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Money His

A writer wants something more than money for his work: he wants permanence.

- A. A. Milne

Life Long

When you get to my age life seems little more than one long march to and from the lavatory.

- A. C. Benson

Ways Does

Malt does more than Milton can to justify God's ways to man.

- A. E. Housman

Ways Does

And malt does more than Milton can to justify God's ways to man.

- A. E. Housman

Father Think

I'm no where as tough as my father. I really think that I am more open to change than he was.

- A. J. Foyt

Poor Concept

There is no concept more generally cherished by publishers than that of the Undeserving Poor.

- A. J. Liebling

Most Shop

I shop more than most women.

- A. J. McLean

Very Am

I, personally, am trying to get more and more involved with the gay and lesbian movement, very much so.

- A. J. McLean

Shape Wickedness

Human blunders usually do more to shape history than human wickedness.

- A. J. P. Taylor

Nothing Agreeable

There is nothing more agreeable in life than to make peace with the Establishment - and nothing more corrupting.

- A. J. P. Taylor

People Our

We expanded primarily for our people - if you don't offer more opportunities, you don't keep good people.

- A. James Clark

Think Began

IQ in general has improved since tests first began. Psychologists think that this is because modern life becomes ever more complicated.

- A. N. Wilson

Will About

Today, India consumes about 682 watts per capita, far lesser than developed nations. As India develops, it will definitely require a lot more energy.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Younger Younger Age

My view is that at a younger age your optimism is more and you have more imagination etc. You have less bias.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Always Everybody

I'm more interested in books than people, and I always expect everybody else to be, but they're not.

- A. S. Byatt

World Ease

The more research you do, the more at ease you are in the world you're writing about. It doesn't encumber you, it makes you free.

- A. S. Byatt

Want Going

If you want to teach women to be great writers, you should show them the best, and the best was often done by men. It was more often done by men than by women, if we're going to be truthful.

- A. S. Byatt

Revealing Prevent

I have a dreadful fear that the more you try to prevent revealing the self, the more you do.

- A. S. Byatt

Soul Living

I don't know of a soul who packed more living into 72 years than Charles Lindbergh did.

- A. Scott Berg

Found Studied

I went to the Technion and studied with Avram Hershko. I found it more exciting than practicing medicine.

- Aaron Ciechanover

Like Dramas

I'd like to do more family dramas.

- Aaron Eckhart

Right Little Bit

Right now, I have to admit, that I'm more interested in giving people a little bit of hope and goodness.

- Aaron Eckhart

Think Becoming

I find when I'm more awake, I tend to think more of the structure and movement of a tune, abrupt transitions, etc.; things becoming more composed.

- Aaron Funk

Important Next

Life is more important than 'what film I do next.'

- Aaron Johnson

Thought Night

For 'A Little Night Music,' I did try to get little bit more beefed up for that because I thought that would help me carry myself around the stage in that character.

- Aaron Lazar

Black Hands

My workday begins around 11 A.M., with a cup of black coffee in each hand. If I had more hands, there would be more coffee.

- Aaron Levie

Nothing Certainly

I'm certainly not into money and prestige. For me there is simply nothing more exciting than people involved in the creation of great products. That is what drives me.

- Aaron Levie

Everybody Affects

Everybody eats a little differently, but the more where you are aware of what you put in your body and how it affects your performance, the better opportunities you have. And that's what I'm trying to do.

- Aaron Rodgers

Stress Shape

Exercise is more important than diet for me because it's a twofer. It keeps me in good physical shape, and it relieves stress. And when you're a representative of the public, there's never a shortage of things to do.

- Aaron Schock

Television Measured

I've loved every minute I've spent in television. And I've had much more failure, as traditionally measured, than success in television. I've done four shows, and only one of them was the 'West Wing.'

- Aaron Sorkin

Love Television

I'll tell you what I miss most. What I would love to do, more than anything, is just anthologies. With an anthology you can tell any story and be in every division of television. We don't have any anthologies anymore, do we?

- Aaron Spelling

Myself Impressive

Most people, it seems, stretch the truth to make themselves seem more impressive. I, it seems, stretch the truth to make myself look worse.

- Aaron Swartz

Actor Get

I get more fulfilment from being a father than I do from being an actor.

- Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Mean Some

I've achieved more than some people do in a lifetime, but it doesn't mean I've done it all.

- Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Audience Give

Being onstage is just a feeling that you cannot duplicate anywhere else because the energy that the audience is giving you forces you to give more energy. It's such an output and exchange of energy. You can't do that anywhere else.

- Aaron Tveit

Always Been

I've always said I'm the worst representative of Muslim-Americans that's ever existed, because I've been inside more bars than mosques.

- Aasif Mandvi

Always Pray

Religion is so much more than the god you pray to. The religion that you associate with, it's culture, it is family, it is background. That is something that I have always grown up with.

- Aasif Mandvi

Work Everyone

I would be too selfish if I said everyone should see my movies more than once. To say that would mean I'm just marketing my work!

- Abbas Kiarostami

Maybe Very

As film-makers, it is very important for us to find common ground between cultures, and maybe that's less the case for politicians who benefit more from finding the conflicts and differences between us.

- Abbas Kiarostami

Need Bowing

I'm aiming to do what I need to do for acting and nothing more. I'm bowing down to acting.

- Abbey Lee Kershaw

Myself Other

I loved Billie Holiday more than any other person other than myself on the stage. Yeah, I do.

- Abbey Lincoln

Think Noticed

Something I've noticed as I get older is that I do think about the future more. It's all positive thinking.

- Abbie Cornish

Oil Lot

I used to paint a lot of oil and now I paint more mixed-media stuff.

- Abbie Cornish

Forced Cannibalism

I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed, there would be no more wars.

- Abbie Hoffman

Society Organize

The key to organizing an alternative society is to organize people around what they can do, and more importantly, what they want to do.

- Abbie Hoffman

Grow Sometimes

Sometimes when you fail, it allows you the opportunity to grow more motivation and get more intense about your training.

- Abby Wambach

Think I Think

I think I take on a little more responsibility when push comes to shove. I'm not scared to fail.

- Abby Wambach

Need Making

We need to have women in more powerful positions that are making decisions, so when that 10-year-old girl is looking up and wondering, 'What can I do and what do I want to be when I get older?' She has the opportunity to do and be whatever she wants.

- Abby Wambach

Kid Maybe

If I can help a kid feel more comfortable in their skin because they're struggling with maybe the things I struggled with in high school, that's great.

- Abby Wambach

Association Movements

Most of the more celebrated names among African-American authors, poets, and artists are known to the world because of their association with specific cultural arts movements.

- Aberjhani

Through Learned

As a child, I went to peace and ERA marches on the back of my mom and grandmother. Through them I learned that I wanted to find a way to make the world a more kind, compassionate place.

- Abigail Washburn

Learn Noticed

I've noticed that the more I open up, the more I learn.

- Abigail Washburn

Even Unsavory

We fear to know the fearsome and unsavory aspects of ourselves, but we fear even more to know the godlike in ourselves.

- Abraham Maslow

Think Like

If you think only of evil, then you become pessimistic and hopeless like Freud. But if you think there is no evil, then you're just one more deluded Pollyanna.

- Abraham Maslow

Allah Will

The more knowledge you have, the greater will be your fear of Allah.

- Abu Bakr

Fraught Naught

Have all the hopes of ages come to naught? Is life no more with noble meaning fraught?

- Ada Cambridge

Will Mine

That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show.

- Ada Lovelace

Depression Prone

Creative people are more prone to depression.

- Adam Ant

Like About

There's no conversation more boring than talking about what it's really like to live in Newport and how the show compares to the real thing. I just don't care.

- Adam Brody

Behind Going

I guess my feeling is is that if you're going to make a joke, that's fine, but you should also sort of stand behind it, you know? A joke should be more than a joke, it should be a point that you're trying to make.

- Adam Carolla

Very Am

I don't know that I appreciate things more because of how I grew up, but I am very realistic with what I expect out of people and what they expect out of me.

- Adam Carolla

Prayer Tongue

Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue.

- Adam Clarke

Existence Infinite

To suppose more than one supreme Source of infinite wisdom, power, and all perfections, is to assert that there is no supreme Being in existence.

- Adam Clarke

Think Exponentially

I think rock 'n' roll would become exponentially, considerably more difficult to perform past about 65.

- Adam Clayton

Like Read

Liberal judges tend to be expansive about things like equal protection, while conservatives read more into ones like 'the right to bear arms.'

- Adam Cohen

More Or Less Making

One of the great debates about the Internet is whether it is making people more or less free.

