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Here Another

So with truth - there is a certain moment when one can say, this is the truth and here I put a dot, a stop, and I go to another thing. A judge has to put an end to a deliberation. But for a historian, there's never an end to the past. It can go on and on and on.

- A. B. Yehoshua

Through In The Past

Through all the relationship stuff I've gone through in the past few years, I know there are fundamental differences in how men and women view sex and how they view their futures.

- Aaron Eckhart

Learned Passage

The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 represented precisely such a hope - that America had learned from its past and acted to secure a better tomorrow.

- Aberjhani

Very In The Past

You can go to Pinterest, and they'll get to know who your friends are, but they don't get to know very much about what you've done in the past. They're starting with little information about you, and they have to do this personalization.

- Adam D'Angelo

Music Very

I'm very inspired by past music.

- Adam Lambert

Ignorant Uninformed

It seems we're not only uninformed about our present, we're ignorant of our past.

- Adora Svitak

Like Taciturn

People in the North are really taciturn and reticent, and they don't really like to talk about the past.

- Adrian McKinty

Journey Delusions

Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events.

- Adrienne Rich

Die Common

The diseases of the present have little in common with the diseases of the past save that we die of them.

- Agnes Repplier

Part Qualified

As someone from, and directly involved with, this part of the world, I am convinced Arabs are qualified to regain their glorious past.

- Ahmed Zewail

Think Phase

I don't think about stardom anymore. I'm way past that phase.

- Akkineni Nagarjuna

Flashback Coexist

The present and the past coexist, but the past shouldn't be in flashback.

- Alain Resnais

Hiring Discovered

Air America Radio was thinking of hiring me, but they discovered something in my past that didn't sit well with them: radio experience.

- Alan Colmes

Future Involves

I mentioned that one of the tripartite formulas in American worldview involves time: past, present, and future.

- Alan Dundes

In The Past Had

In the past, I had workaholic issues.

- Alanis Morissette

Future Distinction

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

- Albert Einstein

Upset Behaving

We teach people that they upset themselves. We can't change the past, so we change how people are thinking, feeling and behaving today.

- Albert Ellis

Trust Going

Trust me, my runners aren't going to run one event while looking past it to the second event. When they get on the line for the 10K, that's a do-or-die situation for them.

- Alberto Salazar

Mexican Yes

Yes, I am a Mexican, and I have a past and a culture. But what matters is the film itself, not where it was financed or cast.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Regret Will

I don't regret any past. I am not there. I am not sorry not to make pictures, because I know one day I will do it. I intend to live 150 years.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Bad Nation

We have become aware of the responsibility for our attitude towards the dark pages in our history. We have understood that bad service is done to the nation by those who are impelling to renounce that past.

- Aleksander Kwasniewski

Me Fragments

The fragments for the past, for me, are not without life.

- Alessandro Michele

Give Mr

Mr. Snowden did not start out as a spy, and calling him one bends the term past recognition. Spies don't give their secrets to journalists for free.

- Alex Berenson

Stupid Like

I never seem to get past - I feel like a stupid guy from the Midwest.

- Alex Graves

Family Future

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.

- Alex Haley

Future My Life

My life is what it is, and I can't change it. I can change the future, but I can't do anything about the past.

- Alex Trebek

Back Embraces

Youth culture now really looks back and embraces the past, but keeps it contemporary but not sticking to one particular style.

- Alexander McQueen

Belief Myth

The belief that we can be done with our past is a myth.

- Alexandra Fuller

Change Cannot

Your past is something you cannot change. You can't live it; it's dead.

- Alexandra Stoddard

Book Canadian

To map the Governor General's Award is to map both the past and the future of Canadian literature, and to be nominated for my first book is wonderful.

- Alexi Zentner

Future Own

I can understand when people copy people of the past and make the future their own.

- Alice Dellal

Being Therapy

There are people who have benefited from therapy without being confronted with the past at all.

- Alice Miller

Change Whole

Time is something that interests me a whole lot - past and present, and how the past appears as people change.

- Alice Munro

Living Southern

As one went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future.

- Alison Lurie

World Worrying

Being a teen is past for me. Worrying about the world and my place in it is not.

- Ally Condie

Respect Humility

Assuredly, Loving Souls, you should go to God with all humility and respect, humbling yourselves in His presence, especially when you remember your past ingratitude and sins.

