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American Influential

In committing an estimated 3,000 U.S. forces to join international Ebola relief efforts in West Africa, President Obama seems to be fulfilling the plans of highly influential progressive groups who seek to transform the American military into more of a social-work organization.

- Aaron Klein

Hamas Repeatedly

Obama repeatedly has condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization that should be isolated until it renounces violence and recognizes Israel.

- Aaron Klein

Need Rubber Stamp

Bill Nelson has demonstrated that he is a rubber stamp for the Obama administration and he's out of touch with the solution that we need to implement in order to get America back on the right track.

- Adam Hasner

Florida Harry

Whether it is Obamacare, the stimulus, Wall Street bailouts, the food safety bill - on vote after vote, Bill Nelson has chosen to side with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama over the people of Florida.

- Adam Hasner

Kind Exhausted

I was a political junkie, and it just exhausted me, and after Obama won, I just kind of unplugged from all of that for a while.

- Adam Scott

Prisoner Another

The best power of all is to be free, but Obama is not a free person. He is a prisoner of a military system. He talked about closing Guantanamo and ending the war in Iraq. Now he's taken on another war. What's happening?

- Adolfo Perez Esquivel

Brazil Olympic

Obama might as well be president of Turkey or Brazil; it does not matter. It's the system that is absolutely flawed, where 25 or 35 or 50 people make multi, multi-billions on building Olympic structures while people live in Barbados and have no roads or clean drinking water. There's something pretty inequitable there.

- Al Jourgensen

Been Vampires

Somebody asked me, 'Why do people like vampires so much?' This was right after Obama had been elected and I said, 'Because we just spent eight years being sucked dry by one.'

- Alan Ball

Know Like

I know Obama, I like Obama, I voted for Obama.

- Alan Dershowitz

Appointments Brought

President Obama has earned my vote on the basis of his excellent judicial appointments, his consensus-building foreign policy and the improvements he has brought about in the disastrous economy he inherited.

- Alan Dershowitz

Deserves Bin

President Obama deserves our unalloyed praise for hastening Osama bin Laden's demise.

- Alexandra Petri

Antithesis Barack

If awkward has an antithesis, it is probably Barack Obama.

- Alexandra Petri


Obama isn't funny.

- Alexandra Petri

Same Cliff

The U.S. have printed money; they intend to tax the rich in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. These are things that sees anyone who dares to propose them in Greece and Europe labeled an extremist, when at the same time, it's what Obama does.

- Alexis Tsipras

Nation Fact

In Obama's case, we've enabled affirmative action to find a home in the nation's highest office. There you have it. I said it and I stand by it. America fell for the gimmick candidate, disregarding every fact and warning sign in the rush to have 'the first African-American president.'

- Allen West

Then Senator

If Senator Obama becomes pro-life then I'll consider giving him my vote.

- Alveda King

Senator Cannot

I simply cannot vote for Senator Obama because he's not pro-life.

- Alveda King

Big Hundred

The Grand Old Party's abiding affection for a 'bigger and better' presidency isn't entirely logical. After all, the Obama presidency commenced with an effort to reenact the Hundred Days. Yet President Obama's first-term economic performance itself was not 'big' but mediocre - tiny, even.

- Amity Shlaes

Change Like

My best friends are women in the Senate, but much like Senator Obama, I ran on a platform of change.

- Amy Klobuchar

Embrace Friendly

Mrs. Obama has a hug - a sincere and friendly embrace - that has become familiar to countless supporters from coast to coast. And when she talks to you, she focuses all her calm attention on your face.

- Andre Leon Talley

Black Mr

Much of America rooted for Mr. Obama simply because he is black.

- Andrew Breitbart

Will One Thing

One thing is for certain: under President Obama, home schooling will become a huge growth industry.

- Andrew Breitbart

Sign Some

One of Obama's first major acts as president was to sign the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and some of the money in that bill went to Saft.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin

Became Before

The economic meltdown that would define every aspect of Obama's economy came to a head well before he became president, of course, and so did the legislation that would be the basis for everything that came after.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin

About Several

I've spoken several times with Prime Minister Erdogan about relations between Turkey and Israel. I'm pleased that, following President Obama's visit to Israel, talks between Israel and Turkey are again taking place and hope that relations between them will further improve in the interest of both countries.

