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Chance Newt

Newt Gingrich seldom misses a chance to note that he is a historian.

- Adam Hochschild

Opportunity Access

'Man v. Food' was the biggest career-defining opportunity. I went from anonymity to someone of note with access to amazing eateries.

- Adam Richman

Side TV

Side note: When I dressed up like Harley Quinn on TV a long time ago, everyone was like, 'Who is that?' And now she's got an entire merchandise line.

- AJ Lee

Seriously Subject

At 'The School of Life', we take seriously anything that has to do with human fulfilment - and take note wherever insight on this subject can be found.

- Alain de Botton

Head Symphonies

I hear entire symphonies, oratorios, in my head, but I can't write a note.

- Alan Dean Foster

Other Cut

To cut short the question of the law of retaliation, we must note that even in its primitive form it can operate only between two individuals of whom one is absolutely innocent, and the other absolutely guilty. The victim, to be sure, is innocent. But can the society that is supposed to represent the victim lay claim to innocence?

- Albert Camus

Rob Indirect

Note, besides, that it is no more immoral to directly rob citizens than to slip indirect taxes into the price of goods that they cannot do without.

- Albert Camus

Notes No Sense

I don't make notes for myself because I either lose them or they make no sense to me at all. I once found a piece of paper with the note: 'everything.' Apparently I made a note to myself not to forget everything!

- Aleksandar Hemon

Prove Other

Many legal experts note that prosecutors regularly seek indictments of people or companies for destroying evidence or impeding investigations, even if they cannot prove other charges.

- Alex Berenson

Play Chord

Why play a chord when you can play one note?

- Alex Kapranos

Fellowship Edgar

My first letter of acceptance, to UMass - Amherst, came with an offer of a fellowship and a note from John Edgar Wideman.

- Alexander Chee

Always Suffers

In the investigation of a neurotic style of life, we must always suspect an opponent, and note who suffers most because of the patient's condition. Usually this is a member of the family.

- Alfred Adler

Extent Wavelength

We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom.

- Alfred Kastler

Sassy Arrested

After 'Arrested Development,' I didn't know for sure if I wanted to be an actor. I was hitting this wall, where I was the 'ethnic best friend' or the 'sassy teenager.' It felt like the same note, and I didn't feel like I was growing.

- Alia Shawkat

Big Traditional

I am traditional: a big note writer, and I like using the phone.

- Allison Williams

Want Incredible

I know that all good things must come to an end and I've had an incredible ride. I just want to end it on the right note.

- Alonzo Mourning

Threw Began

When I was 10 years old, I threw a bottle with a note in it in the ocean in Massachusetts, and Harrison Salisbury found it and contacted me. We began a correspondence that lasted for years, and I eventually met him when I was 18.

- Amor Towles

Queen Behind

That's why I loved Dinah Washington. She sung jazz, but they called her the Queen of the Blues. She had the control and sophistication of jazz in her note selection and how to attack a song or certain lines, but then attacked it with a painful force of blues behind it. That's why I admired her so much, because of that versatility.

- Andra Day

Notes Always

When I have interns, I always say, 'Handwritten thank-you notes can make a difference.' People remember that - not an e-mail, a handwritten note in an envelope.

- Andre Leon Talley

Love Study

Music is a prerogative of those who are willing to spend time to study it, understand and love it, well aware of the fact that one life is not enough to improve just one single note of what has already been written and performed.

- Andrea Bocelli

Think I Remember

I think when I was pretty young I got really into the tone of my instrument and I remember just playing one note for an hour to just kind of feel the resonance of the violin.

- Andrew Bird

Likely Othello

'Othello' is the most domestic of Shakespeare's tragedies and the one that's likely to strike a personal note with a lot of people watching it.

- Andrew Davies

Mass Positions

Note the three most important Cabinet positions. Rice said that it was better to find the weapons of mass destruction than to see a mushroom cloud.

- Andrew Greeley

Never Even

I never make a note of anything; I never even write a plot down.

- Andrew Scott

Study Adequate

I'm not a policy oriented person. I'm constrained to what I study. But educational policy has not yet taken adequate note of the whole child. Kids are not just their IQ or standardized test scores. It matters whether or not they show up, how hard they work.

- Angela Duckworth

Here United States

Let me say this on a personal note. Without the United States of America, I would in all probably not be able to stand here before you today.

- Angela Merkel

Tell Your

If you think of the people who are funny in your life, you'll note it's not because they tell jokes, it's because of their character. If you develop characters, then you'll know them, and you'll know how they'll speak. The comedy will come out of the character.

