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Invest Separate

In a world where irony reigns, where you have to separate, protect and laugh at anything that is honest or has an emotional charge, I bet for catharsis. I like to invest emotionally in things. And catharsis, when it touches the emotional vein, can open the doors of even those who protect themselves.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Sense Having

Americans are not renowned for having a sense of irony.

- Andrew Dominik

Life About

Many people think making a film about history... about war... about the Holocaust, it might be heavy, dramatic and traumatic. I don't see things like that... you can find irony everywhere. It's how I look at life.

- Arnon Goldfinger

Literary Fundamental

Two fundamental literary qualities: supernaturalism and irony.

- Charles Baudelaire

Generation Being

My generation has a hard time being genuine and enthusiastic. There's a lot of irony in our culture.

- Christopher McCulloch

Humble Manner

The great irony of management is that the higher up you go, the less actual control you have. When you are but a humble coder, you make the computer do exactly what you want; when you're a manager, you only hope that people understand what you want, and then trust/pray that they do it both correctly and in a timely manner.

- Jon Evans

Radical Plays

I'm really into the irony of writing vaguely radical plays that instantly win huge establishment awards. It's really amusing.

- Israel Horovitz

Central Lot

Most of all, I am struck by an irony central to the lot of a purebred dog: As it attains the hallmarks of its breed, it seems to simultaneously relinquish its basic dogginess, until it is less a dog than a Pomeranian, Collie or Bloodhound.

- Jean Hanff Korelitz

Bad Pretty

Whether it's Shakespeare or Moliere, irony is a key component in the construction of theatre. A script would be pretty bad if it was devoid of irony.

- Jiang Wen

Mind Hygiene

Irony is the hygiene of the mind.

- Elizabeth Bibesco

Through Without

Irony has seeped into the felt of any fedora hat I have ever owned - not out of any wish of mine, but out of necessity. A fedora hat worn by me without the necessary protective irony would eat through my head and kill me.

- George W. S. Trow

Work Like

I like the irony in my work.

- Miuccia Prada

Favorite Aspects

Irony is one of my favorite aspects of life.

- Wes Studi

Best Had

The Academy Awards ceremony is designed to be without irony, but Chris Rock supplied it anyway with filmed movie-theater interviews with black men and women who had never heard of the movies nominated for Best Picture.

- Suzanne Fields