- Angela Merkel

Like John Kerry

Why couldn't Obama have picked somebody respectable as his running mate, you know, like John Kerry did?

- Ann Coulter

Country Nation

President Obama called for a 'we' nation in his Inauguration Address. Art convenes. It is not just inspirational. It is aspirational. It pricks the walls of our compartmentalized minds, opens our hearts and makes us brave. And that's what we need most in our country today.

- Anna Deavere Smith

Law Different People

I've supported a lot of different people. I went to law school with President Obama.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Nation Through

Progressive Democratic President Barack Obama swept into power hell-bent on forcing through a makeover of our nation's healthcare system. The result was a costly new tax and failed programme, the Affordable Care Act.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Political About

FDR created today's 30 percent coalition. Obama wants to finish the job by turning it into a permanent ruling majority. There's nothing new about the Obama Narrative. It is the FDR Narrative on steroids. It is intended to lead to greater statism and political gain.

- Arthur C. Brooks

Politics Iconic

With respect to Barack Obama, let's face it; Barack Obama is an iconic figure in the African-American community. We respect that. We understand that. African-Americans are going to vote for the first black president, especially when he happens to share the liberal politics on economic issues that many in that community hold.

- Artur Davis

Been Strokes

The Obama foreign policy, in broad strokes, has been a disaster.

- Charles Krauthammer

Beginning Muslim

Every new president flatters himself that he, kinder and gentler, is beginning the world anew. Yet, when Barack Obama in his inaugural address reached out to Muslims by saying, 'To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect,' his formulation was needlessly defensive and apologetic.

- Charles Krauthammer

About Concerned

Ted Cruz is a patriot. He believes in what he does. He's done marvels in mobilizing conservatives, mobilizing Americans concerned about the direction of the ever-expanding entitlement state under Obama, and particularly the threat it is to freedom. I disagree with his tactics, but I agree entirely with his objectives.

- Charles Krauthammer

Tell Repealing

The Obama years will be remembered as a cultural - and legal - tipping point for equality for all people who do not identify as strictly heterosexual, arguably the civil rights movement of our times. The president signed the bill repealing 'don't ask, don't tell.' The Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by the Supreme Court.

- Charles M. Blow

Crystal Gotten

I'll be honest with you, I don't agree with President Obama about everything. But I've gotten to know him, I've worked with him, and the choice is crystal clear.

- Charlie Crist

Been Congressional

Under President Barack Obama, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has been invited into the White House and given a seat at the table. Hispanics are serving in unprecedented numbers at the highest levels of this administration, including in the Cabinet.

- Charlie Gonzalez

Best Latina

We made history when President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor, a proud Latina, the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. And as the President likes to say, 'Every single one of them wasn't just the best Latino for the job, but the best person for the job.'

- Charlie Gonzalez

Stupid Mood

Obama ran as sane and decent, as though we were electing a mood, and not necessarily a set of policies. Unfortunately, Obama has governed the same way - and misread the mood, which is all there is, really, because being crazy and stupid is all we're really good at politically any more.

- Charlie Pierce

May Re-Election

Insisting that we must tax and take and demonize those who have already achieved the American Dream. That may turn out to be a good re-election strategy for President Obama, but is a demoralizing message for America.

- Chris Christie

Signed Stimulus

As a former member of President Obama's economic team, I have a soft spot for the fiscal stimulus legislation he signed just a month after his inauguration.

- Christina Romer

Luck Voice

The last time I saw Ted Kennedy was a generation after my first meeting, at the Senate subway below the Capitol on Obama's Inauguration Day. He was his usual gregarious and gracious self - with beaming smile and booming voice wishing my husband and me good luck with our pregnancy and expressing his excitement about the new president.

- Christine Pelosi

Republican Bring

I don't view our approach as negative. I view our approach that when you have a candidate in a Republican primary make statements that would make his position to the left of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on immigration... we need to bring that out to the people.

