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Happen Unfortunate

I don't know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, but I have no such thing as national pride. I don't feel proud that I am Iranian. I happen to be who I am.

- Abbas Kiarostami

Been Bitterest

That President Mohammad Khatami's policies have been blocked is the bitterest incident in the contemporary Iranian history. This means that the wishes of millions of people who voted for Khatami and called for freedom and justice have been ignored... Why should cultural activities and journalism be so risky in Iran?

- Abdolkarim Soroush

Amazon Greek

The name 'Amazon' was not originally Greek; linguists believe it derived from the ancient Iranian word for 'warrior.'

- Adrienne Mayor

Country However

When Turkey buys Iranian oil, we pay for it in Turkish lira... However, it is not possible for Iran to take that money as dollars into its own country due to international restrictions, the U.S.A.'s sanctions. Therefore, when Iran cannot take this money back as currency, they withdraw Turkish lira and buy gold from our market.

- Ali Babacan

Away Scheme

The honor of about 30 million votes remains with the Iranian nation and no enemy scheme would take away this dignity and honor from the Iranian nation.

- Ali Khamenei

Declare Putting

Iran also has an extensive missile development programme. Iranian officials declare that the range of their modified Shahab-3 missiles is 2,000km, putting allied countries such as Turkey, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria within reach.

- Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Sunshine Next

Iranian filmmakers are not passive. They fight whenever they can, as creative expression means a lot to them. The restrictions and censorship in Iran are a bit like the British weather: one day it's sunny, the next day it's raining. You just have to hope you walk out into the sunshine.

- Asghar Farhadi

Angles Very

Poetry, especially traditional Iranian poetry, is very good at looking at things from a number of different angles simultaneously.

- Asghar Farhadi

Similarities How

For the Americans, it is not attractive to hear what the similarities are between them and the Iranian people. It is attractive to hear how different the Iranians are.

- Asghar Farhadi

Entirety Attitudes

I can't make pronouncements about the entirety of Iranian cinema, because there's such a great number of filmmakers and because of the diversity of points of view and filmmaking attitudes.

- Asghar Farhadi

Similar Arthur

I pay lots of homages. I wanted to pay tribute to a leading Iranian writer, Gholam - Hossein Sa'edi, who is buried in Paris - he is an Iranian Arthur Miller. He is of a similar stature, and his work is similar to that of Arthur Miller.

- Asghar Farhadi

Goodwill Intellect

In short, the time has come for us as American and Iranian citizens to apply our mutual energy, intellect, and goodwill toward strengthening relations between our two countries, as their destinies are intertwined.

- Cyrus Vance

Brothers Very

The Iranian government still denies the Holocaust - so you can't take them seriously. And the Israeli government spreads rumours and disinformation about Iran - because it needs to for the creation of panic. I find these theological states - and in this respect, Israel and Iran are twin brothers - very, very dangerous.

- Daniel Barenboim

Country Discovered

The case of Iran, a nuclear program that the Iranians admit was 18 years on, that we underestimated. And, in fact, we didn't discover it. It was discovered by a group of Iranian dissidents outside the country who pointed the international community at the location.

- David Kay

Internal Strife

We do not agree that hindsight is required. The risks of internal strife in Iraq, active Iranian pursuit of its interests, regional instability, and al-Qaeda activity in Iraq, were each explicitly identified before the invasion.

- John Chilcot

Jewish People

Without any doubt, the Iranian threat is the biggest threat facing the Jewish people since the Second World War.

- Avigdor Lieberman

Thus Regime

Thus the regime has deprived Iranian women not just of their present rights, but also of their history and their past.

- Azar Nafisi

In The Past Regime

In the past 30 years, officials of the Iranian regime and its apologists have labeled criticism, especially with regard to women's rights, as anti-Islamic and pro-Western, justifying its brutalities by ascribing them to Islam and Iran's culture.

- Azar Nafisi

Fact Tell

Lying and corruption are in the Iranian society in all sense of the world, and if you do research about married women, you see that a lot of them tell you they get a lot of enjoyment from breaking the rules of corruption, because just for the fact that they break the rules, it makes them oppose the system.

- Bahman Ghobadi

Making Before

In Iranian cinema, all the lying takes place before making the film. In order to be able to make the film, you have to lie.

