeship? Not unless they can make enough money now to live on.

- Tony Bradman

Choreographer Had

A good choreographer is one that's going to collaborate, teach, guide - everything. The wonderful thing on 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' was that we had Philip Kwok - he choreographed John Woo's 'Hard Boiled,' and in the '70s, he was a martial arts actor, stunt man, fighter, choreographer in Hong Kong.

- Mark Dacascos