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School Marching

Age 10. I joined the school marching band as a drummer.

- Adrian Belew

Years Goes

As far as Apple goes, it was a different company every few years from the time I joined in 1984.

- Alan Kay

Woman Question

I have joined the 'suffragettes' - the militant party on the woman suffrage question.

- Alice Paul

Yoga Recently

I just don't do the treadmill; I hate that. I do Pilates and yoga. I've recently joined aerial Pilates; you're in the air and with straps. It's crazy fun.

- Amy Jackson

Afghan Islamists

After the Soviet withdrawal, many Afghan Communists had rebranded themselves as Islamists and joined the mujahedeen.

- Anand Gopal

Like Which

I joined the Army in 1965 and served with the 11th Hussars, which I loved. The regiment was so relaxed - a salute was more like a friendly wave.

- Antony Beevor

Law Which

Law and equity are two things which God has joined, but which man has put asunder.

- Charles Caleb Colton

Will Necessary

Now it is evident that a little insight into the customs of every people is necessary to insure a kindly communication; this, joined with patience and kindness, will seldom fail with the natives of the interior.

- Charles Sturt

Know Underestimated

I didn't know what I was in for when I joined 'The X Factor' - I underestimated it.

- Cheryl Cole

College Then

I did my first apprenticeship when I was 15, then joined the union when I was 17. I worked every summer in high school and college.

- Christopher Reeve

Soul Separated

The soul is joined to and is separated from the body. Therefore, the soul is corporeal.

- Chrysippus

Like Other

I like to look at scenarios and see how people interact with each other. That's why I'm an actor because I try to recreate that. Since our daughter joined us the spectrum has widened.

- Colin Hanks

Democrats Alabama

My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did.

- Condoleezza Rice

Still About

Twenty years later, twenty years after I joined the women's movement, we're still talking about the same issues. We're still talking about reproductive rights for women, and we're still talking about getting equal pay for women. And that's just frustrating.

- Corin Tucker

Student University

I joined the Wildlife Conservation Society, working there, in 1995, but I started working with them as a student in 1991. I was appointed as a teaching assistant at my university because I accomplished with honor.

- Corneille Ewango

Nation Against

Now, myself, I'm not a pacifist at all. I believe in just war. I would have joined the spirit of the nation to fight against apartheid.

- Cornel West

Like Before

It's funny because before I joined the cast of 'Heroes,' I was an insomniac. I have suffered from insomnia for, like, so long. Now that I'm on the show, seriously - I sleep like a baby. I'm so tired all the time.

- Dana Davis

Book Other

My first book is about twins who are attached: two people who are joined and can't escape each other.

- Darin Strauss

Rock Other

If I was money-motivated, I wouldn't have joined a rock band with three other Armenian guys.

- Daron Malakian

Happy Nirvana

When I joined Nirvana, I was the fifth or sixth drummer - I don't know if they'd ever had a drummer they were totally happy with. And they were strangers. There was never much of a deeper connection outside of the music.

- Dave Grohl

Very Brought

I have one coach and one coach only. His name is Alexander Vetrov. They brought him in for me when I joined the Bolshoi. He was a dancer with the Bolshoi, and we work very intensely together.

- David Hallberg

News About

Most of us entered journalism and joined 'news organizations' because we care about the greater good. We strive to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

- David Shuster

Sure Had

Had I joined a straight rock band, I'm sure my drumming would be a little bit different right now.

- Jimmy Chamberlin

Country Occupy

Since the start of the Occupy Wall Street movement, CODEPINK activists have joined the frontlines of the non-violent Occupy movement across the country.

- Jodie Evans

Making Frames

I dropped out of school at 17 and joined the Irish band The Frames, getting my first glimpse into the world of professional film making while shooting of a number of rock videos.

- John Carney

Couple Albums

That was the producer who produced a couple of my solo albums. He produced my second, third and fourth solo albums. It was his project and I just joined him on it. I sang on one and played bass on another one.

- John Entwistle

History Made

Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder.

- John F. Kennedy

Learn New

I didn't learn anything about acting until I joined the Group Theatre. They taught me an entirely new approach, an entirely new technique.

- John Garfield

Younger Hall

I did a bit of boxing when younger. Once I was joined by Muhammad Ali as my co-commentator. I've got a picture of the two of us together ringside at the Albert Hall on my wall at home.

- John Motson

Including Dad

I have seven uncles, and my dad played bass, they had a band together, that was the family band. And of course as the cousins got older, including myself, we joined a family band. All the cousins played. That's my heritage.

- Jon Batiste

Meet Wanted

I knew that I wanted to meet girls, so I joined a fraternity, and I did yoga.

- Josh Young

Middle Forced

By middle school, I said to myself that it's time I begin to speak. I joined the choir, not because I wanted to. I forced myself.