- Bahman Ghobadi

Very Part

When it comes to nuclear technology, the Iranian people are very sensitive. It is a part of our national pride, and nuclear technology has become indigenous.

- Hassan Rouhani

Hands Country

We are determined to provide for the nuclear fuel of such plants inside the country, at the hands of local Iranian scientists. We are going to follow on this path.

- Hassan Rouhani

Trust In The Past

The Iranian people, with regards to the policies of various American administrations in the past 30 years, are very worried. They don't trust them.

- Hassan Rouhani

Congress Before

At face value, the U.S. Congress, there is a - they have a long way to go before they fully appreciate and understand Iranian people.

- Hassan Rouhani

United Other

Iran would have become a nuclear power had President Obama not united most of the world in boycotting Iranian oil sales, which crippled Iran's economy and forced it to negotiate. Other presidents tried to stop Iran's nuclear program. They failed. Obama succeeded.

- Bob Beckel

American Least

I grew up thinking of myself as an American but also, because of my parents and the Iranian culture that was in our home, as an Iranian. So if there's any such thing as dual loyalty, then I have it - at least culturally.

- Hooman Majd

About Iran

There's a lack of knowledge about Iran and the Iranian people.

- Hooman Majd

Been Which

Foreign journalists have to have an approved interpreter assigned them, which they have to pay for, who also acts as guide. As an Iranian, even writing for foreign media, I've been mercifully unrestricted.

- Hooman Majd

Resolve Through

We probably could more successfully resolve the North Korean nuclear threat through game-theoretic reasoning. We could successfully resolve what American leaders seem to perceive as an Iranian nuclear threat through game-theoretic reasoning.

- Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

Nation Hussein

Under Saddam Hussein, the nation of Iraq possessed and used chemical weapons against both their own Kurdish population and Iranian military forces.

- Charles B. Rangel

Certainly Set

I wouldn't discount the possibility that the Israelis would act if they came to the conclusion that basically the world was prepared to live with Iran with nuclear weapons. They certainly have the capability by themselves to set back the Iranian nuclear program.

- Dennis Ross

United Been

It is one of the great ironies of the American war in Iraq - was that the guys who really got the most out of it were the Iranians. And they have us to thank for that. Yeah, I mean we basically put Maliki in power in 2006, but he has been - he's really not a friend of the United States. He's a friend of the Iranian regime.

- Dexter Filkins

Country Deal

The expectation in the Obama Administration, or at least the hope, is that a nuclear deal with the West could ultimately moderate Iranian behavior by helping to integrate the country more thoroughly into the international system. Will this happen? It's impossible to predict, of course. We will only know if we get there.

- Dexter Filkins

United Been

We often forget that Iran has a long tradition and history with the United States. Iranians have been coming to the United States as students for decades. American businessmen were in Iran developing the oil fields. ...There was an American financial advisor to the Iranian government in the early part of the century.

- Elaine Sciolino

United Sentiment

My sister married an American and took his name, and my brother has shortened Sayrafiezadeh to Sayraf. So now he's Jacob Sayraf, or sometimes Jake Sayraf. He made the change when he was a teenager, prior to the Iranian revolution and the hostage crisis. So I don't think it was motivated by any anti-Iranian sentiment in the United States.

- Said Sayrafiezadeh

Fact Obama

In many ways I'm similar to Barack Obama, who also has a strange name but was raised by a white American mother. His background is far more complicated than his name would suggest. Furthermore, the fact that I was a child during the hostage crisis has caused me to equate being Iranian with being alienated.

- Said Sayrafiezadeh

Want Set

I suppose my Iranian identity is one of the driving forces for being a writer: I want to set the record straight about who I really am.

- Said Sayrafiezadeh

More Than

I feel more Jewish than I do Iranian.

- Said Sayrafiezadeh

Nine Extent

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Pittsburgh. I've never been to Iran, I don't speak the language, and, probably most important of all, my Iranian father left home when I was nine months old. That's the extent of my connection to Iran.

- Said Sayrafiezadeh

Play Expression

There's an expression in Persian, 'to play with the lion's tail.' I wasn't what Iranian society wanted me to be - a good girl. I played with the lion's tail.

- Golshifteh Farahani

Paint Generations

Iranian parents can't stop their children. They're just wild - they want to party, they want their rights, they want to paint, they want to dance. No one can stop these new generations coming. That's why Iran has to open up: it's like a pot full of hot water, vapour and steam.