- Alphonsus Liguori

Future Eye

We have to keep an eye on the future with a sense of the past in every passing moment of the present.

- Amanda Harlech

Dwell Really

I can't really dwell on the past.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Congress Given

If the past is an indication, when women are given a job to do in Congress, they get it done.

- Amy Klobuchar

Possibilities See

If we can see past preconceived limitations, then the possibilities are endless.

- Amy Purdy

Song I Write

I write songs about stuff that I can't really get past personally - and then I write a song about it and I feel better.

- Amy Winehouse

Move Waters

Past waters don't move anything. They only create mosquitoes.

- Anderson Silva

Your Got

You've got to take the hems down, especially past 50. I don't care how good your legs are.

- Andie MacDowell

Fast Plays

Writing plays fast and loose with the past.

- Andre Aciman

Same Admit

To what a degree the same past can leave different marks - and especially admit of different interpretations.

- Andre Gide

Think I Think

Musicians are probably the most uncomfortable people in themselves in the world. Happiness, I think, only exists when you're a child and once you go past 11, unfortunately it's gone.

- Andrea Corr

Soccer In The Past

In the past, I had my idols but today I enjoy learning from all the soccer I watch.

- Andres Iniesta

Pursuit Resolutions

The Democratic Media Complex, in its pursuit of Orwellian hate-crime legislation, reparations, and sundry non-ameliorative resolutions to America's troubled racial past, pursues its victims with blood lust.

- Andrew Breitbart

Reveal Mysteries

The problem is that even as you reveal the mysteries in your past, you are accumulating them in the present; complete honesty is the stuff of post-mortem, not autobiography.

- Andrew Solomon

Made Films

Films made in the spirit of the past continued to be made.

- Andrzej Wajda

Want In The Past

Language also encodes our past. We want to know who we are. To know who we are, we have to know who we used to be. Consequently, our literature, written in the past, anchors us in that past.

- Andrzej Wajda

Forward Goes

It's hard to avoid the past but one goes forward.

- Andy Summers

Great Nostalgia

I don't have a great nostalgia for the past.

- Andy Summers

Know Stage

I wouldn't know any newer bands. We're past the pimple stage.

- Angus Young

Happen In The Past

The Internet really lets people connect that wouldn't have in the past, and lets conversations happen and connections happen.

- Ann Leckie

Lives Part

People look to you to replace a part in their lives that they can't get back. You can't get the past back, you can't do it. We've all tried.

- Anna Chlumsky

Trapped Waits

We live trapped, between the churned-up and examined past and a future that waits for our work.

- Anna Freud

How Far In The Past

It's hard to tell how far women's individuality has come in the past twenty years.

- Annie Lennox

Injustice Extent

True conservatives fear anything that is at odds with the status quo, even to the extent of being unable to recognise when the status quo represents injustice. And reactionary conservatives actually want to tear down the gains of the past.

- Anthony Albanese

Ensure Wears

We all ran barefooted on the dusty roads in our past, but now the Emperor wears shoes, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the barefooted child and the doting mother are afforded a holistic environment to realise their dreams and ambitions.

- Anthony Carmona

I Am In The Past

Personally, I am stuck with one foot in the past and one foot in the present.

- Anthony Kiedis

Over Engaged

For the past few years I have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and occasionally on the phone with women I have met online.

- Anthony Weiner

His Fearing

Man spends his life in reasoning on the past, in complaining of the present, in fearing future.

- Antoine Rivarol

Important Leave

For me, it's important to concentrate to the present and leave the past.

- Antonio Conte

Waiting Been

Christmases past, my sister Carolyn and I - we'd been waiting for Santa all night. Nothing! Where is this man?

- Aretha Franklin

Values Over

Over the past two decades, we have clearly seen an erosion of ethical values.

- Arthur Levitt

Against Observed

Against Knowledge I have, as the light cynic observed of a certain lady's past, only one serious objection - that there is so much of it.

- Arthur Quiller-Couch

Future Through

I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate.

- Arthur Wing Pinero

Will About

I must admit that i am fascinated by the glories of ancient India. But when will the purveyors of Indian culture realise that not everything about our past was glorious?

- Ashwin Sanghi

Some Motives

A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting on his past actions and their motives - of approving of some and disapproving of others.

