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Used Another

Our daughter's name Arwynn comes from Arwen in 'Lord of the Rings' because my wife and I met for the first time in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford where J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis used to go to read out their stories to one another.

- Adrian McKinty

Best Fictional

If you have to write a fictional adventure to convey a philosophy of evil, the best person is the destroyer of evil himself, Lord Shiva.

- Amish Tripathi

Own I Write

I write just knowing that I enjoy writing. But if I have to write, it seems like nothing comes. But when I go there for my own pleasure, the Lord might just give me loads of stuff all at once.

- Andrae Crouch

Back I Think

I think even back as far as 'Lord of the Rings,' there was always the chance that 'The Hobbit' would be made, even way back then. Of course at that point, Peter Jackson didn't probably think at that point that he'd be directing it.

- Andy Serkis

Soul My Soul

O Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul.

- Anne Boleyn

Bright Anybody

The blessing of my mother is that she is so interested, she is so bright, she never complains - the joy of the Lord just bubbles out of her. Anybody who's in her presence is blessed to be there.

- Anne Graham Lotz

Unto Could

The Lord knows that I could not open scripture; he must by his prophetical office open it unto me. So after that being unsatisfied in the thing, the Lord was pleased to bring this scripture out of the Hebrews.

- Anne Hutchinson

Desire Tender

For you see this scripture fulfilled this day and therefore I desire you as you tender the Lord and the church and commonwealth to consider and look what you do.

- Anne Hutchinson

Strength Christianity

I am not writing to try and convert people to fundamental Christianity. I am just trying to share my experience, strength and hope, that someone who is as messed up and neurotic and scarred and scared can be fully accepted by our dear Lord, no questions asked.

- Anne Lamott

However Catalog

But however long you may have continued in rebellion, and how ever black and long the catalog of your sins, yet if you will now turn to God by a sincere repentance, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you shall not be cast out.

- Archibald Alexander

Kid Pope

'Trap Lord' is basically the writer of the hood. It's the kid that's from the hood, from the trap, who's going to preach to his friends and his homies. Because they're not going to sit in no church. So they listen to me instead of going to a church, because I understand them, and that's really what the 'Hood Pope' is.

- ASAP Ferg

Country Country Music

Baseball fans! Good lord! I feel like sports fans get mad at you easier than country music fans. It scares me. I'm glad that country fans don't get mad every time I mess up.

- Ashley Monroe

My Life Having

First and foremost, praying about things and having the good Lord as a part of my life is a huge grounding thing for me.

- Ashton Shepherd

Work Prison

I can work for the Lord in or out of prison.

- Charles Colson

Humble Reach

You often feel that your prayers scarcely reach the ceiling; but, oh, get into this humble spirit by considering how good the Lord is, and how evil you all are, and then prayer will mount on wings of faith to heaven.

- Charles Simeon

Veterans Day His

The Lord gets his best soldiers out of the highlands of affliction.

- Charles Spurgeon

Dedicated Whose

The first fresh hour of every morning should be dedicated to the Lord, whose mercy gladdens it with golden light.

- Charles Spurgeon

Faith Throne

Now I will say this to every sinner, though he should think himself to be the worst sinner who ever lived: cry to the Lord and seek Him while He may be found. A throne of grace is a place fitted for you. By simple faith, go to your Savior, for He is the throne of grace.

- Charles Spurgeon

Will Your

The time you spend alone with God will transform your character and increase your devotion. Then your integrity and godly behavior in an unbelieving world will make others long to know the Lord.

- Charles Stanley

Almighty Dropped

If the Lord says to give more than you think you are able to give, know that He will provide for you. Whether things are sailing smoothly or the bottom has dropped out, He is always trustworthy. You can count on Almighty God to keep His everlasting Word.

- Charles Stanley

Waiting Before

The Scriptures contain many stories of people who waited years or even decades before the Lord's promises came to pass. What modern believers can learn from the patience of biblical saints like Abraham, Joseph, David, and Paul is that waiting upon the Lord has eternal rewards.

- Charles Stanley

Image Using

Thank the Lord for using each person as a tool in your life to deepen your insight into His grace and conforming you to the image of His Son.

- Charles Stanley

Matthew Least

My favorite is Matthew 25: 'The Lord said, 'Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do to me.' I truly believe that.

- Chris Smith

Purpose Enjoy

I am a most noteworthy sinner, but I have cried out to the Lord for grace and mercy, and they have covered me completely. I have found the sweetest consolation since I made it my whole purpose to enjoy His marvellous Presence.