- Golshifteh Farahani

United States Some

If there were Israeli attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, it makes it certain there would be a reprisal attack against the United States at some point.

- Salman Rushdie

Government West

The West was involved in toppling the Mossadegh government. That ultimately led to the Iranian revolution.

- Salman Rushdie

Country Resolve

As threats emerge - from ISIS to Russia to the Iranian nuclear program - we need a president with the resolve to defend our country and not back down.

- Sam Graves

Capability Talks

Nuclear talks are not about nuclear capability. They are about Iranian integrity and dignity.

- Mohammad Javad Zarif

Country Been

The Iranian people are known for adhering to their undertakings. We have been tested by history. We're an old civilization. We've been tested by history. We haven't aggressed upon any country for 250 years. This is a history that I'm proud of.

- Mohammad Javad Zarif

Very Psyche

Every statement that comes out of Washington that is not respectful and is trying to intimidate the Iranian people - is trying to put pressure on the Iranian people - strikes that very, very sensitive chord in the Iranian psyche, and they immediately react.

- Mohammad Javad Zarif

Always Feels

I lived for 30 years in the U.S., but always kept my Islamic and Iranian culture and customs... even now, western lifestyle feels strange to me.

- Mohammad Javad Zarif

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is the scientific achievement of the Iranian nation.

- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Technical Psyche

Technical knowledge has now become an integral aspect of the Iranian psyche.

- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Financial While

The Iranian regime gives financial support to terrorist organizations all over the world, denies the Holocaust, and calls for the wiping the state of Israel from the map, while developing long-range missiles and trying to obtain nuclear weapon.

- Moshe Katsav

Values Regime

The Iranian regime doesn't express the wishes and values of the Iranian people.

- Moshe Katsav

Unwilling Regime

The international community is unwilling to accept the policies of the Iranian regime.

- Moshe Katsav

Long History Iran

Our family has lived in Iran for 2,500 years, and Iranian Jewry has the long history in that land.

- Moshe Katsav

Isolated Policies

If Iran does not change its policies, it won't be able to integrate into the international community and will become even more isolated than it is now, which likely will have a negative impact on the Iranian people.

- Moshe Katsav

Strong Esteem

I have strong sentiments toward Iran, since I distinguish between the Iranian regime and the Iranian people. I highly esteem Iranian music and culture.

- Moshe Katsav

Think Big

First of all, I'm Middle Eastern; I'm Iranian, so to be playing a leading role in a big Hollywood movie, I think, is possibly one of the first times.

- Nazanin Boniadi

Led Arrest

A celebrated and hugely popular actress in her native Iran, Ahangarani first landed on the radar of the Iranian authorities for her open support of opposition figure Mir-Hossein Mousavi, which led to her arrest in July 2009 in the aftermath of a disputed presidential election in Iran.

- Nazanin Boniadi

Always In The Past

The history of Iranian foreign investment in the past, their terms were always quite challenging, quite difficult.

- Rex Tillerson

Poor Countries

Saudi Arabia has supported Wahhabi madrasas in poor countries in Africa and Asia, exporting extremism and intolerance. Saudi Arabia also exports instability with its brutal war in Yemen, intended to check what it sees as Iranian influence.

- Nicholas Kristof

Nation Marine

Outside events can change a presidential campaign, a president, and the history of the nation: the Iranian hostage crisis, the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, the downing of the helicopter in Mogadishu, Somalia, the suicide attack on the USS Cole, and, of course, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

- Mark McKinnon

Own Globally

The Iranian regime suppresses its own people as well as others in the region. It prevents peace by sponsoring terror globally. With the ultimate weapon that it is deceptively developing, the regime aims to gain hegemony over the entire Middle East and hold the world's economy hostage.

- Shimon Peres

Great Respect

The younger generation is essentially idealistic. This applies to the Iranian youth as well. In addition, the youth in Iran face certain difficulties... the Iranian youth need more freedom. They are struggling for more freedom and democracy. This commands great respect.

- Shirin Ebadi

Deep Always

We shouldn't just consider the desire of government to do what it wants to do. We should always consider the resistance of people. The culture of Iranian people doesn't let the government drag people into deep trouble or backlash. Maybe government wants it, but the culture doesn't let it go on.

- Shirin Ebadi

Government Set

No American soldier should be allowed to set foot on Iranian soil, regardless of the criticism we have of the Iranian government.

