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Idea Feels

The idea of music is to liberate the listener and lead him to a frame where he feels he is elevated.

- A. R. Rahman

Truthfully Judged

So long as you do it truthfully, music is not to be judged.

- A. R. Rahman

Films Compose

I compose music for films, and by the grace of God, I've got a few awards. That's it.

- A. R. Rahman

Itself Inconceivable

To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.

- Aaron Copland

Listening Like

I really like listening to music in my car.

- Aaron Neville

Prayer Balance

I balance with prayer and music. I sing every day.

- Aaron Neville

Informed Personally

The gospel music and doo-wop is what has informed me personally.

- Aaron Neville

Driving Need

I need to listen to chill music when I'm driving. It prevents road rage.

- Aaron Paul

Stop Lot

A lot of people I make music with are really talented and it doesn't stop at one instrument.

- Abbie Cornish

Lives Players

My music lives because of real players.

- Abel Korzeniowski

Change Believe

I believe in music because it has the power of change.

- Abigail Washburn

Power Believe

I really believe in the power of music.

- Abigail Washburn

Been Dad

I asked my daughter when she was 16, What's the buzz on the street with the kids? She's going, to be honest, Dad, most of my friends aren't into Kiss. But they've all been told that it's the greatest show on Earth.

- Ace Frehley

Always Companies

Since the decline of record companies and music sales, I've always played live.

- Adam Ant

Grateful Very

I feel very grateful to be alive and well enough to make music.

- Adam Ant

Else Everything Else

For us there's U2 music, and then there's everything else.

- Adam Clayton

Spend Lot

I spend a lot of time on my music.

- Adam Hicks

Hit Songs

My approach is to be part of a band that makes music, not hit songs.

- Adam Jones

Been Listened

I haven't listened to much music lately; I've been out of it.

- Adam Jones

Want Just Be

But if you want to be in a band and write music, then you should just be in a band and write music.

- Adam Jones

Classical Music

I'm a self-taught guitarist, but I have a classical music background.

- Adam Jones

Always Been

I've always been involved in the visual arts and music.

- Adam Jones

Very Laid

The music industry's very laid back while I'm very, very aggressive.

- Adam Kluger

Past Very

I'm very inspired by past music.

- Adam Lambert

Been Period

It's been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I've experienced.

- Adam Lambert

School High

Music was a way of rebelling against the whole rah-rah high school thing.

- Adam Levine

Dance House

I'm into my grime, hip-hop, dance, and house music.

- Adam Peaty

Play Melody

We knew that we wanted to play heavy music but I hadn't gotten into melody and things like that.

- Adam Rich

Like Straight

I was stuck with looking like a girl. As soon as I got out of music it was straight off to the hairdressers.

- Adam Rickitt

Having Lyric

Really, music is what I'm interested in, and the lyric part of it came from just having to have something to sing.

- Adam Schlesinger

Video Extra

I was an extra in a Tia Carrere music video.

- Adam Scott

Love Dancing

Dancing and music were my first love. I was happiest at being a chorus boy.

- Adam Shankman

Ears Make

I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears.

- Adele

Worst Public

My worst fear is my music won't connect with the public.

- Adele

New New Music

There will be no new music until it's good enough and until I'm ready.

- Adele

Artist Reflects

Music reflects an artist's feelings and their experiences.

- Adnan Sami

Play DJ

I'm a DJ who makes dance music who got to play with Sting.

- Afrojack

Education Maybe

Maybe one day there will finally be an education for electronic music.

- Afrojack

Most Holland

Most music that comes out of Holland is basically the harder part of dance music - hip-hop, drum'n'bass.

- Afrojack

Country Nashville

Holland is to dance music what Nashville is to country.

- Afrojack

Me Never

The orchestral or symphonic music never interested me.

- Agnes Obel

Very Introduced

I'm very happy that I got introduced to music only as something you got pleasure from.

- Agnes Obel

Relaxed Very

My parents were very relaxed about music.

- Agnes Obel

Love I Love

I love the conversation between film and music.

- Agnes Obel

Silent Fell

There was a time when the music fell silent. Both within me and around me.

- Agnetha Faltskog

Tragedy Nation

A nation that has no music and no fairytales is a tragedy.

- Ai Weiwei


There's a lot of music that sounds like it's literally computer-generated, totally divorced from a guy sitting down at an instrument.

- Aimee Mann

Narrative Hear Music

I hear music as narrative.

- Ajay Naidu

Meant Whenever

Whenever I do a parody it's not meant to make you hate anybody's music really.

- Al Yankovic

Belong Swallow

I went to church and couldn't swallow it. The music was nice but I don't belong there.

