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Wanted Ever

All I ever wanted to be was president of the American League.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Management Form

To go from Yale to the National League is simply to go from one form of management to another.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Take Premier League

You can take a sidewards step in the Premier League, go to a team in the Championship or come to a team in League One.

- Alan Smith

Girl Normal

I'm reachable for people, I'm not out of their league. I'm just a normal girl.

- Alicia Silverstone

Money More

Coming into the league, if I would've had money, then obviously I would've had more tattoos.

- Allen Iverson

Things Sci-Fi

I grew up watching sci-fi and Justice League and all those kinds of things.

- Ciara Renee

Doing Some

The league, is doing well. It is just a matter of trying to sort some things out with my contract.

- Cobi Jones

Always Go

You're always facing the top defenders in this league. To go out there and do your best, that's all you can ask for.

- D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Devil Read

I did the 'Justice League' thing the wrong way. I read too much on the Internet. You can't do that. The Internet is the devil. Or the Internet is not the devil - the comment boards are the devil.

- D. J. Cotrona

Think Little League

I was playing little league baseball when Bruce Jenner was winning the gold but I don't think I was really paying attention at that time.

- Dan O'Brien

End Right

In our league, it comes right down to the end.

- Dan Quinn

Blessings Plenty

Let peace, descending from her native heaven, bid her olives spring amidst the joyful nations; and plenty, in league with commerce, scatter blessings from her copious hand!

- Daniel Boone

Difficult Big

A major league pitching coach is a really difficult job. It takes a big commitment in terms of time, travel and workload.

- David Cone

Big Always

I was always a big Justice League fan. I always loved Batman, Superman - I have a weird Martian Manhunter fixation.

- David Liss

Year Bought

After one year in the Texas League, the American League bought the rights to my contract. They optioned me back to the Texas League for the 1970 season.

- Jim Evans

Little League

As a youngster, I played in Little League, Pony League, and all sorts of amateur baseball programs growing up.

- Jim Evans

Game Against

I played a trial game for Reading against Brentford. Then the coach told me that they couldn't afford to take me on. So I went to see Brentford. I couldn't believe it when they signed me - they were in the league above Reading.

- Jimmy Hill

Game Little League

In Little League back in Oklahoma, I struck out 14 batters in a six-inning game, and we won the state championship.

- Jimmy Walker

Dodgers Them

As a player, to me the Dodgers were the Yankees of the National League because... you either loved them or you hated them.

- Joe Torre

Southern Other

I've enjoyed my time in the American League, the fans of Southern California and other friendships.

- Joe Torre

Yankees Dodgers

The Dodgers to me are the Yankees of the National League.

- Joe Torre

More Arise

I would hope this experience would help me if that NFL opportunity were to arise. But I also know that it's a totally different league. There's a lot more to it.

- John Elway

Happy Denver

I'm happy with the Arena Football League right now. I'm happy in Denver.

- John Elway

Uniforms Need

We need the quarterbacks. It's a passing league and a quarterback-driven league. We need the Peyton Mannings in football uniforms out there playing - the Tom Bradys, the Drew Breeses, the Philip Riverses - we need those guys instead of them standing on the sideline.

- John Madden

Pleasure Go

It is now a pleasure to go to any of the Premier League grounds. They are so welcoming, not just to me but to all the broadcasters - all media, really, you have to say.

- John Motson

Conference More

I couldn't care less about league tables. I'm more interested in kitchen tables and conference room tables.

- John Stumpf

Little League Teams

This illuminates not only fans' interest in major league teams but also the minors and even Little League.

- John Thorn

Will Clear

My motive, and I will make it clear and look you in the eyes, is to attack major league baseball. That's my motive.

- Jose Canseco

Play New

The new CBA is hurting the league. It's hurting quarterback play.

- Josh McDaniels

Fellows Too

These fellows in our league lie too much about their ages.

- Jud Wilson

Part Allowed

Being a part of the National Football League for so long, I've come across so many trainers and equipment managers who've allowed me to be who I am today.

- Junior Seau

Want Major

I don't want to be a Major League coach.

- Barry Bonds

See I See

I see huge potential for the league and also for America.

- Bastian Schweinsteiger

Fall Very

The League is very well when sparrows shout, but no good at all when eagles fall out.

- Benito Mussolini

Chance Bad

In order to win in this league, you have to have a quarterback who can make all the throws, who makes great decisions, somebody who can get you out of bad situations, that just gives you a chance.

