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Marriage Critical

The critical period of matrimony is breakfast-time.

- A. P. Herbert

Beautiful Relevant

Beautiful film music can be made relevant to any period.

- A. R. Rahman

Thankful Happen

I'm so thankful for that struggling period. That time is really great where you have no idea what's going to happen.

- Abbi Jacobson

Era Himself

God manifests himself in each historical period according to the understanding of the people of the era.

- Abdolkarim Soroush

Shared Remarkably

Much of what we consider the American way of life is rooted in the period of remarkably broad, shared economic growth, from around 1900 to about 1978.

- Adam Davidson

Dawned Took

Be yourself. I had this three-week period where I wore this straw fedora. I thought it was what chicks wanted. And then it dawned on me that I was trying to be something that I wasn't, so I took the fedora off. So be yourself.

- Adam DeVine

Mankind Confined

The history of mankind is confined within a limited period, and from every quarter brings an intimation that human affairs have had a beginning.

- Adam Ferguson

Music Been

It's been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I've experienced.

- Adam Lambert


Unless action is taken soon - unless we can display the same vision of that earlier period - we will lose the treasure of California's open space and environmental beauty.

- Adam Schiff

I Wish Very

I am not very regimented unless I have to be. I wish I was someone that could just write every day, but I tend to work on specific projects for a specific period of time and then stop.

- Adam Schlesinger

Country Brief

No country in the history of the world has ever contributed more to humankind and accomplished more for its people in so brief a period of time as Israel has done since its relatively recent rebirth in 1948.

- Alan Dershowitz

Very Movie

Period recreation is very difficult unless you make a black-and-white movie.

- Alan Parker

Critical Matrimony

The critical period in matrimony is breakfast-time.

- Alan Patrick Herbert

Flight Perfectly

The rocket had worked perfectly, and all I had to do was survive the reentry forces. You do it all, in a flight like that, in a rather short period of time, just 16 minutes as a matter of fact.

- Alan Shepard

My Life Most

It was a dark period of my life when William Hung was the most famous Asian man.

- Alan Yang

Rewarding Been

I have often been struck by the fact that most parents who are experiencing positive and rewarding relationships with their pre-adolescent children are, nevertheless, waiting apprehensively and bracing themselves for the stormy adolescent period.

- Albert Bandura

Pretty Movie

I guess 'The Player' was a pretty good L.A. movie. And 'Chinatown.' Was there ever a better L.A. movie about a certain period in L.A.? That was terrific.

- Albert Brooks

Having Tied

The danger in having modern music tied to a period piece is that hearing something may take you out of the moment.

- Aldis Hodge

Will Happen

I have a notebook, and I know what decisions will be made in pre-production. Everything is pre-determined in the pre-production period. I visually design the whole thing, and I know when things will happen.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Never Piece

I've never done a period piece or a comedy, and that could be something truly different for me.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Terror Internal

Spring and summer 1942 was probably the worst period of internal terror in Slovakia. It was also the time of mass deportation of Slovak Jews to the extermination camps in Poland.

- Alexander Dubcek

Work Given

They say you can do honest, sincere work for decades, but you're given in general a 10-year period when what you do touches the zeitgeist - when you're relevant. And I'm aware of that, and I don't want my time to go by.

- Alexander Payne

Love Piece

I'd love to do a period piece.

- Alexandra Daddario

Always Preoccupied

Consider any individual at any period of his life, and you will always find him preoccupied with fresh plans to increase his comfort.

- Alexis de Tocqueville

Been Some

No period of history has ever been great or ever can be that does not act on some sort of high, idealistic motives, and idealism in our time has been shoved aside, and we are paying the penalty for it.

- Alfred North Whitehead

Alice Alice Cooper

There was a period of time when I thought I had to be Alice Cooper all the time.

- Alice Cooper

Through Very

Creation is a sustained period of bliss, even though the subject can still be very sad. Because there's the triumph of coming through and understanding that you have, and that you did it the way only you could do it. You didn't do it the way somebody told you to do it.

- Alice Walker

Think Through

I think once I was in high school - I had boyfriends and stuff like that, but I think when I was younger, I went through a period where I looked like a boy, and people thought I was a boy.

- Amanda Peet

Happiness Which

Future. That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true and our happiness is assured.

- Ambrose Bierce

Childhood Folly

Childhood: the period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth - two removes from the sin of manhood and three from the remorse of age.

- Ambrose Bierce

Time Hours

Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.

- Ambrose Bierce

Politics Prime

I am not entering politics to be another Knesset member. If I enter the political arena I want to be prime minister. Period.

- Ami Ayalon

Love Literature

I love 19th-century Russian literature, the avant garde, the Soviet period.

- Amor Towles

Very 1940s

I find the 1940s very compelling. It is a very excitable period in the U.S. when, whether out of necessity or not, everybody was reinventing themselves.