- Christopher Columbus

Love Will

If the Lord should bring a wicked man to heaven, heaven would be hell to him; for he who loves not grace upon earth will never love it in heaven.

- Christopher Love

Happy May

I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!

- Christopher McCandless

Board Got

I've got the Lord on board.

- Chynna Phillips

About Before

Orlando is such a kind person. He's so generous and one of us, 'us' meaning a theater person. What a lot of people don't know about him is that, before 'Lord of the Rings,' he went to theater school like a lot of us. He is just really sweet and hard working.

- Condola Rashad

Venice Thief

They are shooting The Thief Lord in Venice at the moment.

- Cornelia Funke

Politics Clinton

I would like to be one of the people responsible for getting Elizabeth Warren out of politics. She's a nightmare. The Left's holding her up as the second coming of Hillary Clinton; Lord knows we don't need the first.

- Curt Schilling

Strength Overcome

In the strength of the Lord we can do and endure and overcome all things.

- David A. Bednar

Became Turned

I became a Christian at age 4. I turned from my wicked ways and decided to walk the straight and narrow - but seriously, I actually remember coming to the Lord then and starting my long walk with Him.

- David A. R. White

Storytelling Instance

Many fantasy novels - 'Lord of the Rings', for instance, or 'Lavondyss' by Robert Holdstock - are beautifully written. Geoff Ryman's 'The Child Garden' is exquisite and utterly beguiling. Mervyn Peake's 'Gormenghast' trilogy is an astonishing piece of multi-faceted storytelling. So quality of writing does not condemn the genre.

- David Gemmell

Maybe Had

I actually watched 'Lord of the Rings' right when it came out, so maybe 2001 or 2002 or whenever that was. But I watched those movies, and I ended up loving them so much that I found every behind-the-scenes feature and every sort of 'making-of' clip they had.

- David Lambert

Like Good Lord

The good Lord is amazing; He opens up doors. I was close to abandoning the dream, and He was like, 'Hey, slow down there, buddy.'

- David Nail

London Charles

My office walls are covered with autographs of famous writers - it's what my children call my 'dead author wall.' I have signatures from Mark Twain, Earnest Hemingway, Jack London, Harriett Beecher Stowe, Pearl Buck, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, to name a few.

- Debbie Macomber

Nothing Will

I only hope that He will let me preach to those who have never heard that name Jesus. What else is worthwhile in this life? I have heard of nothing better. 'Lord, send me!'

- Jim Elliot

Think Rising

We wouldn't think of rising in the morning without a face-wash, but we often neglect that purgative cleansing of the Word of the Lord. It wakes us up to our responsibility.

- Jim Elliot

Worry Good Lord

I don't worry anymore because there's only one person that knows when your day is, and that's the good Lord above.

- Jim Kelly

Precious Against

I have sinned against You, my Lord, and I would ask that your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God's forgiveness.

- Jimmy Swaggart

Against Sinned

I have sinned against you, my Lord.

- Jimmy Swaggart

Spirit Them

The Spirit of the Lord is with them that fear him.

- Joanna Southcott

Ring Tonight

Ali even told me in the ring, 'You can't beat me - I'm your Lord.' I just told him, 'Lord, you're in the wrong place tonight.'

- Joe Frazier

Sleep Me

But let them sleep, Lord, and me mourn a space.

- John Donne

Bed Knees

Now when I came to go up to operations, I went down to this patient's room and got down on my knees at the foot of the bed and earnestly asked the Lord to help us and to help me.

- John Harvey Kellogg

Thought Brought

The Lord did not bless us with any children of our own, so we gathered up little waifs whom we thought would be neglected and would not be cared for unless we brought them into our family.

- John Harvey Kellogg

Been Read

'Lord Of The Rings' fandom was massive, worldwide, entrenched. Generally it had been part of the fans' life all their life, because they had it read to them as children; they'd become Tolkien students.

- John Noble

Alone Accountable

Lord of myself, accountable to none, but to my conscience, and my God alone.

- John Oldham

Voice Why

I know God's voice. I've seen God's hand. If the Lord is my helper, why should I be afraid?

- John Piper

Turned Frequently

After I had given up to go, the thoughts of the journey were often attended with unusual sadness, at which times my heart was frequently turned to the Lord with inward breathings for his heavenly support, that I might not fail to follow him wheresoever he might lead me.

- John Woolman

Love Instinct

By the law of Christ, every man is bound to love his neighbour as himself; but every servant is a neighbour of every civil lord; therefore every civil lord must love any of his servants as himself; but by natural instinct, every lord abhors slavery; therefore, by the law of charity, he is bound not to impose slavery on any brother in Christ.