- Alain de Botton

Me Read

For me, Anthony Powell is a religion. I read 'A Dance to the Music of Time' every few years.

- Alan Furst

Making Still

Making music is still what keeps a fire going on in me.

- Alan Jackson

Think Always

I always try to make the music that I like and think my fans will like.

- Alan Jackson

Country Always

I've always stood up for country music.

- Alan Jackson

Emotional Themes

Classical music's ability to translate emotional themes is fantastic.

- Alan Price

See Related

Anything I do has to be directly related to my music. If it isn't, I don't really see a point to it.

- Alanis Morissette

Movies Been

I've been really enjoying writing articles and writing music and music for movies.

- Alanis Morissette

Give Away

I give myself strength by staying away from any music.

- Alannah Myles

Mirror Sexy

I also dance to music that makes me feel sexy in front of a mirror.

- Alannah Myles

Beautiful See

Mozart's music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe.

- Albert Einstein

I Think About

I think that's one of the greatest gifts you get if you're successful at something like music or film or photography - any of the arts - you can sit there and think. It's so much fun to sit there and think and wonder about the world and the universe.

- Albert Hammond, Jr.

I Am Doing

Maybe if I knew music I couldn't do what I am doing.

- Alberta Hunter

Connected Characters

With contemporary music, you automatically get connected. It connects you to the emotion of the characters.

- Aldis Hodge

Which Inexpressible

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

- Aldous Huxley

Young Started

I started playing music when I was really young.

- Aleksa Palladino

Love The Only Thing

The only thing I'm really, truly good at is music - I just love it.

- Alessia Cara

Here Model

I'm here to make music; I'm not here be a fashion model.

- Alessia Cara

Always Been

I've always been around musicians and always been the songwriter who doesn't end up playing the music.

- Alex Ebert

Fickle Tastes

People's musical tastes are fickle, and music can be a fashion.

- Alex Kapranos

Generation See

It's a wonderful thing to be able to see your music going from generation to generation.

- Alex Lifeson

Name Take

The thing is, I don't take anything for granted anymore - my family, my music, you name it.

- Alex Lifeson

Contented Challenged

One doesn't want to feel too contented; you have to feel challenged by the music.

- Alex Lifeson

Films Prefer

I prefer to write music for family films. I like people.

- Alex North

Appreciate Musical

There are so few directors who are musical who appreciate music.

- Alex North

Variety Hosting

'Music Hop' in 1963 was my first hosting job of a variety program.

- Alex Trebek


Music is a dialogue.

- Alex Van Halen

Behind Leave

When you leave the planet, you leave music behind.

- Alex Van Halen

Making Aside

Yeah, we have our differences, but we put those aside, and now we're making music. It's great.

- Alex Van Halen

Singing About

I started taking music lessons and singing when I was about ten.

- Alex Winston

TV Lot

I direct a lot of TV commercials and music videos.

- Alex Winter

Athlete Sport

Music is my sport, and I'm the number-one athlete.

- Alexa Chung

Sound Of Music Set

'The Sound of Music' is set in 1938 in Austria at the time of the Anschluss.

- Alexander Hanson

Play Actually

I actually write my own music whenever I have a chance. I play guitar and sing.

- Alexander Ludwig

Either Computer

My favorite travel pastime is writing music, either with my guitar or on my computer.

- Alexander Ludwig

Emotions Opera

The point of opera is that people are moved by the emotions and music.

- Alexander McCall Smith

Rap Been

Rap music's been around for too long now to be inspirational. The words are, but the music isn't.

- Alexander McQueen

Where Leads

Where music leads, I follow.

- Alexander Wang

Mostly Classical

I listen mostly to classical music.

- Alexandra Fuller

Change Were

The '60s were a time of great change in American music.

- Alexandra Patsavas

College High

I was crazy for music as a high school kid and a college kid.

- Alexandra Patsavas

Play Wanted

I wanted to be able to play guitar. I wanted to be able to make music hurt.

- Alexis Korner

Been Musical

Since the age of 12, all my musical thinking has been influenced by Afro-American music.

- Alexis Korner

Crazy About

I'm not crazy about country-western music. But the lyrics are good.

- Alice Cooper

Soul Timeless

Soul music is timeless.

- Alicia Keys

Love I Love

I love my own music.

- Alicia Keys

Love Would

I would hate to make music and people love me for something that isn't me.

- Alicia Keys

Folk Music English

There's not that much English folk music that is really that appealing.

- Alison Goldfrapp

Write I Write

I write music visually.

- Alison Mosshart

Cocktail Wallpaper

Cocktail music is accepted as audible wallpaper.

- Alistair Cooke

Like Wallpaper

Canned music is like audible wallpaper.

- Alistair Cooke