- Amy Bloom

Love More

I would love to do a serious period drama. Oh, absolutely. I mean, you'll find most comedians want to do more serious stuff, most musicians want to be comedians, and most serious actors want to be musicians.

- Amy Poehler

Still Long Period

If you're constantly moving, you can get in a monotony that's just as equally boring as sitting still for a long period of time.

- Amy Seimetz

Love My Life

That was a wonderful period in my life. I mean, I didn't become an artist, but somebody let me do something I loved. What a luxury, to do something you love to do.

- Amy Tan

Could One Night

In a second-class courtesan house, the courtship was much briefer. It could even be one night; usually it went on a little bit longer. But as the years went by, that period of courtship was shorter and shorter.

- Amy Tan

Been Examine

There have been 50 or 60 books written about Empress Orchid, but none of them bothered to really examine the period in China when she lived. I was taught that she was evil; it's in all the textbooks.

- Anchee Min

Trust Public Trust

The problem with Egypt is that there is no public trust. There is no trust, period.

- Andre Aciman

Think Some

I don't necessarily think fighters should fight killers every time, but at some point in time, fighters should be fighting the best in their division, period.

- Andre Ward

Citizenship Give

'Give me your poor.' It didn't say, 'Give me your poor who can afford a $680 citizenship.' If I had my way, it would be free. If I had my way, the state would subsidize every eligible application, period.

- Andrew Cuomo

Think Reliable

I'm absolutely delighted if people think of me as a reliable purveyor of quality period stuff.

- Andrew Davies

Remain However

I remain, however, fairly optimistic for the future of period drama because it's just such a popular thing.

- Andrew Davies

Think I Think

I think the '60s and '70s were the peak period for the singer-songwriter, for sure.

- Andrew Gold

Over Accurate

In total, I was diagnosed with depression by eight psychotherapists and psychiatrists over a period of thirteen years. Diagnosed wrong. Absolutely wrong. My accurate diagnosis was manic depression, or what we call bipolar disorder today.

- Andy Behrman

Love Doing

I love doing my own stunts. I'd love to do a full-on period sword-fighting piece where I get to show off with fighting and horses - I'm up for it.

- Aneurin Barnard

Doing Think

I think doing period piece is easier, because after a certain distance, everybody is equal, I think. The relative contemporary is harder. I think that's the way it is.

- Ang Lee

Lucky Booking

My first ever tour of my music was in the Netherlands. I didn't really have a grace period to grow or anything; people just started booking for me. I feel pretty lucky.

- Angel Olsen

Education Working

During this period at the Department of Education, my working relationship with Judge Thomas was positive.

- Anita Hill

College Pretty

Yeah, there was a six-year period where I was pretty much done with show business. During college and then for about two years after college.

- Anna Chlumsky

Need United States

We're not the States of America; we're the United States of America. If states don't get what they need, we're not going to have a successful plan, period.

- Anna Eshoo

Sense Historians

'The Tudors' was ground-breaking in the sense that it did ruffle the feathers of classical historians and alter the way people did period drama at the time.

- Annabelle Wallis

Over Incarceration

The sunlight ranges over the universe, and at incarnation we step out of it into the twilight of the body, and see but dimly during the period of our incarceration; at death we step out of the prison again into the sunlight, and are nearer to the reality.

- Annie Besant

Love Over

I love the long-form format of television. I love being able to develop a character, over a long period of time.

- Anson Mount

Career Cook

I'm a decent cook; I'm a decent chef. None of my friends would ever have hired me at any point in my career. Period.

- Anthony Bourdain

Some Remarkable

I've seen Congress do some remarkable things within a short period of time.

- Anthony Foxx

Read Set

I read all of the nonfiction that I could find on Chechnya, and all the while, I was searching for a novel that was set there. I couldn't find a single novel written in English that was set in the period of the two most recent Chechen wars.

- Anthony Marra

Leak Give

I've asked people not to leak things for a period of time and give me a honeymoon period.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Love Actress

I'd love to be in a period drama - that's my obsession. But being a mixed-race actress, there aren't so many roles you're right for.

- Antonia Thomas

I Am Happy Films

The period from 2001 to 2005 was really tough. My films were not working even though there was an acceptance of a model. I was depressed but did not cry. I cry when I am happy.

- Arjun Rampal

Films Cameron

My friend James Cameron and I made three films together - True Lies, The Terminator and Terminator 2. Of course, that was during his early, low-budget, art-house period.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Alive Keep

I had to do what I had to do to keep my family alive. Period.

- Art Modell

Love Doing

I did 'Little Dorrit' a few years ago; I really love doing period dramas. It's stuff like that I really enjoy watching.

- Arthur Darvill

Same Motivations

We have today a fairly thorough knowledge of the early Greco-Roman period because our motivations are the same.

- Arthur Erickson

Listening Play

Then the early punk rock period with Television and the Ramones. That's what I loved- that's what I was listening to immediately prior to when I started to play.