- John Wycliffe

Proud Country

When we were kids, we said the Pledge of Allegiance because we were proud of this country, and we said prayer. You know, we thanked the good Lord above.

- Johnny Van Zant

Always Harry

We're always looking for ways to extend all of our intellectual property. We've seen that's what happened with 'Harry Potter' and 'The Lord of the Rings.'

- Jon Feltheimer

Year Your

All I'm saying is that, you know, whether we're worth a billion, whether we're worth a million, whether we're worth $1,000, it's what's in your heart. You know, $100 a month from somebody or $50 a year for people who may be in a less economic bracket, that's as important to the Lord.

- Jon Huntsman, Sr.

Kinds Haircuts

The problem for those who assert biblical authority in support of traditional definitions of marriage is that one could, with equal validity, assert that the lending of money or certain kinds of haircuts are forbidden by God, or that slavery and the subjugation of women are authorized by the Lord.

- Jon Meacham

One Thing Though

Though our trials are diverse, there is one thing the Lord expects of us no matter our difficulties and sorrows: He expects us to press on.

- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Reach Brothers

The Lord has promised great rewards for those who reach out to strengthen their brothers and sisters.

- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Blessings Opened

For me, the Lord has opened the windows of heaven and showered blessings upon my family beyond my ability to express.

- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Love Holy

Why must we love the Lord? Because as we do so, we become refined, pure, and holy.

- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Beginning Straight

This fear of the Lord is indeed the beginning of wisdom. This consciousness of sin is the straight pathway to heaven.

- Joseph Barber Lightfoot

Love About

There are days when my heart is troubled, and just being in the Lord's presence and thinking about His love for me fills my heart with inexplicable peace and joy.

- Joseph Prince

Holy Transform

Only the holy spirit, the spirit of the lord, can transform us.

- Joseph Prince

About Our

You know, I wish the world well. I want Iraq to have democracy and the Haitians to have democracy. I want the people of Afghanistan to thrive. Lord knows, we spend enough money there to help them. What about people at home? Isn't that our first responsibility?

- Barbara Boxer

Now Brighton

I'm now the Lord of the Brighton Manor.

- Barbara Stanwyck

My Life Church

Out of the depths, O Lord, out of the depths,' begins the most beautiful of the services of our church, and it is out of the depths of my life that I must bring the incidents of this story.

- Hall Caine

Voice Sometimes

I am no theologian. I am a layman. I am among those who are preached to, and who listen. It is not for me to preach. I should not willingly forego being a listener, a man who reads the Gospels and then listens to what others say that our Lord meant. But sometimes a listener speaks out, and listens to his own voice.

- Haniel Long

Light Woman

Divorce can be tough when the woman is the breadwinner. But the Lord can make the dark light.

- Betty Wright

Strength Go

I would fight for my liberty so long as my strength lasted, and if the time came for me to go, the Lord would let them take me.

- Harriet Tubman

Through Hold

I said to de Lord, 'I'm goin' to hold steady on to you, an' I know you'll see me through.'

- Harriet Tubman

Bed Till

As I lay so sick on my bed, from Christmas till March, I was always praying for poor ole master. 'Pears like I didn't do nothing but pray for ole master. 'Oh, Lord, convert ole master;' 'Oh, dear Lord, change dat man's heart, and make him a Christian.'

- Harriet Tubman

Against Made

Simply put, if The Lord made homosexuals as well as heterosexuals, why should I discriminate against their civil marriage? I shouldn't, and I won't.

- Bill Nelson

Had Splendid

Thank the Lord for a mother who was a general as well as a Latter-day Saint; who realized that it was a remarkable and splendid thing to encourage a boy to do something besides perhaps milking cows if he was on a farm, if he had ambitions along athletic lines.

- Heber J. Grant

Fact Other

It is a remarkable fact that we can never read or hear of the labors which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ performed, without taking pleasure in it, while, on the other hand, there is nothing so interesting in the life and history of any other individual but what by hearing or reading it time and time again we become tired of it.

- Heber J. Grant

Thief Preached

I am not going to Heaven because I have preached to great crowds or read the Bible many times. I'm going to Heaven just like the thief on the cross who said in that last moment: 'Lord, remember me.'

- Billy Graham

Life Years

When granted many years of life, growing old in age is natural, but growing old with grace is a choice. Growing older with grace is possible for all who will set their hearts and minds on the Giver of grace, the Lord Jesus Christ.

- Billy Graham

Devil Safe

The devil says I'm out, but the Lord says I'm safe.