- Juan Felipe Herrera

Before Rung

John Schlesinger had one of his friends designing it and he had never done a film before. Ten days before it started, they didn't have any costumes. I was rung up and joined up.

- Julie Harris

Center Which

I joined the Aspen Institute, which is a terrific nonpartisan center. They have a wonderful effort that focuses on the impact of communications technology on society and our economy.

- Julius Genachowski

Expert Other

My other brother-in-law died. He was a karate expert, then joined the army. The first time he saluted, he killed himself.

- Henny Youngman

Russell Following

Russell joined the team in December, 1956, following the Olympics.

- Bob Cousy

Young World-Class

When I moved to Seattle in fourth grade, I joined the Seattle Girls' Choir. It's a world-class choir, and we competed, toured Europe, and went and sang at the Vatican, so it was a really awesome experience to have that young.

- Bonnie McKee

Bed Other

Content and technology are strange bed fellows. We are joined together. Sometimes we misunderstand each other. But isn't that after all the definition of marriage?

- Howard Stringer

Country Been

Malcolm X was the first political person in this country that I really identified with. If he had lived and not been purged, I probably would have joined the Muslims.

- Huey Newton

Old WhatsApp

When I joined 'WhatsApp,' I was 38 years old. Opportunity is available to us in all walks of life and at all ages.

- Brian Acton

Small Became

When I joined Small Faces, we occasionally would bump into The Who. And Keith Moon and I became firm pals.

- Ian McLagan

Before Records

Before I joined The Beach Boys, I was working at Columbia Records as a producer, and saw The Byrds come in and do their first overdub before Terry even met them.

- Bruce Johnston

Before Sang

You know, Glen Campbell sang with the group right before I joined the group.

- Bruce Johnston

Desire Middle

I have heard of novels started in the middle, at the end, written in patches to be joined together later, but I have never felt the slightest desire to do this.

- C. S. Forester

Bit Perfectly

When I joined Custer I donned the uniform of a soldier. It was a bit awkward at first but I soon got to be perfectly at home in men's clothes.

- Calamity Jane

Fall Began

I began both auditioning with Pearl Jam and recording for Eleven. In the fall of 1994, I joined Pearl Jam.

- Jack Irons

Months Given

I joined the Army and was sent to the MIT radiation laboratory after a few months of introduction to electromagnetic wave theory in a special course, given for Army personnel at the University of Chicago.

- Jack Steinberger

Through Brothers

I grew up in a family with three brothers and sisters who joined my family through the foster care program, and I also have a sister who joined my family through a faith-based organization.

- Cary Kennedy

Past Everyone

For the modern physicist, reality is the whole thing, past and future joined in a single history. The sensation of now is just that, a sensation, and different for everyone. Instead of one master clock, we have clocks in multitudes.

- James Gleick

Air Couple

Upon graduation from high school, following my brother by a couple of years, I joined the U.S. Air Force.

- Dennis L. McKiernan

Were Brigade

I joined the 800th MP Brigade when they were already deployed.

- Janis Karpinski

Ordered Baghdad

The mission statement was ordered, and it sent the 800th MP Brigade, effective the first of July, up to Baghdad. I joined my brigade to take command at the end of June.

- Janis Karpinski

New Move

When I joined Lille, they had a new stadium at Marseille. It was the same, so I know how important it is to clubs when they move home.

- Dimitri Payet

Game Certainly

I never really gambled - certainly not playing poker. I'd casually bet on a football game or joined a pool.

- Jason Gedrick

Going Before

I joined the PBA way before I should have because I heard a rumor they were going to limit the number of people who could get in.

- Don Johnson

Brainy Elements

There are no elements so diverse that they cannot be joined in the heart of a man.

- Jean Giraudoux

Here Address

It was here in Edinburgh that in the 1980s I joined with many others to protest against Margaret Thatcher as she arrived to address the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

- Douglas Alexander

Six Nine

I was five or six when I joined SAG, and Equity I joined when I was nine.

- Jenna Ushkowitz

American Had

What was the American Revolution? The people who joined to carry it out had different views of what they had done.

- Edmund Morgan

Work Chemistry

My doctoral work was completed by the end of 1950 and, at the age of twenty-two, I joined the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an instructor in chemistry under the distinguished chemists Roger Adams and Carl S. Marvel.

- Elias James Corey

Like Smith

I joined the Twitterverse in the second season of 'Dollhouse.' Friends that I admire were already in that space, like Kevin Smith.

- Eliza Dushku

Now Issue

I joined NOW on an issue of pay.

- Karen DeCrow

Week Which

I came to writing because I joined the North Clare Writers' Workshop, which met every week at Ennistymon Library.

- Kate Thompson

East Players

When I moved to L.A. and joined East West Players, I started acting professionally.

