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Forced Anything

I was a math whiz who stunk at English, so of course I wanted to be a writer more than anything in the world. I performed impromptu plays for my grandmother's sewing circle but forced my little sister to ask for ketchup at McDonald's.

- Alethea Kontis

Good Me

McDonald's is good for me.

- Amanda Latona

Never Been

I've never been a Burger King person. I'm a total McDonald's person.

- Anderson Cooper

Burger Some

There are some people who are Burger King people, and there are some people who are McDonald's people.

- Anderson Cooper

Arrogant Would

It would be arrogant of us for me to say everything at McDonald's is perfect.

- Charlie Bell

Think I Think

My philosophy in all my jobs at McDonald's is to be honest and say what I think and mean what I say.

- Charlie Bell

Fast Going

If I'm going to eat fast food, I'm going to McDonald's. I don't need to pretend.

- Chrissy Teigen

Times Ate

I once ate McDonald's three times in one day.

- Christina Ricci

More Some

At some point, I'll do more McDonald's commercials if I have to.

- Daveed Diggs

Big Mac

I once dated someone who worked at McDonald's. She came up and asked if I wanted a Big Mac.

- John Stamos

Alone Defeat

For an adult, eating alone at McDonald's is admitting a kind of defeat.

- Jonathan Carroll

Tried Worked

I worked the drive-through at McDonald's and tried out different accents - Italian, Russian, Irish.

- James Franco

Away Over

McDonald's is over with. But chips and candy and stuff, it's going to be hard to get away from that.

- Derrick Rose

Most Ever

The McDonald's icon of the colours and the golden arch, for me, resonates as one of the most iconic images ever.

- Jeremy Scott

Eat Taste

Hey, I used to eat at McDonald's: I liked the taste of the food, especially the French fries.

- Eric Schlosser


There's a McDonald's in the Louvre.

- Lee Radziwill

Crap Getting

I hate getting a McDonald's. I'm not a McDonald's person: you just feel crap afterwards.

- George Ezra

Music Moments

The Fiesta Tour McDonald's exhibit is a one-of-a-kind compilation of items and great moments in Latin music history. Every item has a unique story, including the outfit which I wore during the 2008 Premios Juventud awards.

- Thalia

Size Super

I don't go to McDonald's anymore. After I saw Super Size Me... no way!

- Scarlett Johansson

Working Enjoyed

I enjoyed working at McDonald's.

- Shania Twain


My biggest inspiration is Audra McDonald.

- Shanice Williams

Trips Ski

You know what the best thing about morning ski trips are? McDonald's!

- Nick Woodman

Meal Times

I'm a McDonald's girl - several times a week. Usually the two-cheeseburger combo meal.

- Nikki Cox

More Existing

You get paid more at McDonald's than you do under the existing minimum wage.

- Norm Coleman

Even Worked

I worked at a McDonald's inside a Walmart. It wasn't even a real McDonald's.

- Riki Lindhome

Lost Get

If I lost my job, I'd get a job at McDonald's.

- Robert Kiyosaki

Quick Call

I call tennis the McDonald's of sport - you go in, they make a quick buck out of you, and you're out.

- Pat Cash

Process Expand

When you expand a business as fast as McDonald's did, part of the strength you have is the process and the efficiency.

- Steve Easterbrook

Most Enjoyable

Ordering should be the most enjoyable experience, but at McDonald's, it can be one of the most stressful points in time.

- Steve Easterbrook

Doing Emulate

I look at the people's careers who I want to emulate, like Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth, Bernadette Peters... They've all found the key to longevity in this business, and that is diversifying, doing as many things as possible to keep yourself relevant, and so hopefully I'm on the same track as all those amazing women.

- Megan Hilty

Job Like

My first job was, like, McDonald's.

- Swae Lee

Food Became

I haven't eaten at a McDonald's since I became President.

- William J. Clinton

Bad Get

I used to sit in front of McDonald's and ask people for dollars to get me a cheeseburger. It was bad.

- T-Pain