- Anne Beatts

Movie Studio

You can alter movie singing so much because you go into the recording studio and, just technology for recording has gotten so good, you can hold out a note and they can combine a note from take 2 and a note from take 8.

- Anne Hathaway

Mail Away

Alice Adams wrote a sweet note to me after my first novel came out when I was 26, and I was so blown away that I sent her a bunch of stamps by return mail. I have no idea what I was thinking. It was a star-struck impulse.

- Anne Lamott

Relationship Loving

When you make his sandwiches, put a sexy or loving note in his lunch box.

- Anne Rice

Remarkable Most

You can be creative and not addictive, or addictive and not creative. Most addicted people do not produce anything of remarkable note.

- Anne Roiphe

Worry Still

Even if I would have left on a good note, there is still going to be people who don't like you, who don't like what you stand for. I can't worry about that.

- Antonio Davis

Deal Date

When I'm back at my computer, and/or have more time to deal with the project than when I made the initial notes, I transcribe them into a Scrivener document. I create a new Scrivener file for every project, right at the start, and make a folder for these transcribed notes; when entering them, I title each note document according to date.

- Antony Johnston

Wrong Thing

There is no such thing as a wrong note.

- Art Tatum

Process Which

The Church's note must be a supernatural note which distinguishes incarnation from immanence, redemption from evolution, the Kingdom of God from mere spiritual process.

- Arthur Middleton

Voice Like

Sometimes I can't sleep 'cause I can't get a melody or a beat out my head, so I just have to wake up and, like, record it on a voice note.

- ASAP Ferg

Believe I Believe In

When I believe in something, I support it fully. On that note, I totally don't support Velcro shoes.

- Ashley Rickards

About Favorites

One of my favorites is one called 'Rory's Radio' that I wrote about my brother Jeff's best friend growing up - his name was Rory Dunigan. I dedicated my first record to my brother, who got killed in a car accident in 1999, and I really didn't have any songs on the first album about him, nothing on a personal note.

- Ashton Shepherd

Employee Simplistic

Public employee unions, in their defense, say politicians have unfairly made them into simplistic bogeymen, responsible for problems that have myriad causes. Not all government workers receive generous pensions, they note.

- Charles Duhigg

Deeds Over

Not a day passes over the earth, but men and women of no note do great deeds, speak great words and suffer noble sorrows.

- Charles Reade

Very Telling

I really fell into drama school - I had a lot of lot of luck. I didn't take criticism very well while I was there; in fact, I took it personally. With every note I got, I felt like they were telling me I was a bad person.

- Charlie Cox

Minutes Gig

Our first gig was a battle of the bands. We did 45 minutes of comedy and never played a note - and we won!

- Cheech Marin

Think Play

I hate the natural sound of the trumpet, but I think I'm naturally set up to be a trumpet player. I know that sounds weird. But pretty much anytime I play a note, I'm uncomfortable in a general sense.

- Christian Scott

Best Play

We've always connected musically in Fleetwood Mac because we're the only people who play more than one note. I'm not the best pianist, but I know how to interlace around what Lindsey's playing.

- Christine McVie

Last Very

I started on a very high note and I was alwasy able to choose. I want to be able to do that until my last breath. And to do that, you have to have money.

- Claire Bloom

Book I Think

I cried most days working on the first draft. The last scenes were the hardest. I had a feeling where I wanted to end - the exact note - but I couldn't see how to get there. Sarah Murphy, my editor, asked the right questions to help me. I think of 'The Bear' as a hopeful book.

- Claire Cameron

Been Very

I've found that in places where women have not really been afforded full rights yet - for instance, in the Middle East - even very conservative politicians in the region will say, 'You know, my daughter would really like to meet you,' or, 'Would you send a note to my granddaughter?'

- Condoleezza Rice

Everyone Prefer

Everyone is different, but I'm not standoffish at all. I'm not one of those people who prefer to write a note. I'll walk right up to you and ask you out! Even if the answer's no, I'm totally cool with it.

- Corbin Bleu

One Night Spielberg

I got a note from the stage manager one night that someone wanted to meet me. And it was Steven Spielberg.

- Corey Reynolds

Play Tonight

Well, if you find a note tonight that sounds good, play the same damn note every night!

- Count Basie

Young Staple

When I was young, I had an 'aha' moment in church. There was a thing called testimony service, and somebody would sing a song, and everyone else would join in, finding a note where they fit. During one of those, a light went on in my head. In that moment, I heard everything - Parliament, the Staple Singers, Curtis Mayfield, Prince - in there.