- Shirin Ebadi

Use Program

The Iranian government intends to use the nuclear program for peaceful purposes, but must convince international public opinion of that.

- Shirin Ebadi

Politics Lives

Being political is an integral part of being Iranian. Our lives are defined by politics.

- Shirin Neshat

Artist Very

Magical realism allows an artist like myself to inject layers of meaning without being obvious. In American culture, where there is freedom of expression, this approach may seem forced, unnecessary and misunderstood. But this system of communication has become very Iranian.

- Shirin Neshat

Making Market

Every Iranian artist dreams of the black market. We don't care about making money.

- Shirin Neshat

Artist I Think

I think of myself, an Iranian/American artist, and wonder what would I want if I'm ever imprisoned by the Iranian government for the work that I make? I answer: I would hope that the United States government comes to my rescue.

- Shirin Neshat

Here Very

Iranians call California and Iran 'sister cities;' they're very much alike. Iranians feel at home here and the weather is so close to Iranian weather.

- Shohreh Aghdashloo

I Think Became

I think the Bush Administration had basically inherited a policy toward Iraq from the Reagan/Bush Administration that saw Iraq as a kind of fire wall against Iranian fundamentalism. And as it developed over the 1980s, it became a real political run-a-muck... even though the Iraqis were known to be harboring Palestinian terrorists.

- Rick Atkinson

I Was Born Very

My family is a Jewish Iranian family, but I was born in Turkey and raised in Italy. So it's a very mixed background.

- Nouriel Roubini

Brilliant Dad

My dad is a gentle and brilliant Iranian violinist.

- Ottessa Moshfegh


The Arab spring was not as radical as the French or Iranian revolutions. It did not pull out the deeply entrenched roots of the state. Instead, it was satisfied to replace the top of the pyramid with newly elected, but inexperienced, leaders.

- Wadah Khanfar

Islamic Firmly

I am not in a position to be accurate on news analysis. But what I firmly believe is that Iranian President Rouhani and the government have committed themselves to a process. I don't think this process is about changing the principles of the Islamic republic, but it is about accepting a certain path of opening in the political and economic fields.

- Paolo Gentiloni

My Life Sometimes

I sometimes try to think of my life as an Iranian, and it is hard to imagine. I am grateful for the life I have had in America and all the amazing opportunities and experiences it has given me. But there is a spirit in Iranians I can see that is unbounded by geography.

- Pardis Sabeti

Israel Existential

Well, Israel, obviously, thinks of the Iranian nuclear program as an existential threat to Israel.

- Robert M. Gates

Evidence Solid

In 1985, the Iranian sponsorship of terrorism was clear, solid evidence.

- Robert McFarlane

Allah Hollywood

A lot of times in Hollywood, when casting directors find out you're of Middle Eastern descent, they go, 'Oh, you're Iranian? Great. Can you say, 'I will kill you in the name of Allah?'' I could say that, but what if I were to say, 'Hello, I'm your doctor.'

- Maz Jobrani

Comedy Been

Comedy comes from tragedy, and being Iranian in America from 1979 on had been quite tragic. In stand-up comedy, I was able to take the reality and exaggerate it.

- Maz Jobrani

Bad Nine

Definitely in the West, we're all cast as the same now. Whether you're Indian, Pakistani, Arab, Iranian, Afghan or whatever, you just get thrown into this category. And nine times out of 10, you're depicted as bad.

- Maz Jobrani

I Think Very

I don't think that the war serves U.S. interests. I think Osama bin Laden's interests and the Iranian interests are very much served by it, and it's becoming a huge drain on our resources both material and political.

- William Odom

Including Several

I'm a first-generation American, so I had friends from several cultures while growing up, including Indian and Iranian friends.

- Michael Steger

Strength Country

From the preemptive strike that destroyed Egypt's air force during the Six-Day War, to the daring raid on Entebbe, to using all available means to slow the Iranian nuclear program, Israelis have combined strength with ingenuity to keep the country's enemies at bay.

- Ted Deutch

Florida Explosive

While I was serving in the Florida Senate, American soldiers were being killed in Iraq, a war we should have never started, and often by Iranian proxies and their improvised explosive devices.

- Ted Deutch

Security East

The regional security in the Middle East cannot be further compromised by an Iranian loose cannon.

- Russ Carnahan