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Priorities Set

In all planing you make a list and you set priorities.

- Alan Lakein

Friends Possible

I have never written anything in one draft, not even a grocery list, although I have heard from friends that this is actually possible.

- Connie Willis

End Horizon

My to-do list is so long that it doesn't have an end; it has an event horizon.

- Craig Bruce

Give Other

We give you a list of suggested friends to connect with who are already on Path. We notify you when other friends of yours join Path.

- Dave Morin

Maybe Constant

When you're just an actor, maybe not the top of the list guys, you get constant rejection and it's fun.

- David Arquette

Lose Big

You lose yourself in the to-do list and never tackle those big things you promised you would when the campaign came to an end.

- John Dickerson

Bucket Keep

I don't keep a Bucket List. I'm open to anything.

- John Scalzi

Best Always

When someone asks me to list the 10 best novels ever written, I always refuse to answer.

- Henning Mankell

Want Asking

I once was interviewed and got so exasperated that I said, 'What do you want, a shopping list?' They kept asking, 'What's in this picture?'

- Howard Hodgkin

Figure Then

I don't storyboard, and I don't really shot list. I let the shots be determined by how the actors and I figure out the blocking in a scene, and then from there, we cover it.

- Cary Fukunaga

Careful Them

Make a careful list of all things done to you that you abhorred. Don't do them to others, ever.

- Dee Hock

Want Sure

I'm sure there's a long list of one-time all-stars, and I don't want to be on it.

- DeMar DeRozan

Idea Audition

Do you know, I have no idea how I got 'The Avengers'? I'd left the Royal Shakespeare Company, and I was one of a long list of girls, and got it on my audition.

- Diana Rigg

Unlimited Virtually

Downloading is definitely on the rise, but not because it's free - that's probably third on the list - but because it's immediate and the selection is virtually unlimited.

- Don Rose

New Set

I never set out to do this - getting to No. 1 in the 'New York Times' bestseller list wasn't even a pipedream.

- E. L. James

Morning Had

When you were a volunteer for the Bush-Cheney campaign, you came in the morning; you had a supervisor who gave you a list of calls to make and a time to do it in.

- Ed Gillespie

Old Ageing

Reversal of ageing is high on my list of things to do, and not just because I'm getting old.

- George M. Church

Book Plotting

I jump around in the plotting stage, where I basically just make a bulleted list of every damn thing that happens in the entire book.

- Peter V. Brett

Book Other

In addition, we were unable to meet openly to discuss the progress of the book, for we were both on the list of persons banned from communicating with other banned persons.

- Ruth First

Significant Regimes

The list of non-democratic regimes that have seen significant reforms since 2001 is long and significant.

- Ginny Brown-Waite

Keeping Requests

For me, prayer is not so much me setting out a shopping list of requests for God to consider as it is a way of 'keeping company with God.'

- Philip Yancey

Love Written

Make a written list of everything you love.

- Rhonda Byrne

Tax Extension

The extension and expansion of the payroll tax holidays for workers would be number one on my list and key to avoiding recession.

- Mark Zandi

Love Many

There are many things I love in this world. Music, acting, and animals are at the top of that list.

- Orlando Brown

Document Also

E-mail also changed things in that you don't have to write a full document to discuss something. You can just send an e-mail to a list.

- Steve Crocker

Like Them

I like zombies; I like them fine. But I don't have a long list of zombie movies or books that are among my favorite things in the world.

- Steve Hockensmith

About Signed

And they talk about their bona fide doctors. They have a list of doctors that signed affidavits from looking at a picture of Terry. That's where they get their information from, by looking at a picture.

- Michael Schiavo