- D'Angelo

Goodbye I Think

The retirement timing is always a tricky thing for a dancer. I think it's different for everyone. How you say goodbye to the thing you have really focused on that much is a tough one. I've always intended to leave in good shape, to exit on a high note.

- Damian Woetzel

Better Which

It's not about retro or modern, it's about this note or that note, which sounds better?

- Dan Hicks

Middle Types

There are many types of silence. There is a silence before the note, there is a silence at the end and there is a silence in the middle.

- Daniel Barenboim

Rest Will

Once you start playing a piece, there is a connection between every note. You cannot say, 'I will not concentrate on this note.' You cannot ignore things the way you do in the rest of your life.

- Daniel Barenboim

Flight Hang

You have to really have the will to hang onto the first note as it is being played, and then really stay with it and take the flight, as it were, you know, for the duration of the piece.

- Daniel Barenboim

Lifetime Itself

Every note is a lifetime for itself.

- Daniel Barenboim

Him Seen

If you ask any person on this crew what they think of Hugh Jackman they'll admit they've never seen anything like it. I'll give him an emotional note and he'll hit it every time.

- Darren Aronofsky

Mind Certainly

In my mind, it is certainly much nicer to end on a high note rather than on a Stout Pig.

- Dave Blood

Half Some

When I was in high school, there were these British blues-rock-type bands with really good guitar players that would jam on one song for half an hour. And as much as I was amazed by some of those guitar players, seeing them prompted me to make a note that that's not something I could do.

- David Byrne

Play Measured

When I produce a record, I roll up my sleeves; I'm not one of those passive guys. I really get in there and make sure every note is measured. I tell the bass player, 'You have to play it like this,' or I tell the drummer, 'It's got to be like this.'

- David Foster

Assets Poorest

It is interesting to note that the 200 richest people have more assets than the 2 billion poorest.

- David Korten

Think Which

I think John Williams, him and his team, have been incredible orchestrators. By that, I mean how he chooses which instrument plays which note.

- David Newman

Next Through

As a melody instrument player, it's all about getting from one note to the next, and those intervals and how you navigate your way through these vertical structures of chords. You realize that everything's moving forward, and it's all linear.

- David Sanborn

Right Place Lifelong

Its all about finding the right note at the right place and knowing when to leave well enough alone. And that's a lifelong quest.

- David Sanborn

Death 18th Century

There were no vampires of note in Western literature until about the 18th century. But they tell us where we park our anxieties, whether its over-powerful women, death or damnation. We make our own monsters.

- Deborah Harkness

Happen Benefits

What I've learned is there's a scientifically proven phenomenon that's attached to gratitude, and that if you consciously take note of what is good in your life, quantifiable benefits happen.

- Deborah Norville

Career Year

I had a great first year and Mr. MacDonald was my biggest supporter. He gave me the encouragement I needed that first year to get my career started on a positive note.

- Jim Evans

Been Bill

I leave a $100 bill and a note to the housekeeper at every hotel I've ever been in. It's important to write that they're recognized and appreciated.

- Jim Irsay

Other Figure

People say I'm a one-note actor, but the way I figure it, those other guys are just looking for that one right note.

- Joel McCrea

Play Keyboard

I can play just about any keyboard but I can't read or write a note.

- John Carpenter

Other Smaller

But we should be mindful as we argue about our differences that so much more unites than divides us. We should also note that our differences, when compared with those in many, if not most, other countries, are smaller than we sometimes imagine them to be.

- John McCain

Sometime BBC

I just thought my 50th year in the BBC is 2018, and it has to end sometime, and I thought that would be a good note to go out.

- John Motson

Through Became

Looking through the list of earlier Nobel laureates, I note a large number with whom I became acquainted and with whom I interacted during those years as they passed through Cambridge.

- John Pople

Love Been

I don't like to waste notes, not even one. I like to put the right note in the right place, and my influences have always been those kinds of players. Keith Richards comes to mind, and I really like Nils Lofgren's soloing, because he's so melodic. I love John Lennon's rhythm playing, and George Harrison was an incredible guitarist.

- Johnny Marr

I Think Persuading

I think there is an awful lot of technology for technology's sake. I have yet to be convinced by my husband that persuading our mobiles to talk to our computers is going to be quicker and more straightforward than scribbling a note in our kitchen diary.