- Chuck Fleischmann

Fact Against

Having no experience in running a business, President Obama just doesn't get it. In fact, he fights against it. Just recently, he said, 'If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.'

- Chuck Fleischmann

Nation Been

On foreign policy, President Obama has kept our nation safe from terrorism and restored our standing in the world. When it comes to one of our closest allies - Israel - President Obama has been resolute.

- Chuck Schumer

Predecessors Part

The unknown has undone many a president, and no matter the popularity of an Oval Office occupant, any and all presidents are vulnerable. Of course, one thing that seems to set Obama part from his recent predecessors is his ability to keep an inner calm about tough issues.

- Chuck Todd

Presidents Remark

Presidents seem to fall into two positive categories: they're one of us, or they're heroes. Both McCain and Obama probably see themselves as potential heroes - presidents who will be looked up to, not presidents everyday people will remark are 'just like me.'

- Chuck Todd

Prove Republicans

With the likely nominations of Barack Obama by the Democrats and John McCain by the Republicans, one of these two parties is headed for a 2009 crack-up that could prove as messy as any party civil war in recent history.

- Chuck Todd

American Ever

President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.

- Clint Eastwood

Politics Maybe

Movies and media really can influence us. A few years ago, my daughter wanted to be a dancer; since Obama came into office, she now wants to be a lawyer and get into politics and maybe even be president.

- Common

Clash Martin Luther

Barack Obama commits war crimes - Somalia, Yemen. He commits war crimes in Pakistan, Afghanistan. Martin Luther King Jr. tried to keep a spotlight on war crimes, to keep track of the innocents killed... There is a major clash.

- Cornel West

Other Go

Obama is for same-sex marriage. If the president is saying that, then who am I to go the other way?

- Curtis Jackson

About Egyptian

If President Obama really means what he has said repeatedly about supporting the aspirations of the Egyptian people, then he will have to recognize that in Egypt today, as in America in 1963, that can mean opposing government policy.

- Cynthia P. Schneider

Republican Very

When it comes down to it, Hillary Clinton will very much excite the Republican faithful to get out and work hard. I don't know if a similar case can be made if Obama is the candidate.

- Dan Bartlett

Always Ease

I always used to say hybrids would rule the world - people who have an understanding of many cultures and can relate to them with ease. And then along came Obama.

- Danai Gurira

Hands Presidents

Obama is making a choice now that will lead to the deaths of many thousands of civilians in Afghanistan by American hands. By ordinary standards of presidents, he is a decent man. But those standards aren't good enough. He's in a position either to kill or not to kill, and he's made the decision to kill.

- Daniel Ellsberg

Beef Got

I ain't got no beef with Obama.

- Daron Malakian


I wouldn't vote for Obama.

- Dave Mustaine

Secretary Clinton

Certainly going back to 2008 during the primary, Secretary Clinton was subjected to various forms of sexism - overt, subtle - that were detrimental. Fortunately, Senator Obama was not subjected to something similar; the culture seemed to tolerate sexism and not racism. We ought not tolerate either.

- David Brock

Play James

There was all this talk when Obama got elected about how we were living in a postracial world. But we're not. Until we get to the point where James Earl Jones can play, say, George Washington, race matters. You wouldn't put a white actor in blackface to play Othello. You shouldn't have a white actor in what amounts to yellowface to play Asian.

- David Henry Hwang

Decision Cost

President Obama was right to ban torture, but the public must understand that this decision carries a potential cost in lost information. That's what makes it a moral choice.

- David Ignatius

Presidents Least

Obama prefers to look forward, not back, as he has stated. So at least during his tenure, there will be no reliable record compiled as a cautionary tale for lawmakers and presidents in future times of crisis. This is the historical Obama.

- David K. Shipler

Pope Bush

Eisenhower was less deferential to the military than he seemed likely to be, Kennedy was not at all beholden to the pope, George W. Bush was smarter than portrayed and Barack Obama has not led a charge from the left - least of all on behalf of the civil liberties that have eroded since September 11, 2001.