- Charles Darwin

In The Past Defended

In the past, NASDAQ has defended flash orders.

- Charles Duhigg

Election Before

In view of our public pledges, we public officials can never again go before the public merely promising election reform. The time for promises is past.

- Charles Edison

Like Birth Control

It is futile to talk too much about the past... like trying to make birth control retroactive.

- Charles Erwin Wilson

Heroes Routine

To have no heroes is to have no aspiration, to live on the momentum of the past, to be thrown back upon routine, sensuality, and the narrow self.

- Charles Horton Cooley

Life Divinity

Life is a culmination of the past, an awareness of the present, an indication of a future beyond knowledge, the quality that gives a touch of divinity to matter.

- Charles Lindbergh

City Teeming

The landscape of the Net has changed; that cyberfrontier of the past has become a teeming city of people, transactions, and businesses.

- Charles Platt

Persuasive May

The belief may be too often mistaken, but the illusion of coming into direct contact with the past is intoxicating and persuasive, and can result in an interpretation that carries conviction. Sometimes confidence is all that's needed.

- Charles Rosen

Take Does

I cannot take back one word or action; the past does not change for anyone.

- Charles Van Doren

Myself Always

I've always had to train harder than others to get the oxygen to my muscles because of my lung capacity. I have to push myself past the point of being comfortable.

- Charlie White

Envy In The Past

Only fools live in the past or carry envy to the present.

- Chi Chi Rodriguez

Happy Always

I'm happy with all of my past outfits, as they have felt right at the time, and your style always evolves.

- Chiara Ferragni

Living Lives

Bali is one of my favorite places in the world. In one of my past lives, I believe I was living on the island of Bali.

- Chip Conley

Hang Gonna

The past is the past, but if you're overanalyzing or trying to repeat it, you're gonna get stuck. I just had a wonderful youth, and I loved everything about it, so I really try and hang on to it.

- Chris Evans

Always Go

I always get involved with the environment because once you go past the tipping point with the environment, you don't get it back.

- Chris Noth

Will Before

Every book that doesn't first have to get past a gatekeeper or two, or 10, before being put in front of the public will be worse.

- Chris Pavone

I Am Nostalgic

I am not nostalgic for the past.

- Christian Lacroix

Zone Spent

I have spent the past ten years in just about every war zone there was.

- Christiane Amanpour

Release Turned

I turned to music originally because of my past and needing a release or an outlet to get out anger or frustration or hurt.

- Christina Aguilera

Been In The Past

I really feel free and not as serious as I have been in the past.

- Christina Aguilera

Palm Read

A psychic once read my palm and told me I was my mother's mother in a past life. Isn't that weird?

- Chynna Phillips

Whole Stuck

I was really stuck in the whole Farah Fawcett hairdo long after it was past being in fashion.

- Cindy Margolis

Infinite Phase

And time itself? Time was a never-ending medium that stretched into the future and the past - except there was no future and no past, but an infinite number of brackets, extending either way, each bracket enclosing its single phase of the Universe.

- Clifford D. Simak

Play Younger

In past generations, people would try to play younger than they really are. My trick is, I don't try to play younger than I really am.

- Clint Eastwood

Part Felt

At school, I never had a hold on English history, and cheder was a place run by sadistic incompetents, so I felt alienated from the Jewish part of my past.

- Clive Sinclair

My Life Been

I never imagined my life would be the way that it has been for the past 30 years. I have had the best experiences a person can have-and the worst as well.

- Columba Bush

Success Is Going

I'm not going to get somewhere and say, 'OK, I'm done.' Success is never final; I'll just keep on going. The same way as failure never being fatal. Just keep going. I'm going to the stars and then past them.

- Conor McGregor

Oppression George

A vote for George Wallace is a vote for the past and oppression.

- Coretta Scott King

Doing Been

For the past two years, the only thing the 'Idol' machine has been doing has been maliciously attacking my name.

- Corey Clark

Roadblocks Set

'American Idol' has done a great job of defaming my name and throwing a lot of mud at me for the past two years, so that set up a lot of roadblocks for me.

- Corey Clark

Change In The Past

The people that become the biggest jokes are people who do not change. They stay the way they were in the past. Look at Michael Jackson, he never evolved.

- Corey Feldman