- Jojo Moyes

Doing Theatrical

Obviously, we were disappointed that neither 'The Last Witch Hunter' nor 'American Ultra' found bigger theatrical audiences. It's important to note that our focus on risk mitigations limited our exposure on both films, and I'm pleased to report that 'The Last Witch Hunter' is doing well in a number of international territories.

- Jon Feltheimer

Like Still

I still go out, but not a lot. If I go to see music, it's usually to the Blue Note, jazz clubs, things like that. When I travel, I find out where the jazz clubs are.

- Jonathan Demme

Fact Records

When I worry about privacy, I worry about peer-to-peer invasion of privacy. About the fact that anytime anything of any note happens, there are three arms holding cell phones with cameras in them or video records capturing the event ready to go on the nightly news, if necessary.

- Jonathan Zittrain

Couple Been

I've met the Queen a couple of times, and she's been delightful. In fact, I often find myself thinking: 'What would the Queen do in this situation? Write a thank-you note? Yes, I'll do that.' She's all about courtesy.

- Jools Holland

Trump Donald

I sent Trump a handwritten note requesting an interview with my cell-phone number in it. That was a huge mistake. You should never, ever give your cell-phone number to Donald Trump. You know what he did with it? He put it on the Internet.

- Jorge Ramos

Through Asking

We are all busy. It's easy to find excuses for not reaching out to others, but I imagine they will sound as hollow to our Heavenly Father as the elementary school boy who gave his teacher a note asking that he be excused from school March 30th through the 34th.

- Joseph B. Wirthlin

City Very

I am all for greening tall buildings, but I'm also very keen to note that greening a building doesn't cope with the problem of the tall building in the texture of the city.

- Joseph Rykwert

Doing Very

I like a director who is very observant and is watching what I'm doing and noticing what I'm doing but is giving me time to figure it out. They don't jump right in and give you a note before you've had time to really search on your own with how to do a scene. I like a director that encourages me to be playful.

- Julia Stiles

Making Designers

It is also interesting to note that the original supermodels are now making a comeback after being dismissed in the Nineties as being 'greedy' by a gaggle of male designers who lived like Sun Kings.

- Julie Burchill

False Never

There's never a false note in a Berg novel.

- Augusten Burroughs

Education Always

I wasn't that over-the-top, but I got sent to the principal in first grade for talking. And my father was for a long time the president of the Board of Education. That was always a hard note to bring home.

- Barbara Park

Voice Falling

With the a cappella groups, every voice is like one string on a guitar, one note on the piano, or one cymbal, and you don't have the luxury of falling back on anything.

- Ben Folds

Bush Fundamental

After Bush was elected in 2004 - please note that I didn't say 're-elected' - and I was walking around in my befuzzed state of confusion and low-grade depression, I set out more or systematically to read writers who'd grappled with that fundamental question of what America is, why it is the way it is.

- Ben Fountain

Been Ryan

Obama has been perhaps the most partisan President since Truman. He hasn't learned to be civil - note his insulting speech to Paul Ryan, who did us the courtesy of scoring a budget. The president has to talk to Republicans when it comes to the debt ceiling. He has reached the debt ceiling before anyone expected.

- Grover Norquist

Side Might

'I Just Might Pray' by The David Mayfield Parade has an upbeat tempo without being sugary sweet. 'I Just Might Pray' is an enjoyable track and is easily listened to. As a side note, the video for 'I Just Might Pray' is absolutely adorable.

- Ben Lovett

Grand Each

We are each but a quarter note in a grand symphony.

- Guy Laliberte

Shake Quote

Shake was a dramatist of note; He lived by writing things to quote.

- H. C. Bunner

Quote Dramatist

Shakespeare was a dramatist of note who lived by writing things to quote.

- H. C. Bunner

Next Before

Summer is a promissory note signed in June, its long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next January.

- Hal Borland

Soul Down

I loved Mal Evans holding one note down on You Won't See Me from Rubber Soul.

- Benmont Tench

Prosper Badly

The 2008 Democratic presidential candidates would be wise to note that unwarranted negativism is dangerous and badly underestimates the strengths of the American people to adapt to and prosper with change.

- Bernard L. Schwartz

Future Yesterday

Yesterday is a cancelled check. Today is cash on the line. Tomorrow is a promissory note.

- Hank Stram

Christmas Set

I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.

- Bernard Manning

Gender Role

It is important to note that there exist vast gender differences in the global role of papillomaviruses in human cancers. This is mainly due to the role of this virus family in the induction of cancer of the cervix.

- Harald zur Hausen