- David K. Shipler

About Politically

There's something about Barack Obama that induces Americans to imagine what they cannot see. The Right envisions a vile socialist, while many on the Left picture an inspired liberal, politically restrained in his first term but now free to pursue his true beliefs.

- David K. Shipler

Constitution Through

Americans were outraged and horrified by this president's reckless spending and his endless assaults on the Constitution, but no issue drove them to rise up and fight back like Obamacare - both the abominable legislative monstrosity itself and the tyrannical, corrupt manner by which Obama crammed it through the legislative process.

- David Limbaugh

Marriage Position

Obama's position on marriage is brazenly cynical.

- David Limbaugh

Church Featured

Those who closely watched the campaign should not be surprised by Obama's hostility toward Israel, given his relations with pro-Palestinian, virulent critics of Israel and his voluntary membership in Reverend Wright's decidedly anti-Semitic church. Furthermore, his campaign website featured anti-Semitic posts.

- David Limbaugh

Worse Almost

Obama is not only obstructing budget reform; it's almost as if he is trying to make matters worse.

- David Limbaugh

Optimism Nation

Obama ran on a platform of unmitigated optimism - a promise to usher in a brighter day for America. But there could hardly be a greater contrast between his pledge and his performance in office, between his commitment to the nation and his current abandonment of all hope.

- David Limbaugh

Greatness Chief

A president who believed that America's greatness is recoverable and expandable - a chief executive determined to lead us back to national restoration - would reject the crippling notions of national impotency that Obama has embraced.

- David Limbaugh

Some Reasons

Some of the reasons John McCain lost in 2008 were his lackluster campaign, his refusal to showcase Obama's extreme liberalism and, thus, his failure to demonstrate why he would make a better president than Obama.

- David Limbaugh

Country Charge

Obama is a tyrant the same way FDR was a tyrant. He has a view of presidential power that states: the government is in control of the country, and the president is in charge of the government. He's taken an imperial view of the presidency.

- David Mamet

Wanting Girly

If Michael Steele doesn't make you sad, well, then there's radio host Rush Limbaugh, no longer content with wanting the President to fail, Rush is now calling out Mr. Obama as a girly man.

- David Shuster

American Perfect

No doubt, the White House thinks the American people know Obama's story. But since the Inauguration, we've seen only the president's present: his perfect family, his Ivy League elegance, his effortless mastery of complex issues. We never see him sweat. And we forget that he ever had to struggle.

- Dee Dee Myers

Effort Reasonable

Given Mr. Obama's lack of experience as an executive, and his past performance in crises such as the oil spill, it is reasonable for those of us who support the effort in Afghanistan to worry that he will not be up to the job.

- Jim Talent

Margins Michelle

First ladies, you know, we look at Michelle Obama, and we look at most first ladies, and they seem like they have it all. You know, they live in the White House, they go to state dinners, they ride on Air Force One, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But first ladies do often feel that they are given short shrift or forgotten or left at the margins.

- Jodi Kantor

Been Systemic

I would say that Barack Obama has always been a real optimist about what can be accomplished. He believes that government can be used to create systemic, long-term, real change. And the first lady is more of a skeptic.

- Jodi Kantor

Him Assault

Those close to Mr. Obama say he grows irritated at being misunderstood - not just by opponents who insinuate that he caters to African-Americans, but also by black lawmakers and intellectuals who fault him for not making his presidency an all-out assault on racial disparity.

- Jodi Kantor

United States United

Today I am announcing my support for Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States of America.

- Joe Andrew

Exhilarating Wins

Barack Obama's inspirational whoosh to the presidency in 2008 was unusual. Most campaigns are less exhilarating; indeed, they are downright disappointing - until someone wins.

- Joe Klein

Some Bush

Look what's happened to Barack Obama over the last two years or George Bush for eight. It's a blood sport. But at some point I may feel the need to run for office again.

- Joe Scarborough

About Before

When you hear 'experience,' that's all about resume. And Obama didn't have the resume. But we knew, long before that, 'steady in a crisis' was much more important than 'experience.' When you watched the presidential campaign, you saw that Obama was the one who happened to be steady... He demonstrated aspects of his character people were hungry for.