- Arto Lindsay

Strong Iggy

The period right before punk rock where people like Lou Reed and Iggy Pop were really strong.

- Arto Lindsay

Deal Which

I gained a great deal from the period during which I worked in theater and I value those things a great deal.

- Asghar Farhadi

Love Romance

I love period dramas - be it romance or philosophy.

- Ashish Sharma

Through Certainly

I know what it's like to be left out... I certainly went through a period of time where I got made fun of and people were so mean to me, so I can really relate to that.

- Ashley Benson

Established Initial

Initial work is on period research where the historical markers are absolutely non-negotiable. Once that is established, a writer can take creative liberties in terms of chronology to suit the story.

- Ashwin Sanghi

Imagery Finer

When working on a period, it is the finer details that evoke imagery that helps in cinematic adaptations.

- Ashwin Sanghi

Born Charles

Charles Wyly was born Oct 13, 1933, in Lake Providence, La., and for a period lived with his family in a shack without electricity or plumbing.

- Charles Duhigg

Some Old

Our old age was in some respects the happiest period of life.

- Charles Eastman

Inevitable Made

Refining is inevitable in science when you have made measurements of a phenomenon for a long period of time.

- Charles Francis Richter

Northern Southern

I long ago suggested the hypothesis, that in the basin of the Thames there are indications of a meeting in the Pleistocene period of a northern and southern fauna.

- Charles Lyell

New New South Wales

In this eventful period the colony of New South Wales is already far advanced.

- Charles Sturt

Which No Question

There is no question that we are in a period in which we are going to have to use those sources to fund about 35 million dollars a year that used to be paid for by the federal government.

- Charles Vest

Think Country

What qualifies me to tell people how to act or what to think? I'm Charley Pride, country singer. Period.

- Charley Pride

Deep Russian

My impressions of the Russian Revolution can be divided into two periods. The first period was when I showed deep sympathy. My second period is one of disappointment. This change was the result of close observation on the spot.

- Chiang Kai-shek

Old Spent

For a period of 17 years - from the age of 9 until I was 25 years old - my mother never spent a day free from domestic difficulties.

- Chiang Kai-shek

Strong Think

I think the genre of comics sometimes overtakes the medium, and people assume that they are kind of frivolous. If you have a good, strong story teller, they can be as affecting as any character in literature. Period.

- Chip Kidd

Over Individual

The more connected that individual is to an issue they care about, the higher probability there is they will stay involved over a longer period of time.

- Chris Hughes

Sometimes Another

I'm from another time period. E-mailing sometimes, for me, is difficult.

- Chris Messina

Editor Brief

When I was in my mid-twenties, I was a copy editor at Doubleday, and for a brief period, it was my job to help shepherd Pat Conroy's 'Beach Music' into the world.

- Chris Pavone

Shoulders Wide

We were emerging from the period of war, of uniforms, of women-soldiers built like boxers. I drew women-flowers, soft shoulders, fine waists like liana and wide skirts like corolla.

- Christian Dior

Singing Broke

I'm an entertainer, period. But I'd probably have to say my passion is in singing. I'm willing to go broke singing.

- Christina Milian

Think I Think

I think it's really great to be able to stick with a character for a long period of time. It's not like you have one shot, and that's it.

- Christina Ricci

I Am Actress

I am an actress and acting is my passion... period!

- Christine Lahti

Career Actress

It was not really a career choice that I had to make. It was something I knew right from the beginning. I had to be an actress... period.

- Christine Lahti

Think Telling

I am not interested in telling you what to think. My job is to show you what I think. Period.

- Christopher McQuarrie

Doing Resonate

If you're doing something that's period, you've got to live in it, and you've got to make it resonate with you.

- Claire Foy

Doctor Very

I married a wonderful doctor, and I was very happy - period.

- Claudette Colbert

Through Deal

People told me, when I was coming through the ranks, that a mark of a great actor is one who deals with the period of unemployment as well as they deal with the period of employment.

- Claudia Black

Rome Very

I like Italian movies. I was frequently there in the '60s, in Rome and the vicinity. It was a great period in life. I was very influenced by their stuff.

- Clint Eastwood

Love Very

With period dramas, it's very easy to get excited because I love to do them.

- Clive Standen

Over Move

I've learned over a period of years there are setbacks when you come up against the immovable object; sometimes the object doesn't move.

- Coleman Young

Technical Making

One of the challenges with period costumes is, on a technical level, making the scale of different periods work on contemporary bodies. We're much bigger than what people were in older times.

- Colleen Atwood

Think Through

I think a lot of young girls go through that period in their life of finding who they are, and at that point, looking good matters the most.

- Colleen Atwood

Always In The Past

It's interesting because I haven't done a lot of period work in the past, but I always wanted to because I'm interested in history.

- Colm Meaney