- Benjamin Watson

Flag Give

I have loved but one flag and I can not share that devotion and give affection to the mongrel banner invented for the League of Nations.

- Henry Cabot Lodge

Strong Owner

We had a strong relationship with Walter Brown, and felt that he was the best owner in the league.

- Bob Cousy

Official Extent

And the annual meetings of the League's Assembly are in effect official peace congresses binding on the participating states to an extent that most statesmen a quarter of a century ago would have regarded as utopian.

- Hjalmar Branting

Which However

Let us return, however, to the League of Nations. To create an organization which is in a position to protect peace in this world of conflicting interests and egotistic wills is a frighteningly difficult task.

- Hjalmar Branting

Year Little League

I played Little League for one year. That was it. Then my mother realized I liked books and threatened my father. I owe her forever for that.

- Brad Meltzer

Question Big

Say this for big league baseball - it is beyond any question the greatest conversation piece ever invented in America.

- Bruce Catton

Most Players

Most players in this league say they want consistency.

- Isaiah Thomas

Game Lives

Major League Baseball is a national institution and we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to how the game affects the lives of American youth.

- Bud Selig

Experience Always

My experience with the Junior League, when I worked in Philadelphia for four years in reference to children's things, is that whenever they were asked they responded. They always responded with sincerity, and they did a good job.

- C. Everett Koop

College Super Bowl

When I first came into the league, my first three, four years, I had a teammate from college win a Super Bowl.

- Calvin Johnson

Understand Playing

We all understand it's a privilege just to be playing in this league.

- Calvin Johnson

Myself Doing

I was able to do well for myself, make a statement in the league. I had a heck of a time doing it, but at the end of the day, it's about me and my family and being comfortable and being fun.

- Calvin Johnson

Dawned Became

The modern era of Cape Cod baseball dawned in 1963 when the league became a showcase for the collegiate elite.

- Jane Leavy

From Time To Time

As we say from time to time, it's hard to win in the National Football League.

- Jeff Fisher

Been Players

Coaches who have been players in the league, they get so attuned to playing how they were successful and who their coaches were.

- Jerry West

Other About

I'm not worried about where I rank between other QBs in the league.

- Eli Manning

Big Tested

Marijuana is not tested for, and yet that is the big thing guys are getting in trouble with in the league. It's terrible.

- Karl Malone

Myself Here

I'm not one of the guys in the league for the fame. I'm here so I can take of my family, my mom, my friends and take care of myself.

- Kawhi Leonard

Silicon Valley Ivy

If the Ivy League was the breeding ground for the elites of the American Century, Stanford is the farm system for Silicon Valley.

- Ken Auletta

Career Release

In 1906, I developed pleurisy and was unable to get into condition. So I asked for my release and obtained it. So ended my Major League career.

- Kid Nichols

Play Very

The Premier League is very difficult football and very different to when you play in Europe, but the player has to have experience to adapt, and this is the key point.

- Fernando Torres

Year Premier

In one year I won two titles - one being the Premier League. I have a trophy at home that not many people have and in possibly the most competitive league in the world.

- Filipe Luis

Winning Me

Winning one league title at Roma, to me, is worth winning 10 at Juventus or Real Madrid.

- Francesco Totti

Politics Works

My theory on politics is no one really knows how it works, so I choose not to comment on stuff too outside of my league.

- Kyle Kinane

Hit Came

If he can hit, he can hit. I don't care if he came from Class Z league.

- Frank Robinson

Guy Could

I was playing in the league when Ray Guy was playing in the league. He was the best kicker I've ever seen. He could bullet that ball 70 yards.

- Gale Sayers

Profile Premier

I mean no disrespect to Scottish football, but the Premier League is the biggest stage and highest profile league of all.

- Peter Shilton

Rugby Line

If there is no blood on the line, it is not rugby league.

- Russell Crowe

Effort Genocide

At the October 1933 proceedings of the League of Nations in Madrid, Lemkin mounted a valiant effort to persuade the gathered ambassadors to define and agree to punish the crime of what we now call genocide. He failed.

- Terry Glavin

Big Spent

I never forgot the four years I spent with the Phillies, my September call-ups and my big league Spring Trainings. I never forgot that.

- Ryne Sandberg

Little League Very

I was very active in the Parks and Recreation department. I recall a lot of the things we had to do, from the trips for the department to organizing a Little League, those sorts of things.

- Mike Scully

Tongue Might

It is France. I know the league well. It is my mother tongue. Inevitably, there is an attraction for me. A return? It might not be my first choice, but of course, it is not impossible.

- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Very Nearly

I was good at math, math was my thing - but I was not nearly good enough to be an astrophysicist. I was way outta my league. I realized this very quickly.

- Sam Trammell

Think I Think

I think that Batman loses his efficacy and mythology if he's got too many people around him. That's what the Justice League is for, you know what I mean?

- Greg Rucka

Myself Leave

I came into this league by myself, and I'll leave by myself.

- Malik Jackson

Going Hughes

Fulham wanted me when I was 16. They were in the Premier League at the time with Mark Hughes, and I was close to going.

- Saul Niguez

Cartoon Come

I actually grew up watching a lot of these cartoons - a lot of the animated series. 'Batman: The Animated Series,' 'Justice League,' all the stuff that would come onto Cartoon Network.

- Ray Fisher

Love Off

I love the levels, the depth, that the character has. He is the only member of the Justice League who cannot take off his costume. He is Cyborg 24/7.

- Ray Fisher

Beginning Superhero

I was a huge fan of the Justice League growing up. I watched all of the cartoons, all of the animated series, all of the movies, superhero related, since my personal beginning.

- Ray Fisher

Play Little League

I ran track for my school. I played football, but I didn't play for my high school; I played for a little league team.

- Nate Robinson

Everyone Say

I'd say specifically after 'Get Smart,' people now know me either as The Guy from 'Get Smart' or 'She's Out of My League.' When that came out on DVD, everyone was recognizing me from that.

- Nate Torrence

Knew Through

Even through 'Get Smart' or 'She's Out of My League,' I have yet to have that instant recognition and at such an early stage, where people totally didn't know my name, but they knew my face immediately.

- Nate Torrence

Teams Any

When I was playing, there were only eight teams in each league, and you didn't have any playoffs.

- Red Schoendienst

Places First Place

There are only two places in the league - first place and no place.

- Tom Seaver

Other Minorities

The Covenant of the League of Nations had envisaged sponsoring only the protection of certain categories of men: national minorities and populations of territories controlled by other countries.

- Rene Cassin

Playing Major

It's a sensitive thing, playing major league baseball.

- Tony La Russa

Want Then

If you want to be promoted into the first league of carmakers, then you can't just follow suit.

- Martin Winterkorn

Perfect Lucky

Playing in the Premier League, in front of such crowds and on such perfect pitches, is amazing. I am so lucky.

- Riyad Mahrez

Building Always

DC and Monster have always supported my vision for street skateboarding, from building skate plazas throughout the world to now creating the first-ever professional skateboarding league.

- Rob Dyrdek

Going Go

We're going for the joke on 'Children's Hospital,' and we're going for the joke on 'The League.' It's fun to go between shows, but you have to mentally remind yourself what show you're on.

- Rob Huebel

Change Had

I never graduated high school; they had to change the Ivy League rules. During my tenure at Brown, I helped them become the number one Ivy League school.

- Robert Evans

Bright Guy

David Milch is one of the smartest human beings I've ever met. I'm relatively bright and relatively well-read. I'm not in a league with that guy.

- W. Earl Brown

Want Need

If you want to win in this league, you need quality depth management, in the age of the salary cap.

- Robert Kraft

Play Like

One day, I would like to play in Premier League. It would be a great experience.

- Robert Lewandowski

Think Wrigley

When you talk about the American League, you think of Fenway. When you talk about the National League, you think of Wrigley and the fan base that they have in Chicago.

- Pat Gillick

Leading Weeks

Major League Baseball has prostate awareness for two weeks leading up to Father's Day, and I want to get involved in that.

- Steve Garvey

Opportunity Like

I'm just like any person who is coaching in this league, I'm just looking for an opportunity, that's all.

- Patrick Ewing

Play Players

So I don't really believe that how many years you've had in the league determines how well your players play... Coaching is coaching.

- Steve Spurrier

Most Felt

Harvard was the most intimidating experience. I felt so out of my league there.

- Wendy Davis

Leadership Sports

We're in a leadership position in sports. People look up to the National Football League.

- Roger Goodell

Silent Big

My first ball I ever got from a Big League player I actually got to purchase in Dodger Stadium in a silent auction, was Reggie Jackson.

- Pedro Martinez

Come Had

I lost the good stuff on my fastball. I had to come up with something to keep me in the league. The knuckler rescued me then.

- Ted Lyons

Relax Will

I don't actually watch many shows. I will either watch movies or football. I enjoy to watch games in the Premier League and will also watch movies a lot as well. That is how I relax.

- Xavi