- Joel Benenson

Comparing Bush

It's important to remember that Bush Derangement Syndrome on the left - comparing him to Hitler, calling him a terrorist and a tyrant - preceded Obama Derangement Syndrome on the right.

- John Avlon

Taxes World War

Raising taxes is the last thing we should do amid the weakest economic recovery since World War II. Unfortunately, even if we avoid the full 'Taxmageddon' scenario, President Obama's health care law also contains a new surtax on investment that will take effect in 2013.

- John Cornyn

Been Weeks

Claims of a decisive 'turning point' in any election are often overblown - more often, such a moment merely crystallizes a change that's been days or weeks in the making. But you can make a real case that Obama's Jefferson-Jackson Day speech is a pivot point in America history.

- John Dickerson

Nation Men And Women

President Obama has made it his mission that we welcome our troops home with care and concern and the respect they deserve. That is how an exceptional nation says thank you to its most exceptional men and women.

- John F. Kerry


The one thing that I don't think the Obama administration gets anywhere near enough credit for is the high level of administrators. They meet all the time so they can synergize the federal investments. That's the way any corporation would do it.

- John Hickenlooper

Mess Romney

And you know what? At the end of the day, it gets down to Obama and Romney. And what it's going to get down to is this. Obama is going to say, 'I inherited a mess and I'm making it better.' And Romney is going to say, 'you haven't made it good enough. And I can do far better than you have done.'

- John Kasich

London Radioactive

President Obama took charge of the Oval Office seven years ago. He promised a positive reset in relations with Russia. But with the radioactive poisoning of a British spy in London, the downing of passenger jets over Europe, and the aggressive advances of Russian forces from Ukraine to Syria, President Putin of Russia has rebuked Mr. Obama.

- John McLaughlin

Feels Very

You know, President Obama feels very strongly that the government has a responsibility to engage with the American people, as well as with the world community.

- John O. Brennan

Values Some

Our democratic values also include - and our national security demands - open and transparent government. Some information obviously needs to be protected. And since his first days in office, President Obama has worked to strike the proper balance between the security the American people deserve and the openness our democratic society expects.

- John O. Brennan

American Dangers

Since taking office, President Obama has worked to restore a positive vision of American leadership in the world - leadership defined, not by the threats and dangers that we will oppose, but by the security, opportunity and dignity that America advances in partnership with people around the world.

- John O. Brennan

Against Republicans

Hurtling the Pentagon into an unprecedented budgetary meltdown is horrifically irresponsible. Obama doesn't care. This is war - not against the Taliban, but war against the GOP. He has Republicans on the ropes, and that's a victory he savors and desires - unlike Afghanistan, where he seems only to want to turn tail.

- John Podhoretz

Almost Almost All

The exit polls suggest that after a relatively disappointing first term, Obama managed to reassemble almost all of his 2008 electorate.

- John Podhoretz

Give Take

Obama's claim is that he wants to give. The GOP is saying it wants to take.

- John Podhoretz

Bad Romney

Aside from being bad sportsmanship - Romney basically said Obama won by cheating - he was displaying the same obtuseness about the wants and needs of ordinary people that did more to torpedo his campaign than any goodies Obama might have had to dole out.

- John Podhoretz

Will Himself

Obama is defining himself in a way that will destroy him.

- John Podhoretz

Some Nixon

Nixon in 1968, unlike Obama 2008, was elected as a minority president with only 43 percent of the vote. Yet, in 1972, he won what, in some measures, was the most lopsided election in American history with 61 percent.

- John Podhoretz

Happen Allowed

The thing is, Obama is right that it would be a calamity for the government to default on its debt by not meeting its obligations. Such a thing has never happened and can't be allowed to happen.

- John Podhoretz

Use Clinton

In the Democratic primary in 2008, the Obama team devised a strategy to use the caucuses and a complicated system of awarding delegates in the state primaries to sneak up on Hillary Clinton and establish a lead Obama never surrendered.

- John Podhoretz