- Billy Sunday

Some Certain Way

Some persons have lived manly or womanly lives, and they lack but one thing - open confession of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some men think that they must come to him in a certain way - that they must be stirred by emotion or something like that.

- Billy Sunday

Mountains Serve

Ministers are powerless people who have nothing to boast of except their weaknesses. But when the Lord whom they serve fills them with His blessing they will move mountains and change the hearts of people wherever they go.

- Henri Nouwen

Hands Thy

Into thy hands, O Lord. Into thy hands.

- Henry Irving

Down Country

God looked down on this country because this country was founded on the rock and that rock was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And when the storms came and the rains came, the rock, it did not move. But over the last 15 or 20 years, something began to erode.

- Bob Riley

Plant Church

The Lord called me to plant a church.

- Bobby Rush

New Very

It is very gratifying to see the music from 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy find a new life on the concert stage as it is performed by different orchestras and choruses throughout the world.

- Howard Shore

Kindergarten Putting

I learned that you should feel when writing, not like Lord Byron on a mountain top, but like child stringing beads in kindergarten, - happy, absorbed and quietly putting one bead on after another.

- Brenda Ueland

Week Saturday

If Sunday is the Lord's day, then Saturday belongs to the Devil. It is the only night of the week when he gives out Free passes to the Late show at the Too Much Fun Club.

- Hunter S. Thompson

Own Big

Brethren, let us mind our own business - that is, the calling the Lord has called us to - to do everything we can to promote the good of the Cause of Truth, and never ask how big we are, or inquire who we are; but let it be, 'What can I do to build up the Kingdom of God upon the Earth?'

- Brigham Young

Bondage Sang

Guys in slavery sang praises to the Lord to deliver them from bondage.

- Isaac Hayes

Country Anybody

I never expected to record again. I knew I had done everything I ever wanted to do. I was satisfied. But... all the time I'm watching the country music horizon. And I'm sayin' 'Lord, is there anybody gonna come?'

- Buck Owens

Saved Fought

Necessity is laid upon us. We must fight. There are no promises in the Lord Jesus Christ's epistles to the seven churches, except to those who 'overcome.' Where there is grace, there will be conflict. The believer is a soldier. There is no holiness without a warfare. Saved souls will always be found to have fought a fight.

- J. C. Ryle

Within Holy

I must ask the Lord to direct the Holy Spirit within me to drain the life out of sin and in prayer.

- J. I. Packer

Practice About

I warm up with my mom and make sure I understand what the songs are about and make sure I'm using the right technique. To be honest with you, I really don't practice a lot... Usually, I say a prayer and ask the Lord to sing with me and help me and stand on the stage with me.

- Jackie Evancho


I'm lucky. Lord, I'm lucky.

- Carroll O'Connor

About Kinds

I've seen 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' about 25 times each, so I like all kinds of movies, but I'm drawn, as an actor, to dramas about humans living lives I can relate to.

- Casey Affleck

Fiction Prefer

I read 'The Hobbit' when I was twenty and first reading modern science fiction and fantasy. I followed it up with 'The Lord of the Rings,' which I still reread from time to time, but of the lot of it, I prefer 'The Hobbit.'

- James Blaylock

Thought Brought

I was stillborn. The midwives laid me aside, thought I was really gone. I laid there about an hour, and they picked me back up and tried again, 'cause my body was still warm. The Good Lord brought me back.

- James Brown

Magic Brooding

I like the evening in India, the one magic moment when the sun balances on the rim of the world, and the hush descends, and ten thousand civil servants drift homeward on a river of bicycles, brooding on the Lord Krishna and the cost of living.

- James Cameron

Condemns Before

O God and Lord, now the council condemns even Your own act and Your own law as heresy, since You Yourself did lay Your cause before Your Father as the just judge, as an example for us, whenever we are sorely oppressed.

- Jan Hus

Behind Some

They call me 'sweet,' and 'gentle'; and some of the men go the length of calling me 'endearing,' and I laugh in my sleeve and think, 'Oh, Lord! If you but knew what a brimstone of a creature I am behind all this beautiful amiability!'

- Jane Welsh Carlyle

Other Very

Orlando's a really cool guy. They hired him for 'Lord of the Rings' out of drama school. He's very new at this still and doesn't have a lot of experience. So we were in this together and we've tried to help each other out. We felt very equal which was good.

- Diane Kruger

Mercedes Buy

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz.

- Janis Joplin

Here Brought

Now I am near to the getting of my crown, which shall be sure; for I bless the Lord, and desire all of you to bless Him that He hath brought me here, and makes me triumph over devils, and men, and sin: they shall wound me no more.

- Donald Cargill