- Adam Cohen

Use Contribute

More than a billion people use the Internet, yet only a tiny fraction contribute their knowledge to it.

- Adam D'Angelo

Questions Get

The more questions and answers we get, the more useful Quora is.

- Adam D'Angelo

Want Come

What we want as an economy is companies and people, you know, working hard to come up with creative ways to be more productive. We don't want companies and people working hard to lobby government for special tax cuts.

- Adam Davidson

Resource Providing

To put it simply and a bit crudely: Our economy is demanding more well-educated workers than our schools are providing. To attract this scarce resource, communities have to offer more than just jobs.

- Adam Davidson

Average Polite

When telemarketers call me now, I won't get the blow-horn. I'm more polite than the average person.

- Adam DeVine

Trust Bank

I trust bitcoin more than I trust my bank.

- Adam Draper

Facilitate Use

Bitcoin has so much potential, and that's why the believers are trying to facilitate its use as a currency, so people use to buy things and spread it around more.

- Adam Draper

Cards Like

If money was being invented now, it wouldn't be designed to look like cash or credit cards. It would look more like Bitcoin.

- Adam Draper

Strengths Tell

I can tell more about my weaknesses than my strengths.

- Adam Driver

Very Feels

'Girls' feels very active and stirring a conversation and controversial, and you can't really ask for more as an actor.

- Adam Driver

My Life About

My life isn't necessarily more important than anyone else's: I'm just better in talking about it.

- Adam Duritz

Me Taught

Tweeting has taught me the discipline to say more with fewer words.

- Adam Grant

Better Rest

Geniuses don't have better ideas than the rest of us. They just have more of them.

- Adam Grant

Questions Start

When sermons start where people live - their questions, struggles, and concerns - and then offer a timely and helpful word from the Scriptures, people are more interested in hearing what else the Scriptures have to say.

- Adam Hamilton

Election About

This is what the election of 2010 was about. We didn't send conservatives to Washington to flirt with Democrat proposals for higher taxes and more debt. We sent leaders to stop them.

- Adam Hasner

Want More People

I get less and less sketching done at shows, as more and more people want to come up and talk or get stuff signed. Most requested character? Probably Catwoman.

- Adam Hughes

Making Hits

We're more into expressing ourselves than making radio hits.

- Adam Jones

Seriously Like

When you don't know what the band looks like, it puts the emphasis on thinking and taking the music and message more seriously.

- Adam Jones

Religious Cultural

I consider myself more of a cultural Jew; I'm not religious in any way.

- Adam Lamberg

Box Less

My wish is for gay to become less of a label, and more of just one of many great colors in the collective box of humanity.

- Adam Lambert

Book Audience

I'm trying to convey to my audience that you really can't judge a book by its cover, and there's more to the universe than you can see with your eyes.

- Adam Lambert

New Been

Dynamic pricing - charging more when goods and services are in high demand and short supply and less when the opposite is true - isn't new. Gasoline retailers, hoteliers, and airlines have been deploying the technique for years.

- Adam Lashinsky

Snapped Segments

Salesforce acquires companies - it has snapped up 55 since 2006 - that are either more innovative or that have pioneered market segments that Salesforce hasn't yet cracked.

- Adam Lashinsky

Natural Which

Yoga takes what you have and molds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel.

- Adam Levine

Done Months

I've probably done more than a thousand interviews, and I can't remember what people asked me two months ago or two days ago.

- Adam Mansbach

Political Than

America has not produced a more salient political musician than Gil Scott-Heron.

- Adam Mansbach

Need Larger

With the derivatives market larger than ever, we need way more regulation of Wall Street, not less.

- Adam McKay

Nothing Making

There's nothing more fun than making fun of what's sacred.

- Adam McKay

Movies Nothing

There's nothing more American than movies.

- Adam McKay

Love Federal Reserve

There's nothing the people love more than a Federal Reserve joke.

- Adam McKay

Nothing Characters

There's nothing more fun than mean-spirited characters.

- Adam McKay

Players Head Coach

Assistant coaches become a little bit more buddies to the players than a head coach.

- Adam Oates

Going Faster

The more you believe in yourself, the faster you're going to get.

- Adam Peaty

Think A Good Thing

A lot of people put pressure on me, but I don't think I feel that type of pressure. It is more of a good thing that people are trying to do that.

- Adam Peaty