- Emily Kuroda

Mom So Much Time

I spend so much time with my parents. My mom and I were joined at the hip for five years. There was not one moment when I wasn't with her.

- Kay Panabaker

Board Institute

I joined the board of the Santa Fe Institute.

- Esther Dyson

Play Started

From there, I tried out for a community theatre play, joined an improv group... it all started opening up.

- Kevin James

Baggage Could

Helmet was joined to helmet, and spear to spear, and jewels, baggage, and elephants without number went with them, and you would have said it was a host that none could understand.

- Ferdowsi

Communist Some

I joined the Communist Party because I felt I had to be in some organization.

- Klaus Fuchs

Election Florida

I grew up in Orlando, Florida, and I joined the debate team right around the time of the 2000 election.

- Kristen Soltis Anderson

Best Friend

I joined the anti-Fascist struggle with my best friend, who was a Jew.

- Franjo Tudjman

Been Form

Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Things Hit

I joined a band to hit things.

- Larry Mullen, Jr.

About Archives

When I joined Gucci in 2002, I immediately wanted to make a research trip into the archives because I'd heard about how incredible they were, but I never had the opportunity to visit them.

- Frida Giannini

Silent Other

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined - to strengthen each other - to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.

- George Eliot

Playing Fender

I was playing a Fender Telecaster when I first joined.

- Lindsey Buckingham

Okay Began

When I was 19, I joined a rock band, and that's when I began to say, 'Okay, this is something that I could take seriously.' When I came to Minneapolis, it just refined everything.

- Lizzo

Beginning Always

We always saw TPP as something that we want to be part of. In the beginning, we were not part of TPP, neither Canada or Mexico. So when we finally joined the negotiations, to us it was an opportunity.

- Luis Videgaray Caso

Art Beijing

In my 20s, when I was a photojournalist in Beijing. I joined an underground art group and put on clandestine exhibitions of my paintings.

- Ma Jian

Facebook Before

I joined Facebook in the summer of 2008 - before that I was at Mozilla.

- Mike Schroepfer

Studio Began

I joined the Actors Studio and began to work with Lee Strasberg, and that changed my work.

- Sally Field

Lose Your

I'm a better coach now than when I joined Celtic. The longer you stay in any job, the better you become. If you lose your drive, your enthusiasm, your imagination, that experience is no good.

- Gordon Strachan

Birds About

I went to Morocco, joined a band called Pegasus, ran out of money, went to Gibraltar and worked on the docks, writing songs about the sun and the morning and the birds.

- Graham Parker

Air Air Force

At an early age, I quit high school at 17 and joined the Air Force.

- Sandy Adams

College Which

I graduated from college in Ohio and bummed around for a while, and then I joined VISTA, which was a domestic Peace Corps kind of thing, and they sent me to Colorado.

- Mojo Nixon

Show Joining

I'm no stranger to joining a show in the third season. I joined 'Lost Girl' at the same stage, and that was a wonderful experience.

- Rachel Skarsten

Dancing Like

When I first joined 'Dancing with the Stars,' I did not want to do it. It's not what I like, it's not what I believe in... the judges are fake, this is fake, that is fake... there is not a lot of reality.

- Maksim Chmerkovskiy

World Passing

Architecture has joined the world of fashion, but fashion is passing and architecture is timeless.

- Moshe Safdie

Year Always

I joined an acting class in my junior year in high school. I'd always wanted to try it.

- Rainn Wilson

Young Walt

I joined Walt Disney, went to work, December 2nd 1935, so obviously, I'm not too young!

- Marc Davis

Star Very

Lis Sladen was very important to me, you know. When I joined the little world of 'Doctor Who', Lis was already a star.

- Tom Baker

Own My Own

I joined the local athletics club when I was 12, that's what I did. I did it of my own volition.

- Sebastian Coe

Heritage Japan

Japan is not a Western democracy. The Japanese have kept their traditions, culture and heritage, but they have joined the community of free nations.

- Natan Sharansky

Country Iran

I left Iran back in 1985. I lived in Turkey for a while, then I went to Germany. I joined a theater company there, and we toured the country.

- Navid Negahban

Never TV

I never joined the TV industry for fame.

- Shaheer Sheikh

Against Southern

I joined the People's Armed Forces in 1961 to 1984, and I was also a soldier in the southern battle of Vietnam during the resistance against the Americans. I went to the battlefield in order to regain national independence.

- Nguyen Tan Dung

Running Stopped

My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

- Richard Adams

Planet Safer

I joined the Safe Climate Caucus because I believe in leaving a safer planet for future generations.

- Mark Pocan

College New

When I was 18, I joined the Screen Actors Guild, and after college I came to New York.

- Marla Maples

Never Grown-Ups

I'm one of those people who never really joined the grown-ups.

- Richard O'Brien